November 18th, 2012

Hello all!
I’m Macław, if you are here you probably remember my old development for Android.

Marcin poked me a few days ago and asked, if we could back to work on Android. I agreed to it in moment.

So we’re back, now as MaclawStudio – without Polish “ł” and without “s” at the end – who needs them?

Also I have some things, which I have to tell you, before we’ll start:
1. I never stolen TheWhisp or his team work. They used my sources at beggining and just modified them. I didn’t write they’ve stolen them, because sources were be at GitHub as opensource, so anyone could do with them anything. So, I never used TheWhisp work – you can belive me or not.
2. I don’t know if that project will be opensource. I don’t want situations like ealier, but also I don’t want to be “old Macław”. Must to think about it, waiting for your opinions also in comments.
3. I was doing a lot of things bad. Making ETAs, unifinished releases just to be better than other guys on XDA etc. It won’t happen again.
4. Now me and Marcin have school. We’ll try to making releases as frequent, as we’ll able to.
5. I removed my account from XDA and I won’t create a new one. Also I won’t create topics for our works. If someone wants, fell free to make one. Earn some thanks, cheers 😉
6. About money: if you want to donate us, feel free, but it isn’t needed. Donators and normal users are on the same right, don’t except I’ll do everything you want only because you’ve donated.
7. I promise you won’t see any wars with other developers. We’ll just focus on making good software. That’s one of causes that I won’t join XDA again.
8. I’ll try to answer to most comments on once a day. If you have something important, please, write at [email protected].

I think that’s all what I has to say. Waiting for your answer and other messages in comments.

And please, DON’T ASK FOR ETA. That was a cause of a lot of issues in our team and in Ace/Gio developers group. We’ll ignore every question about ETA.

Cheers guys, glad to be there again

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  • From Russia says:

    I think cyanogenmod 9 is gone. and focus on the cyanogenmod 10 as functional and comfortably. I want to know your thoughts about it))

  • GioUser says:

    Powrót Króla 😉
    Cieszę się, że wróciłeś i urlop od tworzenia ROMów ci przysłużył.
    Zgodzę się z powyższym komentarzem – go CM10!
    Powodzenia, jak cośtam naskrobie na moje konto to chyba podrzucę dotację 😉

  • helloinvader says:

    It’s great to see you back!
    I was just checking your site earlier when I noticed your tweets!
    I’m overexcited about this 😀

  • Danilo says:

    Waiting anxiously for his work. You will work with CM9 or CM10?

  • golly says:

    Czy będziesz kontynuował od Twoich ostatnich wydań czy też będziesz kontynuować od źródeł dostępnych na ?

  • gagnes says:

    Good to see you back 🙂 hope a final release of your cm9.

  • dalibor says:

    welcome back. what are your plans? improving stability of CM9? polishing and improving CM10? I would move to CM10 this instant, if it would be ready for full time use without random reboots, full usability of wifi ang GPS, superuser fully functional and no problems with calls.

    are you somehow connected with Bieltv3 & Daredj working on this:

  • Marcos Cid de la Paz says:

    Will you start working on the HQ Drivers (IDK, possibly bassed on other compatible Samsung devices) if it’s possible?

    It’s good to see you around here, BTW.
    Here I’m waiting for your great development as always. 🙂

  • Malandirix says:

    Yessss nice to see you back! However,aafter you left i found a dev called ‘Bieltv3’ who made awesome roms I was wondering if you’d heard of him because you both do very similar roms and if you are going to work together?

  • Grzegorz says:

    Zaczynacie od 4.1 czy 4.2 ? 😀

  • Miguel ingel says:

    I am very happy to see you again working for a new update. I wish you luck!! 😉
    Sorry for my bad english

  • jason says:

    omg, welcome back! enjoy your break? thought you’d never come ever again, finally someone who can do roms better than the ‘jellaxy’ team is back.

  • Baptista says:

    I’m so glad that this is true! Your roms are the best! After all this time waiting for news, I just can’t wait to see the first release.

  • Jhovani Cuadros says:

    Man, I’m so glad you’re back on the track !!! Excellent!

