September 3rd, 2012

Ok guys, I don’t want any comments about that I stolen TheWhisp or someone else work. I didn’t but I don’t want to fight anymore.

So yes, this is the end. There won’t be any release from me.

See ya guys in other, maybe better place.

EDIT: Ok guys, thanks for all good words. I’ll think about all of that…

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  • BUS says:

    Dude, what?

    • Jezer says:

      Don’t do this Maclaw, please.

    • jusani says:

      Please!!! Maclaw!! dont stop your work gosh! -_-
      We appreciate what you do so please! A lot of us also donate for what you do so dont stop cuz of 1% stupid dumb ppl who want you to stop your work.. If you do then they got what they want and 99% dont :/

  • FunkStar says:


    Dude, there will always be trolls…
    Ignore and continue, even irl there are stupid people…

    Ignore and continue…
    Ignore and continue…
    Ignore and continue…

    Thx for your work.

  • Rune de Groot says:

    Thanks to everyone and to Maclaw!

  • sara says:

    Maclaw Why???????????????????????????????????

  • thorbueler says:

    Dude nooooo! youve been my favourite person all summer! dont do this you are the cream of the crop. Fuck the haters!

  • zee says:

    the people who are loyal to maclaw studios are greater in number than the ones who say stupid shit. So why u get angry on the few stupid ones. Anyways its ur choice thanks for supporting us till now

  • PABLO says:


  • HeavyHDx says:

    No you can’t stop the project!
    What Custom rom shall i use now? There is NOT ONE that comes even close to your Maclaw-Rom!

    You did, what every Ace/Gio-User dreamed about: You brought the newest Android-Versions to old lowend-phones and i thank you for that!

    I hope that you will continue it, at least finisch CM9 so we have an awesome, bugfree rom on our devices!

  • Joy says:

    so pity.tks boss!

  • NALA says:


    Szkoda Macław robiłeś naprawdę dobrą robotę, ale ktosik musiał jak zwykle tylko osądzać i pierdzielić bzdury nie zdając sobie sprawy ile to czasu i wysiłku Was kosztuje.

    Może jesio przemyślisz swoją decyzję i olejesz debili, którzy piszą brednie?

    …tak czy inaczej… dobra robota i dzięki za to, że ożywiałeś nasze maluchy elektoroniczne:)

  • Jamie says:

    Nooo! Ignore the trolls, or just disable comments/get some community moderators to deal with their crap instead of you.

    People will accuse you of stealing shit even if you coded it in front of their very eyes. 99% of people are retarded.

  • rhoadster91 says:

    Lots of ppl have supported you, thanked you, appreciated your work and even donated to you, coz you give em good ROMs. If you end it like this, everyone will be disappointed and angry.

    Please don’t do this.

    • Macław says:

      Do you think I’m not angry? How much can I hold? I need to life…

      • rhoadster91 says:

        You don’t get my point. Okay I understand that you are angry. Then take a break; have fun and enjoy. But COME back after a week or two. There might be a few haters but you have more supporters than haters.

      • King ACE says:

        What the f*ck man..c’mon…dont let such things get the better of know what’s the truth so why hinder your progress?

        • Macław says:

          Dude, it’s taking so much from my free time and people can’t enjoy that, just must to say that’s I’m stealing their work.

          • rhoadster91 says:

            Who said ppl can’t enjoy that?! Have you ever read the “Comments” section on your blog?? Almost EVERYBODY loves it.

          • MamaLisa says:

            Yes my friend ,
            There are always people who bother all the world.
            You can ask it from any blogger.
            The thing is matter is this , there are so many other people who believe in you.
            i never could imagine ice cream on Ace . but you did it man .
            At least give a shot and run cam recorder.
            We all believe u,even people who not using this roms.
            Ace needs developers like u,
            not bastards who just speaking from their ass

          • Gatak says:

            Hi Maclaw!

            Who are saying all these things? HEre, on XDA, where?

            I guess it’s always going to be like this with some people being moaners 🙁

            AOSP is meant to be shared, forked and copied… Otherwise we all could use some old Windows Mobile crap =(

            Thanks for all your time and efforts. I do hope you will find the time with your family and friends – they are most important after all. (but, if you are bored with nothing to do, then we are all very excited if you would continue your work on your ROMs.

          • King ACE says:

            Ignore the troll, as they say…you know who’s right and who’s wrong so just report it to the moderators and let justice prevail…

      • rhoadster91 says:

        If there were some way to record whose ROMs are being downloaded the most, I bet my ass that it’d be yours.

        Of course, with great ROM comes great responsibility. Ppl will get jealous. But that doesn’t mean you can quit.

      • sterile-a says:

        It’s obvious you’re angry but what kind of people are them? Actually you must be very proud of your work, as we, as a community and users are proud of someone that probably lost hours, and days, and weeks working for almost nothing, not for money, just for the benefict of everybody else. And this is the most beautiful part of everything, not your actual work, that made people, like me for instance buy some lowcost/ low budget/crappy devices just to install the latest, powerful and all the bells and whistles. Just the propose and feeling of sacrifice. Even if this doesn’t mean anything you’ll be remembered and we are very proud of you.

      • Awais Yousaf says:

        Dude you cant imagine how much i live your roms for gio and ace even when i see a problem i say ” No need to worry we have maclaw” and honestly i couldn’t sleep last night just waiting for a new release. dont care about the haters. Haters are everywhere but the number of lovers of your roms are greater then the haters.

      • Melvin says:

        Plz dont stop building cm9 and cm10. These are just controversies no body has heard about that u stole any idea nobody has even heard of the other people u even stole from. Trust me these controversies will go away if u just dont bother about it. Atleast finish cm9 and cm10 which everybody was waiting for. Plzzzz dont stop

  • f4t4l_err0r_be says:

    hey maclaw,

    don’t let over 1500 person’s that folow and love your work down off 1 dude that is yust stupid take some time off(you are more stress in the last few , fix your famaly stuff (if it ist’n fix all redy)and please continue your work


  • Rafael says:



    I’m from Brazil, I want Android 4.0, here a Galaxy S3 with Android 4.0 is R$1600 (like $800 USD). And I have my little Galaxy Ace (R$600 BRL – $300 USD). I Love your rom. I Want Android ICS on my Galaxy. ):

  • GalaxyAceICS says:

    Noo! Maclaw noo!
    Millions of people follow you for this project!

  • Lorenzo says:

    Maclaw you are the best, you end and close the cm9 or also the cm10 is ended???
    Thank you for your good work!! 😉

  • calav3ra_de says:

    I don’t believe you stole anything. Either not Marcin nor even Wayland. You are devs from the first day.

    I love your works, and i ignore what those idi*ts are saying!


  • BUS says:

    Dude, people need you. You can’t just stop. Some guy will always complain. Forget about him.
    Look at the bright side – thousands of people are enjoying your work and you can’t just end like that. If you want to end completelly – at least release bugfree non-beta ROMs and end on a good note. That will be a very mature decision. Please.

  • xorik says:

    Just installed CM 9.1 beta2 🙁
    Please continue you work! I can make small donate every month for your great job!

  • Anonymous says:

    Dude please come back.Who’s else will make ICS and JB for Ace and Gio.Please don’t go!!!!!!!

  • 4pda says:

    You’re upset that 99.9% of people did not sleep at night and waited for your release as a miracle, which from the beginning was to you, saying, You are the best Maclaw, you’ve done a very good and a great job ! But then what is 0.1% of stupid people in what that accused you and you listen to them. And make one of his friends by the moderator to stupid (0.1%) people could not destroy happiness (99.9%) of normal people.
    I ask you to change your mind about the closure of the project!
    You’re making us happy, and we are many, and who wishes you ill, they are less!
    sorry my bad english

    • diskopoprask says:

      Thats true, im waiting all night for every relase and chanelog.If you realy want stop this project its your choice and we will respect it, but you are doing amazing roms and it will be realy pitty.

      Hope you dont stop this 🙂

  • kentohh says:

    hey mister maclaw, i just wanna say thank you, for everything you have done, you are great great developer, i’ll never forget your awesome ROM..

  • opmaxy says:

    We all support You! Should not stop cause some jealous people. Whos them? Lets tell them there isn’t anything stolen and kick them in da head!

  • HeavyHDx says:

    I’d really love to Pay you money for your work, but i have no! I have just enough for me to live, my PC is now 6 Years old, my Galaxy Ace is the most high-tech thing in my whole house! The only thing i can give you is my thank and my respect to you for making such a great rom and doing so much work!

  • Ezequiel Tejerina says:

    Dude, you are the best!!! I really think and ignore the people who does not wait for you or says bad things!!! Ignore them!!! I hope you continue with this, cause you have save our old phones!!! Come on!!! Thanks for all!!!

