February 15th, 2013

RC3 of AOSP ICS is available!

We strongly recommend you to update as soon, as it only possible! There’s new kernel, which doesn’t have all dangerous things that you can expect in almost all custom roms for Ace/Gio!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • (kernel) rewritten kernel from a scratch, without using any other sources than Samsung’s one
  • (kernel) removed all dangerous things in kernel, like 1,5Ghz overclock on start
  • (kernel) only needed CPU steps
  • (kernel) cold battery
  • (kernel) added new, made by ourselves, CPU governor, designed especially for Ace/Gio
  • (kernel) ~50% more time on battery
  • (kernel) removed all strange battery tweaks
  • now using SuperSU, instead of abandoned SuperUser project
  • updated GoogleApps
  • dalvik rebuild

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • bluetooth (with A2DP support)
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • camera (stock app doesn’t record video)
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all ICS functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether


  • Video recording isn’t working in stock app

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q
  • ganster41
  • Trybicki

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

Please, use our bugtracker if you want to report a bug.

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

193 Responses
  • huzefa says:

    hey awesome update ..really cool thanks.. maclaw & marcin for ur hard work..

  • from russia says:

    I think next release will be Jelly Bean AOSP )) but THANK YOU very much

  • MusiCiencE says:

    Just a little question:

    To install this ROM do I need to wipe /system or just the classic “Wipe /data, /cache and dalvik”?
    I mean, besides the “flash CWM, flash package and flash gapps, etc.” steps…

    Thank you Maclaw and Marcin, can’t wait for JB.

  • shady says:

    Will test it now im really excited about this new kernel.Sound sooo awesoome

  • jacobX says:

    Are gapps included, or not? If not, where i can find them?
    Sorry for the stupid question, but this is going to be my first custom ROM and i’m a little bit confused…

  • Vivek says:

    A new kernel.. does this mean better battery life

  • nikimanon says:

    It’s normal that I stay about 15 minutes, to update? I putted it in, before I had 2.3.6 and when i install it, it’s just android in blue :ô

  • Hans E says:

    Great work guys,
    Hoping to hear how battery life is compared with samsung stock.

  • DarkDrifter says:

    Nice update but you deleted overclocking, please add 825, 850, 875 and 900MHz please !

  • BlazDroiD says:

    Hi guys, fantastic ROM! You’re great. I nave a question,which schedeleuer is recommended? Noop or deadline? Band which are the differences between tese two?

  • pas.andrei says:

    which are the available frequencies?

  • Taracair says:

    Can’t wait for JB…
    Hope it will be as good as ICS.

  • Greg says:

    does new kernel support bln ? i can’t get it work like in rc2.

  • Olvera says:

    hellow maclaw why i dont cant edit the homescrem? and why dont have the toggles in statur bar? thank you

  • AG says:

    Thank you so much! Keep kickin’, guys, you rule! 🙂

  • First of all, thanks for the work guys, appreciate it 🙂 Anyway, I do have some issues with it. First of all, I could not find any script that would let me move apps to SD. Links2SD is too limited in my opinion so I did not even try that. You know that the Ave’s memory is very limited so I regard those things a must. Any help would be appreciated.
    Other thing is, the launcher cannot be customized or I am too stupid to find it -_- I know, great alternatives like Nova and Apex might be used but still curious why such a barebone launcher.

    Thanks for the reply in advance. Keep up the good work

  • Hec says:

    how do you deactivate the “tv off” animation when you lock the screen?

  • masterkaboom says:

    sounds good, thnk you guys for the hard work two thumbs up.

  • nithi says:

    not able to download maclaw can you plz give mirror thanks

  • Yash Kansara says:

    thanks maclaw and marcin for their hard work 🙂
    but can anyone can give me battery backup info
    thanks 🙂

  • Hello Team!!! I have a Galaxi Ace, and i would like to know wich Script i can use to mount the EXT4 Partition on my SD Card???

  • Deepesh says:

    yes..does it support bln?

  • Astron says:

    Awesome Rom bu found one bug which was not mentioned, USB tethering dosent work!!!!!!

  • filipe says:

    how to install?

