August 14th, 2012

RC1 is out!

You can download it from here:


  • super smooth – the smoothness release ever
  • without any lags
  • improved performance
  • improved life on battery
  • camera isn’t freezing
  • fixed autofocus on Gio/Ace
  • smooth camera preview
  • on latest, stable CM9 sources

It’s first release with Wayland_ACE in team 😉

If you want to share that links to any other site, share link to this page please.

PS. Mirrors aren’t welcomed 😉 One from me is enough 😉

409 Responses
  • jam says:

    thenks boss. I will try this one now….

  • crazyhero says:

    cool. So wipe data/system necessary ? or recommanded

  • xfifteen says:

    Thank you very much, Maclaw!!! 😀
    (And yeah, is full wipe needed or not? thx!)

  • golly says:

    thank you

  • j0j0 says:

    if using CM9 beta 10 . . just flash this new zip ?

  • SkyrimBee says:

    Full Wipe needed when CM7 is used?

  • Shawn says:

    Thank You Sir!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Alexandr says:

    Maclaw, before i will install it, i want to ask you if videorecording works?

  • Matias says:

    Downloading! cheers from argentina!

  • Jerome says:

    Hell yeah ! thx you !

  • Kiran says:

    Installed this! When I try to open camera app it sometimes gives “Couldn’t connect to camera”. But relaunching it, works fine! Google voice search still doesn’t work. :/

  • Jason says:

    I just flashed this, one word amazing! the camera is the best! really fast. Maclaw and the others you lot are the best! no homo.

  • SkyrimBee says:

    Works without full wipe from CM7!

  • Matias says:

    what about that blue screen?

    wipe everything.
    mount system and data

    10 min: blue screen..

  • Quix says:

    working great so far after an hour.

    Camera working, Bluetooth working and UI is smooth as butter.

    Great work and many thanks Maclaw, marcin1147 and Wayland_ACE

    keep up the great work!

  • Santiago says:

    Its Working excellent! Thanks Maclaw Studios 😀

  • R0bertt says:

    Great work!

  • Matias says:

    update: got it working.

    best than ever!

    camera auto focus not working..

  • Viih says:

    I’ve instaled yesterday the CM9 Beta 10. If i install this new one, i’m going to loose all my apps ? or not ? :/

  • FTW says:

    So, should i use CM9 new version, or Cm10 ? who´s the best ?

  • SineWave says:

    Thanks for this. CM9B10 works great, will try this shortly. What baseband should I be using? I have a Gio GT5660V – Optus Australia version, I’m currently running “S5660MUGKG3” and sometimes have 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth issues. I recently downloaded the latest Optus firmware for my phone from, “S5660VXXKQK_S5660VOPPKQ2_OPP”, should I upgrade the baseband to the one in here?

  • Robert says:

    I tried to install this to my Ace Plus (s-7500)

    which returned me this:
    assert failed: write_raw_image(“/tmp/boot.img”,”boot”)
    E:Error in
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

    Installed via CWM, with data wipe.

    If possible, could you check the issue, and make it possible for the given device.

    Great job nevertheless, it was a long awaited release!

    • Macław says:


      • Robert says:

        Actually, it’s a bit complicated to understand, because I’m not a top developer 🙂
        I thought that the divverence between Ace and Ace plus is only between the phone specs, so I tried..
        Thanks for the quick reply and keep up the good work!

      • adityaugusta says:

        So sad about camera.. on ics 100x better and faster. But camera 1000x better on 2.3 pliis maclaw fix it!!!

  • R4Ck says:

    Macław you are the best, even cyanogen has dropped our Ace, but you still porting. Thank you so much

  • heuay says:

    so if i just flash without wiping all my apps and data are safe.
    what about S2E. will it remain there or will i need to reconfigure it?

  • Kiicek says:

    OGM, amazing release. Mega smooth and lagless for me! I don’t really care about camera so it’s the final release for me 😀

  • HansH. says:

    Thnx i love this rom.

  • nathan-96 says:

    I know, Maclaw, you don’t really like me :p. But thank you a lot. RC1 is more stable than phiexz cm7.2 Also battery improved a lot. And what you doing, getting ICS (and even JB) working on a device that have a to low processor for GB. its just awesome.
    And just a smooth system, you made everything 100% working, except things with missing codecs (h/w) and less pixels. Everyone should understand, if you had them, your would be king

  • LightningBuzz says:

    This is simply awesome! So who said that Galaxy Ace is a mid-range devices?

  • Den says:

    Good job! Thank you!

  • Mike says:

    Wow this is fast! Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated. Cheers from Canada!

  • bieltv.3 says:

    Good job man you’re incredible, tahnks alot but I’ve got one question:
    Is the new camera breaking deep sleep when you open it and take a picture?

    Thanks for the good work 🙂

  • Paulo says:

    Thanks!!!!! Installing right now on my ACE!

    Great work!

  • spammer says:

    cannot flash it w/out wipe from jelly bean beta 1

  • jerome says:

    when i start whatsapp then ” Settings ” — ” Profile ” and hit the button add photo a pop-up message shows up with the message

    ” no app can perform this action ”

    I cannot use the camera app or gallery to choose a picture .

    I reinstalled whatsapp / clear cache through recovery / clear dalviks cache / reinstalled the rom
    No go …

    can anyone help

    • himanshu shastri says:

      Still not stable :/
      Reboots randomly and apps keep on crashing 🙁
      But this is alot better than 2.3
      Thanks alot maclaw! You are the best!
      But do you have any idea that when will the final cm9 will be releasedctOctober?

  • Luix says:

    In JB beta 1 news reader works fine with gps of course.
    But in RC1 again it cant get my location. News reader and some apps doesnt work.
    The libs from JB are compatible with ICS?
    This is a issue.
    And is possible a way to read QR codes?.
    Thanks for all.

  • utak3r says:

    Jak na razie – wszystko ok. Płynnie i zadowalająco 🙂

  • jusaini says:

    Thanks Maclaw for RC1!! Everything is working except for one thing i really miss using. Camera works good but it doesnt connect with other apps like Scan, Instagram, and image editors. I been using beta 9/10 for everyday use so will continue with RC1.

  • le coq says:

    i have a probleme with wifi! I can’t switch “on” wifi! Help me! I using CM9 RC1! Thank

  • Hydragon1 says:

    Will there be a RC2 of CM9 with a Fully working camera?

    • Diproof says:

      Fully working camera is impossible, without drivers. As we have now is also impossible, but we have it. Soo maybe, but Maclaw can ask you about it clearly.

  • R4Ck says:

    How can i use s2e?
    When i open the app, my partition ext isn’t recognized.
    I’m using ext3, it has to be ext4?

    • heuay says:

      you need help creating mount script from link2sd. download and install link2sd then it will offer you to create mount script. select your file system. after that you can uninstall link2sd and enjoy s2e

  • Rob says:

    Superuser app
    Preference/security/automatic repines = allow.
    That works for me.