  • phuhien0491 says:

    Every morning I always visit your site before go to school.
    I always hope that someday I’ll use ICS & JB on my Ace, and you made it come true.
    It’s so sad when you said it’s the end.
    It’s your decision and I respect that.
    Thank you from Vietnam!
    I always wait for your comeback!!!

  • bieltv.3 says:

    if you want to left that project, I won’t say anything (but I really don’t want) but if you leave I just want to say that be there to follow that project was incredible, and I know one of the best developers ever, and I think we’ll never forget you maclaw 🙂 but I think that many peaople, included me will be very grat that you continue to this project…

  • Hassan says:

    Take a break i understand the pressure and time needed for your work and you are just a normal person not a robot, people should understand that.

    thank you for your work please carry on at your own speed not at other demand, ignore the haters

  • Bill says:

    Please do not stop man ! you have done an amazing job , they will always be bulling and the world is full of morons but thats just life , if you stop is just like you let them win …. , 98% of people (that have gio or ace and root etc) know you have done things right so please continue with you project !! even your fellow polish Chopin was critized and judged by a few morons …. hahah

    thanks for your work.

  • ling ZG says:

    please continue ok? i really love u rom so much! especially cm 9 and cm10. please continue your job~

  • p00l says:

    Maclaw, thank you for everything. And please finish this project. Yes there will be always haters, but there are people a lot of them that really appreciate your work. So please finish it for them. They will be utterly grateful

  • Edmund says:

    Maclaw, thabkyou for your hardwork so that we can enjoy ICS and JB. But are you and the team going to just let a bunch of accusers bring the team down? All the hardwork will be wasted if you stop the projects now. They are a pain in the ass, but aren’t people all like this? Imagine how the team will feel when you complete the project! Prove all of them wrong!!! Come back and fight back 10times stronger! If you and the team do decide to stop the project, then we thank-you for all the hardwork you all have done.

  • Nunki says:

    Hi Maclaw,

    Everyone who actually do something is one day criticized, accused, trolled, whatever, especially on the web.

    If you stop now, trolls win. Carry on, ignore them. Dont think they’ll grow tired, they wont.

    Thanks for your work, whatever your decision is.

  • Jaco says:

    No, please don’t stop it.
    We will stand with you Maclaw!
    Don’t care about that, you are our hope.

  • 1Slop1 says:


  • shadow987 says:

    Thanks for your works !!!

    Into me you are the best developer on android.

    I Like YOUUUUU

    Waiting for your comeback 😀


  • Skayer says:

    Szkoda, to twoja decyzja, nie wiem czy widziałeś już ten filmik, jeśli nie to polecam się zapoznać. Wiem, że jest na temat youtube, ale przekaz ten sam. Obejrzyj sobie:

  • daffar says:

    you make my dream (ace with cm9/cm10) to come true .. thanks maclaw … please finish your project .. me and #modolTEAM always support you 🙂

  • Machine7170 says:

    Android is opensource so pls don´t manage these problems. A lot of people needs you. But it is your life so do how you think.

    sry for bad English I am neighbor from Czech republic

  • Achmed says:

    You know you doing great when people start hating/saying stuff.Don’t quit on us because of them..

    In the words of lil wayne: “F-ck these other bitches, don’t trip
    You’ve been working too hard

  • Doniyor says:

    Excuse but I will comment.
    Thank you for your work and bless you.
    We hope that you will change the mind.

  • 1Slop1 says:

    I’m from Spain, I visit your site
    every day searching for new releases
    with enthusiasm.
    Please, don’t stop developing!!

  • Michael says:

    Hy Maclaw. Forget and ignore all the stupid people. You are an inteligent man with a great talent in programming and analysis. You have the right to take a break. Pls. come back. As always written, there are more people who are not stupid.

  • ck says:

    Malcaw don’t give up! we love you. we will support u till the end. you are part of our family now. we feel sad when u leave. pls don’t leave us 🙁

  • Tommy.35 says:

    We need you Man, we love your work ♥ 🙁

  • Gigih Prabowo says:

    Hey Maclaw,

    Who cares about that?! We trust you Maclaw,
    Please don’t stop for your Project.
    We are here, We’ll stand with you.


  • Darryl Taylor says:

    why let a few negative comments affect your work?
    You’ve had loads of great feedback, 18289 thanks on xda and worthy donations dont let the haters get that they want

  • Adi says:

    Hey Maclaw Please dont abandon the project like this
    If u leave the project then just think what will happen desperate people like us who are eager to receive the latest android updates on our shitty ace
    I always boast my friends that my ace’s gonna receive jellybean update and there is someone who is really concerned for mid end phones like galaxy ace
    Remember one thing that when you are superior there are always few people who are jealous of you an they try to hurt you as possible If u stand against them they will feel really pissed off but if u abandon this project they will achieve their objectives
    So A humble request from all galaxy ace owners Please dont abandon this project

  • OlliTrolli1000 says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO.:( Maclaw, you are the best. Cm9 and cm10 are so very great.
    pls continue. A lots of people follow you.
    ………. …………………………..
    Sry for my bad english, I’m
    from Germany.!!!! 😉

  • pd says:

    @Maclaw.. first of all #RESPECT. And thanks for work and the time u spent developing cm for our ace/gio..
    n trust me u hav more admirers than haters..
    so just relax n calm down ur anger! 😉

  • dm says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re shutting down. I don’t think people in general understand how much time and effort you have spent getting so far with CM9/10 to a crappy handset such as the S5660. It is a remarkable piece of work that you have done.
    Too bad that the idiots are the ones with the loudest voice. Too bad that a lot of people fail to appreciate someones work just cause it is delivered free of cost.
    Thank you Maclaw. I hope that you will reconsider your decision 🙂

  • Melvin says:

    Plz Maclaw dont go i literally couldnt sleep and i couldnt conscentrate at school caz i was waiting for cm10 b2 on my galaxy ace plz dont stop. The other people are just jealous. All these controversies will stop if u dont care about it. Plzz come back.

  • d.-.k says:

    XDA ACE forum needs strict rules, everyone except proven developers should be banned from posting there. few morons are ruining party for maybe hundreds of people. 60-70% of posts there are garbage.

    another thing: my 6-years old daughter is more patient than majority of people posting on XDA ACE. ignore if anyone asks for quick releases. you are the one who decides what to do during your free time, not them. if they don’t like what and how you’re doing, they’re free to move on.

    you think that people are not appreciating your work? check how many times people thanked you on XDA.

  • Rasa. Kh says:

    No please maclaw dont do this. Please 99.999999999% of people love you and your work. Please dont give up. Im from iran and so many people who have Ace have installed your CM9 Rom. Who cares what haters say? Please don’t end your work. 🙁 :(. I’m understanding that you wanna have a normal life. But not when your great work is 99% completed

  • fake name, but seriously says:

    Dzięki za wkład. Nie rozumiem jednak tego, w jaki sposób kończysz. Przecież nie urodziłeś się wczoraj i powinieneś wiedzieć, że w internecie są również ćwoki, niewdzięcznicy, frustraci i zwykli idioci. Trzeba do tego przywyknąć i ich ignorować, inaczej niczego nie dokonasz w tej specyficznej przestrzeni. Pozdrawiam, Macławie.

  • neptern says:

    Android is bloody open source and its not like your haters are doing any custom rom for ace/gio.

    Please continue with your work and ignore those bastards that is spoiling everything.Just screw the haters and move on…

  • Hugo_silva says:

    Maclaw i hope you read this! And listen what i´m about to say!
    As you can see your Work his know by Thousands of people, people from U.S.A, Australia, France, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, every country knows of your work! So, many people know you, but as you may now, in middle of so many people who likes your work, exist the haters, the people wo wants to be you, have fame! But you can´t listen to this guys. For example, a world celebrety, every day she listen bad things and lies about her, but don´t stop, you must do that! you must “learn” how to ignore haters and liers!
    But i really understand what are you felling!
    But leave a project this size in middle is not good for you neither for us, because we don´t get the ROM perfect (100%) and you don´t feel that good felling that happends when you finish a big project! Remember, YOUR PROJECT IS KNOW IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD!
    So you want a advice ? i will give you one.
    1- Finish this Project, only work in get this Done , don´t awnser comments , question, nothing. And when it´s done! You say goodbye
    2- Continue this project, learn how to ingore liers and haters, and continue to give us the best ROM for ace/gio ! And when android 5.0 be available , you will try to give also the ROM. BUT, for now on, instead you release 3 betas in 1 months, you only release 2!
    This is my advice!
    Dude really, in a middle of 10,000 people who use your ROM, you will listen to 10 or 20 who hate you because you are too good ? Not good, not good my friend.
    Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me and all other people.
    Think about it Maclaw, think

  • Jason says:

    PLEASE NO! I LOVE YOUR ROMS! couldn’t wait for the jellybean release now im just really sad! fucking haters. dont listen to them and you didnt copy. please don’t stop the project!

