September 2nd, 2012

As you know, I’m not at home. I forgotten few things, so please, apply these patch after installing rc2:

Gio/Ace SU fix:
SU patch

Mount system before installation.

Ace only:
Ace fix – camera and audio

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  • thedud says:

    how to install? both the patch and RC2 (already have RC1 installed)

    • xda-samsung says:

      basicly put all the patchs on your sd card aswell as the rc2 (when their all released i recomend) and install the rc2 like always and install the patchs the same way (through the clock work recovary , install file from zip)

  • xwinnernikx says:

    so this one above is only for gio ?

  • Jiri says:

    Maclaw will you upload Ace patches? Please, Thanks

  • Jiri says:

    Thanks for patches Maclaw … di I have to whipe?#

  • Matias says:

    You are the best.

  • seppe says:

    Plz somebody can tel me where I can find the rc2 download file???????

  • Jiri says:

    Its Ace my friend.

  • drumlistik says:

    Dont know if its only me.but i flashed su patch, and no effects. Always force close apk
    Can u check that ma claw? Keep the good work

  • Jiri says:

    Its just me? I am stucked in boot …..

    • xda-samsung says:

      stuck in boot? hmm give it 5 minuets , if not then try again , and if it doesnt work the 2nd time then maybe switchback tot eh rc1 (maybe maclaw has made a mistake )

      • Jiri says:

        Yeah you know… Where it shows Caynogen 9 …When I instaled the given files my phone booted …instaled the apps and then it switched off . And i am still waiting… Before i instaled the files it was working like a charm.. And honestly I dont rly wanna go back to CGen 7. Thanks

        • xda-samsung says:

          you dont have to go back to cgen7 u can alway just go back into cmr and flash rc1 but u have to whipe and factory reset (if another try doesnt work)

        • xda-samsung says:

          ummm go on to google n try searching for a program called odin (recomend using youtube so you can learn to use it faster) and you may have to restore your default rom back, if you do have to you can always install another rom after you do

  • Matias says:

    after patching, wifi doesn’t turn on.

  • Marmanvii says:

    Installed rc2 with the 2 patches, busybox but s2e will still not work! Help?

  • Alirio says:

    I do not understand, after applying the patches the phone runs on boot, help please

    • xda-samsung says:

      there is a problem with of are phones (i think maclaw made a mistake somewhere we will have to wait till he gets home n sorts it.

  • givezigo says:

    Installing RC2 and two patches without any problem
    just one thing playing videos from gallery is lagging

  • thedud says:

    Please, in the future refrain from posting halfassed updates.

  • Marmanvii says:

    Usb tethering not working but if you go to CWM recovery->mounts and storage->Mount usb storage it will work, just wanted to say that πŸ˜‰

  • Marmanvii says:

    Hmmm… I create a partition with recovery but It doenΒ΄t show in my files… DidnΒ΄t happen in older versions

  • Joy says:

    Thank you for the patch. Nice work,Maclaw.

    There still have problem for ACE after apply these patch.

    Some time can’t access to the camera, then try again some time can sucessed.
    Tested third party app, same problem.
    And even the third party camera app can’t keep settings.

    Thanks lots.

  • Marmanvii says:

    Going back to rc1 this one doesΒ΄t seem to recognize even create the sd-ext, also canΒ΄t copy any files into my phone πŸ™

  • sterile-a says:

    super user still doesn’t work at all. Can’t get root access. I’ve wiped my user data 2 times, and install it 2 times as well and still doesn’t working.

  • Gend says:

    i’ve a galaxy ace, afer install SU patch, when boot I can look on my screen “Superuser has stopped” (Something like that, sorry for my bad english, i’m young) and I can’t use link2sd, so many of my apps are lost..try to fix it! I know it’s complicated but good luck boys ^^

    and also i’ve a week ago, when i’ve RC1 installed, I uninstalled Google Play Market, and know (after update to RC2) I dont know how to isntall it again! can u help me? thx!

  • Legion says:

    after installing the patches deepsleep doesn’t work.
    -there is a problem with usb tethering.
    -and sometimes i can’t acces to the camera

    hope you can fix it!