  • heuay says:

    try updating su binaries

    • ankbadar says:

      sorry for the nubie question

      • Macław says:

        Go to Superuser app and find Update SU binaries option 😉

        • ankbadar says:

          wow! how can i missed the info tab to the left on this app? lol

        • bejaminbodoky says:

          Hi! Is there any chance to get fully working GPS. Forsquare isnt working… for a long time! ?

        • Berkay says:

          Deep Sleep doesn’t work for me in my phone charging or after the charging. Do you know this bug ?

          • Berkay says:

            I’m solved this problem, but this rom still have some bugs. For instance; Sometime in the notification area icons doesn’t seem(Wifi, bluetooth, GPS and sound icons in short buttons doesn’t seem, but after 3-5 seconds they are come.)(Not only buttons, but also write=article doesn’t come)

          • digbijoy says:

            of course,few bugs will be there..this is only rc1..not a Stable release..even that too can have bugs like this

        • Berkay says:

          This rom still have some bugs. For instance; Sometime in the notification area icons doesn’t seem(Wifi, bluetooth, GPS and sound icons in short buttons doesn’t seem, but after 3-5 seconds they are come.)(Not only buttons, but also write=article doesn’t come)

  • Skyh4wk says:

    I bought my Ace one month ago and when I saw your work, I immediately installed Beta10.

    Now with RC1, I hope you will continu your work.

    Thanks Maclaw!

  • Harry says:

    YT HQ videos still laggy 😛
    Nice work MaclawStudios :)Keep it up!

  • Facundo says:

    Please do not disrespect. Maclaw is a god. Is doing magic with this ROM.
    Keep it up.
    A hug.

  • naman says:

    is overclocking working?

  • Diproof says:

    Thanks Masiej) awesome work is completed) so two questions:
    1) why ukrainian “honor” is absent in dev list in installation? 😀
    2) and now we have a taskbar bug. Its disapears sometimes. Many guys from have this bug. How it fix? Hope, you understand our position.
    PS and third question :-p How was your last holiday? 🙂

  • Yan says:

    Thanks for your work, guys, all we highly appreciate it. But what about CM10? Are you going to update it soon?

  • Piyush says:

    great work maclaw… i have a simple issue.. i just dont like the apollo player pre-installed in cm9! wish to replace it with SGSIII’s inbuilt one.. possible?

  • Paulo says:

    I used a few days and noticed that the system is really fast, the only problem I found was that the battery is running out very fast, six hours with no use … I ended up going back to CM7 …
    On the rest, the CM9 is great! really nice! I will try the next releases for sure!

    • Dejan says:

      I am getting the battery issue too. Especially on 3g (drained it in 10 minutes). Tried making changes to CPU governeor and switching off surface dithering, too early to say if it helped. Does anyone have a solution?

  • Victor says:

    Hi again, the camera work but i can’t configure settigs.. I can’t show photos, only in Galery :/

  • Ray says:

    Will WiFi Work On This Version For Samsung ACE

  • salmo says:

    can you do something in music videos?

  • cris90 says:

    Camera it’s so better than past, but there’s still 2 Problems :
    – HQ Videos on Youtube still interrupted
    – My phone Reboot from itself every few hours

    Can u help me Maclaw in these problems ??????

  • himanshu shastri says:

    Hey maclaw! My galaxy ace randomly reboots while im watching videos on youtube..!! And thanks alot for this rom i love i!

  • benjaminzer says:

    First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for developing ICS and JB to Ace. The Beta 1 of JB is pretty good. But since its beta, I would not complain the bugs, and the development is looking good so far.
    Also, the RC1 is pretty snappy/responsive. Got a score of 2100 in Antutu Benchmark. Kudos to you for that.

    Well, I do have some problems which needs to be looked at. Don’t mind knowing? Please read on….

    1. YouTube HQ/HQ video playback lag (well I’m sure you know this. But are you trying to fix it? BTW, I usually watch stored videos on my Ace at 720×480)
    2. Camera settings and recording (OK you might know this already. I’ll leave it to you)
    3. Superuser (seems to not remember my choice. Have to press Allow several times when doing a Titanium Backup restore. Same thing happened on CM10 Beta 1)
    4. Force close for certain apps(This ticks me off to be honest. AOKP Beta 3 and CM10 Beta 1 can play Fruit Ninja and some games without the force close problem. Unfortunately the force close problem on the games I’ve mentioned have been persistent since the beta CM9. Could you fix this please?)

    I hope I dont ask much. But if I’m do, then I’m sorry. But I hope you do look at the matters stated. But rest assured, you are awesome. And fixing these probs will make you awesomer.
    I wish I can donate lots to you. But I’m not 100% independent from my family especially in terms of finance 😛
    Have a great day boss 😀

    • Macław says:

      Hello 😉

      1. Yup, known issue, but what could I do without OpenMAX drivers (video acceleration drivers)? Too much work, and we have more important things to do for now 😉
      2. so I’m leaving that too 😉
      3. yup, will be fixed in next release 😉
      4. Don’t have that, Fruit Ninja etc. working great for me (paid version from Google Play).

      Wish you great day too 😉

  • Pavel Yordanov says:

    Hi Maclaw,
    I installed the RC1 on my Ace but the battery drained for 2 hours. What can i do?
    And also got into a mode where you see all the movements of your finger on the screen like a line and there are some numbers on the top of the screen. How did i do this and how to get out of this

  • coolboiz says:

    Waiting for cm10 rc1. 🙂

  • suraj jain says:

    Thanks for RC1.. everything is fine except BATTERY… its draining out fast

  • mat says:

    Hi Maclaw! You are making great work! I have a question: is there any option to emulate a front camera with video source from back camera on our devices? Maybe with virtual camera skype will let us make video calls… (?)

    • Macław says:

      I think it’s too much work (but I’m not saying it’s impossible – but I don’t have enough time for get fun with that).


  • Peter says:

    Google play does not work. Camera ICS does not connect. The standard Camera disappeared. I did only erase previous caches. Do you have the latest version of Google Apps for 4.1.1?

  • astalavista says:

    Hi, i just installed the CM9 and it works beautifully apart the Camera that is a work in progress but never mind that. The thing that kinda bothers me are:

    1. when I install the Flashlight app, the flash doesn’t work, it tells me hardware problem.

    2. The compass is working opposite side, I mean when I point it at north, instead of north it indicates south.

    3. How can I make all the apps to SDCard b/c some of them can’t be moved like Google Maps, Doit Tomorrow, Flashlight, etc

    Thanks for the great work

    Keep it up

    • Macław says:

      1. From ROM side flashlight is working. You must to ask developer of app why it isn’t working.
      2. Yup, strange problem. Don’t have any idea.
      3. Because developer must to agree for moving app to sd in app manifest. CM7 have option to force that option, but dunno why CM9 and newer don’t have this option.

