March 16th, 2013

Ok, so I compiled system, fixed some things and we have first working and almost functionally CM10.

Booting CM10 on Mini

Booting CM10 on Mini

Homescreen after first boot

Homescreen after first boot

Browser with our page (Internet via 3G)

Browser with our page (Internet via 3G)

What is working:

  • RIL (phone/sms/mms/3g)
  • Wifi
  • BT
  • Sounds
  • Touchscreen
  • USB tether
  • Wifi tether
  • Bluetooth tether
  • Wifi direct
  • Camera
  • MTP usb mount

What is not working:

  • HW acceleration (2d and video)

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  • Hey thats great! Maybe I will buy s3mini too 😉

  • altufaltu says:


  • threepwood says:

    This developer team might be the only worth following to a new phone really. Great work guys! Can’t wait for CM9 on Ace by you 🙂

  • niev2008 says:

    I hope you will fix the problems soon!! I can’t wait for CM on my S3 Mini!! Good Luck

  • Cały czas śledzę Twoje poczynania i tak jak gościu wyżej, zaczynam rozmyślać nad zakupem S3 mini, żeby być na bieżąco z nową porcją stuffu! 🙂

  • DeadRavens says:

    I confess that I don’t own a S3 Mini but it’s brilliant that you’re branching out to other models and testing the water; can’t keep a good developer down, hey!

  • bieltv3 says:

    Maclaw, are egl and gralloc open source in s3 mini to get it working or did u boot on software mode? Thanks

  • Emre says:

    I want to use USB OTG on S3 Mini. If you enable to USB OTG for S3 Mini, I will be grateful and very happy. I hope you perform it. I’m using Galaxy S3 Mini and I’m glad. I would like USB OTG support for S3 Mini 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  • nDijax says:

    Sweet!! You rocks!

  • Mile Phillip says:

    Greattt..i love it.

  • Gcko says:

    Great work by great developer!!
    keep it up guys and thanks for bring CM to SGS 3 Mini. Good luck!!

  • Chavvy says:

    hey mac!..was just thnkng that if u cud use s3’s sources for nature ui and implement it in ace/gio..just in case if its possible

  • gec6ogen says:

    This rom have russian lang?

  • evilking009 says:

    Great work! wish if i could buy S3 mini :'(

  • galdos says:

    Good job! I hope that it will be available very soon!

  • BogdanWP says:

    Praised be the CM 9 for Gio/Ace , hallelujah … waiting for it like a crazy person 😀

  • Pako2 says:

    This mobile need some fixes like as can be used like as mass storage and installing apps data into sd card. That would be great.

  • Arjo says:

    wondering if the 3pin headset (with answering button) is working… Experienced problems with other cm roms at that specific issue

  • :( says:

    Maclaw mahn..please release the cm9 rom..i have been waiting like for ages :/

  • Dang Manh says:

    I think now it’s time for next JB release

  • samertarhini says:

    this is great!!! I need this ROM to my s3 mini

  • dx says:

    Im ready to test it and give a feedback

    From paris with love

  • Polo says:

    Fantastic work! I tested it and if the 3g would work, I would keep with this ROM. I hope you to finish it early, I really want it.
    you are going to be the king of s3 mini carriers 😀 good lick!

  • Ethan says:

    The MTP device is not working in my Sasmung galaxy S3 mini in Cyanogenmod 10 Jellybean 4.1.2 (CyanogenMod 10) alpha2 !

  • api says:

    hi.. im new here also new about android phone…
    i love this frmware n wanna use on my s3mini.. can u teach how to install(tutorial)?? & how much time i ned wait after install ur frmware?? me_Api

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