  • Sérgio Ferreira says:

    Come back and forget the haters!!!

    You are the best!

    Like you say, it spend to you a lot of your free time but if continue enjoying it, continue and ignore who is to be ignored!!!

  • joão says:

    Hey Macław, your feelings are understandable and whatever your final decision is, thank you very much for all your work! You have been great!

    Cheers from Portugal!

  • G.K says:

    A lot of can’t help by working. If we could, we all wanted to enter the team to make a gigantic work.
    So we just can report the bugs and say what’s good or bad. Just take the better of comments to do better.
    A lot of people dream to have CM9 or 10 because they sometimes can’t have better than this Galaxy ace or gio.. So be strong man and keep it up

  • ricky says:

    Dude c,mon, dont give up
    Take a break and come back 🙂 You’ve got loads of supporters, just ignore the haters.
    Stay happy and be cool (and come back 🙂 )
    A sincere request from a guy in India following your every update

  • Daxt0r says:

    Hy maclaw, I love your work. Please don’t stop now

  • calav3ra_de says:

    I want to add that personally, i never liked the people on xda.

    Perhaps you shouldn’t read xda forums anymore, to feel better? Just as idea.

  • aramsa says:

    Maclaw, thanks for your hard work until now.. i’m really happy that my gio has someone who really cares for him 🙂 please continue your work, everyday i check your site hoping there will be a a new release, an awesome one i believe,, please reconsider your decision, so many people rely on you.. i will wait for you, and i know you can make a perfect rom for gio and ace, its just a matter of time 😉

    Cheers from indonesia B-)

  • PAROVOZ! says:

    No cm10 beta2?
    You won’t release it?

    • Macław says:

      Thinking about that right now, not today, but maybe I’ll 😉

      • Matiiis says:

        Come on are the best!!!! don´t stop the project..stupid people are in all places..don´t stop the project please!!! we need your work!!

      • PsychOlli says:

        do it for Jim Morrison 😉
        I’ve waited so long for a good working CM10 and now when day has come, you can’t let the project die 🙁

      • berni says:

        I am happy to read this. There is still lots to do 🙂
        I am new to CM and updated from gingerbread to CM9 (no sound 🙁 ) and CM10 (no tethering 🙁 )
        Please continue. You have lots of supporters

      • Marty says:

        I just have something to say:
        “If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them.” — Some cool guy

  • VCC says:

    I love your blog’m from Portugal and support their fantastic work, NOT QUIT NOW, not call, FOR WHAT OTHERS SAY …. PLEASE CONTINUE ………

  • BieltbastosBR says:

    That’s impossible have 100% of approval, everybody make mistakes, and we learn with, you cant give up in the first wall that you see in your way.

    Please, there ARE people that enjoy your work, we need you r support to make our cellphone a better cellphone everyday.

    I hope you change your mind…

  • Niola says:

    thank you for everything Maclaw, i hope and think you did the best, and yes everybody needs his own life, so kepp well and have fum with your freetime 😉
    best wishes with a rediculus enlish from germany 😉 niola

  • f4t4l_err0r_be says:

    hey maclaw,

    good to see your anger is going down 🙂
    just leave xda
    we will follow you glady here and support you in the way we user can !!

    all the best from belgium

    • Barremans says:

      yep , let it passe .

      I still and a lot of us ,
      support mclawstudios!

      Plz polish the releases and then make a break as long you need m8.

      grtz from barre
      (also from Belgium)

  • Luix says:

    Well thank you for all. You are young, i think. Have a talent.
    Congratulations Maclaw. You made a good job.
    My best for you.

  • Ericdroid says:

    Please don’t give up Maclaw, we love your work. Bulling is part of our life, don’t let other stupid person enjoying their stupid attitude. Pls… listen to the lovers not to haters…

  • VCC says:

    I love your blog’m from Portugal and support their fantastic work, PLEASE CONTINUE

  • Mr New Vegas says:

    Please come back Maclaw! Ive been following your dev blog and posts on XDA for a few months now and have been eagerly awaiting the beta 2 update for CM10. Keep up the great work. Loads of support coming from Australia!

  • krych14m says:

    Dzieki za to, co zrobiles do tej pory – kawal dobrej roboty!
    Do zobaczenia wkrotce – mam taka szczera nadzieje!

  • kevin says:

    Don’t stop cause that is what the wisp wants… We now the truth… you start cm9 project before the wisp so you steal nothing. I want no rom of the wisp or erickas or lagloose! Do it for your fans! Leave xda !! there are only spammers and children like the wisp. His cm10 sucks. Don’t stop cause of him.

  • Jorge costa says:

    Just to say thank’s no matter the road you take.

    You have done a great job.

  • 4pda says:

    I’m waiting more than cm9 rc2.1 than cm10))

  • ansh says:

    dude…dont stop…
    there’s saying
    “if people are saying bad about u..u should understand that you are at rise”
    so to all those who say u r stealing..i give them a middle finger to the knee..
    about your free time going in developing..chill dude dont work every piece of yourself out…you have brought both cm9 n cm10 at a nice stable release cm 10 will be perfectly complete after the release of beta 2(i say it as rc1 cause i thing it will be better stable than cm9)
    you my friend are a legend for ace user…
    i am not saying to continue like you were doing before…i am ust saying to not to totally stop…
    as they say it
    haters will hate,…torllers will troll..but the likers will always like…
    n honestly i bet you that every person using ace/gio and saying u stole..would be using ur rom right now n the one who trolled this thing is a person trying to develop but no where near u..
    you are not maclaw…
    continue your work but dont continue it too much..u should spend some time in other activities as well…
    you will always have your fans waiting for the news stating releasing CM12(future android version)rc 3 camera n everything working 😛 😉
    good luck bro

    • ansh says:

      my birthday is this 13th..
      atleast complete my wish which others are also wishing…
      continue and release cm10b2

      • Jason says:

        mines on the 14th would love for this to still continue, would be an amazing suprise. :/

        • ansh says:

          happy birthday in advance :P…
          yeah it would be awesome if maclaw continues to develop..otherwise someone else will have to continue the project but no offenses to the other developers you guyz are also great but maclaw is genius..

  • Dantenero says:

    Hi Maclaw afterall thanks for what you’ve done you and your team bring ICS and now JB on ace was just great, i understand you want a break with these id*ot people who can’t just apprecite your work at is fair value. I’m part of people who follow who till the first realease of CM9 and see how the project has grown, you have now port cm10 to our ace and only you and your team bring that to us. You can’t abondoned now not now you can’t. I was reading the changelogs of cm10 beta 2 and i was waiting impatialy for the release and i saw that message 🙁 . You do such an hard work on this project why abondoning it now. Anyway just want to share my opinion your decision belong to you hope u will not abondoned the project
    CHEERS FROM FRANCE (sorry for my bad english :p)

  • marri says:

    thanks for all sir :'(

  • Ericdroid says:

    From Philippines, really appreciate your work. Please continue for what you have started…

    Your posting “The End” it means it’s the end of Our beloved ACE??

    I hope it’s not the end..

  • 1stpost says:

    Hi Super Maclaw
    u really did a big work of our device…
    u make the ACE so beautiful and i confuse that i never dreamin to watch ICS in my ACE but u made the dream possible thank you very much
    but i want to say this if they called u stealer whey we didnt see the oigenal makers ? !!
    u are the good and the only one who worked in ICS in our device
    i never see other rooms like yours i did many search in the web by different languages and i didnt find any think except yours

    please dont listen to your haters and listen to your funs and lovers 🙂
    PEACE and continue if u faith your work

  • Apoorv says:

    Hey maclaw don’t quit just like this
    You should know behind every successful person there are a bunch of haters, but that doesn’t mean you quit
    Give it a break for some time and get back when you are
    And you know when I searched all roms but yours was the best man.
    Just one last thing to say– Forget about the Haters
    and work for your lovers man
    You have done awesome job
    I hope you will be back 🙂

  • kazoum says:


    Everyone who has talent, will always have haters to criticize their work and invent lies! Here’s an example: Messi or Ronaldo are the greatest players of the moment. However, there will always be someone who doesn’t like them and who invents lies about them. It’s part of being talented, LIKE YOU!

    Your project is known worldwide and your talent must be shared with this huge community that loves you. Please, keep on doing this FANTASTIC WORK.


  • Taracair says:

    Olej to i rób to co robisz. /
    Don’t give a shit and do what you likes to do.

  • Nikobellik says:


  • Ezequiel Tejerina says:

    I´m for Argentina. I already wrote to you today. i just hope you don´t ignore all these messages. Keep up with your excellent work!!!

  • Sérgio Ferreira says:

    I am from Portugal and I am whit you!

    I think that 99,99% of the ace holders are with you and are around the entire world.

