August 31st, 2012

As you can see, webpage hasn’t been updated for a week. It’s caused because of Maclaw’s holiday. He will be back in a few days so chill out and stop asking about it 😉 Don’t worry, project isn’t abandoned. You can expect new releases in a few weeks. Expect something BIG!

Cheers, Marcin

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  • MIRAL1000 says:


    Hope you enjoyed with your holiday
    Keep it up

  • Z.Q. says:

    ENJOY YOURSELF!! But a few weeks for me is kind of long…I can’t wait for NEW VERSION!

  • Jaco says:

    Something big? I hope the camera function can works fine T.T

  • samsung93 says:

    hey thats cool 🙂 he left us with a pretty good rom before he left n i believe everyone deserves a holiday 😛 … good job 🙂

  • Pablo says:

    Great !!! I`am really bored with my stock rom…

  • xwinnernikx says:

    have fun and relax 🙂
    (cant wait for new updates :D)

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  • nathan-96 says:

    Its camera right? Some people said Wayland made stock working on CM9… 😀

  • zee says:

    i think he means new releases over the next few weeks

  • carlos says:

    On cm9 camera dont works. Phone reset when i take two or three photos. If work on that bug will be the best rom.

  • hsotnas says:

    Good to see this update !

    You guys are doing amazing job, keep it up !

    Kudos to Maclaw Studios !!!

  • Lorenzo says:

    thank you very much for your work 🙂

  • Roberto says:

    Ok 😉

  • Terry Cain says:

    Great, i suspected he was on holiday hopefully he had a good one and cant wait for the new release

  • loll says:

    battery important

  • seo haw dam says:

    I hope fix the wifi after your hoilday

  • neptern says:

    Hoping for a camera fix for CM9 and CM10 as well^^

  • Jiri says:

    This man is a genius cant wait….

  • Mashhood says:

    i have galaxy gio. i installed CM9 but uninstalled it due to bad camera and especially because of quick battery drainage.. i hope the battery problem is fixed soon

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