  • thierry says:

    Hello, I have a gio and my CWM recovery is v.
    It works fine with RC2 but not for RC3. On reboot, it stays at GALAXY Gio GT-S5660 screen and nothing. I do before/after installation package this: wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache.

    Some ideas? (work fine with RC2).

  • Yomenss says:

    Just installed RC3. Now my phone isn’t crashing how it used to.

  • Zartoriuss says:

    Sir Maclaw, can you aswer me if this aosp rom abilitty the device to change the sim card for other company, I meant sim unlock?
    Or just for original sim card, because my original sim card is pin locked.
    Sorry for the poor english and thx for the great job!
    I hope that you can aswer my question 🙂

  • Jyrx says:

    What are the recommended settings for CPU?

  • einstein says:

    Google ‘how to root gio/ace’ and ‘how to install clockworkmod’ and ‘how to install custom rom’. It’s not that difficult, but not a question you should ask a rom developer.

  • fur says:

    my kernel version is
    is that ok?

  • asep says:

    Compass is still not working correctly.

    BTW, guys. Great work. You rock.

    • Asep says:

      I use Sensor Kinetic app from Google Play to check whether the sensor working or not. It seems the X and Z axis of magnetic field sensor have wrong sign. They should be positive whereas showing negative values, and vice versa.

      The compass problem probably caused by this wrong values.

      Can you confirm this, Maclaw, Marcin?

      • Matioso says:

        Try downloading the rom again. I once had the same problem which was caused by some corrupted rom file….

        • Asep says:

          I’ve redownload the file from Ad Fly and Direct link then compare them with my previous downloaded file. They are the same file.

          BTW, I’m using S5830. What phone are you on? Are you able to use compass?

  • Diego says:


    FM Sprint has volume problems, is silent, it is not easy to set up, etc..

    Is there a different alternative?
    Could you please include an application that works well or create it?

    Thank you guys. You are the best. 🙂

    Google Translator

  • SUBJIGATOR says:

    Why has overclocking been removed?

    please make a patch for us so that we have overclocking back. Or atleast give us an overclocking kernel.

  • Lee says:

    do i have to root first

  • question says:

    How much memory is left available on Ace after installing this ROM ?

  • luukvideo says:

    Anyone know how to add BLN to this kernel?

  • markacgost says:

    Hej koledzy !
    pomóżcie mi wgrać ten soft. Za każdym razem jak wgrywam wywala błąd encryption unsuccesfull ;/ wgrywam z oryginalnego 2.3.6. Działo się tak w wersji rc2 i teraz rc3

    • Macław says:

      Musisz mieć roota i ClockworkMod recovery.

      • markacgost says:

        telefon mam zrootowany i wgrane mam Clockworkmod Robię Wipe/factory reset, wgrywam soft robię reboot i wyskakuje mi po reboot komunikat encryption uscuccesfull. próbowałem już kilka razy. nie wiem co jest nie tak.

  • hrincon says:

    Battery stats after 1 day 1 hour 28 minutes 32 seconds:

    10% – discharging

    Screen: 39%
    Mobile standby: 28%
    Phone idle: 14%
    Android OS 5%
    Android system 5%
    XDA 4%
    Browser 4%
    Voice calls 2%

    Only tweak in development options was changing window and transition animation scale at .5x, and checked don’t keep activities.

    Using Link2SD linking 27 user apps to sd card leaving 100MB available of internal storage

  • hrincon says:

    With not so heavy use and after 1 d 2 h 19 min battery is at 10% and everything, except video recording, is working very smooth.

    Waiting for AOSP 4.2.1, or whatever 4.2.x, that surely will be awesome… kudos to Maclaw and Marcin, keep up the good work

  • GT-S5830 says:

    is there an option that can you kill app by long pressing the back button? or any options

    thanks for the reply. . .

  • Lucas says:

    I’m using it! Thanks, is working good.

    Some little issues:

    – Sometimes the menu and back buttons keep the light on, even when the phone is locked, I don’t know why…

    – It’s not saving my keyboard option, it keeps showing me the “microphone” button even with the voice keyboard disabled (I think this happens when I reboot the phone).

