February 9th, 2013

I just finished our new layout. I hope you’ll enjoy it 😉


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  • 4pk says:

    i would prefer the black little transparent

  • Niki says:

    omg the best!

  • Pudil says:

    I’m sorry Maclaw, but I liked the lighter layout better as it looked more friendly and furthermore I don’t feel like reading is comfortable wirh this new layout :-(.

  • Chris says:

    Looks good!!! the black background in the middle column could do with a bit of transparency, then it would be amazing!!

  • Sanjar Maksumov says:

    Sorry for being noob but what is Layout ?? :-/

  • Sanjar Maksumov says:

    Ohh ok .. yeah it looks cool i like it 🙂

  • gimmeimmortal says:


  • Alexelpan says:

    Cool!!! 🙂

  • Eden says:

    you can try to combine the new photo or logo from facebook but then you have to change the background because they are pretty alike

  • Eddygio says:

    Incredible layout.thank you. 🙂

  • ChitoS says:


  • Bob says:

    Great! I like ICS style!

  • Neon says:

    use and border radius and is great

  • omg just love black n blue combination

  • Arnes says:

    Great design!!!
    Good job overall guys 😉

  • Cristian says:

    H\\\from where or how do you install/download this layout? i can’t seem to fin it

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