February 26th, 2013

Alpha1 of AOSP JB is available!

It’s first release, far from final!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • first release

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all JB functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether


  • Camera is not working
  • Bluetooth is not working
  • we’ve forgotten about a root… sorry guys 😉

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

Please, use our bugtracker if you want to report a bug. In issue title, add [jellybean] at beggining.

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

63 Responses
  • marcio says:


  • Nick says:

    Thank you guys!

  • Prateek Taneja says:

    You effin’ rule Maclaw!

  • GadGetPL says:

    ok. Now is OK 🙂

  • Connor says:

    you rock maclaw and marcin too!!!!! 😀

  • Natcher says:

    Thank you Macław, Marcin1147 and Tom3q =)

  • from russia says:

    Maclaw You use new kernel, how from AOSP ICS ?

  • Dmitry says:

    Hey! If you so clever,why you dont have make a own ROM?

  • thezelmusic says:

    Finally! Which version of JB is it?

  • Silva says:

    how to install?

  • Andrea19 says:

    i cant make screenshot on this rom and the browser is messed out

  • BogdanWP says:

    Daaaaaaaamn. Thank you !!

  • fame says:

    maybe u will take source from armv6 proj from github and make some modification? what about ics? did u finish with it?

  • Malandirix says:

    No SU?

  • JorEquis says:

    Thanks, only one thing, Can you implement “national data roaming” option ? Please, I want to quit R of roaming on my virtual network Thank you!

  • Thierry says:

    Hello, AOSP JB alpha1 work for me, but I am not root “su”. How do I become root ? Thank you.

  • Thierry says:

    I install SuperSu from googleStore, but when I start it says “No su binaries installed and SuperSu can’t install it. It is a problem.
    (Excuse me for my bad english traduction)

  • Chris says:

    Will you guys still be working on AOSP ICS? can’t wait for RS4!

  • Chris says:

    Is Google Now working (Including voice? 😉 )

  • Ty says:

    Great!!! thanks!!!!

  • lakki says:

    wooowwwwwww its nice

  • bdo says:

    Imagine maclaw making aosp android 5.0! That would be awesome!

  • A. says:

    So, when I press Turn on USB storage instead of connecting to computer appears SD card safe to remove. It’s from my phone/computer or it’s a bug ?

  • Pop says:

    Great work guys … Can’t barely wait for Bluetooth support …

  • Cool ROM is cool! BTW, will you develop the 4.2.2 version as well? 🙂
    This is not a request. Just a question…

  • hrincon says:

    This means Marcin is OK now, good to know and hope it wasn’t too serious…

  • gig says:

    Is there support for google now and how is it installed.do I have to wipe system cache?what about the battery also….love your works….

  • BogdanWP says:

    Just wanted you to know , if someone has a problem with keyboard switching to voice mode , which doesn`t work , well for me atleast , just go to manage apps and stop google search service

  • marco says:

    what about battery drain is like gingerbread stock???

  • Bruno says:

    Does Google Now work?

  • Lucas says:

    THX for this Rom!

    but i have found little cm sources

    are you still using cm sources?

  • Wojciech says:

    Wypasiony ROM-ik ale poczekam na aktualizację 4.0.4 do RC4 No chyba że rozwiniecie 4.2.1. Miałem taką wersje 4.2.1 i CM 10.1
    ale telefon mocno lagował i musiałem robić reboot 2x dziennie.

  • ananza babanza says:


  • Hmm to obtain root you can always use Bin4ry’s root method 🙂 Tested working on my Gio!
    Thanks a lot Maclaw and team for this release!

  • Thierry says:

    Hi, how to find Bin4ry’s root method for Gio

  • Thierry says:

    Thanks Kevin I will try your solution.

  • Thierry says:

    Kevin, Installation work as you say but does not work when titanium backup ask to get root rights with command /system/bin/su.
    thank you anyway.

  • Tri says:

    Thierry! choose option 1 at binary root method command prompt, you will get restore option at your phone and restore it then quickly manually reboot your phone but dont close bin4ry command prompt. SU binary will installed when phone rebooting. Titanium back up, Link2sd, busybox installer is work well for me…

  • Marvin says:

    Thanks 😉 can you fix the camera please… 🙂

  • Harsh says:

    Will this rom work on s5830i ?

  • rohit says:

    none of your realese is stable … bugs are still there ..

  • Alex says:

    Hello, i have a Galaxy ACE and it has very low space in the internal memory. Is there any way for you to send the “Play Store” and the “Google Services” (i think is part of the store) in APK format so we can install it and then move it to the SD with “Force2SD” ? Because they consume lot of internal memory. Thanks for all your effort ! Keep it going !!

    • Tri says:

      I use Link2sd to do that…I have 114 App and still have 108 MB free internal memory for me that`s quite enough.

  • Paul says:

    Could you make a Firefox OS build for Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  • […] de Maclaw está a aperfeiçoar a ROM Jelly Bean based para Gio e Ace, sendo que já existe uma versão alpha para testes. A  última versão de ROM estável (release candidate número 3) é Ice Cream […]

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