  • Petar says:

    I have problem to connect Gio to PC. WPD FileSystem Volume Driver (Error Code 10) when I connect phone and no drive on My Computer. Any idea what is problem? I didnt have problems in RC2.

    • Petar says:

      1. Right click Computer under the start tab and select manage
      2. Click on the Device manager tab. You will see the ! in “WPD
      FileSystem Volume driver software.”
      3. Click on disk drives and disable each one until the WPD FileSystem
      4. Re-enable all the drives then right click the problem drive and
      select properties.
      5. Click on the volumes tab then select “populate” then note down what
      Disk number the populate assigned it.
      6. Go back to the computer management window .On the left side is a
      folder called Disk Management(under the Storage folder). Select Disk
      Management. (I personally clicked “Start” and search for “Computer Management”)
      7. At the bottom is a list of disks. Right click the disk number you
      populated for the problem drive and select “Change drive letter and
      8. Assign the drive letter and go back to the Device Manager.
      9. problem gone.

  • exe says:

    touch button back lights led stuck on if i change brighness

    on my gio

    is only me what can i do :/

  • blacha says:

    dajcie link chyba jestem ślepy ale nigdzie nie widzę odnośnika(linku)

  • Lucas says:

    My gallery configuration is now opening blank… any idea? I tried to clean data… no result.

  • colgate says:

    I’m trying to download from native browser either opera mini, but the page redirect me to the home page.
    It’s only me, or i should download from pc?

  • BogdanWP says:

    This is extraordinary , i can`t believe i i tried so many gingerbread and jelly bean roms and i avoided your AOSP ICS. This is the only non-gingerbread rom that i found so stable and fast to really be worth it . Thank you .. and good luck with further releases

  • Geovanehenry says:

    great, great rom parabens, not shoot with a pen stock app

  • awesome says:

    using this rom for daily use ..awesome rom no bugs…..thanks maclaw and marcin…

  • SilenZ says:

    Sorry if this post is double, but I don’t see my posts after submit. So yet another try…

    Nice build! Unfortunately Openvpn is not working on this build (RC3). The tun.ko file is missing. When I install the tun.ko from the tun installer in the play market, OpenVPN prereqs says its okay but the phone crashes while it connects. It crashes on “get config” while connecting.

    It probably has something to do with the custom made kernel for this build. On RC2 everything worked fine. Could you guys please make a good tun.ko for your kernel? You guys are the only ones that can make this happen.

    Also, PPTP VPN (my fallback) is not working on this build I suppose.. my pc and tablet are working fine but on my phone with RC3 it failes.

    Could you please make this work. Thanks for all your effort and hard work yo guys!

  • Gustav says:

    Much faster and responsive than CM9, no bugs found up to this point and 57% of battery after 23h 39m. Huge thanks!

  • wouter says:

    RC2 was great. RC3 is even better!

    Thanks again for the rocking roms!

  • Neon says:

    RC3 is awesome, very fast and no crashes, so far so good. May i have a sugestion for the next release? Can you put a small vibrate when someone answer to you call, like in cm9.
    Epic work, regards from Romania.

  • Lee◇Gio◇ says:

    after installing CWM, were will i find this AOSP RC3 link?

  • AMS says:

    Stop this. Just stop continuing with ICS. Why not work on Jelly Bean instead?

  • SilenZ says:

    Hi Maclaw & Marcin, thanks for all your great work. You and Marcin make the Samsung Galaxy GIO great! Without your work the GIO could go to the trash 🙂

    Is there a chance that you can compile a “tun.ko” file for your own designed kernel that was placed in RC3? Then we can all enjoy OpenVPN en DroidVPN on your RC3(+) builds.

    I would definitely love to have it! I would like to hear from you.

    • Macław says:

      Sure, will be added.

      • SilenZ says:

        Wow! Thanks Maclaw you are the best! Will there be a update release or patch for this on RC3 or wil this be added in the RC4/Final build?