      You welcome 😉

      • James says:


        I’ve already tried commenting about the compass as it’s my main irritation, but it doesn’t seem to have got past the moderation. I think the compass problem is that the magnetic field strength in/out of the screen is inverted. The 3d magnetometer/accelerator app shows it best. The arrow should point into the earth in the northern hemisphere. If you hold the phone face down and rotate it around, it gets the direction it’s facing correct.

        I think it’s a case of changing the sign on one of the CONVERT_M_{X,Y,Z} in android_device_samsung_gio/blob/ics/libsensors/nusensors.h


      • Akhil Narang says:

        1.Is there a default flashlight app?
        2.Can we activate BLN on CM9 RC1?

    • Gildan says:

      Use Link2Sd to move apps.

    • digbijoy says:

      use rom toolbox lite or pro version to move apps to sd…it requires superuser permission..its awesome..i moved maps to sd card…

  • jamie says:

    S2E does not work nor does a2sd or.link2sd an the ace is useless without ext3 partition

    • Macław says:

      I’m using Ace and Gio without ext3/4 partition. S2E should work, and it works for most people. If it isn’t, try to remove some useless for you things from /system partition (I recommend to remove only useless apps, but remember – some apps are needed to property system work).

      If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  • Apurva says:

    Just installed the RC1. Looks and feels amazing.
    Thank you developers.. (Y)

    A couple of questions :
    1 ) The flashlight isnt working for me..
    2 ) Could you better the People app. Like the “show contacts with phone numbers” option is missing. Also if one could have the slide to call feature enabled there.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Macław says:

      1. It’s working in camera, dunno why most apps to use only flashlight aren’t working. Try to ask developer of any.
      2. It’s clear CM, try to ask CM team to improve them.

      If you have any future questions, feel free to ask 😉

      • Apurva says:

        1) Flash works on the stock Camera application.
        But when I go for a Flashlight app, it doesnt work in most, and even if it does, it is EXTREMELY laggy. For “Tiny Flashlight”, it gives a error it could not connect with the camera.
        2) Just a honest opinion. Will definitely contact them, but I doubt they will be as responsive as you are. 😛
        Can we use the default Contacts app from Samsung instead?

  • irgames says:

    Just want to say thank you guys for the amazing work! My Phone runs 100x faster than on 2.3!

  • Ray says:

    Well This Is What I Have To Say CM9 RC1

    The Design IS Completely Elegant To The Smallest Details.
    Battery Life Seems To Be A Bit Short.
    Performance Is Better.
    Camera Need Work, It Works But Auto Focus Is Missing, And Installation Of Third Party Apps Such As Camera 360 Doesn’t Work Even.
    WIFI Doesn’t Work.
    Sound Quality Seems To Be Much Better.

    Facebook Contacts Picture Support Would Be Helpful.
    And Facebook Album Display On The Phone Gallery Would Be Gr8.

    Gr8 Work Man

  • AngryBird says:

    Maclaw, do you think there is a possibility that HW Video acceleration will work ever?

  • Prince says:

    Please Help About Flash Player 11 How To Make It Work?

    • Macław says:

      As I said milion times: it’s unofficial port of Flash, I won’t change my ROM to get it working, if it isn’t. But people says it’s working, try to use other version.

  • Giulio Zausa says:

    Hi Maclaw you are my hero now my phone is 10000 times better!! I know that is very difficult, but can you make running the camera also with Instagram and other apps and port the default Samsung camera app to ICS? If you want any help I can develop in Java, C++ and C#, and I know a bit android. I have also an Galaxy Ace 🙂
    Thanks in advance, Giulio.

    PS: my e.mail is [email protected]

  • tegartri says:

    My 3G network is not working. Why??

  • Jamie says:

    @Maclaw thanks for response i tried earlier still no joy i did write a more detailed an politer measage listin the problem with s2e an camera and also sayin how i love your work an keep it up and askin how can i donate to your team i dont like to be the person who points out the problems as im sure you are already aware of all probs an that its also still at rc stage but i am sat ea fingers an toes crossed hopin you can solve these problems ao my woman cam have it on her ace cuz she moans if sumat goes wrong so its safer just to wait till its all workin fine 1st ha

  • Zuazua says:

    CM9 rc1 is very fast!, Maclaw great job
    Just one question, would it be possible to fix the deep sleep after charging?

    Thanks for everything guys!

    • Macław says:

      It’s fixed, I didn’t rebooted my phone from two weeks and I still have working deep sleep 😉

      • Zuazua says:

        oh will not work for me, if I charge the phone, use the camera or bluetooth, deep sleep stops working.
        Any idea why it works for some people and not for other people?

        Anyway great work is amazing the work you are doing

  • AliReza says:

    maclaw vpn does not work

  • end says:

    Hello! I must say first that the work you have been doing is awesome and you’re making look evil to samsung company for not helping you to help us.

    I have a little question:
    ¿Does the ace got real hot when using with CM9RC1?

    I had (i was mugged) a galaxy ace and when i had it with gingerbread it get usually kinda warm, but nothing much. After i installed the CM7 (i think it was the 7th), i felt that the phone was getting really hot when using it! and i dont know really if it’s that a bad thing or not.

    😮 i hope you could answer this.

    Thanks a lot again and to all the dev team for your hard work and to make the ICS dream possible to ace users :).

  • Michael says:

    Thanks a lot for this new RC1. Runs really smooth. Fantastic works Maclaw. The CPU “undertacter” is really a nice feature.

  • minime says:

    Hi dude, just have one qusetion. Will be update one this monday?

  • Pilou says:

    Thank you, but how can I update from nightly ?

  • gianny says:

    please help me my camera can only take a picture it cant record anything

  • Killa says:

    Hi Maclaw.. I tried the CM9 RC1 and it’s amazing, but there is a problem with the music. The MusicFX and DSP manager are not working. It doesn’t have any impact on the music effects when changed. Can you fix this please..:-)

    • Macław says:

      It’s working, but for some players, which using their own decoder libraries, like PowerAMP, it’s not working and we cannot do anything with that.

  • STARS says:

    hi Maclaw
    great work, amazing…
    but there is problem with deep sleep, phone need to be restarted after camera usage or deep sleep wont work… can you do something about that???

  • Harsh says:

    Do I have to install this firmware in the same way as I did all the previous ones ? Why are people asking about Wipe data/Factory reset ? Isnt that a must before flashing the ROM ? Help me with it, Its always a tiring task to backup and restore. If I can flash it without reset and still have all my texts, apps.. It would be great. Is it possible ?

    • Macław says:

      1. If previous ones were be installed by recovery, no odin – yes.
      2. Because they can’t read… If you’re uploading to ICS from GB or from ICS to JB, you don’t have to wipe (but it’s recommended). But if you want to downgrade your system, you have to wipe.

  • Link Andy says:

    can i used 3rd camera app ?

  • ziv says:

    I have to say thank you so much!
    Even the camera doesn’t work perfectly, but I am not going back to gingerbread anymore.

    • Macław says:

      thanks 😉 Doing our best.

      • ziv says:

        I also notice that the battery drain pretty fast. I use CPU Spy to check, it reports that the CPU runs at highest speed most of the time even in idle, so I change the CPU Governor to Conservative, it should somehow helps the problem.

