December 22nd, 2012

Hello guys, so there’re many question about if we stopped our work etc.
NO, we didn’t. Don’t worry, all releases will be there.

Next of your questions – what about sources?
We didn’t broken GPL licence, as XDA moderators thing. Only kernel is on GPL licence, and it’s on our github from a few months. We don’t have to publish device sources (even XDA rules don’t require it), and we won’t – I don’t want to have incident when someone forked my sources and then telling me that I stolen his sources.

So, shortly:
1. We didn’t broken GPL licence or XDA rules
2. I won’t come back to XDA. Maybe marcin1147 wants.
3. We don’t stop our work. Releases will be there.


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  • Roberto says:

    Ok no problem! Please work for AOSP ICS and after a stable relase of that works about JB…

  • GalaxyAceICS says:

    Maclaw and Marcin the best! 😀

  • Malandirix says:

    Quick question: what does liking this post with Facebook actually do?

  • Keefer says:

    Then marcin should speak to the moderator. I love your work guys, keep it up

  • icyy says:

    first , your work is very good maclaw go ahead 🙂
    what’s your next release ?

  • Dmitry says:

    Never mind to such people who would trolling yours work and etc… they just jealous that you made such a great rom and that he dont have anything.

  • Johanna says:

    First of all I want to thank you for your perfect work 🙂
    It was the reason, why I bought a Gio a few months ago.

    So after running with your rom for a longer time I wanted to donate but the paypal site is polish only. Is there a possibility to add an english version and maybe one directly showing Euro instead of USD? It would be easier for some people.

    Weather it will be possible or not I’ll try it (translated by google) in a few days again.

  • malaquiasjp says:

    We love you guys! ^^

  • Kevin says:

    I think it’s better to post anything on this website only. All problems have started with/on XDA! You’re the best! ciao from Belgium.

    • Keefer says:

      I disagree there. But the point is that these great ROMs are being developed and released to make our Aces/Gios shine!

      Nevermind any drama or competition that appears.

  • seppe says:

    Very great work on aosp ics! Works like a charm and so stable already in first release! I’m immpressed! thx big time team!
    greeting from belgium

  • Julian says:

    Maclaw, thank you very much for such a good job to you :). and the whole team, I installed the ROM in my Galaxy Ace and is super soft, with tiny bug that surely will correct ….
    a question: how do I run the application S2E with this ROM? is possible?, is compatible?, I tried but did not work … please help me, or give me some advice …
    I Wifi works correctly.
    you tube also works correctly
    thanks! I hope you can help me .. and thanks for such good work 🙂 Greetings from Peru!!
    (google translator) 🙂

  • Abdullah says:

    Please Just concentrate on ur developing and ignore the stupid people wo talk rubbish. And please give us one STABLE FULLY WORKING ICS Rom !!!

  • Marc says:

    Thank for the ROM MaclawStudio Team and Merry Christmas.

  • Roberto says:

    Merry Christmas guys! I can’t wait for beta 1 of AOSP!

    cheers from italy!

  • Filip says:

    Kurwa, you roms are epic! Keep up the good work.

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