        I cannot wait till you release it because I use a lot of VPN on my phone and with RC3 I can’t… 🙂

  • Monjan Anas says:

    waiting for AOSP jellybean 😀

  • rockstar says:

    maclaw waiting for ics aosp rc4 …refrersh page in evey 1 hour every day.. 😀 …

  • Lee◇Gio◇ says:

    Im using official v2.3.6 GB, what must i do to use this Rom???

    • SUBJIGATOR says:

      1)Root your phone
      2)install CWM mod 5 on it.
      3)Download this ROM from the downloads page(make sure you download the right one for your phone).
      4)Go into CWM recovery and flash the ROM you just downloaded.

      NOTE-you will lose ALL your phones INTERNAL data but you will NOT lose anything that is on your SD card. ALL of your apps will be UN-installed.

      Happy Flashing 🙂

  • Lee◇Gio◇ says:

    what’s been released??? & i asked a question.

  • hrincon says:

    Indeed… check it out yourself

  • hrincon says:

    Feature request: please add dictionaries to LatinIME.apk

  • ks says:

    How to delete japaneese ime?

  • Jhon Lee says:

    i just recently installed but, it runs on the bootloader but the system dosnt start

  • Shucrut says:


    Great work, the rc3 is the smothest ICS my ace ever seen. I just have 2 things to ask you..
    is it possible to add to your AOSP an option to change the ringer volume separated from notifications volume? It’s the only thing i was really accostumed with this option in cyanogenmod.
    And the other thing i want to know is if too is possible to the dialer predict the number i’m dialing based on my contacts, like in cyanogenmod too.

    The battery life in this version was really good, 2 days without constant use. Congratulations again.

  • colgate says:

    This rom support app2sd right?
    For anyone who used script/apps like s2e or 40sd2sdx worked, how to make it worked?
    I used s2e but the apps won’t let me check the box sd-ext. Using 40sd2sdx.zip made my gio bootloop?
    Any solution? And pls provide the link…
    Thank you..

  • SilenZ says:

    Wow! You are the best Maclaw! Can you tell me if this will be added in a update release /. fix release on RC3 or if it will be in the RC4/Final build?

    I cannot wait for this functionality because I use a lot op VPN on my phone. With RC3 I can’t.. 🙂

    Thanks a million!

  • Ty says:

    Version RC3 smoothly and quickly!!!!!!!!
    However, the install and uninstall the application really slow 🙁

  • prodi says:

    Witam i pozdrawiam!

    Zainstalowałem na swoim GIO AOSP RC3 i jestem bardzo zadowolony. Szacunek dla Twojej pracy.

    Mam pytanie dotyczące kompasu, a właściwie jego błędnych wskazań. Dla oryginalnego softu od Samsunga bała poprawka, która problem rozwiązywała. W AOSP RC3 wskazania też są błędne. Czy kompas można jakoś skalibrować ? Albo czy istnieje jakiś fix, który naprawi błędne wskazania?


  • mcs says:

    Incredible Rom. Fast and very, very light. Using ext4 woth link2sd, i have 130 mb free internal memory. After using for 14h, i have 50% battery lifetime. I have found that using Juicedefender with Antutu Battery Saver. Keep on the good work.

  • Bruno says:

    hi. My internal memory is running very low on available space. How can I improve space

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hello. I use a sd card (16go class 10) + link2sd, it’s indispensable and fantastic, no more problem of space. This rom is working perfectly on my gio with link2sd + juicedefender + apex launcher + setcpu.
      Good Job et thanks from France, guys.

  • Harsh Soni says:

    Voice search/typing doesn’t work. And it should be mentioned under ‘what isn’t working’ I think. If it works for any of you, do let me know please.

    Warm regards.

  • Harsh Soni says:

    Voice search/typing doesn’t work. And it should be mentioned under ‘what isn’t working’ I think. If it works for any of you, do let me know please. Rest everything kicks ass!

    Warm regards.

  • marius500 says:

    Got a question about the Live wallpapers…why they don’t work?

  • Lee«Gio» says:

    Were can i have CMW for gio?

  • Lee«Gio» says:

    were can I find cwm for Gio???

  • Hans E says:

    On my Gio the Speech/voice to text doesn’t work. Strangely enough voice dialer works. Am i the only one having this problem?., Does speech to text work with anybody (use e.g. the microphone icon on the google search widget) ?