  • Ashray says:

    This is running really fast, but a problem. 1) After 2 – 3 days of trying to figure out whats wrong, I came to the conclusion that apps that want to use 3g Data, don’t work. It just can’t access the internet. On the other hand, the internet browser works with data.

  • Criss says:

    existen problemas con el navegador aun, esta excelente la cámara solo falta un poco de trabajo pero los felicito cuando mejoren el navegador y la cámara me cambiare sin duda

  • Javi says:

    Hi maclaw, i have a question, its posible to use the usb conexion with the laptop? i ask because i dont find the way to do it. Cheers

  • Michael says:

    Only one little, but not important point: When i activate the “Tethering & portable hotspot”, the screen keep always on “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot – Turning Wi-Fi on…”. The screen never shown the status e.g. “Hotspot activated”. The funcution runs well, that means i can well see the WLAN from my mobile on my computer. It is only a “Screen refresh problem” to show the actually status. But it also possible to download the APP “Open Garden”. With this APP all runs well. How i wrote, not important, only if you have too much time (i think you’ll never have too much time).

  • Roberto says:

    It’s working excelent…. but the camera it’s really buggy again and it broke the DeepSleep an haven’t autofocus (on ace)… THE BATTERY IS PERFECT… LIKE APOCALIPSE

  • thunderzak says:

    I want to install clockworkmod on my galaxy ace so that I could install this firmware, but I cannot find a tutorial on how to install CWM on Froyo (without updating to Gingerbread), can anyone help?

  • impmihai says:

    Hi!Good work with porting ICS to our devices!Thanks a lot.
    But at my gio deep sleep does not work and my battery drains very fast…can you solve that?

    cheers from Romania!

  • Eduardo says:

    when is out the netx rom cm9? because this rom have some bugs, the camera, sometimes the screen is frozeen and only can fix this with reboot, some games dont work and dont turn on the wifi. But the other thing works really fine, I like so much this rom, please fix the bugs. (I do all the wipes,cache,system and data,dalvik cache and battery stats. Sorry for the bad english :Z I only speak spanish

  • Flash_code says:

    Maclaw, hello! I have long been following this firmware and say that it is great! Thank you for this work, but still I do not give rest to one question (maybe I have already got 🙂 ) –
    1. I hope you take all still trying to get to work correctly HW acceleration? (on the CM10 it works almost good)
    2. P.S.: What the link I gave you last comment (on the so-called “codecs”)?

    Once again, good luck to you in overcoming difficulties. We believe in YOU! 😉

  • Jay says:

    Sometimes when my Galaxy Ace (CM9 RC1) restarts it’ll show a pop up that reads “Defualt message”. It appears to be a mistranslation and should read “Default message”

  • Bob says:

    Maclaw! Can you help me with my camera? It doesn´t do autofocus nor preview 🙁

  • Eduardo says:

    Excelent Job Maclaw!! Thanks for this RC release.

    Although there are some things that are not working right for me.

    1. Waze app doesn’t work well, gives me errors with the gps.
    2. The battery life is bad, I have to charge the phone twice a day, this didn’t happend to me with my previous rom.
    3. The IOS takes a lot of my phone’s internal memory, I can’t install several must have apps on my phone because it runs out of memory. I think there are several built-in apps that can’t be left out of the IOS bundle like the apollo player.

    Other than that, the rom runs super smooth and really fast. Keep up the work!

  • julio says:

    Excuseme, but in my phone dont work the application waze, you knows about that?

  • Pandas9899 says:

    Is this compatible with Samsung Galaxy mini? and is it good for everyday use?

  • 4pda says:

    came two kernel for ICS,
    *[KERNEL][ICS & JellyBean][] nims kernel for ICs and JellyBean roms*
    *Tuxkids Kernel for ICS based*
    you do not know which one is better, and worth liih put?

  • Niko says:

    Hey Maclaw and team 😀

    but can I extend the lifespan of the batteries anyway?
    thats a bit annoying :/

    • Moe says:

      I find if you turn off the wifi when your not using it the battery life is good.
      There may be a bug with the wifi during sleep.

  • jofre says:

    Hello, I’m testing the CM9 RC1 and when I update an application I get the error “package file is invalid” … some solution?

  • Harsh says:

    Facing a problem with the Apollo app. It was working all fine these days. Yesterday I copied a new album to the SD that wasnt showing up inside the Apollo. So I went on to do a manual media scan in ‘Dev tools> Media provider’. I have done this on previous betas and it wasnt a problem in any way. This time I accidently tapped the ‘Insert 20 albums’ button. Now I am seeing music in apollo that never existed on my SD. Artists like ‘Abam Movime, Abbrifa van Mivob’ etc with an album each wherein there are 10 songs and none of which will play. (displays ‘error’)

    Now please, I want to somehow take them off my apollo. I have tried rebooting, running the media scan again, Remounting the SD, and ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ too. That thing would just stay there. More than 20 artists that I dont know about. Do I need to re-flash the firmware ? Is my problem common ? Help please, I need my old organized music app back 🙁


  • Skahara says:

    I can’t use the flashlight from the notification bar, am I the only one?

  • Siddharth says:

    Bluetooth stuck on ‘Turning on’. Same with Wireless Hotspot. Explain how to fix these annoying connectivity issues. Rest everything as per the changelog. Everything alright.

    Thanks MaclawStudios. Respect. 🙂

  • biel says:

    Thanks a lot for your great work! 🙂

  • Hi,
    Can you fix camera preview for QR-Code scanner.
    (QR-Code scanner doesn’t work)

  • Duru says:

    Great ROM, unfortunately severe problems with some APPs, e.g. Telekom NAVIGON Edition. So not usable yet for me. Very sad, ’cause performance, usebility and touch and feel are very smooth like CM9 on other devices 🙂


  • Anand says:

    After the update of Cyanogen Mod9 in my galaxy ace GTS5830, camera is not working, Bluetooth is not working. Also the system is lagging and taking time to load.Please let me know a solution or a fix.

  • bonjoo says:

    Hi! Is there any chance to get fully working forsquare on RC1? It’s not working. (Still waiting for location).

  • lesnico says:

    For those who have some problems with the battery which drain so fast, change the governor in SMARTASS V2.

  • Vadim says:

    Add please Ukrainian language to RC2

  • Vadim says:

    Add please Ukrainian language to RC2)

  • Vadim says:

    Add please Ukrainian language to RC2(Full)

  • Chimo says:

    Sometimes when i oppen camera it gives me the message that the camera doesnt exist. Also sometimes there is lag between the flash and the actual picture so it comes out dark.
    Other than that the RC1 is working pefect, hope that RC2 has video suport 🙂

  • Dejan says:

    Awesome work Mclaw! beautiful, stable and fast. But the battery drains fast. I installed BetterBatteryStats. Would you be interested in looking into it? I could send you the dump. Seems a few people are having issues. Didn’t have this issue on GB…

  • Husramash says:

    Thanks Maclaw for this smooth and stable rom.

