May 1st, 2013

I want to say to you that we just started works on CM10.1 on S3 Mini. We discovered that it have more sense than making CM10 first.

Works has started today.

We removed whole device sources and ramdisk – we started from clear CM and ST-Ericsson sources, because Oliver and Samsung sources are useless, because in they we cannot fix anything easy and fully correctly.

This is a list of things, which are working for this moment:

  • booting CM10.1 (Android 4.2.2)
  • Touchscreen
  • RIL (almost working, WIP)
  • WiFi (almost working, WIP)
  • HW Acceleration (2D/3D) without flickering
  • USB (ADB, MTP, Tether)
  • Lights
  • Sensors
  • Deep sleep
  • Internal/external (sd) storage without crappy Samsung driver

We will keep you informed right there.


19 Responses
  • Kire says:

    So you are dropping the cm10 project?

  • Roderik says:

    Grat news. Hope you can fix wifi soon. What about smoothness? Any graphical glitches? Nvm i will be using it as my daily driver right after wifi fix :D. Btw are u goin to release it todsay?

  • Roderik says:

    I would say no

  • ah damn it just a little bit to soon…what prevented me from using the current cm10 build was the missing video acceleration, but oh well I can wait…I guess it’s actually a good idea. keep up the good work

  • thehamburgler says:

    Best. News. Ever.

  • ds says:

    vooovv its cool idea

  • TLH11 says:

    Awesome! Have u lost all the work of CM10?

  • IgSoN says:

    You haven’t mentioned AUDIO in the list of things that work. Does it mean that there is still no audio or you have just forgoten about it ? If so I think that we can expect first release soon, cause as I see RIL and WiFi are fixed.(I’m not asking for ETA 😉 ) Cheers.

  • roonn says:

    You rock man!

  • Paul Macpherson says:

    Great work! I agree with you, there is no sense in continuing support for CM10 if CM10.1 is available. Anybody who disagrees can *insert insulting phrase here*. I am looking forward for the first alpha. Also mate, take your time. Don’t listen to anyone rushing you along, just work at your own pace, and return to your first life when you need, and come back to your second life when you have time. If there is one thing I have learnt from my development days, it is that you should NOT, I repeat you SHOULD NOT let it take over. Good luck.

    On another note, flick me an email if you require a tester.


  • Paul Macpherson says:

    I have a request for you. In your bugtracker can you please provide more detailed notes on each issue? I just had a look, and for example, on the audio issue there is a note stating “Partially fixed”.

    I’d be curious to have a little more detail. 🙂


  • blargh says:

    And not one clue about the project since May 1. You gotta give us something, dude, like a video or pictures.

  • Benz says:

    Any new updates yet.

  • Rod says:

    Any updates yet?

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