    Forget the 0,01%!

  • salmonlebon says:

    why maclaw? and you leave the CM10 incomplete?

  • Blekota says:

    Don’t listen those annoying people and ignore them! You do fantastic work for our phones, you’re the better than Samsung. I’ve never expected JellyBean ROM for my Ace and you done it! So please don’t stop your work. For most people you are the dev KING, the others people are NOT important and must be ignored!

  • Mar974 says:

    You are the best developer dont think about the others , think about your fans !

  • Miguel T says:

    Maclaw, ignore the snide comments, continued. I’m your fan from Mexico, North America.

  • digbijoy says:

    please dont do this…your work is very much fact,you are our only hope..forget only on your website..let those frustrated people say rubbish! dont listen to them..they are jealous of your work and nothing else!

  • dennis barraza says:

    Tanks, form you work
    saludos desde Mexico

  • MadWildAnimal says:, no! Don`t! Continue your work! Please!

    You know, I am from Ukraine, I reguylary donate your project and I`m using your ROMs 8 month. I just can`t to flash stock Android, so I need your roms! You are the last hope for my killed Gio. You just can`t to stop your work in the middle of way. Continue to do yor work, please!..))

  • Bhy says:

    Maclaw let me remind you , Who was one of the people that brought a device to cm10 early even before Cm10 was avaliable to the Gio or fit YOU not thewispe you manged to do that before him , for all i know he probably copied you , especially with like the new kernal sources he just pulled it from the same place as You., he’s an idot and your not , your amazing !!!!!!

  • Sanbir says:

    Please don’t stop Maclaw! Your work is beautiful and amazing. I wait and follow your website for new releases. Just ignore those no good haters and continue your project. What you’ve done for Gio and Ace owners is utterly remarkable. I can’t believe you’re going to stop even though you have so many people supporting you. And what you’re doing for us is so generous, we could even give you money! But you did it for free. If you need a break, then you can take one. Don’t stress yourself out from everyone. We really appreciate your work. Just don’t stop because of some haters.

  • Mustafa says:

    Maclaw please dont leave our devices to shitty ROMs. You’re one of the best devs out there and we all love and appreciate your work. Take a break, enjoy your life and when you feel rested just come back and develop for us please. You don’t need XDA or something else. I visit your blog much more than xda since i got my Gio.

  • Hydragon1 says:


  • Hans E says:

    I read mods are looking into this matter. Hope you’ll continue your work. Lots of people love your work.

  • Diproof says:

    Cmon Masiej, you dont need xda, all your followers here and in twitter. All Russians need you. Dont cm9 anymore, but you can to complete cm10 to the end. We all need you.
    Flame xda in hell.

  • Rafael says:

    Please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jelle says:

    Nooo maclaw don’t stop your work is the best on my Gio!!!!!!

  • Edo says:

    Maclaw, your work is with no doubt the TOP we can have for our SGA, so please don’t stop it because of trolls…it would be a terrible waste 🙂

    Please ignore them…me, as much as thousand others, are asking you this 🙂


  • tehe1 says:

    First you people complain over a buggy release and when he decides to abandon this everyone are like noooooooooooo please dont quit.If he decides to quit you must respect that decision.

  • majestcx says:

    No! Shit, maclaw can not do this to us! Fuck what he says people are just Noob speaking to fuck!

  • majestcx says:

    PLease MACLAW! No!

  • fisherman says:

    no man !!!! you can’t !!! you are THE DEVELOPER !! you bring ics and JB on medium level device u are a boss !!! don’t even think about it !!! ignore the dummies !!!

  • Dmitry says:

    Do not listen to those who say bad things about you, because they alone can criticize all that is possible, more of them will not work … Do not take other people’s words and insults as the only true, they figure that for you? You’ve already got a great deal through their actions, and your work proves that you are not zero. Take a break if too much they hurt you (no matter how long he would last half a year or more), the main thing that you have returned with new energy, new insights and new experiences;-) I apologize for the poor knowledge of English

  • majestcx says:

    Maclaw not stop your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McVieprz says:

    Maclaw, don’t give up!! As you see, many ppl needs you

  • majestcx says:

    It is The BEST ROM in the universe

  • mati9222 says:

    Macław jesteś spoko gościu i bardzo utalentowany.. Nie każdy potrafił zrobić z romami to co ty zrobiłeś.. Dałeś nadzieje użytkownikom ‘gio/ace’ na androida 4.0… Którego nawet durny samsung nie chce wypuścić choć może.. i ty to pokazałeś.. Każdy posiadacz ace czy gio cię szanuje za świetną robotę jaką wykonałeś. W życiu zawsze tak jest że jak komuś coś wychodzi, jest szanowany to ktoś chce to zepsuć.. Bo go normalnie rzecz mówiąc zazdrość wpierdala.. Zawsze są zwolennicy i przeciwnicy.. Tylko że w twoim wypadku więcej jest tych dobrych ludzi 🙂 którzy doceniają twoją pracę i chcą byś ją kontynuował. Nie wolno się poddawać, bo jakieś cioty mówią że coś im ukradłeś albo że wykorzystujesz ich elementy.. Oni są po prostu zazdrośni że ludzie szanują bardziej ciebie niż ich. Ale jak ktoś ma większe umiejętności i chęć sprawienia innym radości wygrywa i ty wygrałeś.. Tak więc nie poddawaj się.. Jesteś po prostu lepszy od nich. Masz większe umiejętności. Mam nadzieje że wrócisz do pracy. Bo wykonujesz świetną robotę.

  • Terry Cain says:

    Lol Maclaw dont stop i think all these comments prove that you are doing a great job. I was going to donate when JB got camera lol 🙂 Learn to ignore people and continue but dont let this take over your social life 🙂

  • moody blue says:

    The danger of having foruns not moderated is to have silly posts… such as the ones that are behind Maclaw’s decision

    Having said so, I respect Maclaw’s decision, whatever it is, to continue or to terminate this project.

    We are all benefiting for free, and we are not entitled to request anything. From my part I’m very very grateful. It gave me a chance to see ICS in the Ace terminal, and the performance was very acceptable. It’s a pity if the project does not continue, but I can always go back to 7.2

    Cheers from Portugal

  • Khiem says:

    Maclaw and your team, we really need you 🙁

  • cydef says:

    Hey macalaw! Whatever choice you do you are really supported here in france!!
    Your work is the best!Don’t leave yours fans 😉
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Giusfra says:

    When I saw the post I stopped my heart … (ah, the heart is still standing) D:

  • Hanzano says:

    Hey Maclaw & Team,

    just wanted to say thank you for your work. I really enjoyed the releases and always appreciated your work and effort. You (and of cource Cyanogen Team) have proven that ICS and JB can also run on Galaxy ACE although Samsung claimed the ACE would be “too slow”. I think that in a software developers life (I am one!) this is a great personal achievement. Showing the big fishes how it is done correctly 😉

    I do not know what happened in detail. But let me tell you it is ALWAYS the haters which speak up in forums…almost never those poeple who are satisfied with the software. Poeple do not say just “thank you” (at least not very often).

    But I am one of those, so: Thank you!

    BTW: nice music taste, The Doors are nice 😉

  • incognito says:


  • Shawn says:

    Maclaw NO!!! Please sir carry on! I don’t give a stuff what anybody says, and stuff XDA! You have given us a near perfect CM9 and CM10! You have all our support!

    I understand if you need a break, but please dont forget about this device 🙁

  • Grotes says:

    Hey, Maclaw i read this post and iam hoping, that this is only a joke. i love your work very much and i inderstand that this is really hard to put so much time in something for everyone, and some guys dont appreciate it. but please lay back, take your time and think about killing this great project again we all hope that you goes on with it.

    So thanks for all.

    Greetings from germany – sorry for my very bad englisch

  • TheLastProject says:

    It’s a shame to hear this, being honest. I was looking quite forward to CyanogenMod 10 Beta 2 for my Samsung Galaxy Gio. Your ROMs always seem so much more polished and stable than what everyone else makes, and it’s been great to use them. They made me love my device again, and I’ve enjoyed every minute spend flashing and using your ROMs.

    It’s sad to hear you’re being accused of theft like that, and I understand that it’s highly aggrevating and depressing, especially due to the high-quality work you deliver.

    If this is your final decision, so be it. I’m afraid I’ll have no other choice than to look around for other ROMs then (especially because CyanogenMod 10 Beta 1 has some issues), but I doubt that I’ll actually be able to find anything which comes even close to the quality of the ROMs you have released.

    At any rate, thank you so much for the time you put in this project and for the great ROMs you have released. Thank you for everything.

