April 16th, 2013
RELEASE for Ace & Gio
CyanogenMod 9 final3


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You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • fixed (I think) all big f2/2.1 issues

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • bluetooth (with A2DP support)
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • camera and camcorder
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all ICS functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether
  • native USB tether
  • native BT tether
  • BLN
  • SIM Toolkit


  • there are no issues

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

82 Responses
  • Rodrigo Aguilar says:

    First, good rom

  • Chetan kate says:

    This one is awesome:):) maclaw and marcin1147 , thank you thank you very much for this:)

  • kringkring says:

    i was gonna download 2.1 and then i just felt like reloading the page and then the 2.1 became 3! goodness. hahahha thank you very much!

  • shahab says:

    thanks maclaw. i dont know what was cm 9 final 2.1 problem? i am running 2.1 and its very good rom

  • Rafael Oliveira says:

    Is the facebook app working?

  • marwan says:

    Lol I just downloaded aosp because the video error XD

  • admrlspeedy says:

    Everything is working fine for me now. I was wondering if you might be able to release a patch that adds torch and enables the notification widget button. I can install it myself, but the notification widget is disabled.

  • sam says:

    Great roms!! Do you gonna take the cm10 Gio/Ace proyect again?

  • Uff, Team Maclaw the best! for ever 🙂

  • Rodrigo Aguilar says:

    Works The HQ of Youtube?

  • Matt says:

    Stable & fast enough for me! Great job!

  • whether a2sd gui darktremor can be used in the final CM9 for galaxy ace?

  • L says:

    how to upgrade from final 1 (not 2/ 2.1)? thanks.

  • Chetan kate says:

    Evrything is working great on my galaxy ace ,gps nd BLN also:) maclaw and marcin1147 you are “SUPERB”:):)

  • kabam says:

    For BLN use NStools (search play store), it works fine. Thanks Maclaw for your hard work.

  • Salim el yabouri says:

    Awsome rom better than final 1 and 2.1 . Thank you maclaw for your roms
    ( never use seeder it will make your phone unstable and soo laggy and don’t touch performance options only chech the 16 bit transparent to make your phone smoother )

  • universeforce says:

    Wow!!! I must said is the best release ICS for ace, smooth and I don’t have any problems until now. Greate rom!!!

  • aditya says:

    Is the download link working

  • Hey cool rom, still going to test the video playback because it lags sometimes.

  • BGM says:

    You are just stupid, BLN is working very well

  • Joao says:

    Is it possible to update the final 1 CM9 for the final 3 without having to wipe data?

  • alexelpan says:

    Everything works great!!, only i have one question…. how do i do to make my battery last long?

  • hamidreza says:

    please add mirror link for final3 or direct link,
    link start download and after few seconds, gives error.
    i tried sic times but couldn’t download.

  • Vladimir says:

    Gmail notifications doesnt work properly.

  • Deepesh says:

    BLN not working for me..:(
    Tried NSTools and BLN control app.
    BLN control app says liblights dowsn’t support BLN and NSTools switches on BLN but its not working..
    Help needed..

  • Ale says:

    Hello, is it possible to upgrade from Release: AOSP ICS final2 to Release: CM9 final3 without wiping data ? I don´t want to install everything again ! Thanks !

  • sir I am now using your CM9 Final3 and it works great for me felt so stable hope that you could release the final and stable CM10.1 for samsung galaxy gio thanks a lot sir

  • john says:

    hi, sorry if my question looks stupid, this is my first time to install custom rom to my gio, my question how to install this rom to my phone, my gio still use official rom from samsung, is there another software that need and how to install, is there any newbie tutorial to install tutorial ? i already read a lot article but still not understand. thanks.

  • uchideshi says:

    CM7 -(2.3.7) – CM9 Final 3 succes and work

  • sir in your download page i sa the that for galaxy ace it can also use to a galaxy ace olus? thaks

  • Yudhish says:

    Perfect rom…..smooth…thank you Maclaw for keeping our old Ace up to date !!!!!!!

  • wafa izzulhaq says:

    Maclaw, please help me, every time I play my music the sounds are unstable, when it skipps to the next music suddenly it gets louder, and it will only get back to normal when I pres the volume up or down botton, what should I do?