  • cagarcia says:

    Great ROM guys… my Ace never feel better and faster. I only have a question: how can i do to take screenshots? Is there a buttons combinations or any app you recomended?

    Thanks and cheers from Venezuela

  • Pavel Yordanov says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy Ace and i use a sim card with two active lines. Where can i get a working sim toolkit for this release. Please help me with this issue

  • PrinceCH says:

    blazing fast rom and even very stable but panorama don’t work and even camcorder these are the only things not working hope that they will be fixed in next release.

  • PrinceCH says:

    when i turn wifi on it take about 30 seconds to start can anyone help me to fix this?

  • Pavel Yordanov says:

    Yesterday i wrote a comment which i still don’t see. I asked where can i find STK for this release. Please help me with some information. Thank you in advance.

  • Does it have BLN support?

  • Vivek Gowripeddi says:

    Hey Mclaw, First of all thanx a lot for bringing in this improved rom!

    Secondly, I flashed int2ext + on my ace and after the flash, SD card isn’t getting mounted & ext 4 partion too!!
    Any thoughts??

    BTW I have used mini partition tool for partioning and cronmod int2ext+ from xda!

    It wud be great & I wud be rele thankful if ny1 wud spare a bit of their precious time to fix my stupid issue!!

    God bless all!!

  • myka says:

    The font in whatsapp cant resize to be more smaller and bolded 🙁

  • mohamed deeb says:

    Thank you .. This is amazin… And I love
    it… I love you

  • Please says:

    So many excuses Maclaw… What’s the next excuse to delay 4.2?

  • wouter says:

    I meant to say: “The guy HAS a life”…

  • cem says:

    I have pb.sometimes the desktop disapeare.need to reboot to use phone…..

  • BogdanWP says:

    You cannot rush the man to release a rom , he does it for free so anything done for free you do it on your own terms not by request. Just be thankful and respect his work.

  • Jose says:

    El primer español que comenta haha
    Bueno solo queria decir que os agradezco todo el trabajo y estoy esperando impaciente la proxima version

  • Param says:

    edit: Is there a way to change splash
    screen on your Rom.
    and can u add contact lookup
    feature while dialing and radio app
    as in touchwiz.

  • Cagarcia says:

    Thanks dude 🙂

  • Lorenzo says:

    Great. But i can’t put live wallpapers. It’s normal ? How could I ?

  • which apps can you use to record video with? The ones I tried doesn’t work

  • ks says:

    Guys what about HSDPA?

  • hannes says:

    hi, i want to get back my original sowtware by using odin (because the warranty of my device) but now my pc doesn’t reconize my phone anymore, help me please!
    (sorry for my bad english :p)

  • Adam Giergun says:

    RC3 bardzo mi się generalnie podoba. Świetna robota.
    Zauważyłem jednak niestety drobny problem z WiFi, kilka razy zdarzyło mi się, że po włączeniu nie łączyło się z siecią. Pomagał dopiero restart telefonu.

  • SilenZ says:

    Hi Maclaw & Marcin, I was curious if you guys are working on making the stock video camera app working on the ICS build. Is it even possible? It would be nice… the alternative recorder apps only shoot at 320×240 resolution…

    And is there any news on releasing the next ICS build? I hope you guys include a compiled “tun.ko” for all the VPN users amongst us!

    Could you please react on the above questions? You guys rock!

  • Matioso says:

    Great release but:
    Am I the only one with a hudge battery drain when using 3g? When there is WiFi available my battery lasts for over 2 days. When WiFi is off and 3g is on it is empty in 9 or 10 hours!

    In previous releases this has never been the case.

    Thanks for your great work!

  • tommy says:

    What am i doing wrong?
    1) I flash 2.3.6 (One package S5660XXKTO) ROM through Odin
    2) Boot into recovery to apply : universal_gb_root_v23.zip
    3) I confirm in the system through Root Validator that I have the root permissions
    4) Reboot into recovery to apply : signed_cwm-
    5) Reboot into recovery with new CWM to format : /system, /data, /cache
    6) Apply full_gio-ota-eng.rc3.zip
    7) Reboot to system and when the phone boots up I get Encryption Unsuccessful error.