  • danfen says:

    you have done your best

  • Andrey Stakhura says:

    NOOO, Maclaw please don’t stop, your projetct is the best thing which is happend to my Gio, Ignore that idiots, i believe that you didn’t steal anything and damn! Who are that fools? So, me and my friends with Gio or Ace are with you. Please keep posting. Ukraine

  • Abdallah says:

    dude,just read all the replies and think again 🙂

  • Roadrunner says:

    Hello Maclaw,
    like everyone else, I’m disappointed by your post.
    I’d like to say that I hope it’s not related to your family issue. Sometimes, times are rough, and it’s hard to make decision, hope you thought about it all over.
    Anyway, you should consider what will be left of your work,and some might say it’s a pity to let it all down unfinished.

    By all means, thank you.

  • Alirio says:

    MacLaw Hello greetings from Venezuela, not worth stopping this work, we are waiting, thanks for your time off.

    Greetings from Venezuela

  • DeVisu says:



  • CptODIX says:

    WTF man?? why??
    i fucking love your ROM
    i understand you are too tired to do this
    but at least please dont stop this project and upload the cm 10 beta 2 i love it 😀

  • Funn says:

    Maclaw, greetings from Russia. First time poster. I just can stand aside this time, I have to join to all the people here and Thank you for all the job you’ve done. Be strong now, take time to rest and think about all of that, and I hope you’ll come back =)

  • ansh says:

    almost every superhero has died and returned…superman spiderman captain america…n i know my superhero maclawman will also return cause i believe in him…macawman go kill the haters by continuing

  • kevin says:

    i want the cm9 rc 2a 🙂
    We believe (in) you ! ! !

  • Duc Anh says:

    GalaxyICS ROM was the first Custom ROM I had ever used. Ever.
    If you discontinue the project, guess I would use CM9 RC1 as my last cusrom ROM and wait for a new phone. No other developer. No homo, but you’re like a lifesaver to us Maclaw.

  • CBiX says:

    lol? In the Open Source world there is no stealing :O

  • Zuazua says:

    Maclaw best always rise jealousy of others who never came to accomplish what you are getting.
    Do not let these people win

    You, Marcin and Wayland are the best but you can not expect the support of all 🙂

    Forgive me for my bad English (google translator) but I had to give my spirits

  • graineeg says:

    I belive you Maclaw 😉 greetings from Czech

  • james says:

    i no this is got nothing to with it but you are the best developer i just want to say that when i flash a stock rom my kernel say i have root but i dnt have root becuz i unrooted it plz help me becuz that avoids warranty

  • alexius says:

    Today you can show the world your true strength if you continue your work. And it also can generate much for your cause. The road to your future begins here my friend. Have a break and then show all of your haters that you’re much more stronger and let them suck in the corner 😀 Even I will donate some money if you continue))

  • damfle says:

    Android is opensource right? Android is made by many people. You’re one of these people. You must continue! ^^

    Sorry for my bad english.

    From France.

  • alexius says:

    And also, why do they call Android OPEN SOURCE project as their own project? It is called open source because you can use it and all the products based on it free! It’s written in rules by Google.

  • CK says:

    Hi malcaw.

    It not the end of the world yet. Pls don’t give out. You are our number 1 Ace :). You have changed our life with ur rom, because u enter into our life. Now I just want to give u a hug hope u change ur mind. Thank you malcaw.

    From Singapore!

  • vlo13 says:

    Just finish the cm9 hand cm10 for yourself maclaw,as a hobby without pressure.

    and when you are done,we will still be here waiting

    Don’t force IT.

  • Arceso says:

    YOU just have made history. All users of galaxy ace/gio will remember you maclaw.Don’t give up! we all know, that u use a lot free time on this project… but you are making a lot of people happy with ur efforts…
    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down

  • emir says:

    are u crazy? we love your work and will always love. i visit ur twitter account everyday. please come back and show them who is the best!

  • Giowner says:

    Hello Maclaw,
    At first: Thank you for your great work! About a month ago I was like: My phone is worthless! Almost everyone I knew had a better, faster phone than I had but I didn’t have the money to buy a better one myself. So I started looking on the internet for things I could do to improve my phone and then I came to this. I rooted my phone, flashed the rom and seriously, I loved it from the first boot! =) I was like: Damn, this phone absolutely ISN’T worthless! A I said: A lot of friends had better phones, but I was the only one with Android 4.0 ICS/CM9 and they were almost jealous! From that moment, I started following the project and looked every morning and evening for new releases. At the moment I am at CM9 RC1, and tonight I almost couldn’t sleep because of knowing that one of these days I would have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean/CM10 on my – what I thought – “worthless” phone. Maclaw, you were the one that made me love my phone again and I would really thank you for that.
    And btw, don’t care about those haters. There are some idiots in this world that like to ruin things for everyone. Just ignore them and care about the people that appreciate your work and are supporting you!
    And btw, take it easy man! The people that really love your work don’t care about if you release a beta one week later than you said. Take your time! You do all this stuff for free man, and that’s just wonderful!

    But, it’s your life, your choice. If you want to stop or take a break, do that. I would ofcourse be happy if you just keep on going, but yeah.. I can’t order you, right? 😉 And I respect your choices, doesn’t matter which way you decide to go.

    Maclaw, thank you very much! I really appreciate the work you did.
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  • zms01 says:

    Hey, Maclaw!
    I’m your fan from Russia or Russian Federation.
    All our forum likes your work. Every day i see news from. Every day i test your works. Every day i think,
    that you are the best developer which I meet. In may, than camera didn’t worked, i said to my friend – “I believe, camera will work.”. And when i download beta9 of CM9, i was happy all the day. Your fanbase was growing every day.
    And you said that you’re finish your work.
    All your Russian fanbase, forums and are keeping fingers crossed and hope, that you will change your plans

    Ingore trolls, that make you angry. Thank you, that you read it.

  • wall_e says:

    You are really doing awesome work….

    Dont give up man so easily……

  • Pitbull111 says:

    Don’t end this, haters may come and go, you should stand your place..

  • cynosure says:

    Macław, “We living in the era of stupid people and smart phones” – by Unknown (for me). Keep it in mind and just please do your great job about your ROMs. We (who like to use it without any trolling) appreciate your hard work.


  • Rodolfo @7itr0x says:

    do not listen to stupid people, listen to your real fans are more than those who envy you. we will not give up and do not let defeat with their stupid words you know you’re the best.

    greetings! Think about it.

  • Jorge says:

    At least finnish CM9 RC2 and CM10 Beta 2 and put end to the work. Also thank you for all men!

  • zolrak says:

    Hi Maclaw, Like many others I visit your website daily but this is the first time I post a comment and is just to thank you for the time and the effort you put to release this great ROMs. I wish you the best in whatever you plan to do next.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  • Colosso says:

    Please, don’t give up! So many users are eagerly awaiting your next release, including myself. Please reconsider abandoning the project. Much respect from Belgium.

  • Pol says:

    Sam wiesz, ile z Marcinem godzin spędziliście nad kodem. Lej na głupie słowa! Świetna robota!

  • ian says:

    i had 2 phones. 1) Xperia play 2) Galaxy Ace. I sold my xperia play and kept SGA because of your work. Don’t give up!

  • ga8r13llitt05 says:

    Maclaw, every evening sitting with laptop in arms and we expect upgrades to my phone gio. I tried other roms but none look like yours.
    Thank you for this and we are with you.
    you are the best. continue ….
    excuse my bad english (google translate)

  • david says:

    Hello from Belgium.
    I understand why you’re angry but a lot of peoples, like me, want to see your work done : CM10 with all things and no bugs. And we are sure you can do that! New apps are developped for working on android 4 that we don’t have, like google chrome. So, please, do not waste energy for fighting unnecessary and be the one who let us use full potential of our equipment. Tanks for all the time used for us !!

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    NO NO NO AND NO >.<

    U cant stop this project! ur my favorite developer and i think lots of peolpe has same opinion like me!
    Ur ROMs are best ever!
    Millions of people follow u and they love ur ROMs!!!
    Fuck the haters and Bring this Project to REAL end!!!

  • we all love you.. all of your masterpiece.. please back soon with other masterpiece (CM10).. 🙂

  • cydef says:

    My heart beats again when I saw the Edit! Please come back our superhero 😀

  • Hugo_silva says:

    Maclaw c´mon, Create a new topic with new CM10 Update, and another saying that you are back! PLEASE

  • I was really dissapointed (not in you, but in the world) to read this post, but it could’ve been expected. If this is the end, I want to thank you for the hard work you did, I’m happily using your rom and probably will be using it even if you stop development.