  • Omkar Repal says:

    SO RC 2 is kinda Failed Release ? What are major issues ? and What about performance on RC2 ? i am playing Swing Shot on RC 1 it kinda lags … Will performance improve on RC 2?

  • Matthew says:

    maclaw,, thank you very much for upgrading and keeping this android 4.0 for ace very excellent πŸ™‚ I always check this website for your updates. πŸ™‚ and i tried also the RC2 on my galaxy ace, and i see that sometimes when i click the camera, it says can’t connect, but sometimes it runs fast and smooth :), maclaw, how about the battery? how can i rest a sure that it doesnt eat so much battery,,coz when im installing this rom, after the wiping and updating. my battery is hot. i hope you will reply maclaw.. ^_^

    from Philippines πŸ˜‰

  • Omkar Repal says:

    After patching SU it says Superuser stopped working lol … backing up to RC 1

  • Pablo says:

    Thanks Maclaw !!!

    Now the 3G works????

  • Aben says:

    RC2 work really good , but after patching the phone get stuck on boot animation , maclaw maybe made a mistake?

  • Omkar Repal says:

    did anyone try by mounting ?

  • Omkar Repal says:

    Yes .. For those who stucks at boot … First mount the system and them Install zip from SD card .. Worked for me L2SD working .. superuser updated πŸ™‚

  • Omkar Repal says:

    Sorry folks Mounting system worked for just few mins again getting errors in Link2SD πŸ™

  • seppe says:

    Works all like a charm! Great update thx’s a lot dev’s

  • Harry says:

    Is there some1 with not working mass storage like me? :p

  • Hydragon1 says:

    I have found some probs

    1. Apps doesn’t ask for Root rights
    2. Usb connection FAILS
    3. focus on camera doesn’t work on Galaxy Gio GT-S5660
    4. If i install its going to fast

    plz Maclaw fix this or put this things in the next Release i am waiting for CM10 Beta 2

  • Barremans says:

    okay so almost every one has big troubles for :

    * bootloop
    * SU rights
    * link2sd
    * Usb storage not working
    * no root
    * no deep sleep

    is these right?

    Grtz barre

    i guess i stay on the rc1 .

  • digbijoy says:

    how to mount system?? please help

  • digbijoy says:

    To go back to RC1 , do I have to wipe again?

  • Stannieman says:

    Oh that’s why SU was working for me, I flashed the RC3.2 from the SU website…

  • digbijoy says:

    just flashed rc9.1…
    1.superuser working
    2.usb working
    3.link2sd not working

  • digbijoy says:

    There are errors in this version,regarding link2sd specially..but I have to say one thing maclaw,the camera is awesome!!!!!

  • Michel Salim says:

    Nice update :)…
    camera awesomee,,
    but, SU patch isnt fix yet πŸ™‚
    i’ll wait fix patch πŸ™‚
    BTW, Thanks a lot for Maclaw

    • Michel Salim says:

      Sorry i dont notice that u update the patch link.. then…
      SU is working, Link2sd is working, and other apps with SU permit..
      Just need update the SU binnary.. BTW, thanks,

  • chetan kate says:

    For installing cm9 rc2 i hav to install rc1 first wht or drictly i can install from android GB 2.6 ????

  • gsg says:


    Phone calls not working! on gio!

  • Jorge costa says:

    Is the usb storage problem confirmed, is the only thing not working for me.

    Thank’s a million Maclaw

  • FLYINGWOLF says:

    Everything work fine on my galaxy ace! before install remember wipe cache and user data( must wipe i dunoe why dun ask me *remember backup your phone data )

    First u need recovery-clockwork- (google yourself)

    apply CM9 RC2 on recovery mode after compelete dun try to power on your phone! apply SU patch first than Ace fix – camera and audio after done all should be fine =)

    sorry for my bad english Thank you maclaw!

