May 5th, 2013
RELEASE for Ace & Gio

RC1 of AOSP JB is available!


If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.

Install SuperSU from Market after installation!


  • replaced google gallery with aosp one
  • fixed camera crashes
  • fixed gallery lags
  • updated repo
  • new bootanim (by Salim El Yabouri)
  • reduced system size
  • improved lockscreen performance
  • fixed Bluetooth tether
  • fixed USB tether

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all JB functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether
  • native Bluetooth tether
  • native USB tether
  • camera is fully functionality
  • Bluetooth
  • button backlight
  • UMS


  • if you find any, report on Bugtracker

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

Please, use our bugtracker if you want to report a bug. In issue title, add [jellybean] at beggining.

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

123 Responses
  • nr0526 says:

    First! 😀 I test it soon! Thank you, guys! 🙂

  • SilenZ says:

    Woooohoo! Flashing it directly! Thanks team!

  • DETKIL says:

    thank you for the jelly bean RC1 on my birthday

  • szymekpl says:

    You’re great! I really appreciate your work dude! Dzięki za wielką, dobrą robotę! Masz ode mnie piwo.

    • Macław says:

      Nie mów tego do człowieka który ma ochotę na browar bo potraktuje to śmiertelnie serio 😀

  • leo says:

    thank you maclaw!!!!

  • SilenZ says:

    Nice boot screen Maclaw! 🙂

  • Willy says:

    Finally !! Good job ya Maclaw !!

  • badagila says:


  • me says:

    looks good man but have you fixed all graphic glitches?
    and what about storage settings?
    THX very much!

  • skualo2000 says:

    problems all appear as video gallery

  • VIỆTNAM says:

    how to dowload? I chose dowload but nothing happen?

  • hrincon says:

    Release Candidate state already? Great job!
    I would like to suggest you include in the next release some info about total file size and a checksum or something for us so we know we are downloading the right file. You surely are aware that some bugs may derive from a corrupted or incorrect download.

    Regardless, great job! keep it up!

  • JC says:

    Wow~what a nice boot animation. Maclaw mod!!!

  • nr0526 says:

    Great ROM, guys! Smooth, and fast. But Voice Search isn’t working on my GIO. :/

  • leo says:

    thank you for adding pinyinIME.apk !!!

  • leo says:

    maybe you can remove tts for reducing system size maclaw 🙂

  • TJ says:

    ehi maclaw there’s some trouble with the first screen after boot (entering the pin) the numbers are so small but is still possible to unlock the phone, it’s only a graphical glitch 😉

  • Just to be sure: no need to wipe from CM9 final 3?

  • htza says:

    Is Audiorouting working?
    Because in last beta it wasn’t
    When headphones was plug in and then plug off & plug in back music played from speaker.

  • Pop says:

    Great news … Will try it now …
    Once more… many thanks for your work 🙂

  • Rage says:

    how to download ?? when i click the link nothing happens …

  • Harsh says:

    None mentioned about this:P
    New look of website is awesome

  • How do I reset the beta1 to apply jb jb rc1?

  • zverok says:

    I’m very happy for new realise. Good job!!!! Thanks)

  • Jeffrey says:

    can’t get the gallery working, the photo’s are video’s and i’ve already tried to delete the cache from the sd.

    • alexelpan says:

      me too, i have the same problem

      • gui22395 says:

        I also have the same problem.. The ROM is perfect, totaly perfect, except the fact that i am not able to see pictures (because of the galery bug) and, as well as that, the numbers when i introduce the PIN are very very small (greetings from portugal maclaw!)

  • how to enter recovery mode in jb beta 1?

    • powermix360 says:

      It doesn’t depend on the rom you have, although some let you access it within it.
      This is the “official way” of doing it: With the phone turned off, hold the Physical button + Power button at the same time.

    • power the device on, and turn it on by holding home+power, and when the screen turns on release the power button. (how did you manage to install a ROM without knowing this?)


  • very smooth ROM but the gallery can’t detect .jpeg/jpg file? it shows as a video and it doesn’t have Sim Toolkit but all in all it’s a great ROM. Thank You! Goodluck! so excited for the next release for Galaxy Ace

  • badagila says:

    maclaw, i am a senior member at xda and i made a thread recommending your rom and giving this link too i post it in samsung galaxy gio original development but olddroid give me this reply ( you will probably never understand!
    does not belongs to original development section and even not to development section! (read the XDA Rules!)
    Maclaw received a perma ban by xda, so none of his roms are allowed to be posted here

    Thread reported,
    OD ) do i did something wrong dude? or he is just only a looser?