  • WodzuPL says:

    Parę milionów ludzi z całego świata chciałoby, żebyś powrócił.
    Parę milionów ludzi chce ujrzeć finalną wersją CM9 czy nowszego CM10.
    Jeżeli powodem Twojego odejścia była fala krytyki, to nie słuchaj tych pierniczonych hejtów, ludzi którzy chcą tylko na siebie- zwrócić uwagę. Nie poddawaj się, ludzie z całego świata w ciebie wierzą 😉
    Mamy nadzieję że powrócisz, bo twoje ROMy są świetne, i pomimo bugów lub ‘niedoróbek’, twoja seria miała specyficzny klimat. Zawsze ciężko było wrócić do poprzedniego softu 🙂 I to dzięki tobie.
    Pamiętaj Macław, nie poddawaj się! 🙂 Wierzymy w Ciebie.

    • Macław says:

      Kusicie… Na coś mało hejterów… Może się coś tu pojawi ;p

      • patafian says:

        Nie dawaj się 😉 Ludzie, którzy są zadowoleni i potrafią czytać jak jest jakiś problem w sofcie to siedzą cicho i cieszą się z kolejnych postępów. Ja używam CM9 od pierwszej Twojej wstawki i od tamtej pory nigdy nie wróciłem do CM7, chociaż dziewczyna się śmiała, że aparat mi nie działa 😉 Obecnie mam CM10 i nawet nie wybrażam sobie, żebyś przestał prace, gdy już finał jest tak blisko 🙂
        Pozdro i czekamy na CM10 b2 i inne hity 😉

  • Dr.watson says:

    we love u and your work MAC
    Come on man
    come back to work and shining again

  • Dr.watson says:

    Dear Engineer…
    We love u and your works
    come on Bro
    come back to work and shining again…

  • Armin says:

    If U stop, it means U R WUSS good buddy!!don’t stop and Fuuuuuc their asses with U’re awesome Rom’s kernel’s whatever…and i hate it when i see GIO/ACE devs fuuuuuk each other like this couse it’s just wasting TIME!

  • seppe says:

    Nothing but respect for you Mac !

  • nikobellik says:

    Please sir, may you finish beta 2 cyano10 🙂

  • Wise Gadgets says:

    Maclaw… Please do not stop your work Pleease do not.. I really like your work

  • Alexander says:

    Macław nie poddawaj się, Macław naprzód, wierzymy w ciebie! Pozdrowienia z Brześcia nad Bugiem, Białoruś 😉

  • Real says:

    Zrobisz jak zechcesz, tylko nie kieruj się opiniami zawistnych ludzi, gdybyś dał sobie spokój z całym przedsięwzięciem byłby to ich sukces. Nie muszę pisać, że wolałbym żebyś kontynuował swoje dzieło, nawet w bardzo ograniczonym stopniu.

    Jak dla mnie CM 9 jest epicki, Nova Launcher, OC do 864 mHz, Interactive governor, nieporównywalnie lepsza jakość dźwięku, naprawdę ciężko o lepszy ROM na Gio, wiadomo brak nagrywania wideo trochę boli i niektóre aplikacje nie chcą działać(ale to pewnie z wzgl na ICS), mimo to czuć zupełnie inną jakość niż na 2.3.

    A JB z poprawkami, które opisałeś to dopiero byłoby coś 🙂

    Nie poddawaj się, za nudno by było bez Ciebie i bym musiał sprzedać Gio 🙂

  • javierjambay says:

    Maclaw thanks for everything

  • luck says:

    Come back… we are sad 🙁

  • Giusfra says:

    Hey! You can not drop everything so you’re Maclaw, you’re the one who has succeeded in creating the first rom based on Android 4.0/4.1 for the Galaxy Gio / Ace, when not even the same and the original creators of Andorid (or the creators of Cyanogenmod) there had succeeded! You are an idol for all those who own the Galaxy Gio / Ace, because you have given us something that even Google could give us … You and your team of programmers have given us Android 4.0 for an ARM6 processor!

    Maclaw’re the best, do not abandon us!

  • Giusfra says:

    Sorry for my English xD

  • andryx97 says:

    Why maclaw?? please don’t do shit!! Do you know what are you doing ????? You are porting ICS and JB in a device that samsung say that is impossible to do , you are doing an epic thing . If you complete di project , samsung can suck your dick xD you are a genius !! So come on man don’t warry , forget the idiot who say dis shit and continue you r job. YOU ARE GREAT 😉

  • ElChAsK4! says:

    Never give up,even if they want to pull down your job,your continues to resist,many of the geniuses and great,the world,they wanted to overrun them their work,they wanted to kill them,and they could not against them,force and ends your work,there are many people who love what you do,you’re the best,i apologize for my poor English,is that not talking,and i’m from Argentina

  • Furkan says:

    Wow man you have worked really hard :/
    But the haters i am understand
    But! I enjoyed yor rom and its the best rom forever dude nobody have your performance you have for galaxy ace ics and jb maked

    Thank you sooooo much but you are not finished bro 99% its your life but i love my galaxy ace and you are maked that i loved more !!! Dont give up man dont give up bro

    Sry for my bad english i am from Austria :'(

  • eugen says:

    i knew that happend one day…maclaw it’s your choice,but if is your hobby,i don’t know why cares about people who talk without had….they are trying to pushuo youer work…they use your work and like just to talk….kisses from romania

  • RC says:

    Hi Maclaw, I would like to say something, but much of it was already said. However 🙂 .. do not quit such a good work. You have done a great ROM a people like it and support it. I am always looking forward for any new release and I am installing them no matter if there is something not working. Just enjoying new features and waiting for more to come. Keep it going ! RC

  • rrd says:

    Your work is appreciated. Do not give up just ignore the troll.

  • ansh says:

    my eyes are bleeding until i see the new cm10 update n a topic saying i am back 🙂

  • Hugo_silva says:


  • Mitchell Horne says:

    Maclaw, regardless of your final decision, I respect you and all of the time you have put in working on this project. You have brought us something truly amazing and original, and I hate that some people can’t respect you for that. I’m not too fond of xda, a lot of people there seem to be whiny 12 year olds, who don’t read the rules. (Obviously this isn’t everyone) Whatever you decide, thanks for what you did bring us, and for devoting so much of your time to it. you are truly talented. Thank you.

  • SkyrimBee says:

    Maclaw don’t stop developing. You’re kinda paragon in developing for me!

  • Shiro says:

    Please do not stop! You are an excellent developer who accomplished what others could not, jelly bean and bring ics to our phone
    This is just a test and we know can go ahead without taking care to troll

  • João says:

    Maclaw don’t stop developing please!

  • e30! says:

    Your work is appreciated. Do not give up just ignore the troll.
    You are really doing awesome work….

    Dont give up man so easily……

  • mark5564 says:

    Thanks mate for all your effort.

  • Damian says:

    Nie zamykaj projektu. Codziennie odwiedzam twoją stronę w oczekiwaniu na stabilnego CM twojego autorstwa.

  • Adam says:

    Dajesz ziomek.. zrób na przekór. Nikt tego lepiej nie zrobi niż Polak. Sieradz pozdrawia i życzy wszystkiego dobrego..

  • BRainXstorming says:

    Aprils Fool?!?

    Maclaw you are the best coder/programer for ace please dont go!!!!!!!!!
    I check every day your site to look for an update!
    please dont go fuck the haters!

  • Jorge says:

    Thank you for all man you are one of the best android developers I hope you can enjoy your free time from now and good luck!

  • GGarrido89 says:

    Thanks for all your dedication to this project.
    I wish you well in your life and your future.

    Cheers from chile, Gonzalo.

  • Baax says:

    DUDE!!??? WHY?
    Dzięki za wszystko rodaku:)
    ale czemu ?

  • We believe in you. Don’t you believe in us?

  • Tovagulet says:

    Maclaw, please don’t stop developing, you were doing a good job, no matter how long it takes to make a release.

    In the end you’ll see everyone wants you back.

    But remember that this is the internetz. Ignore any bad comments, they either troll or kids. because starting CM9 and CM10 almost from scratch is hella hard. and I know because I haven’t seen any other Dev trying to do it, atleast in the Galaxy Ace Dev forum.

    Support from Chile.

  • jonaspm says:

    You have made something amazing, most people say good things about your work and say: HE´S OUR HERO, HE´S THE BEST!, HES MY PLATONIC LOVE!

    you just can´t leave us with a blog post :C

    All your followers are here with you

    But you know what you´re doing, we´ll always remember you 🙂

  • skysurf says:

    Maclaw Don’t stop developing … we need your job… you are the best and the only one! 😉 came back!
    Please !
    Maclaw’re the best, do not abandon us! 😉
    I’m from Portugal!
    I respect you decision … but please don’t stop developing …
    Thank’s for all your Hard work! 😉 Thank’s Men!
    For All!

  • djgaspa says:

    Please dude, don’t be scared. I can assure you’re doing a huge contribution for the worldwide community of Android users. Please, be aware of that, and carry on.

