March 25th, 2013

State of work

  • Booting CM10 (4.1.2)
  • RIL (calls/sms/mms/3g) – 100%
  • Wifi (wifi/direct/tether) – 100%
  • Bluetooth (bt/a2dp/tether) – 100%
  • USB (adb/mtp/tether) – 80% (after latest compilation MTP is not working again, I guess I forogotten to change something, instead there’s UMS)
  • Acceleration (2d/3d/video) – 70% (2d/3d acceleration is almost working, but not at all. Video acceleration isn’t working at all, but we’re working on it)
  • Sounds (both speakers/mic/a2dp/earphones) – 100%
  • Camera (photo/video) – 95% (camcorder is waiting only for video acceleration)

What about sources?

  • Our kernel is fully based on Samsung’s latest kernel source.
  • Device is made by me, but inspired by one made by OliverG96 and lupohirp

33 Responses
  • dariolob93 says:

    Thank you very much maclaw ^^

  • yess says:

    can you say a date of first release?

  • Sichinglin says:

    This will work for Samsung galaxy s3 mini latin america version (i8190L) ???

  • Gcko says:

    Keep it up sir..

  • HeavyHDx says:

    Can’t wait for the first release, i’m surprised that right at the beginning the majority of the features is working, you are freaking awesome! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • PedroJ says:

    When the release? Its pretty usable with RIL fixed and HW 2d/3d working. Cant wait! 🙂

  • Benz says:

    Maclaw, which baseband are you using?

  • Thank you Maclaw! Can’t wait for the first relase ^^ I’m glad to see they haven’t given up the project 8’D

  • gec6ogen says:

    Because we hate he in XDA forum.

    Maclaw you best! I can’t wait first release your build. TW and Samsung app must die.

  • H8StockRoms says:

    Maclaw you are the best! 😀

  • hapmedhapmed says:

    ‘s great what you’re doing …! 🙂 I have a mini and am very happy with but I honestly would be better without all of samsun, I like the style android .. as in this case they leave the CM10 .. I keep waiting for you to take out a rom to test functional … on this that could install version because I’m from Mexico and I have only this model has not i8190L NFC unfortunately ..

  • Kenneth says:

    Great work, im waiting <3

  • NiEv says:

    Great work but is there any news about the process??

  • Kenneth says:

    what are you doing with this rom? why you need so long…

  • Benz says:

    Kenneth Stop being such a God damn pain in the ass and let the man work!!! Why don’t you fix these things that are not currently in working condition? Give it a rest!

  • Afnan says:

    yap , he just a man .
    not a superman , just wait like benz say 😀

  • Sn0w0nS says:

    So how are things going? Any news?

  • gec6ogen says:

    I wait first alpha. You fixed acceleration?

  • TobiasFP says:

    Cant wait for RIL to be working!!!

  • bongbong says:

    thanks for this..

    i have problems on camera auto flash.. the picture taken is yellowish,, can you give me some tips to eliminate? thnx

  • Steffen says:

    Hey – Thanks for the work. I have Donate and hope to see a final. I am excited and wait with flashing.

    Greetings from germany….

  • marton says:


    whether the CM10 (4.1.2) ROM be compatible with GT-I8190N model?

  • nezt says:

    any progress here?

  • HeavyHDx says:

    Please include the custom Maclaw-Bootanimation 😀

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