March 12th, 2013


There’re a lot of changes. If you’re updating your ICS, please, do wipe dalvik cache (in Advanced) after installation.

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • first final release
  • fixed camcorder
  • fixed some multimedia bugs
  • big wifi improvements
  • big battery improvements
  • big dalvik improvements
  • built as user, not userdebug build
  • big performance boost
  • ril and mobiledata improvements
  • faster camera
  • google proprietary calendar replaced aosp one (colors in calendar fixed)
  • google proprietary gallery replaced aosp one (google gallery sync fixed)
  • fixed ad-hoc connections
  • completly reworked media subsystem
  • new omx libs
  • added and fixed sim toolkit
  • updated supersu and su binary
  • updated google apps

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • bluetooth (with A2DP support)
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • camera and camcorder
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all ICS functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether
  • SIM Toolkit


  • there are no issues

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q
  • Trybicki

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

120 Responses
  • Robert says:

    Compliments! First 😉

  • threepwood says:

    I am impressed! Downloading now. Can’t wait. Thanks, man! 🙂

  • Does it need a wipe to update from RC3?

  • marcio says:


  • Juancho says:

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!

  • Kigeki says:

    Great! Thank you for your hardwork!

  • Cak.Upik says:

    Yeah, if einstein can make a mathemathic theory, you not only can make an unbelievable android theory, but also the changes of android history in the world
    Big Thank’s to maclaw’s team. Keep up usefull for human being 😀

  • André Miranda says:

    Downloading it now.

  • Jaaziel Loera says:

    maclaw you rock!!! 😀 updating now, thanks, expect my donation this weekend, thanks for this beatifull rom, and go for jelly bean. you can do it!!!!

  • yarpen says:

    awesome work guys.. (sorry for my bad english)
    i really want to have AOSP in my mobile, but i’m still not sure, how to install, so:
    1. root and CWM
    2.full wipe, wipe cache and dalvik cache (wipe dalvik after instalation too)
    3.install .zip from sd card
    4. reboot

    is it correct? thanks

  • Geovane says:

    Great, downloading

  • Prateek Taneja says:

    Brilliant! You go Maclaw!

  • 4pk says:

    can you suggest a “3rd party radio app”?

  • 4PDA says:

    you are the BEST!!! Thank you very much! good job Marcin and Maclaw!

  • MegaKewl says:

    Thnx 😀 😀 😀

  • Silva says:

    When change brightness button Backlight stays ON.


  • Łukasz says:

    Nadal nie gaśnie podświetlenie dolnych klawiszy, po zmianie jasności świecenia ekranu, może to tylko u mnie tak jest?

  • carlos says:

    thank you guis you have made a fantastic job we never thot ate can be possibol congratulations……….

  • Jyrx says:

    AWESOME job Maclaw and your crew!

  • huzefa says:

    maclaw & marcin u both r awesome developer i hve ever sseen in my lfe….love ur rom…man..
    jst little confuse which rom is more better cm9 or aosp….means good

    thanks maclaw & marcin

  • ma2n says:

    you’re my inspiration to develop something guys….. just newbie….. thanks maclaw studio……… 😀

  • Diego says:

    hi! really great work!
    you rock!
    btw it support as2d script?
    Thanks a lot for your grat work

  • sanjar maksumov says:

    Thank you verry mutch guys !! Love your roms keep working on jelly’s rom too !! Thanks !! 😉

  • aland says:


  • Malandirix says:

    OMG so smooth!!! 😀

  • Dang Manh says:

    What can i do for downgrade from JB to ICS

  • nikimanon says:

    Im’ really excited, can’t wait the download finishing *_*

  • Dmitry says:

    Дякую за чудовий РОМ. Ваша команда найкраща.

    Thanks a lot,for your GREAT ROM. Your team are the best.

    Dziękuję bardzo, vid Ukrainy, za dobre firmware.

  • robert says:

    Big thanks maclaw and marcin! You are the best. Thank you very much for providing us this excelent rom.

  • guest says:

    Does Wi-Fi WPA2 PSK encryption work?

  • Kym Keive says:

    Congratulations and big big thanks for sharing the amazing results of your hardwork Maclaw, Marcin and contributors tom3q, Trybicki !!!

  • Alojz says:

    just a lil thingy… bln always on for me…

  • Kym Keive says:

    and almost forgot: cheers from Macapá-AP, Brasil !!!

  • jdga03 says:

    Thanks! Installing right now. Your previous beta releases where good, I’m guessing it’s great!

