May 1st, 2013


Because I received a lot of insulting messages about that we leaved Ace and Gio commmunity I want to say:

NO, WE DON’T! We’re still working on releases for Ace and Gio.

How much time we have to write that? We aren’t joking, but it isn’t so simply to fix something everyday. Also, it could surprise you, but we have real life and we aren’t robots.

As I said, we’re planning AOSP JB release this week, then we want to try CM10.1 on our phones. We also trying to make a big surprise for you, guys 😉

Please, believe us.
We didn’t even thought about leaving Ace/Gio community.

Macław & Marcin

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  • Neon says:

    Can’t wait for CM10.1 for Gio. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up!

  • Soldado says:

    Surprise ???? hmmmmm

  • Portugal says:

    comon guys forget all the bulshit the ppl say and do it your best work…in the end all ppl will be glad for that 😉 BEST regards from Portugal!!! Keep Up

  • sintronics says:

    hello Macław & Marcin
    people have to wait and stop to think that you are doing the best you can
    I give my congratulations for your hard work…
    it must be difficult, to resolve the problems, you have to face, to put a working bug free rom.
    so tank you and forget that people that are posting insulting messages, they are just xxxxxx

  • Hugo says:

    Morons, stop treating them like they’re your employees (even if they were, what the hell? They deserve more respect, overall). I know the team is strong, but if they are working to make us happy, at least act happy. Damn it. It’s free! They’re doing it for fun! We should be THE most greatful fans out there, we’re lucky to have such a team.

  • Woohoo! I am very picky about my roms but I love ur roms!

  • pillar says:

    you really have to let the haters hate and not worry about them

  • bloodemir says:

    maclaw thanks for defending ace/gio community. I am gratefully happy to your work, they are amazing. Your respect from previous work make us proud to you =) -Maclaw fans from Philippines

  • VIỆTNAM says:

    good look to you. I can waitting best rom of U on my ACE

  • Sky_Walker says:

    i wish you could make a cm10 also for our ace along with cm10.1

  • Batman38102 says:

    I love ur work and I know u still work for ace and gio! let those idiots say whatever they like but ur the still the best developer

  • Giowner says:

    So because of you having a life, people start bitching about that you left Ace and Gio? LMFAO! :’)
    In my opinion you can better have a release that’s (almost) fully working than a release with thousands of bugs. Looking forward to the new releases!

    Keep it rolling guys! 🙂

  • André Castaldi says:

    Don’t worry Maclaw and Marcin, we know that you’re doing your possible for our Gio and Ace.
    Thanks for all !!!

  • Viswa says:

    Chill up man …. dont really need to update Ace/Gio right now ,,,,,,, take a break and fix up things for s3 mini …. u r already pushing ace/gio to its limits ….. i mean take a long break and come back with the release of android 4.3 ……

  • Woft says:

    dont stop this project becuase your work is great!!!!!
    aah the surprice?? Kernel 3.x??
    thx again.

  • badagila says:

    sir, i admit that i am the one who makes the thread in xda and your bug tracker about your CM9 final3 and i want to say sorry about that sir if it makes you feel insulted but that is not what i mean sir i just want to call your attention about my suggestion sir and i am sorry if i did it in a wrong way i don’t meant to insult you sir actually i always recommend your rom for anyone who ask help or solution on there previous rom sir.., sorry sir

  • marwan says:

    Maybe they gonna make android 5.0 klp (key lime pie) for gio and ace 😀

    • Si47Leopard says:

      Are you totally mad? It’s even crazy that Jelly Bean is running with minor lags, it was never meant to run on a device with so low specs.^^

      • Batman38102 says:

        Its not really impossible to run it! If i overclock my gio to 921 Mhz i can run jb stable enough so why not klp?

  • jm says:



    We all appreciate your investment in Gio and ace!!!
    You did excellent work before, and we believe in you!
    we just hope you will achieve final JB with those,

    if not, we still be very thanksfull !

    I’m just full of admiration of your work
    only, if you want, still, go on…

    SHOW must go on 😉
    Thanks again …

  • Rogério Munhoz says:

    I can’t believe people are saying this kindda thing, your job is amazing, if it wasn’t by you, I wouldn’t be running a reeeeeealy smooth and clear ROM like I am now!
    Thanks folks!
    You rock!
    (Running JB 4.2 on Galaxy Ace)

  • Pelearmee says:

    who’s upset?, I have a water gun and I will not hesitate to use it, I’ll wait as long as necessary, I think you should take a holiday, greetings.

  • Kouta84 says:

    Yeah! I’m waiting for your CM10.1 since wayland drops ace developement.

  • Urban says:

    Maclaw, any plans for a functioning Google Now for Ace/Gio? Been waiting too long.

  • Shiw Liang says:

    You are my hero maclaw and marcin :3

  • 97carmine says:

    Maclaw Hello, I want to know if your ROM is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i, is that there are people who possesses this phone and are interested in updating to Android 4.0 at least some people are working on CyanogenMod 7 but much to come out for our phones, so, I’m interested to have Android 4.0 on my Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i

  • droid marley says:

    maclaw you are the reason why my ace is breathing every season, all the best for it mate and thanks for everything, you and marcin indeed are our heroes. 🙂

  • Rodrigo Aguilar says:

    Maclaw, put in the FAQ the question if this ROM supports the S5830i/c/m, so stop asking xD

  • Galaxy says:

    Keep up the good work, im a big fan of you and cant wait for the next downloads 🙂

  • Good Maclaw!

    Everything in life can be good to have to make it easy ….
    Therefore Tranquility …..

  • Pandu gumelar says:

    wtf with other people, they dont think making a rom from scratch is easy? is really hard u know, just making a custom rom from people’s build is hard if u dont have any experience.keep the good work rooting on you from the beginning.

  • Willy says:

    Hi Maclaw ! Awsome job u done ! Will the camera of JB (as in Nexus 4) made in AOSP JB ??

  • ASF says:

    great…just testing the 4.04 ICS on my favority mobile dievice: the ACE. with your ROM thers no need for another device… maybe the ACE 2 once… You guys are on my future donate list, sure!

  • Eden says:

    Please don’t get pissed off by me comment, I don’t mean to compare, but Oldroid managed to get cm10.1 in the system partition without using sd ext, so I bet you can

  • mikah says:

    damn man … you are fuckin awesome….!!!!

  • Pratheesh says:

    Waiting for AOSP.please give us that surprise

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