April 27th, 2013


Please, leave in comments topics, about which I should write news on Macław’s blog.


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  • HeavyHDx says:

    You could rant a little bit about the Samsung Stock-ROM and how they ignore JB-Features and restrict everything, I find that so annoying…

  • Batman38102 says:

    +1 for the first comment

  • Irving says:

    You should write about your developer life, cheers Maclaw

  • Zuya says:

    What about your favorite Linux Distros

  • PrinceCH says:

    You may write about “Mobile Phones Camera’s For Instance:-
    1.How to protect them..
    2.take best shots from them.
    3.are They really the x.x MEGAPIXEL that the company Promise.
    > I Think this would be a great and interesting topic. <

  • Neon says:

    An S2E/Link2SD tutorial specific for Ace/Gio devices would be nice. With instructions on how to create partitions on the SD card and such. Sorry if it’s already been done.

  • einstein says:

    So what good would that rant do?

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    Maybe about the United States of Teddybears? :’D Or what your favorite Teddybear is 😀

  • cojeap says:

    how about touchscreens and different capabilities
    you said that: “Galaxy Gio/Ace touchscreen supports touch strength”
    what does mean and help?(or maybe not)

    i couldn’t find much about that

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