    However there is one issue left what i can see, and that is when watching YouTube videos for a long time will make the phone reboot.

    Me and my friends all use this CM9 RC1 so i know it’s a common problem.

    Do you have any plans for fixing this or is this not a priority at the moment?

    Please let me know.

    Anyway, i really appreciate your hard work. Thanks!

  • Bluefire says:

    Apps can’t locate my position with internet unless I turn on gps. The google maps app keeps saying my location service is not on when it is on in system settings. Also, I keep getting a message saying that the system process has stopped responding. Is there a workaround for the above problems. By the way, this rom is awesome! 🙂

  • u mad bro says:

    What about Fit ? Cm9

  • Juliocp21 says:

    every time i try to open camera ics+ give me the error couldn’t connect to camera

  • Adam says:

    Hi Maclaw!

    I have similar problem as Ziv: the CPU runs at highest speed most of the time even in idle. It drains the battery very fast! After I restart it’s ok, but then the problem came out again. It will be fixed?

    Anyway the rom is almost perfect!

  • Adam says:


    I have the same problem as Ziv: the CPU runs at highest speed most of the time even in idle. It drains the battery wery fast! When I restart it’s ok, but then the problem appears again. Is this problem will be fixed?
    Anyway, the rom is almost perfect!

  • danny says:

    Hay, i want ask you if flash player work on this os and yahoo plugin (video audio) . Plss answord me!

  • liquidkermit says:

    overall, it’s a great rom except for battery life. Can’t even be compared to cm 7.2. I notice many reported this as well. Bt, wifi, gps all off. Screen brigthness minimum, cpu clock lowered, and 2g connection doesn’t help. Still can’t find any solution that worked.

  • blaze says:

    its working except for camera. please fix the camera. thanks!!!!

  • blaze says:

    help me fix my camera prb. anyone? i tried to download a different app for camera frm playstore. yet still my camera doesnt work. this rom is perfect except the camera prb

  • XaS says:

    Well … this release is damn slow/laggy for me. CM9 actually gets slower with every release for me, and considering the amount of positive posts about this release, there must be something wrong with my phone. I reverted back to my stock GB 2.3.6 ROM (via Odin) in the meantime but I’m stumped. Maybe reinstalling CM9RC1 on top of GB is the right way to do it ? Has anybody experienced this strangeness ?

  • Saurav says:

    Hi, Maclaw incredible work you guys have been doing here.
    I have noticed few things with RC1 release on my ACE which i would like to bring to your attention.

    1. The Battery drains very fast on using phone even when the brightness is lowest. If i don’t use the phone like in case its in standby then its fine but while browsing or playing game it drains pretty fast.

    2. Wifi HotSpot does not work.

    3. USB tethering is also not working.

  • Nunki says:

    Hi Maclaw,

    In any version of your CM9 for Ace (even RC1), while trying to use the Google Maps Navigation, it take several minutes to find location (“Waiting for location”).

    In CM10 beta1, Navigation finds his location much faster (about 2 secs) although Google Maps crashes short after.

    Thanks for your work 😉

  • TieoS says:

    Hi maclaw. Congrats on the hard work! I have found a bug in voice search, when I press it from the launcher directly and not from app drawer, it does not work? Check it and maybe fix it in rc2? Cheers

  • Alex says:

    Sorry for the newbie question — what is the correct way to update Gio from standard Android 2.4 to the RC1? Wiping all the data before the installation gives the error message that it can’t mount app2sd, and then after the installation of RC1 I got a lot of errors like “exchange service stopped”. I also can’t go to the settings, no menu appears at all. What did I do wrong? Please help!

  • Everton says:

    Hi, I’m a brazilian user and this ROM works great, but, the GPS don’t connect. How I can fix this?

  • alirio says:

    Greetings from Venezuela maclaw, wanted to ask because when I try to access the camera tells me there is no connection and another question, is there any way to disable the flash of the same

  • Prash_ says:

    Thanks for this wonderful ROM..:)

    Things i find buggy:

    1) Bluetooth: shows turning on.. but stays like that..:(
    2) USB tether doesnt work 🙁
    How can i connect internet to PC??

    These are according to my usage review..
    i dont like to mention other already mentioned probs..:))

    Again thanks for htese wonderful ROMS…

  • misael says:

    You can’t use camera with any other software like FB o instagrm or pics arts; and also you can’t use auto focus and so many bugs at the internet explorer

  • max says:

    wow i am really impressed by this ROM!
    CM9 works very smooth, even the camera works fine.
    very stable release, i like it and look forward to next releases or maybe cm10 😉

  • Shaz says:

    Thanx alot for the update Maclaw:)…..But after flashing this rom. i have noticed a huge drainage of battery life even when the phone is on standby. Battery life was pretty decent in the cm9 beta 10…Is there really an improvement in the battery?..thankyou..

  • rahul says: small opinion…have you tried..this link!!

    may be this will help with camera?

  • Damian says:

    When is the next version of CM9?

  • hari says:

    thanx man for your hard work 🙂

  • vanz says:

    . please help me.. the rom is stuck at the first time my galaxy mini is rebooting after install it.. can you help me please..?

  • Gatak says:

    The zram module doesn’t work. Fails with unknown kernel option. You need to have CONFIG_XVMALLOC=y to make zram module work.

    Otherwise, brilliant release! =) Thanks!

  • Salokyn says:

    Nice job !

    Bugs I found so far:
    – I’m using Waze app, and this one can’t access to GPS. Do you have any clue ? Anyway Google Maps and other maps using GPS work.
    – SuperUser can’t remember given authorizations (you already know that 😉 )

  • Nunki says:

    Hello Maclaw,

    Any idea why the TeamViewer QuickSupport app patched for CM ( isnt working on your RC1 ?

    After flashing the ZIP and rebooting, app simply doesnt show ..

    Thanks !

  • nonock says:

    Very greet rom for my old galaxy ace 5830.
    Every think work fine, just the compass inverted north to sud and est to west in all application like compass and google sky view.
    Is there any patch or nighly build for this?
    Best regards.

  • Polak says:

    Miałem JB na moim Ace, chciałem zmienić na 2.3.6 i teraz dzięki moim genialnym pomysłom mój telefon bardziej przypomina podstawke pod szklanki 😀
    jednak jak coś jest dobre to lepiej tego nie zmieniać

  • Dejan says:

    Me again!
    did some diagnostics with BetterBatteryStats and BatteryMonitor. Wifi is the biggest battery user. BBS reports ar6k_wow as top kernel wakelock. Looks like the wifi is not sleeping properly. Battery lasts about half a day with really minimal use and no 3g at all! This is on Galaxy GIO. I can send the BBS dump, log cat or anything you need. Please let me know.
    dejannk at google’s email…

    • Dejan says:

      CORRECTION: wifi sleeping OK. I left it on overnight and it didn’t use much at all, so wifi sleeps OK. But using it uses a lot of battery. Daughter was watching Youtube videos for about 20 minutes and that consumed 20%+. And ar6k_wow was number one user not the screen!?

      also, phone restarts occassionally. Hard to say why, but it could be also wifi related. never does when wifi off.

      also, when booting cyd animation is not showing. this is not very important but could be a sign of something else being wrong. after the first samsung screen, screen goes black and stays like that until it boots. i have to press the power buttion for the lock screen to show.

