September 1st, 2012

Yes, we’re back!

It’ll be short news: CM9 with fully functionally camera (except video recording, working on) in all apps, like Instagram etc. will be today!

Tomorrow should be new CM10 release, also with camera, so stay tuned guys 😉


EDIT: release will be delayed, family problems ;/

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  • Roberto says:

    Yeeeeeeeeah! Maclaw you are the best… deep sleep working after camera? Is my terror…

  • Barremans says:

    very nice indeed , TOP!

  • King ACE says:

    So i assume you fixed settings too?

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  • Froony says:

    This is awesome news! Back 2 school is less worse now, haha. Great!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  • Hassan says:

    Your a genius man !!!

    You need to teach me how you and your team do this

  • g0FF says:

    what do you mean in “working camera”? will it work in other apps like camscanner?

  • neptern says:

    Wow nice…i may even go gor CM10 if the camera and proxmity sensor is fixed.


  • Beer says:

    Wwwwwooooooo Excellent 🙂

  • delere says:

    Great news , thx

  • SkyrimBee says:

    Oohhhhh my fucking goooood i love you!!! no homo 😀

  • drumlistik says:

    VEry good news bro! keep going the good work, donate a beer for the man 😀

  • poemas says:

    want cm9 till like official thank you so much for helping

  • Roberto says:

    Sorry but… if others camera apps working… I think exist applications with video recording (no prewiew) like Night Vision with camera prewiew… Whats do you think Maclaw? Sorry for my TERRIBLE english, I’m Italian Boy

    • Junior Mendes says:

      I dont think it happens, because other apps use codex and drivers from system, that in that case doesnt exist yet

  • Mashhood says:

    yayyyyy waiting anxiously for it 😀
    thanku maclaw 🙂

  • kazoum says:

    Please Maclaw, fix deep sleep after using camera! And thanks for keeping working on this rom dude 😉

  • Jason says:

    You would not realise how you just made my day! Omg your amazing in a non gayish way!

  • heuay says:

    great news man!
    no changelog yet?

  • Pablo says:

    Great! Esperando para probarla! 🙂

  • Achint says:

    This is LEGEN…..wait for it….DARY !!

  • hsotnas says:

    Wonderful news. eagerly waiting for CM10 😉

  • Khiem says:

    Maclaw you’re the best man 😀
    hope it ! I wait for tomorrow

  • zms01 says:

    Yeees! YEEEEEEEES!
    Instagram, qr-codes, video record… YEEEEEEES!

  • rahul says:

    proven——-MACLAW and team…. KING!!!!! of android..:D

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  • rahul says:

    delayed mean not today..:(

    well best of luck with that..:)

  • Terry Cain says:

    Cool dw about releasing, we all know how annoying family problems can be. Least we know whats happening now

  • MIRAL1000 says:

    What about voice search on cm9 and cm10 it will be work on next release???
    Hope it work

  • xda-samsung says:

    Aww mate I hope you and your family can sort it , take all the time you need

  • man4match says:

    Still waiting still waiting. Go maclaw go maclaw!!!!! Yeah!!!

  • Sérgio Ferreira says:

    I hope the best for you!

  • king says:

    I like your projeckt… thanks for all releses THANKS!!!

  • cdvr says:

    @maclaw. Why is a mirror of this web. Bangz0r is back?

  • misael says:

    waitting for hours

  • misael says:

    and what about the setting for de original camera, will be able to configurate, flash, size etc…., and whats happend with autofocus? because it wasnt working in last release

  • dalotti says:

    Welcome back!
    Will be working FM radio app in next cm9 release? SpiritFM isn’t working on my gio.

  • Darius ! says:

    Thanks maclaaw u are best ! but CM9 for me no smooth 🙁

  • albert almar says:

    still wiating here ….. im so excited to try the RC2 i wnt the camera hheheheh

  • zaid says:

    Where is CM10 Beta 2?

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