  • Dang Manh says:

    I try clear the cache and remove folder DCIM but notthing change, all image look as video and i can’t view them

  • Ahsan says:

    This ROM is fine. Only the problem on Gallery turn all JPG to video.

  • thehamburgler says:

    On a completely unrelated note, will the next ROM release be for S3 Mini, or is still for Ace/Gio users? Would it be okay if you posted some of the development going on for CM10.1?

  • lilithv2 says:

    Guys install QuickPic 🙂

  • Lorenzo says:

    Thank you, great job, but my Gio is on CM9 final 3 and It works very good. Prepare you a CM10 version for gio/ace ? Soon ? I’m waiting for this because you make a great job.
    Congratulations from France.

  • shoaib says:

    for gallery bug use QUICKPIC from playstore until issue is resolved..

  • badagila says:

    maclaw, this rom is great smooth and fast but anyway there is a simple problem about this rom like the camera hehe shutter sounds like a shot gun i can’t even take a stolen shot and about the message i hope that you can make something like s3 🙂 your cm9 camera has good sound but its much better to have an option to turn off the sound but anyway mac yhanks a lot im still using your cm9 final3 and its so great to have this you are amazing!!!

  • Andrew says:

    Best ROM so far…Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    BTW,a stupid question:How to remove unused home screens.

  • Hey I’m having slight performance issues e.g it lags when I switch screen off other than that I’m impressed with it!

  • Andrzej says:


    why button on headphones dont controll music player?

  • Chris says:


  • me says:

    maclaw, can you make the launcher faster ? (by removing the persistent search bar, set the number of screens to 3,…) Thanks!!

  • seppe says:

    very very thankful for it! 🙂
    amazing work again team! grtz

  • DeeTweak says:

    How about the battery life?
    Is it as good as in your AOSP ICS Final 2?

  • RomAnoX says:

    There is no native email application and i need it for exchange… could you add or i can set the one on ICS version?

  • RomAnoX says:

    I installed the email apk from the AOSP ICS final 2 version and it worked… but trying to use exchange account the exchange account FC 🙁 can i replace it from the ICS as well?

    • RomAnoX says:

      Fixed… replaced the Exchange2.apk with the Exchange.apk from AOSP ICS Final 2… and installed as an app the email.apk from AOSP ICS Final 2… working like a charm… Thanks for all the hard work… i will only ask for a reboot option with recovery…

  • Pons says:

    Are these black shadows under the status bar and above the dock on the home screen normal? By switching to multitasking they disappear. I think this should be reverse, no shadows on homescreen and shadows in multitasking 😀

  • ravindra thoriya says:



  • Paweł says:

    thanks a lot ! gr8 job. Pozdrowionka z polski blesss 😀

  • Radik says:

    My Gio is stuck on the bootscreen with Maclaw logo.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • badagila says:

      try to remove the battery and reboot again

      • Radik says:

        I’ve done it twice. And waited about 10 minutes in the bootscreen.

        • badagila says:

          what steps have you done for installing? did try to press home button after a minutes?

          • Radik says:

            wipe data, wipe cache, install from sd and reboot

          • Jouy says:

            wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache and from format menu press format system install rom and reboot 😉

          • Tony Joseph says:

            My Ace is also stuck in the boot screen with Maclaw logo. Tried several times wiping data, cache, & dalvik cache & even formatted the system and tried again installing. But still won’t work. The same problem is again happening..

    • Radik says:

      Jouy… I’m not able to wipe dalvik cache. When i press to wipe it back to the other menu :S
      Something weird is happening with my gio :/

      • Jouy says:

        So you can try flash stock rom via odin, then flash root, recovery, then try wiping 🙂

      • Giowner says:

        Most probably that’s a bug in the recovery. Do you use Phiezx recovery?
        I’ve got the same problem, so… I actually have no idea how to fix this and don’t know another good recovery.
        Does anyone have an idea?

  • ALB says:

    hi. can I update directly from OldDroid’s CM10.1?

  • Paulo says:

    Great Job! I’ve just instaled on my cooper and the rom is running smooth and fast!