      I did do a full wipe and reinstalled rc1, but same thing…

  • liTrr be fiv5 says:

    Hi, Maclaw)

    Greetings from Ukraine.

    U and marcin done awesome work and I’d like to ask u, when we see the next release?

    And, if it possible, could u add in the new release a new app, called OTA super updater,plz?)

  • Maty007 says:

    And the cam??? and video cam????

  • Yanyan says:

    Thanks for this greatest rom ever for my ace. On GB i use a2sd or s2e to move apps to sd card, it just fine, but in CM9 RC1 i can’t use any method (a2sd, s2e or link2sd), does this rom support a2sd script? I use partition ext3. Or should i change to ext4?


  • PRCTST says:

    Will this work Galaxy mini?

  • Joms says:

    I’d like to ask how to install s2e with galaxy ace. thanks!

  • bluefire says:

    Nike+ running app keeps fc 🙁

  • JOSUE says:


  • Andrea says:

    maclaw when i want to play a game in my gio i get fc please fix it this thing

  • please fix fc when playing games .did you?????????

  • Roberto says:

    There are applications when you can take photos? And applications when you can use flash led torch? please

  • salmo says:

    I hope it comes out soon because the rc2 is already out at the site of cyanogen

  • Malandirix says:

    WOW, the battery life is amazing, it’s lasting almost three days with no charging and is soooo smooth thank you maclaw and all the other devs!

  • Mashhood says:

    Thankx 😀 i have installed CM9 on galaxy gio but it is lagging a bit. Will it be fine after some time?

  • Taracair says:

    A czy są prowadzone jakieś prace z CM10? 🙂

  • Titi Burgos says:

    Thank you!
    The camera is not perfect, but I can live with that. Best ICS rom I’ve tried so far! Great work 🙂

  • Bruno macedo says:

    I use to take pictures the following scheme. I open the app and the facebook photo shoot, but not the facebook post and then see the same images in the album and put in instragram.

  • sterile-a says:

    What is necessary to get camera to work properly? I’ve read some things about Qualcomm drivers for armv6, but they had released it already, so what is the main issue? Just to be clarified. Impressive job BTW 🙂

  • biswatmak says:

    Maclaw any info on the the new camera app you said about, that you and wayland have prepared??????

    Will cm10 have any recent updates????????????

  • unknown says:

    what about cm10? any releases soon?

  • Miral1000 says:

    There’s any way to install a Samsung apps ( samsung market) on this rom??

  • Viih says:

    Hey Maclaw, why don’t you focus only in one project ? Don’t you think it would be much more productive to start and focus in this project to later start another ? I think 2 projects on the same time it’s too much. A lot of people asking for things.

    Focus on ICS and then continue Jelly Bean.

    sorry for bad english ;~

  • Jose says:

    Hello Maclaw!

    Your work is amazing! I flashed my Ace today and I simply love it. It has the same bugs that the others have (camera, battery, bluetooth, etc) but I will follow your updates for now on. But do you have an approximate date for the next RC?

  • badack says:

    thanks for this ROM, its great…..

    I installed it yesterday, replacing CM7.1.
    flash without wipe, not worked…….
    only worked fine after I wiped everything.

    here is somethings (bugs?) that I found so far:
    – camera works, but without auto focus. images taken doesn’t look good.
    – sometimes, bluetooth is difficult to turned on, I got to reboot to make it works. Looks random.
    – sometimes, Data usage is difficult to open, and ends with Not Responding message. Looks random too.
    – Apollo is not showing any album art. I haven’t try other music player.
    – Battery only last for 1 day with minimum usage, but I guess its just my battery that gets old and need replacement.

    I haven’t test the GPS and wifi, but I hope it works fine.
    other than that, it works great….feels like a new phone 🙂

    thanks again, maclaw.

  • rex vinu says:

    Im new here but still i really appreciate the work u dow to improve the performance of low end phones.
    i have a question as when last time i tried to update my galaxy ace gt s5830i with cm10, i got it bricked.
    Does it really work on the galaxy ace s5830i or its just for the galaxy ace s5830?

  • raju says:

    Not great rom for daily use. Pull-down works even in lock mode. Apps installed do not work. Sometimes there is no power widget, and many more issues……..

  • Mashhood says:

    i have installed it on gio. a problem is that when i take a photo and go into gallery to open it, the thumbnail of the image in the gallery is distorted. the image is fine when i click on that distorted thumbnail but the thumbnail is distorted :/
    I would also like to ask that why there are very less customization options in CM9 as compared to CM7

  • Kallam Pavan says:

    the only problem(battery backup) i have frm begining is solved some what…..GOOD GOING guys……..But request u to increase backup to the maximum as soon as possible……..

  • shahab says:

    thank you very much. i installed cm9 beta 10 but vpn didnt work. is it solved in rc 1?

  • Patrick says:

    It’s draining my battery when I’m on Wifi…. please fix it.

  • Firmino says:

    Maclaw, I have a bug, when is charging is always charging the lightning icon never desapear, spent all the nighyt plugged and in the morning still charging.

    Sorry for my english.

  • Raaz says:

    camera not working… not response…. plz help

  • Raaz says:

    When I try to open camera app it sometimes gives “Couldn’t connect to camera”. ….. how i fox thid problem… plz help

  • Enrique says:

    This morning I sounded the alarm and swear that had happened to me and something like using the application “Sleep as an android.” why stop using it, but it seems that something is not working quite right …


  • SNAILMART says:

    Great job:)

  • Tiago Santos Novaes says:

    Maclaw, this version is pretty good now. Congratulations!! The only important thing that I couldn’t use was Google Maps Navigation. The GPS appear to be functioning normally, mas only in this application I’m having trouble. The application status is waiting local all the time.

  • Vipe says:

    Skrypty z init.d nie startują u mnie wraz z systemem- tak ma być?

  • kaya says:

    Smoooth as butter 😉 Thanks from holland!

  • ray says:

    Hi, Maclaw first i just wanna say FANTASTIC JOB.!!! 🙂 and the second i wanna ask.when i watching video on youtube maybe 15-25 minutes my galaxy ace always reboot ?? Is that just happen for me or the others to?? Hope you reply this thanks

  • madman says:

    Hey Maclaw! greatly appreciate your work,

    i have one question, I am using the CM9-RC1 , it’s related to camera,

    can you please put a patch here to go back to the no-preview camera of beta 8 or 9(if i am not mistaken) ,

    Preview is a good thing to have, but it is no longer compatible with other camera apps, and you can’t adjust anything at all i.e. image resolution etc. the without preview camera drivers worked fine with “camera 360” and other camera apps, so is it possible that you give me the old camera drivers(or whatever you call them :),) as a cwm patch etc. i myself prefer no preview with all other functionality than just a preview. Regard. 🙂

  • Agustin says:

    (brace your self, bad english coming)

    hi maclaw, your work fucking rules!!! a few mins a go , i instal cmd 9 RC1, and is fantastic, but a problem apears, i need use “anchorage zone wifi” (google traductor) to bring internet to my pc and the option set in grey, but nothing hapen, i reboot, over and over, and try again, but nothing happen, i must to go back with the rom, until, this work, o i find the way to fix, have you any idea?
    i really realy want to use your rom!!!