  • digbijoy says:

    everything working fine now after wipe..and creating new partition in sd after deleting old partition..link2sd and superuser working fine..update su binary in case of any superuser is great..well done,maclaw

  • nawnwa says:

    First when i flashed it ,, calls and speakers were not working . Flashed it again,, but still the usb connection aint working. The root patch is finally working ,, but when i installed titanium backup ,, even if it gets the root permission it keeps asking for root permission! gud wrk dne thogh,, appreciation frm india πŸ™‚

  • Jhonny says:

    hi, i’ve just installed cm9 rc2 and applied the two patches, but the phone, when i reboot it, don’t have the root permissions? can anyone tell me why? and how can i do?

  • Apurva says:

    Seeing the problems faced in RC2, can i apply the patches for the camera on RC1 itself ?

  • Yesid says:

    great ! patches , thanks for you work !!

  • jimit jain says:

    amazing…works like magic.. great work maclaw.. and when it comes to what others say regarding u stealing stuffs..they are just jealous asses.. keep it up brother!!

  • Henkie says:

    My GPS isn`t working. I update from rc1 to rc2 and the GPS stopped working. Then I installed rc2 after I format/reset factory settings, format cache en format dalvik but GPS still isn`t working.

  • Hans E says:

    gio bluetooth not working.

  • Manu says:

    Camera shows SD card is full message but I have plenty of storage

  • josyo says:

    Sir Maclaw, I have a problem with the GPS, I can not activate it, I hope you can help me. Thank you very much and please: just keep helping our devices with their work. Ignore people who want to affect.

    From Mexico….thanks

  • digbijoy says:

    camera has few bugs..force closes sometimes..but settings are great..and the panorama mode,lovely!!!! great work,maclaw

  • digbijoy says:

    usb storage not working…though i experienced this same problem with rc1 too..and it kind of fixed itself,dont know well maybe this will do the the meanwhile,if any solution available,let me know please

  • Mashhood says:

    bluetooth is not working on glaxi gio. i tried wiping data but i didnt work πŸ™ pleaseeeeeeeeeee hellllpppppppp πŸ™

  • digbijoy says:

    on connecting usb,shows `usb debugging connected`…but doesnt show` usb connected`…help:(

  • jimit jain says:

    Maclaw sir..
    PLAYSTORE is not allowing to download apps as it shows connection timed out.. tried reinstalling but it is not helping

    Please help.. thanks

  • Niola says:

    I have a problem with the wifi connection. I get every time I walk into my wifi network registration I get a new MAC address, so I can, since I use a MAC filter, i’m only one time possible to log in, what I’m doing wrong? help needed!
    excuse my bad enlish ….. niola

  • calav3ra_de says:

    I have a problem with SManager ads (to run script). It cant run my 3g turbocharger script.

    It says root or busybox missing, and SU patch isnt working, even with full wipe. Also, running “busybox free” from GooglePlay somehow cant install busybox, it says “installed but not right version” (smart+normal install fails).

    SU doesnt really work, for example, i cant delete any apk from system, even when allowing the action over the superuser dialog that is showing up.


  • Roberto says:

    Whats not working in this rom! Now stop! -.-

  • Apoorv says:

    Hey guys everything works perfect for me
    I want to help you guys so
    Follow these steps–
    1.firstly install cm9 rc2
    2.then apply su patch by mounting system the trick comes,to install camera and audio fix
    mount system and also mount data
    and then flash
    and you will see the rom working perfectly

    Btw there are a few bugs as follows
    1.bluetooth isn’t working at all
    2.Usb mass storage doesnt work but u can go to CWM and mount usb storage and it will work
    3.sometimes apps crash is awesome but still is little buggy
    though it can be used everyday
    5.Solution to su problems..just install su elite and apply lucky patcher for removal of license
    6.And Link2 SD is working perfectly for me
    7 the battery life sucks but then again its not very bad.

    Leaving all these the ROM works beautifully and I would still rate it 9/10
    And I am waiting for Cm9 stable maclaw πŸ™‚

  • Sandeep2x says:

    How to fix bluetooth??

  • misael says:

    Battery was better un r1 than r2

  • faiz says:

    i have problem with bluetooth?
    please help maclaw:D

  • chethan br says:

    just a question….
    when do we mount system/data/sd card/sd-ext???

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