  • AanIroel says:

    BLN Not work on My Galaxy gio
    with comment “liblights dosn’t support BLN”

  • paxpro says:

    cm9 end 3 support a2sdgui darktremor ?

  • kigeki says:

    Well I cannot install any other roms anymore, because Final3 is a fantastic rom. I guess I’ll wait for JB Final 🙂 Thank you for awesome work 🙂

  • Tomas says:

    What Radio 3party app should i use to listen to fm radio(not internet radio).Thanks

  • Jan says:

    Downloaded it a few hours ago and installed it. I had an error “error in tmp/sideload/package.zip” but this was resolved by upgrading to px-cwm-v2.zip from an older version first.

    All seems to work fine now. GPS is extremely accurate and I installed some apps without problems. Thank you very much Maclaw!

  • Ali says:

    Thanks Maclaw;First,Great Rom

  • igor says:

    Hi. Firmware Update planshet Hyundai T7s ?

  • Mattsson says:

    I’am using this one on my Gio but will this one work on my wifes phone GT-S5570 Mini

  • badagila says:

    maclaw, i made some editing on your cm9 final3, i change the built in launcher into apex launcher and i put it a built in file manager by dragging the apk to your rom.zip i hope its ok to you sir 🙂

  • saygone says:

    Very smooth working rom 🙂
    But I see a problem. When I use GPS I have to wait for lock about 4-5 minutes. What is more, when I reboot phone it will lock GPS faster (2-3 minutes) but it is still not satisfying me. Just for clearance I use it in Poznan. With previous CM7.2 gps worked fantastic.

    • Kee says:

      Yup, same with me, my CWM version, is it because of this? if anybody knows how to make gps lock faster, please share? thank you.. after all i think this is the best cm9 for ace, agree

  • Storm says:

    Hi there! first of all, thanks for your awesome work! 😀

    I installed you CM9 final1 version and I love it, but I had some things working wrong (for example, trying to play a video I recorded with the same phone but when I had CM7.2 was chunky) I think that all those video related issues are fixed with this final3 version, so there is my question:

    Can I install this version over the final1 one without losing data or the apps i’ve already got installed? if so, what would be the procedure?

    thanks in advance for whoever can answer me, and again, thanks to all the developers!

  • Sergey says:

    Hi! Good and stable rom. I just know, in the future can you made working button on hedset? Or this don’t doing on CM 9?
    P.S. Soorry for my English) Learned at school any timy ago

  • Meysamgh says:

    thanx for your awesome work.plz add persian language to input keyboard

  • tedhy87 says:

    Great work for Maclaw Team :D, this final 3 support link2sd?

  • faiz says:

    im from AOSP ICS final 2, do ineed to wipe? please help me. thanks before

  • Anchit Sripat says:

    hey Maclow team, every function is working very well! There is just one problem, i cant access or store contacts in my phone memory, there is no option for that!

  • maclaw please help me, why in CM9 no file manager? what wrong I install?

  • Miguel says:

    whats the battery like on this rom ?

  • AlexGR says:

    Hi guys!!! I tried this rom and others from here for ACE, and the USSD codes doesn’t works fine; this problem really confuse me because USSD codes are just for Samsung devices and your roms are for this ones, but it jus doesn’t work.

    Do you have a patch for this issue? Or how can I fix it?

    I have tested the official rom from cyanogenmod for this device (CM7.2 Cooper) and there was fully functional the USSD Codes.

  • maclaw please help me,how do I turn off vibration when typing a message? thanks 😀

  • I have a problem in mobile networks, the data enabled BUT I did not get a connection, anyone help me please 🙁

  • Mark says:

    do some of U also have Wi-Fi issues? well, i’m not sure if it’s my gio with cyanogen9 or my router. that’s why i’m asking…

  • Vedamurthy says:

    I got the error
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
    (Status 0)
    Installation aborted.

    what am i supposed to do now?

  • eu says:

    The deepsleep it’s not fucking working…….

  • eu says:

    the deep sleep it’s not working … 🙁

  • majed says:

    Thank yoy

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