    I tried flashing the 4-file 2.2.1 ROM just for troubleshooting and then doing everything over again, but all the time the same encryption error.

    Is my EFS partition corrupted?
    I am accepting any hints 🙂

    Thanks in advance

    • SilenZ says:

      @tommy -Encryption unsuccesfull message solution-

      Yes I also had the encryption unsuccesfull message in the past.. In my case the filesystem was formatted as RFS (factory default), not EXT4… the full_gio-ota-eng.rc3.zip will then correctly flash but you get this warning message on first boot.

      Solution to this is in this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1915998

      Download the ext4-formatter.zip and run it from your CWM recovery. Warning, no message is displayed, the phone is directly being formatted!

      After that flash the full_gio-ota-eng.rc3.zip and it will run fine!

      Good luck!

      • tommy says:

        Thank you very much SilenZ.
        Ext4-formatter is crucial to the process.
        I’m coming from Spica and a bit different CWM where you could convert partition into different filesystem. That’s why I thought that if I have a CWM that’s ext4-only (for example) and i format those 3 partitions it will be enough.

  • PrinceCH says:

    cyanogenmod would have been better than AOSP
    Will u create a cyanogenmod ROM also maclaw?

  • Klen2 says:

    Hi, the RC3 is good, but sometimes I want to underclock little bit. And there isn’t any cpu step between 800 and 480. Pleas, add something there.

  • mbc says:

    Sorry but why is this rom so slow?? I like your Roms but did I do something wrong?? Please answer ;D

  • jakes says:

    Great work guys; thanks a lot! 🙂

    Do you have any idea if the OTG/USB host option is available/enabled on this device/kernel?

    I got my device as a cheap give-away from my telco & would *love* to repurpose it for some funky projects & the ability to drive/control some USB devices or take input from such HID’s would be pretty wicked!

  • Madaan says:

    1. Backlight stays ON a lot of times! Only solution is Reboot!
    2. Wifi issue with some apps like faceniff! Device Reboots!

    Rest the ROM is excellent! Gr88 job Guys!

  • Giowner says:

    For everyone who’s having problems with the backlight of the capacitive keys staying on after changing the brightness of the screen: Install the app “Keyboard backlight controller”, open it, tick “Lock off bklight”, change your screen’s brightness and untick “Lock of bklight”. Works for me! 😀

  • CptTightpants says:

    Thank you Maclaw and Marcin, and everybody else who was involved in this. It’s good to know that these older phones aren’t neglected by everybody. Your ROM is working great!

  • huzefa says:

    common maclaw & marcin how much time more for an ics rc4..rc3 is fast but basic thing is not working properly like bluetooth..etc…we know u both r working hard …not doubt in that .. but my suggestion u should work more on ics because it is more stable than jb….pls release fast ics rc4….waiting ..for it..

    thanks maclaw & marcin…

    • Giowner says:

      Don’t ask for ETAs.. They’re most probably doing what they can, and they put lots of time and effort into creating ROMs for our devices and you don’t even have to pay for it, it’s completely free!
      And yes, I’m waiting for ICS RC4 too, but for me it’s absolutely not a problem if I have to wait a bit longer because this ROM already works great and it’s stable as **** 😀

      Btw, they have a life too, you know.. There are more things in their lifes than porting/creating ROMs and fixing things.. 😉

  • tommy says:

    Big thanks for this release!

  • Oscar says:

    ext4 partition needed?

  • Marcin says:

    Nie wiem jak u innych ale mi bateria poda po 6-7h , na bacie wytrzymywała 1,5 dnia

  • Marcin says:

    Mi baterię zżera wciągu 7-8h , na becie tego nie było.

  • Kreii says:

    hey, i haven’t got any function buttons(wifi turn off/on etc) when i pull down.

    • Giowner says:

      That’s because this is AOSP, not Cyanogenmod or AOKP or something.
      If you want those toggles, search for “Notification Toggles” in the Play Store or use another ROM that has these toggles included 😉

      Btw, have you even read the FAQ? There he explains why the toggles aren’t there…

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