February 23rd, 2013

Ok, so as I said on Facebook, first of my own articles is about batteries – our explosive friends.

We just had problems with them, so I have a lot of things to share with you 😉

So, let’s start.

1. Li-ion batteries are forever
Most people saying that’s li-ion batteries aren’t getting older, they don’t have memory-effect etc. It’s a crap 😉 After a year of using phone, your battery will work a few percent less on one charge. My old, stock one Samsung battery have 4 years – when I pushed it into my Ace, it was working only 2h on stock ROM.

2. Chinese batteries aren worse than Samsung’s ones
Yeah, crap again 😀 More, Chinese batteries often works longer than these with Samsung logo. I’m using right now Chinese, gold battery bought on AliExpress for $3,50 (with free shipping :D). I have written on it 2450mAh (when stock one have 1350mAh). I didn’t believed that it’s real 2450mAh battery, but it’s really works longer. Also it’s cooler than my Samsung battery 😀

3. Don’t use your phone on charger
It’s hard to say if it’s true, but I was doing a lot of strange things on connected charger and nothing happened. So I don’t think it’s true.

4. When batteries are explosive?
It’s strange, but always when in use. When your phone is on your desk, when it’s charging, when your battery is swollen or not. Batteries are unstable all the time and it can burn or explode in every moment. Yeah, we’ve ticking time bomb in our pockets 😀

5. Chinese chargers can be dangerous
It’s the only thing here, where I have to agree. You shouldn’t use Chinese chargers with no logo. They’ve unstable voltage, cheap-built and sucks at all. Use chargers only from trusted manufacturers.

6. How to extend battery live?
Hmm… Charge it only when discharged, charge always to full (when your phone is displaying Fully charged after 1h after connecting battery, it isn’t true yet :D), use chargers only from trusted manufacturers. And I think that’s all.

Waiting for your replies and maybe other asks about batteries!


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  • Muhammad Umair says:

    Nicely written.. Good effort 🙂

  • 4pk says:

    i feel that custom roms destroy the battery faster. i mean not that battery drains faster when the phone runs on these roms, but even after putting back the official stock GB. anyone noticed that?

    • Macław says:

      ROM don’t have enough hardware control to destroy your battery, but kernel have. That’s why we rewritten kernel on Samsung sources 😉

  • Sven says:

    Very helpful information. I have a galaxy note 2 at the moment , but still use your roms on my ace and gio your roms are the best!

  • szymekpl says:

    So I don’t thing it’s true.
    Proszę zmień to na think, bo aż oczy bolą ;D

  • szymekpl says:

    Ale poza tym to świetny artykuł. Fajnie się czytało. Pozdro

  • marco says:

    my stock battery drain in 24 houra with stock

  • Malandirix says:

    this seems like a good pace to ask a question that I have had for a long lime, what I/O scheduler is better noop or deadline?

  • Vivek says:

    indeed really helpful!!! Well written!!

  • Use DS Battery Saver, it extends your battery life extremely long by forcing the cpu in sleep mode when the screen is off. I use it and I think it’s the best battery saver ever!

  • Robert says:

    Great! Please make an RSS Feed only about your mini-blog! ;

  • CoreWolf says:

    Lol, i have a 5-month old $1.50 battery from a chinese ebay shop.
    In the begin the battery lasted 28h @ stock with 24/7 hsdpa&push apps
    Currently the thing is drained after 15 minutes of use, standby time 1h @ stock without 3rd-party apps IN airplane mode :X

  • Vivek says:

    Well do you think 2450 mAh stock samsung battery can be used with our aces???

  • CesarOC says:

    Hi , hows your battery use after you used the chinese golden battery? Will it work with GT-S5830L?? cheers

  • Yudhish says:

    what did you do when you started to use the gold battery ???

  • Rad says:

    Would this apply to usb charging to like hooking it up to a pc and letting it charge via usb port ?? If you could make a post on this charger Vs usb port (P.C) would be cool . I travel alot and I cant carry my charger to the office they frown alot -_-

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