    I just want to ask if there’s a way to configure the cell bands as in service mode (from stock).

    Thank you again!

  • Diogo Reis says:

    Includes gapps?
    how is the battery life?

  • finalicsrules says:

    The camera’s speed is really impressive! Everything seems smoother than aosp ics rc3! Maclaw Studio, you are really amazing. You did what samsung didn’t do!

  • windblade says:

    FANTASTIC ROM, u guys are really amazing )

  • Hec says:

    Thanks, you and your team are amazing, one year ago, think in a ace with ics was a joke, today is a reality.

  • SilenZ says:

    WOW! You guys ARE the best!
    Can you release a compiled tun.ko for this final build? A few weeks ago you said that it would be added! Hoping on it! Would like to use the DroidVPN and OpenVPN on your fantastic builds.

    Please reply 🙂

  • SilenZ says:

    We all need the OpenVPN or DroidVPN option, because buildin VPN (PPTP) still does not work on this ROM. No VPN at all… please fix this if you guys can!

  • Ehsan says:

    Am i suppose to go back to custom rom to flash this or just from JB to this after wipe ?

  • Mayur Gondhalekar says:

    Not able to download..several times it cancelled – network error..everything else works fine on my pc

  • d.-.k says:

    super smooth, super fast. good work guys!

  • Asep says:

    Undoubtfully, this is a fast and smooth ROM. But, I’m still not able to get the compass working on Ace. The Z and X axis seem still inverted.

  • ASK says:

    At the time of installing cwm says installation aborted!!!
    what to do??

  • Silva says:

    Great Works guys.

    Single bug

    When change brightness button Backlight stays ON.


  • Geo5RS says:

    the best ever ROM! you are the best!!! we are all waiting now the best Jelly Bean and we know you can do it!!!!

  • markacgost says:

    Mnie to już szlak jasny trafia ;/ mam wgrany GB 2.3.6 + root + CWM, wgrywam soft przez recovery, robię wipe, chache, data i dalvik i za każdym razem po reboot pojawia się komunikat encryption unsuccesfull ;/ poradźcie coś mi na to ;/

  • faiz says:

    very smooth!! thanks dude, you rock!

  • virajjjj says:

    Hey is it true, that you are planning to release the cm9 version too. And please do plan to launch it. Thankss

  • ndijax says:

    yes!!! Very smooth stable! Thanks you all of you!

  • Manu says:

    Can you enable swap in kernel?

  • Toumash says:

    Świetna robota! System super, kwestia kosmetyczna – podswietlenie klawiszy ne wylacza sie po zmianie jasnosc ekranu ; )

  • kornwit says:

    Thank You !

    How to take screen shot ?

  • Hans E says:

    Google voice search not working for me. Is reported in bugtracker I saw. What worked for me was to delete the item from system\apps (using root browser lite) and just install voice search from android play. Worked for me.
    This rom is really great. Thank you maclaw/marcin.

  • jcperes says:

    Thanks Maclaw, Marcin and anyone else who has helped. The ROM is unbelievably awesome. You guys are great!

  • Arnes says:

    No MusicFX in Music?

  • Andy says:

    Sorry but… someone have a tutorial to install?

  • Martin Hermosillo says:

    Thank you for your work guys, this rom is the best. Just one question, can I upgrade from ICS final to JB alpha 2 without wipes to? Best regards from Mexico

  • Napster says:

    Great job on the rom, very smooth and stable! But can we get bln notification support?

  • napster says:

    love the rom, but can we get bln notification support please?

  • VLAD says:

    Wszystko pięknie z AOSP ICS final, tylko jest jeden u mnie problem na ACE. Mianowicie, gdy chcę włączyć GPS dla AutoMapy, ta po chwili automatycznie się wyłącza. Przez chwilę jest komunikat “SZUKAM SYGNAŁU GPS” i ciach wyskakuje do pulpitu. Próbowałem już to zrobić na różne sposoby, ale wciąż to samo. Za każdym razem, gdy wgram inny rom np. DroidAce, bo mam go akurat na karcie to nic takiego się nie dzieje. Może ktoś pomóc?

  • Stef says:

    absolutely awesome!
    I have a problem though, the default keyboard has no dictionary and it shows every single word I type as wrong…is that a common problem? Any way I can fix this?

  • Gaspa says:

    Really a great work guys! Just one thing, android keyboard can’t find the dictionary, and vocal search FC. Anybody can confirm that?