  • Keefer says:

    Hey, its great that you are back! 🙂 What are you’re plans? CM9 or 10? I’d be happy to see a finished version of CM9, but work on CM10 would be amazing! 😀

    Looking forward to seeing and testing your work with the Ace, keep it up!

  • Julian says:

    welcome back Maclaw, that good news, and from here a hug grn for their hard work. we are with you. always waiting for your good ROM, greetings from PERU

  • arun ravi says:

    Everything in cm9 ?? Means you have already fixed all the bugs hq playback, network location, ??
    We just need to wait for your release !!!!

  • Marco Lomas says:

    Welcome back Sir!!, 😀 Congrats 🙂

  • jusaini28 says:

    Welcome back!! i been using the jellaxy rom.. will switch to your cm10 now 🙂 cuz your the best!

  • khan says:

    thank u maclaw i was waiting for your development bback these many days…..and i think……as all major things on android 4.1 is working working well on other roms…….i ll feel so gratefull if u start developing right from android 4.2…….thank u alot for coming back

  • Mateusz says:

    It’s nice to have you back. If you join, I’ll do it. Why you removed the account from XDA. I am very pleased that you will do the new software.

  • Muhammad Anhar says:

    Welcome back bro. I know your past still hurt you, but keep spirit and be a good developer!!

    Hmm, you say CM9 were stable enough! If so, I will frequently check your website. Thanks for your hard work! 😀

  • droider007 says:

    so will u develop for fit also….?
    if possible plz develop for fit too……

  • nnmnsk says:

    Welcome back! I knew i should’t remove from bookmarks. 😉
    I used your roms a lot and it was perfect expirience, dont know why you were care so much what trolls says.
    Good luck & i’m impatient for new roms from you.

  • joe says:

    Hi man welcome back! 🙂 I was refreshing this site almost daily and it finaly came! The big moment the Maclaw returns! 🙂 BTW We’re practicaly neighbours because I’m Czech. 😀 Hope to see you enjoy your android hobby again. 🙂

  • Sudharshan says:

    Rock on Boss…
    With Love from India

  • Martin says:


    every day I watched you site, to see this post!
    Thank you!!
    you are the best Ace developer ever!

  • z0mbi3 says:

    always support ur projects..hope u make the cm9/10 more fluency,no more lagging and useful.
    here just a little request, hope u update CM9 becuz i think runing CM10 on my GIO maybe always lagging and have no space to intall apps. Thanks for ur efforts to the project. 😛 (sorry for my english)

  • Andrea says:

    nice to see you back maclaw

  • qqv says:

    Will you work with Wayland_ace?

  • zeeshan says:

    Hey maclaw nice to see you back, just happy to see that ur back to devving 😀

  • finallau says:

    Will you still be working on cm9?
    Cuz theres still a few bugs for Ace here.
    Like data graph, battery consumption n battery accuracy.

  • Finally back on track !! I will Post your ROM on my website once you continued your project …….

  • system.img says:

    I really liked the Polish “ł”! XD

  • Chris says:

    That’s great news maclaw! I’ve been with you from the start, and it was sad to see you go! I’ve been using your CM10 release for a while, but it was too buggy for everyday use for me, so I went back to CM9 for a long time. The camera wasn’t perfect and I really needed it when I was away so I went back to CM7. I’m looking forward to getting back to CM9! or even CM10!! Good luck!

  • Chetan kate says:

    Thanxxx for coming back maclaw!!! M very very happy:):) welcome back:)

  • cbix says:

    As you should know you will have to release source code as soon as it’s a derivative work of a GPL software (like the kernel)… Thanks for your work, I hope there will be collaboration between many different devs!

  • Omkar Repal says:

    And here you go ! .. Possession started … Glad to see you back Champ …My Ace was missing your smooth ROM’s ,i am very excited about integration of Linaro you have said in your RC2 changelog … can we integrate Linaro in our CM9 cause already CM9 is in stable state so lets try to give a boost for CM9..

  • Giowner says:

    You’re back! Yeah! 😀

  • Michael says:

    Welcome back. I wish you the best (your and your family). Great, that you are back.

  • Kabir says:

    Great to see you back Maclaw!
    You were missed at xda, but I always checked back here hoping You’d be back.

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