September 2nd, 2012

CM9.1 RC2 is out!


  • camera is working (except video recording, but everything else is working) – in all apps!
  • Deep sleep is working when you’re leaving camera (no reboots needed)
  • new kernel (, partially based on Squadzone kernel)
  • kernel: linaro optimized
  • kernel: pure ICS ramdisk without any modifications
  • bootlogo is back πŸ˜€
  • updated cm sources

If you want to share that links to any other site, share link to this page please.

PS. Mirrors aren’t welcomed πŸ˜‰ One from me is enough πŸ˜‰

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  • kazoum says:

    Looking forward to trying it! I hope it is much better, thank you Maclaw πŸ™‚

    • kazoum says:

      2 major issues in CM9.1 RC2! :
      – Sound not working at all (big speaker)
      – it seems not to be rooted. I can’t work with any app that requires root.

      Please Maclaw, fix this πŸ™

      • szymekpl says:

        So. It seems it does not have su library here as well. Also auto focus doesn’t work But everything else works well. Audio too

  • Damdidosch says:

    Nice Job Working fine
    And when do you bring CM 10 Out?

  • Jiri says:

    Just downloading will let you how i love it …Working camera super..Well when the recording is gonna work Im gonna be a so happy.

  • Fa250 says:

    I’m downloading it u are amazing maclaw πŸ˜‰

  • crazyhero says:

    well when i use camera , after 1 photo the camera app. closes.

  • xfifteen says:

    When taking the picture, the camera app (or any app using the cam) crashes and makes a “tick”-sound. Photo not saved

    • Pablo says:

      Same here πŸ™

    • Stannieman says:

      No crash problems here and photos are in the galery. I can’t focus however but I didn’t do a whipe so don’t look at that yet.

      The tik sound is your lens system. It moves for focus and when the camera hardware is turned off it clicks back into it’s default “parking” position.

      • xda-samsung says:

        are you using the ace or gio? stannieman

        • Stannieman says:

          Gio. But remember that I didn’t to a whipe so maybe that’s why it works. Or I guess you’re using ace as there’s a patch for ace cam and audio today.

          • Adrian says:

            So where should we find the two then, please? Som e links would help. Also some instalation instructions wouldn’t hurt either… Thank you, much apreciated!

  • seppe says:

    I don’t see download link????

  • kazoum says:

    3 major issues in CM9.1 RC2! :
    – Sound not working at all (big speaker)
    – it seems not to be rooted. I can’t work with any app that requires root.
    – Camera with problems. None of the buttons is working (can’t take photos) and it says camera is not responding.

    Please Maclaw, fix this! Without these problems, it will be a great update πŸ˜‰

  • Harry says:

    Mass storage don’t work for me after flash πŸ™

  • Gsg says:

    – home button not working
    – keyboard block not working
    – sometimes big speaker not working

  • styper1000 says:

    Everything works fine for me

  • On Galaxy Gio (rc1 + wipe -> rc2, no wipe):
    – Camera (zooming works with slider, galery works)
    – Sound (camera, clicks when opening app)
    – USB Mass Storage support
    – 3G/HSDPA

    Not working:
    – USB tethering
    – Wifi tethering

  • Nunki says:

    Micro seem to have some issues too .. The person I was on phone with wasnt hearing me at all.

  • szymekpl says:

    No it is not slower. Maybe it just seems so because of no 800 mhz cpu state

  • seppe says:

    How the f..k did you Guys downloaded the rc2 file ????

  • Hi! Sorry to tell but the cam works only with the default app, not with others apps like the changelog says (at least on my Galaxy Ace). Cheers!.

  • Constantine says:

    hi guy i have a little problem, i can turn on the bluetooth, i donΒ΄t know if you can help me

  • bryan says:

    where is the link for CM9 RC2 patch?..:(

    Thanks for the great work Mr.Maclaw..:)

  • Omkar Repal says:

    SO RC 2 is kinda Failed Release ? What are major issues ? and What about performance on RC2 ? i am playing Swing Shot on RC 1 it kinda lags … Will performance improve on RC 2?


  • Diproof says:

    have this rom a tackbar disapears?

  • Sarath says:

    hi maclaw,

    thanku for the release.. eerything ok except the WiFi & tethering not working..


  • Tim says:

    Are their Camera Settinga available.

  • Tim says:

    Are their Camera Settings available?

  • Swaroop says:

    Did wipe data and cache and flashed the rom and patches.. i am not able to connect to PC and browse my memory card files.. i have enabled the usb debugging.

    solution please?

  • poemas says:

    problem with bluetooth please fix for us thank you

  • impmihai says:

    Hi maclaw!

    Good to hear that you continue your work.
    I want to help you with a bug report.
    When i connect the USB, no mass storage notification appears on gio and i can not connect my phone to pc.Hopefully we have you to solve it.;)

  • abbas says:

    I cant move apps to SD ? .. also If I used camera and went to gallery and come back to camera it show me an error “Can’t connect to the camer”

    also I use “Titanium Backup” it ask me like 10 times when I try to restore a program

  • Victor says:

    I have a problem, install everything, and did the factory reset and when I turn my phone says Unsuccessful Encryption, did factory reset and still does not work :/

  • ace says:

    my phone is stuck at boot screen after flashing.
    any help please

    • ace says:

      i reflashed the stock rom using odin, but i would really like to get ics working on my phone.
      is s5830i supported???
      thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • Sam says:

    Encrytion error CM 9 final 3 for gio… Please fix! wish I knew sooner

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