    Anyway, it is the smoothest and most stable ROM I ever tried!

  • Wojciech says:

    nie działa mi czujnik światła, jasność muszę regulować ręcznie. Czy to norma czy raczej jakieś niedociągnięcie ROM-u?

  • mahdy says:

    Hello.Do I Can Download This Rom?

  • ahrope says:

    hi thanks for this awsome rom maclaw and marcin . but i have a problem with the battery life . when it 95 % i open the brewser foe 5/6 mints then it drops to (70 / 60) %!!!!
    i charge my phone until shows up 100% whene the phone is off
    then i go to cwm and wipe data,cach,divalik,and battery status and sometimes i format system
    then i install the rom , is this the correct way , please answer

  • Matt says:

    H+ in signal icon in status bar for hspda does not show. Has been a bug through all of these ASOP builds.

  • Matt says:

    Sorry don’t want to look like I’m complaining as this is but far the smoothest non GB ROM for ace

  • Darshan Atha says:

    Good rom.
    Having problem with wifi, my phone sometimes restart when wifi is on.

    • Greg_ace says:

      Same here. Reboot sometimes happens when activating wifi. Will be perfect Rom when this and all other little bugs are fixed (usb tether, market FC, bln support, backlights stays on)

  • randy says:

    the video player is my problem. it seems like it is a 3d video. can anyone help please

  • digigram says:

    WOW! Thanx Maclaw, Marcin and all others that helped! I’ve been a fan of this project from the galaxyICS days but could not keep up with the releases, so I’m sooooo thankful for a final, and it works so NICE!!! Loving it!

  • gokuvai says:

    Great ROM.., but voice search not working, HSDPA icon not showing, I installed speaktoit assistant also didn’t work with voice….what should I do?

  • sorry this rom does not have a file folder? please finish .. Good work! thanks Maclaw do the best..

  • njaa8 says:

    hey bro i just to ask..whether this rom can be paired with cronmod script for move data to sdcard??

  • Arnes says:

    I dont know abou you guys but ICS Final 1 cut my battery capacity into half. I must recharge every day (while on 2.3.6 every three days). Also, I have problem with receiving calls. Somethimes there is no receive call “circle”. Nothing. Blank screen, and all the time there is no picture if you have attached picture to your contact. Only top part.

  • einstein says:

    Thanks for another great rom. It’s not perfect though. You should change the comment that there are ‘no issues’ with this release, as there clearly are some.

  • Nickellick says:

    Hey, good work, but i can’t download Gio rom (“Network error” after 13.2 mb at almost all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Rekonq)
    I haven’t that problem on another sites.
    Sorry for my english, and thanks!

  • Hugo says:

    My phone doesnt vibrate wen i receive sms, anyone know whats going on?
    Also How to use a2sd?

  • Wojciech says:

    Oj sory , faktycznie nie ma czujnika, a cały czas myślałem , że jedna kropeczka to czujnik zbliżeniowy ,a druga to czujka od światła.

  • gianluca95 says:

    Do i need to wipe for updating to this from JB alpha 2 ?

  • Marko says:

    Where can I find CWM file gio?

  • Erneriusz says:

    ROM jest wspaniały, ale są dwa mankamenty. Po pierwsze po zmianie jasności ekranu klawisze nie przestają świecić. Po drugie wydanie polecenia lokalizacji, np. avastem antitheft zwraca pozycję z kosmosu (gdzieś na środku oceanu, z dziwną datą). Jeśli jest się na dworze zwraca dobrze.

  • bagads06 says:

    For file folder go to playstore and search for:
    IO File Folder. Thanks me later 😉

  • Albert says:

    Awesome work!! Camera is sooo smooth!!
    Just a question, how can I reduce the number of home screens??

  • bryan says:

    hy maclaw.. .have you fix the tethering on gio?? i cant use tethering (usb tethering). please fix it. .

  • Macław says:

    Service codes are working only on stock software.

  • calt08 says:

    overclock please

  • Kay F Boakye says:

    Hey guys. First of all a super big thank you to Maclaw and the Team for this legendary release. Will definitely be donating very soon!

    I have a little problem though. It seems voice search functionality is installed but it doesn’t seem to work. When I click on the microphone, the app opens for a while and closes it self about 5 seconds later. same for the keyboard when attempting to enter text vocally. Is it just me? Is that how this build naturally is? Is there a fix or workaround? Thanks loads in advance and keep up the awesome work.

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