  • Rodrigo Aguilar says:

    Maclaw, dobry deweloper CM9, jak nie powinno się na swoich projektach, bo jeśli tak, to możesz dać szanse innym do nag THANKS! i raz wziął w ROMS doceniam to. Pozdrowienia z Gwatemali, kraju rozwijającego się z fanką spodziewam im wstać i zamknąć usta tych drani, którzy są zazdrośni o proszę! Wykonaj THANKS projektu

  • aceman says:

    hey dude,
    i really wish u dont stop developing, we all respect your decision but u are genious, u brought to our ace something amazing not anyone could have done.
    We really appreciate your hard work, and with that last update of CM10 and all the changelogs.. i felt really happy man. You know, there are not a lot of people with your intelligence, you are blessed dude.
    please think about it, there will always be haters. Apple and Samsung are always suing each other because they say they copy some stuffs from the other company.. its normal, dont worry.
    From Paraguay, wish u the best of the best
    big hug

  • Alejandro says:

    you are an incredible genius, I hope this is not the end of this project that has been a beacon of hope to those who can not buy a team with better features, thanks for this wonderful job 🙂

  • matrix124 says:

    Thanks for your hard work maclaw i really like the job you done, i hope for you continue developing because you are the best and only one
    Courage the french apreciate your job as me! 😉

  • I consider donating very soon, after a couple of months w/ Maclawstudio’s Builds running gently in a old mid range phone . Thank you very much, guys. Take your time.

  • abbas says:

    Don’t stop Maclaw, You are awesome and you should continue, you will make them get what they want if you stopped .. Don’t you are the BEST. We Like what you are doing a lot and think about that only.

  • mergen says:

    Maclaw,if you stop,that’s someone’s hope;if you keep going, that’s the world’s hope!

  • Maclaw: again of my part you are the best it man, maybe close comments for all and continue with this Project when you have time.

    Not when others like.

    Go and continue dream and living your live, Greats from Colombia 😉 Thanks for make this real!!!!!

  • daftcake says:

    Dude wtf? You are an amazingly talented guy, doing some awesome work for the internet, don’t listen to the trolls. Seriously, if you don’t do this anymore, then who is gonna do it? You’re the only one capable of doing so, that’s what. I’ll tell you this, you got full support from the community, or at the very least for me. Just letting you know Maclaw, that even if you decide to quit now, I am very grateful for what you did, and for what I hope you will keep doing. You’re awesome, don’t forget that.

  • fathony says:

    There will be an end for everything, even the good one.
    So sad if you stop the developing for us, but its your decisions that we have to respect.
    Thanks for your great hard work, sincerely. Just don’t stop developing if it makes you happy.

  • Flingzxc says:

    i really hope that you wont abandon these projects but since you already make up your mind , i will still respect your decision . Let me thank you for creating such a wonderful miracle for our phones .

  • jeslinmx says:

    Hey Maclaw, I used to have an Ace. I took over a secondhand Galaxy S i9000 but still come back here every few days, checking on how your work is doing. I used almost every release from the first GalaxyICS ones till your studio’s beta9 CM9, and now I still look at your changelogs, wondering how you managed to make a budget smartphone beat out Samsung’s original flagship, while both are running JB. You, sir, are awesome.

  • Van says:

    Thank you for the effort… I appreciate it…

  • Pandu Gumelar Pratama says:

    Ace,was my first android,(until now i still proud of it)before u create on xda/galaxyics.ocm/ i was taking mind to change the other device,but after trying first rom,i curious,about the next release,and install install and install,i have so much hope and first time im glad i have ace because of you,but please don’t stop the project u give ppl hopes that our device can be same with high end os,we happy u are here,we glad u make the ics and jelly bean dont leave us right?

  • Edmund Hong says:

    Maclaw and the team, we thankyou for your amazing work, and for spending hours working hard on making CM9 and CM10 available on our galaxy ace. But please please! keep doing what you have been doing. Do not let a bunch of accusing fools bring you down. The reason why they accuse you is that you either are really copying off their work (WHICH WE DO NOT BELIEVE). Or they are just jealous of your work and success. A verse in the bible says,”lest perhaps, once he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all those(accusers) looking on will begin to mock him.”(Luke 14:29). We can relate this scenario to the verse, people know that if they keep accusing you of cheating, you might eventually give up, and they will mock you. However its never too late to change. Comeback 10x stronger Maclaw and team!!! imagine what their face will be like, and if you do complete the project. You and your team will be the one having the last laugh. I hope you do change your mind, but we all must respect your decision. Thankyou for doing the impossible for us all…

  • C-Mad says:

    Nie zawsze są nienawidzą za dobrą pracę. Wiem, że to frustrujące, kiedy ludzie mówią tak. Szanuję swoją pracę. Chcę nadal być Developer Android.
    Przetłumaczone na język polski, ponieważ chcę Ci przeczytać!

  • tednet says:

    dude…. your work is legends thru out XDA… dont bother with some MOFO troll like that…

    just keep on your kind and good work… load and lots of people will back you up…

  • indogio says:

    OMG I’m shock, but I understand how you feel maclaw.
    it’s just that, whether you can upload CM10 with a camera and google now has been running that have you done so far?
    I was waiting for the day when it released, just uploaded the latest release CM10 from you and I will not ask for anything 🙂

  • Dinkesh says:

    After Eminem, you are my favorite celebrity. You are like 2nd owner of my mobile. And I am ready to install your ROM even if it hinder the usability of my mobile (I know it will never hinder it). I fully trust you.

    I don’t know you personally but I have trust in you. You rocks.

  • purushottam rathi says:

    dont do this to us..mclaw ..let the fuckin people say anything..plz carry on ur work

  • Nobody says:

    We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

    * Triumph of the Nerds (1996)

    we love stealing great ideas on other people and yet we are so shameless telling ourselves that it is ours…

    thanks for the great roms Sir Maclaw we hope that you continue to provide us with greater roms in the future

  • digbijoy-maclaw fan!!!!! says:

    thank God you will think about your fans and about your decision again…you are awesome…

  • mikahoy says:

    Dude, please don’t do this…
    I need 1 year to keep my money just to buy this Galaxy Ace, sometimes I don’t get Lunch or dinner..
    I love this phone, and I cant afford to buy another one better than this..
    I’m really excited when you build CM 9 and CM 10, finally I can taste ROM that rich people (high end phone) used…
    so please… don’t… your work mean SOMETHING BIG FOR ME AS A LOW END USER….

  • Galaxy95 says:

    I really love ur work, Maclaw. pls don’t stop. MayB after completing CM9 and Cm10. It was like a heartbreaker when i saw ur post. I was waiting any post from ur blog for any updates. but i didnt expect this..damn that haters. but who am i to ask u what to do. it is up to u, Maclaw and I respect that. I would like to thank you what you did for us for all this time. 😀

  • ddikodroidd says:

    You can enjoy your real life for a few moment ,THINK ABOUT THAT. . , a million people need you . I hope you change your choice and work again

  • Cryss says:

    Don’t give up for some bitch ass words man. 2,798,013 appreciate your work and i’m damn sure they want u back.
    There are bad people to but’em all, there is no reason to give up … look at the crowd that want you.

    All best !

  • SyBorg says:

    Again and again and again and again…. do not abandon this project, no matter what others say
    You’ve done a brilliant work so far!

  • Robert G. says:

    Haters gonna hate! Twoje ROMy są dużo lepsze niż konkurencji, przez kilku idiotów nie możesz skończyć tak dobrego projektu. Zawsze znajdzie się ktoś komu nie będzie pasowało – a to że robisz romy, a to że nie robisz, a to że wolno Ci to idzie itd Moim zdaniem to zwykła zazdrość ile osób pobrało, posiadało i pisało pozytywnie o Twoim CM a nie o konkurencji która nie istniała i dalej nie istnieje…
    Proszę kontynuuj swoją działalność dotyczącą CM9 i CM10 tutaj, olewając xda, niech oni sobie sami tam działają, kopiują itd Tutaj ludzie Cię doceniają i dla nas to robisz a nie dla tych co sami nawet nie potrafią pobrać apki z marketu ale piszą ile to złego nie zrobiłeś… My jesteśmy z Tobą i zawsze będziemy!
    Pozdrawiam i czekam na nowości na
    Robert G.

  • Jonmaria says:

    so sad 🙁 but atleast i can take pictures i dont mind the video well im just gona hunt your alias around the net haha im sure youll be somewhere around haha..
    thank you so much Mclaw .. you are the best dude!

  • digbijoy says:

    thank you for thinking about what we have to say!

  • zoli232 says:

    I’m still checking your site every hour, I still believe you will release CM10b2 in the close future.
    Please, do not end, Maclaw, You are THE BEST

  • bryan says:

    Please Mr.Maclaw..continue your project..
    just ignore other people saying bad things to cannot please anyone..and if they say,you copied their rom…well slap them in their faces with your better and original ROM…

    please dont leave us on the air…we`re all waiting for your project to be done…

    atleast finish this,or let someone continue your work…and come back anytime…i respect your decision..but will you hear us out..