  • kenHar says:

    hey i like this a lot, but i have a little problem, i often use a 4-pin headset with a button to listen to music with the mortplayer, but since i use cm9 apollo always reacts to the headset button and i dont know how to turn that of and mortplayer doesnt react to the headset button anymore.

  • Raaz says:

    when i picked up a call it was directed directly to speaker mod. I thought it woud have been a bad flash so i reflashed the same rom again & again everything was working well then i rebooted my phone after that i tried calling someone (outgoing call) & i noticed my phone was again directed to speaker mode…i don’t know why this is happening..i

  • Raaz says:

    when i picked up a call it was directed directly to speaker mod. I thought it woud have been a bad flash so i reflashed the same rom again & again everything was working well then i rebooted my phone after that i tried calling someone (outgoing call) & i noticed my phone was again directed to speaker mode…i don’t know why this is happening..???

  • ben tuy says:

    Hi Mclaw, i would like to suggest that can you include the “Recent” “Contacts” “Group” tab when composing an SMS?, that would be nice if we could access our contacts in sending SMS by pressing it directly. ^_^ by the way, your work is splendid !!! keep it up man!!

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    I know what i am talking is totally different from this topic…. Yesterday is saw Reloaded ICS Status bar for CM9 on XDA( looked great, so i flashed it, as it was written that “it is compatible with any CM9 version”.But after successfully flashing, my status bar is completely gone… i know how to fix it and i have fixed it by re installing the ROM… i want to know whether Reloaded ICS Status Bar is Compatible with ace or not.. if yes then how can i get it..

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    I know what i am talking is totally different from this topic.Yesterday is saw Reloaded ICS Status bar for CM9 on XDA( looked great, so i flashed it, as it was written that “it is compatible with any CM9 version”.But after successfully flashing, my status bar is completely gone.I know how to fix it and i have fixed it by re installing the ROM… i want to know whether Reloaded ICS Status Bar is Compatible with ace or not.if yes then how can i get it.

  • Allan says:

    I couldn’t connect my ace to wifi network

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    I know what i am talking is totally different from this topic. Yesterday is saw Reloaded ICS Status bar for CM9 on XDA( looked great, so i flashed it, as it was written that “it is compatible with any CM9 version”. But after successfully flashing, my status bar is completely gone.I know how to fix it and i have fixed it by re installing the ROM. I want to know whether Reloaded ICS Status Bar is Compatible with ace or not. If yes then how can i get it..

  • krema says:

    Working on Galaxy Mini ?

  • Johnny says:

    Great work maclaw! Just some bugs – i can’t get none of the navi apps to work (sygic, navigon), they just force close. FC also happens with link2sd – i can see the apps interface for a brief moment but then it crashes. Can’t seem to get the s2e working either – it can’t find the ext3 partition. And rom lags sometimes pretty bad, although it’s a fresh install (no ram scripts, no OC, nothing)

  • rahul says:

    best “cpu governer” for rc1?

  • rahul says:

    best “cpu governer” for this update?

  • Dmitri says:

    Hi! Thanks for CM9 RC1 update! Really good job. My Galaxy Ace become faster and battery works perfectly. But I have some other small problems to you.
    First is USB connection. I can’t browse my device on PC. I remember Gingerbread, there was message appeared in toolbar, that i can connect to PC and so on, so on… Now this message advise me only to plug/unplug cable (SD card). P.S. USB debugging of course switch on.
    And second, I can’t use automatic location for weather and calendar, as for weather it becomes unavailable, as for calendar it starts my week with Sunday, that isn’t correct. Google location service is working. It looks like I should change my region (CSC code), but how can I do it, old keyboard combinations like *#1234# and others don’t work. Is it possible on this update?
    Thanks in advance.

  • teixeira says:

    Why maclaw don’t give news to the users? when the new release? i think we need some news. Thank you Maclau

  • Cupuers says:

    after update to CM9 RC1, USB Mass Storage stop working, but USB Debug working fine..did someone face same problem???

    ps: before install RC1, I full wipe my ace..

  • shahab says:

    great work
    what about VPN. we need it as much as oxygen in Iran. we cant even register to google account or google play without VPN. we Will be grateful if u work on it.

  • fand says:

    my google play is not working “unfortunately,google play store has stopped”. please tell me how to fix

  • Brayan Sánchez says:

    Maclaw, this RC works with Ace GT-S5830 “M” ???? Supports Spanish Latin ??
    You are a Amazing developer.
    Regards from Colombia

  • DarkDreams says:

    Loving this ROM – thanks to those who put it together.

    I struggled to get Link2SD reliably mounting my SD card so switched to s2e. Had to reduce my ext3 part to 2GB as s2e was getting confused with a 4GB part.

    However I may need to flash to the 10 beta or back to stock as I can’t get the GPS to work. Is their a fix or way to get GPS working? I can’t find much/any info on it…

  • dejan says:

    Hey, you removed my post about battery issues on Gio!? Why!?

  • RdlP says:


    I have problem with de camera. It say “Cannot connect to Camera” I’m using CM9 RC1

    What’s wrong?


  • Mitchell says:

    Will cifs.ko be included at any point?
    Also why is this using the 2.6 kernel? Is it because thats the latest samsung have released

    Anyway, great work

  • Pankaj says:

    thanks for your hard work for ICS and JB dude
    salute you
    can anyone tell me is usb tethering is working in rc1 or not?

    sorry for my bad english.

  • Chinmay says:

    Thank you for your excellent work. I recommended this ROM to few of my friends also!

  • Chinmay says:

    Camera is a little unstable. Also settings in camera is missing.

    When i started WIFI, the phone suddenly rebooted. It happened only once though. Otherwise everything is smooth. 🙂 😀

  • moody blue says:

    Hi, is there any barcode reader application working for CM9 RC1 on Galaxy Ace ? I’ve tried the ZXing one, and it can’t access the camera.


  • joe says:

    please update like cm7.2 so we can move facebook and hotmail and whatsapp and all huge apps to SD, please

  • yogesh says:

    hey maclwaw gr8 work
    but skyfire not playing videos only sound can be heard with black screen on skyfie browser plz fix it maclaw plz 🙂

  • merca says:

    Tnx, but I have a problem. I installed the RC1 on my Ace but the battery drained for 2 hours. What can i do?

