May 1st, 2013

Hello guys!

I just finished our new bugtracker.

It’ll be easier to manage issues now on them.


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  • Pigmeej says:

    Looks cool, but clicking the title, not the issue number should direct to the bug/issue description

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    “I jsut finished our new bugtracker.”

    Just small issue, bur you should correct it 😀

  • Timo says:

    Could you choose some other colors wich are more different? Can’t see a different between “new” “feedback” “assigned” and “closed” :/

  • Miso says:

    is the bug tracker still used by the dev-team? The re-direction goes to a 404 ( instead of and the latest entry is dated 2013 …

    Best regards

  • Oscar Monsalve says:

    The bottom buttons on the GT-I8190N dosn’t work with the lastest carbon release. Tryed everything (wipies, re-install, ..) but still got nothing.

  • Dietmar says:

    Hello I hope I am here right.
    I have flashed my S3 mini with 11-20140912unofficial-golden ODIN.
    I have a problem to charge battery when the s3 is switched off.
    When I put on the power supply, I see the wheel in the middle of the screen.
    The wheel stop immediately and the s3 freezes.
    I have to remove the battery and plug it in again, then I can start again the s3
    I can only charge the battery when the device is on.

  • Dietmar says:

    I’m sorry I forgot my s3 is a GT-I8190 blue

  • Kevin says:

    Hello i have your s3 mini CM11 release and since 2 release in my notification bar the buttons are hide and only after a restart they come back…what can i do?

  • vope says:

    Where can I find the bugtracker ? I don’t find the link…

  • Fatih says:

    Have a nice day. I’m using CM12.1 . Earpiece volume of the phone call very little. A lot of practice ” unfortunately … was stopped ” as is malfunctioning. My device s3 mini.Expect updates .

  • Levi says:

    The camera video recording on snapchat is also green

  • Pablo says:

    Offline charger not works;
    Device works slowly after lsat update;
    after use flashligth one or more times, device reboot like a first time, updating all propgrams.

  • Davies Sidney says:

    The STK does not work for the CM 12.1 ROM released on 2nd January 2016 for the Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini. It doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with my phone carrier for some reason. I live in Kenya and the STK is really important and used ubiquitously around here, so If you are able to help to solve that, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to say that it worked fine with the CM11 ROMS that I had installed before this one. Thanks.


  • Hunter says:

    S3 mini 20160102 bugs:

    1. low voice during the interview
    2. loss of voice during the interview with the speaker change Skype
    3. video taken by stock camera app is green (you know)

  • I have the newest build installed on my Galaxy S3 Mini, i’m Happ with it so far BUT something isn’t working well: The WhatsApp and Viber calls. After a few secounds you can’t hear anything. It’s the same with normaly Phonecalls, that’s ver bad, because So I can’t use the S3 mini…

    I apologize my issues, my english is not so well.

    I’m very thankful for fixing this Problem soon, I Love the NovaFusion Caanogenmod very much!!!!

  • Kelvin Carvalho de Oliveira says:

    First dev preview release (20160311) of CM13.0 for S3 Mini

    Tanks Nova some bugs:

    -Random red screen borders
    -Random screen flashes
    -No SIM card detect.
    -No camera app, and when i install google camera shows following message: “Camera Error Can not connect to the camera”

    *The WiFi works for me too

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