  • benjaminzer says:

    When there’s every hate on you, don’t let it hurt you. Let it be a sign that your awesome level is escalating off the charts. Every excellent people (including actors/directors/CEOs/businessmen/political figure/whatnot) has their own haters. Let the haters hate. They got nothing else better to do but you do, and you’ve been doing it already.

    I feel you Maclaw. I know how it feels like – really. I hope you’ll take my word for it.
    Hope you’ll re-consider and work for more awesomeness.
    We all love you!
    I salute you, Maclaw! Have a great day (and like everyone else said, fuck the haters) 😀

  • Yahya says:

    First of all i would like to thank you and your team for doing such a hard work to bring ICS and JB on ace.

    Secondly sooooooo maaaaaannnnnnyyyyy people and I are requesting to not to stop this project. So pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee dont stop this project. I love your ROMs very much.

    Many many thanks and keep up this work.
    Thanks again.

  • Orion says:

    pleeeeeez I’m dying while i’m reading this..please don’t do that.. so close to a perfect ics rom.. T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T

  • TieoS says:


  • Lucas3004 says:

    Hi Maclaw
    You are the best so you can’t stop this wonderful project !!! Don’t give up 😉

  • me says:

    See how many supporters are there for your outstanding work.. We all love you and have given you so much blessings. Please ignore trolls.. 🙂 Hope you will return 😉

  • Przemass30 says:

    musi być inny powód dla którego projekt został zawieszony ,ale się nie dowiemy jaki . Maciek nie poddawaj się !!!

  • Przemass30 says:

    chyba że wyjdzie niespodzianka ;-)( 4.2 Key Lime Pie) na ace \gio

  • IR Works says:

    Thank you very much for your great work. You made my phone useful! If this is your choice than do it. But maybe make a break for ex. 1-2Months than you might come back.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your AWSOME work. We all hope that you would think about that. And a brake often helps 🙂

  • mango says:

    Dude some idiots are just jealous of you Maclaw.. letthem go to hell… your work is awesome has been awesome and will be awesome and all the followers know that… I am begging you please don’t abandon the work ….please

  • FiodarM says:

    Macław, thank you for your work! I never thought that i will have ICS at my chip and poor Galaxy Gio, but you managed to do it.
    Dziękuję bardzo)

  • ziomikypro says:

    C’mon dude, you’re the best !

  • Yan says:

    Thanks man, all we here realy appreciate your work.

  • Vincenzomex says:

    I know that he made a great work, I love CM) and CM10, I only said that only children behave in this way!

  • peter says:

    Thanks for all you work, you have ensured that my old galaxy gio with android 2.3 is still very much improved. If you could still bring cm10 beta 2 from that will fine. but Negro that people just go and please by!!

    Thanks for all you work as you can see, everyone would be very like you by goes …

    sorry for bad English, (

  • Michel Salim says:

    Hmm, you did good work Macław..
    i also apreciated all you made..

  • zms01 says:

    Maclaw, don’t leave releasing! (make releases)! We like your ROMs very much! You, Marcin and Wayland_ACE must be in one team! Wayland is supporting your releases, but we want to see you, Marcin, Wayland – in one team, Maclaw, don’t leave releasing! Don’t leave us with boring stock ROM!

  • Macław dziękuje Ci za to co zrobiłeś. Pierdol tych co sieją ferment , wiem ile Ci to zabiera czasu sam jestem Webmasterem. Mało ludzi zrobiło by to co Ty. W jakim języku jest android napisany może mógłbym dalej kontynuować twoje dzieło :).
    Dzięki !!!!!

  • Bhy says:

    fun thing is Thewisp joined later on XDa whereas Maclaw has been there longer and coincidently he suddenly makes a new website hmmm, all i can say is maclaw if your reading this if you released a release that was even more awesome than theres and had deep sleep fixed complety then you are even more awesome as they also have problems where they have to check on Deep sleep

  • joe says:

    mann maclaw your release is the best release i have tested in a long time, please continue with it it’s great work

  • Pol says:

    Chłopie, w romie Twoim i Marcina (niestety tylko CM9), po użyciu stockowego aparatu nie było restartu, a u Erikcasa (CM10) za każdym razem rebootuje się telefon. Nie daj im wygrać!

  • Orion says:

    please maclaw…..don’t stop the project :'(

  • Hugo_silva says:


  • tanveer hossain says:

    Maclaw, please dont leave us. please, please, please…

    forget about the haters. we love you. please say something……

    i am waiting eagerly … to hear a single word from u..

  • Edmund Hong says:

    Everyday, every hour, even at school. I refresh the Maclaw Development blog app, hoping that Maclaw and the team will comeback. Having a better and greater version of your rom, such as CM9.1 RC2, is like a christmas present from you guys. I really hope you you guys come back…Everyone wants you back. Cheers Maclaw and the team. From New Zealand…!!

    • Ashray says:

      There are people all over the world that want you back Maclaw. Please, you were doing so well, and even though i have no idea what these people were saying, just ignore them!
      If you do choose not to come back though, I just want to thank you. You did so much for us, and if i could have donated, i so would have. So, the decision is yours, but, there are so many people that want you back! Your decision will be respected, so thanks from New Zealand, for everything.

  • jusani says:

    Dont stop your work 🙁
    Ill have a broken heart and a buggy phone 🙁
    Maclaww!! come back!

  • hsotnas says:

    Please don’t stop 🙁

    Just see the replies, you might not have received replies so quickly even when you had released the new ROMs.

    Please please please, don’t man. You are our hope when it comes to custom ROMs for ACE.

    I seriously hope that, you would change your mind and be back on track and say to all of us that ” I am Back !!! “

  • zms01 says:

    Ребят, кто из России, напишите свой коммент! Поддержите Maclaw!

  • Mar974 says:

    For When is cm10 beta2 ?

  • Omkar Repal says:

    NEver give up brother, you getting support world wide … Haters gonna hate … You have eye of tiger ….

    Risin’ up, back on the street
    Did my time, took my chances
    Went the distance
    Now I’m back on my feet
    Just a man and his will to survive

    So many times, it happens too fast
    You trade your passion for glory
    Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
    You must fight just to keep them alive

    It’s the eye of the tiger
    It’s the thrill of the fight
    Risin’ up to the challenge
    Of our rival
    And the last known survivor

  • biswatmak says:

    I don’t think Maclaw can do anything more about cm9 or cm10. He is done. If he could have done anything then he would have protested at the very first moment and NEVER BACKED DOWN until proved innocent. He lost his team coz I guess they lost his trust.

  • danfen says:

    please come back and release cm10 🙂

  • Orion says:

    I’m sorry.. I’m very sorry but as you see we don’t give up like you.. we still trust in you 🙁 .. please more than 300 people says the same things.. please maclaw forget that stupid idiot and do it for us

  • badack says:

    I curse those haters!!!

  • digbijoy says:

    only you have the power to make ace great and with great power comes great responsibility!!!!!

  • Rig says:

    Guys look at….. there is cm10…. Give up here

    • indogio says:

      I’ve tried they version cm10 for gio..
      and I think I still choose maclaw version 😀

      • Rig says:

        They give credit for maclaw in the XDA’s thread… anyway the cm10 has camera preview working…. just need to work on picturecapture… for the rest is perfect… at least for daily usage

  • OJler says:

    Так че, я не понял, обновлений не будет???

    So WTF, I do not understand, will not update?

  • Hamid Reza says:

    hello friends

    is it mount storage isn’t working ?
    i put the usb cable in and i can’t acces my phone via pc, no option for usb connected

  • Achmed says:

    Mark Zuckerberg experienced the same thing, that never stopped him. You are good at what you do, for that all of us here respect you..

    Again Maclaw , PLEASE, do not stopped your work, because of other people. Give us updates are you ok?

  • mat says:

    In my opinion it was provocation. Big companies lost many clients because of Maclaw’s good work and they paid for the haters.

  • ansh says:

    i thought you would bounce back maclaw…now i feel you are nothing but a loser…if i were you i would have bounced back and woud have fought for my dignity….you have lost all your respect from me not because you are not relasing further but because you accepted your defaet without even trying to win…you are a LOSER…n if you are not then PROVE IT…as far as noe i think you are done and doomed

    • Mitchell says:

      Insulting him is not going to get him to come back, it will do quite the opposite. Maclaw didn’t have to do this project, but he did. He committed many hours to this project because it was something he wanted to do, it was his choice. Now, when the stress has become to much and he’s tired of people being rude and not appreciating what he did, he decides to stop. And you have the audacity to call him a loser for stopping? This is incredibly rude, your negative comments have no place here.

  • spammer says:

    plz man dont leave

  • H says:


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