  • Riwolfes says:

    Hey, sorry, it might be like the 100th question, but my sga is experiencing some heavy battery drain, on airplane mode and with a clock speed between 122mhz and 480mhz, my sga is dead within 8h. I hope you can help me, or give me some tipps, i watched for any background apps, but nothing installed except juice defender…

  • Hydragon1 says:

    when I turn the stock rom 2.3.6 I can download and install more apps than CM9 is there comming a fix for that. thats feel bad for me (and the camera to) that are the only things that keep me from installing this ROM off
    BUT its not your fault maclaw the only thing you can do is working the best (Like your doing now)

  • Berkay says:

    Deep Sleep doesn’t work for me in my phone charging or after the charging.

  • CrazyFrog says:

    Thank you!

    Just installed seens fine on most actions.

    By the way: Is the camera really ok? The phone hangs a few seconds after taking a picture. Seens like theres something odd with voice calls too.

  • Mau Mills says:

    Thank you so much for your work.

    Before i proceed installing i want to know if this is compatible with GL-s5830L (the “L” means that the 3g frequency is GT-S5830L (RWLTCE): HSDPA 850 / 1900) and if the 3g will continue working. thanks again !

  • Jezer says:

    Super thanks for this powerful rom. Not perfect but working fine! Will wait for more exciting uploads:-)

  • ziv says:

    I think I find some bugs about this rom:
    First the jpg thumbnail file generated by the camera app is corrupt. And sometimes deep sleep isn’t enabled after finish charging and have to reboot. 🙂

  • MrDLink says:

    Tethering and WLAN-Hotspot is not working like in beta10 and beta9. RC1 is still a beta…perhaps its better to finish CM9 before starting CM10?

  • DraKai says:

    Hi Maclaw !
    I have problems 🙁
    I can’t download attachments in SMS, and the SMS/MMS Application crash all the time 🙁
    I do not always receive notification when an SMS arrives.
    What advice can you give me ?
    (PS : Sorry for my bad english !)

  • PedroJuuu says:

    Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for AOSP…

  • johny17 says:

    Hey Maclaw,
    I have a little problem with my Galaxy Ace. Somehow, my phone isn’t able to install ROM from zip file, it says Installation aborted or some other error all the time. I tried it from all ROMs etc. but only way to flash it is via Odin. Is there any posibility to flash this awesome ROM via Odin? I am used to it and now I lost it and I can’t get the older version to phone neither…my recovery mode can’t even install CWM, so I can’t do nothing without Odin…thanks very much for your response and keep that good work! 🙂

  • Peter says:

    Hi what do I do if my boot animation only shows up after a crash? From a good boot, it just shows blank screen.

    Please help.

  • Peter says:

    My boot animation is still now showing up, not only that after booting it shows up blank screen with the soft menu/back button leds lit up but I can’t do anything until I press power button twice to bring the lock screen back on. What’s the problem, I see a lot of xda posts but no resolution. Most of them say the boot animation is disabled but I’m pretty sure it’s not disabled. If my phone crashes and reboots by itself, the boot animation will show up. What is the problem here?

  • rahul says:

    HELP..!!! my every “game” app force closes…

    says–“unfortunately “app” stopped”..!!!

    help maclaw..i don’t wan’t to leave such a good rom…:(

  • pmatthew says:

    Hi. Is it possible to turn off the vibration when i unlock the lock-screen ? I couldnt find it. Thanks

  • Fran says:

    Hello, first i would like to thank you for your work on our mobile, and after tell this, have a nice day
    “Sony has created Hardware Acceleration codecs for its Xperia X10 mini pro”(MSM7227+Adreno200+ARMv6)

  • Balvir Singh says:

    Hey Man, there is one bug.
    Whenever i watch videos over youtube my phone reboots.

  • Balvir Singh says:

    Thanks for the CM9 RC1. I have one query i.e., when i watch videos on youtube app my phone reboots automatically.

  • Daniel says:

    In my galaxy gio not work the bluetooth and gps. Any solution?

  • Soldado says:

    FOURSQUARE don’t working again?

  • ComicMan says:

    Its the best rom FOREVER but youtube HD is really laggy plsss help

  • Jezer says:

    Excited for the stable version 🙂 Hurray Maclaw and Co.!

  • sulfy says:

    Hi!! 10x u for your releases! I have one question, I have install CM9 some times and i have to install and configure all phone. My question is if I have cm9beta10 and update with rc1. will I have to reinstall everything on my phone?

  • seo haw dam says:

    WI FI doesn’t work please send email to [email protected]
    I want to use your cm9 with wifi on

  • Jiri says:

    Hi Maclaw I wanted to ask how does it look like with camera?? I know you are getting lots of questions regarding this, How will camera work fully on jellybean?

    Thanks Maclaw
    You are our Hero

  • Jiri says:

    And Yeah I Wanted to ask have wouldn’t The Camera.apk from Caynogenmod 7 work on any of ics …. You know its still application for Android system .. Would that work ?

  • neptern says:

    Just flashed this firmware on my galaxy ace and it is working perfectly after calibrating the battery.

    Only gripe i have is the camera which is still very laggy and will even slow down the phone etc.I think this is the only thing that really need fixing.

    Other than that everything is ok.Will post if there are any other problems.Thx Maclaw for the great work!

  • jakfirestorm says:

    cm9 rom works very fine. but the rom is a real battery killer after full charge is completly dead after 12h in standby!

  • It seems USB tethering isn’t working, which is kinda annoying. Wifi tethering isn’t working either, I also tried copying some firmware files from the Samsung 2.3.6 firmware for the ar6000 driver, but it didn’t have any effect…

  • Xenom Phoenix says:

    Hi all,

    I’m tryning this as my first ROM, from to morning, but the play store don’t work for me. Still says 403 error when starts to download apps.

    thanks to ML & co. for this great mod!

  • Xenom Phoenix says:

    Hi all

    I’m tryning this Rom from to morning, but play store don’t want to work for me, still says 403 error when downloading apps.

    Even with a full wipe, it dosn’t work ;(

    Anyway thanks to MacLaw & co. for thery great roms.

  • Xenom says:

    Hi all

    I’m tryning this Rom from to morning, but play store don’t want to work for me, still says 403 error when downloading apps.

    Even with a full wipe, it dosn’t work ;(

    Anyway thanks to MacLaw & co. for thery great roms.

  • Xenom Phoenix says:

    sorry for double posting…

  • tecno2950 says:

    ehy Maclaw its for galaxy fit and sorry for my bad english

  • dwianggasaga says:

    L.O.A.D.I.N.G . . .

  • Nicolas Garcia says:

    i can’t conect to wi-fy… when i start tipping the pasword the “conect” button becomes inactive… what can i do???

  • huzefa says:

    video calling sofwares are not working like tango,viber for calling means it force close video calling i can understand by even voice calling not workin and sumtimes it wroks but cant here caller voice on tango so plz fix this bugs please..

  • tenik marku says:

    many3 tanks.. friend.. Alma mind la together tarip Dena parega.. tanks

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