    The only problem, if its a problem, is that i have not found the settings of the launcher, I’d like to change the number of home screens and hide the apps names…
    The configuration is in another place or should I reinstall the ROM?

  • laksamana says:

    Mr. Maclaw,
    thank you for your ROM, very fast and light.
    mr, i got problem during use this ROM
    1. I open the STorage in Settings, i got message “unfortunately, settings stopped”
    2. i can not install some application on google play, like Firefox, chrome, google now

    how to fixed it?

    thank you

    • Giowner says:

      Firefox should work, but chrome isn’t available for armv6 devices.
      That means it actually isn’t a bug in the rom.

      • laksamana says:

        Mr. giowner,
        how to install firefox beta? … when i search firefox beta in google play …i got message this device isnot compatible.

        • Giowner says:

          I don’t know anything about that.
          I’m not on this rom yet (my recovery can’t mount /cache so I still have to see how to fix that) but on AOSP ICS Final 3 it says my device just is compatible.

          Maybe search for a .apk of the Firefox beta somewhere and install that one?

          • laksamana says:

            Mr. Giowner Thank you for your advice, i’ll try it

            in the last time i use ICS ROM ICS FInal 3 Cyanogen 9, and i can install firefox beta from google play, but now after update to JB RC1 the google play shown the message not compatible.

            i like this rom, slightly, smoothly dan more faster than ICS

            i have 1 question… how to increase internal memory?

            thanks sir

  • Yudhish says:

    i’m currently running Cm7….and i want to upgrade to this…..what are the flaws of this rom ??

  • Johnathan says:

    Instagram and Pudding Camera = NOT WORKING.

  • Hariharan says:

    Hi Maclaw….

    Great Job!!!! I have installed your RC1 Jelly Bean…Its so good…But its showing the photos as Video file……Even camera is not taking a clear picture….Please try to fix….It will be Grateful……..


  • Paulo says:

    I found a bug, the phone can’t connect to wireless networks from a secure AP.
    Its the same problem that various others ROMs for JB and Ace/Gio are facing…

    I put the bug on bug tracker too….

    Anyway, Thanks again, great ROM!

  • nano says:

    thank you for the jelly bean RC1

  • Abdulrehman says:

    Absolutely fantastic… only one thing to add..
    tags for faces in the gallery. now its 10/10 but that feature will give it 11/10

  • mat says:

    wgrałem cwm rfs+ext4 potem twój rom i nie działa 🙁 tylko bootanimacja.
    wipe zrobiony. co jest nie tak?

  • Victor says:

    I’ve installed the rom doing the previous wipes and the gallery is working without any bugs.
    Thanks Maclaw, you are the best developer for ACE

  • badagila says:

    maclaw, hi can you change the message style like s3 or like for hyperion on gsy? thanks dude love your work 🙂

  • Yudhish says:

    each time i switch my wifi phone restarts !
    what can i do ???

  • Pop says:

    Findings so far:
    As already reported, keypad size should be increased.
    Sometimes GPS doesn’t work. Power off + power on, get’s it back to life.
    SIM stored app’s doesn’t show up in Apps menu.
    Ringtone and Notifications sound’s lists, show only one sound option available (and None)… not sure if this is caused by the same Gallery bug.

  • Yudhish says:

    Sometimes mic does not work during calls…have to reboot to be able to use it again !!!

  • pippo says:

    some apps (es angry birds, magic fluids, glow hockey) that are compatible with the CM 10.1 now I’m not anymore, what can I do?
    I do not know how to add the tile o.O
    despite everything you’ve done a great job

  • faizjoni says:

    i still don;t understand how to clear cache gallery. thank you maclaw.

    cheers from indonesia

  • Edwin says:

    Great rom man. Been using it since realesed, the only problem i have is that camera recorder only works on 320 and above, no 640*480. Is this a rom problem or device problem?

  • ThatGuy says:

    There seem to be multiple apps that aren’t compatible in google play, but on AOSP ICS Final 2 they are working flawlessly

  • Ender says:

    Ok i have a problem. Running AOSP RC1, and after about say 12hrs at a stretch music does not play. Let me make myself clear. Before that it plays. Then say i pause it and i try playing i cant hear any music. Any other thing could be heard. Just not the music. Had the same problem across three music apps. It just does not work. Rebooting solves the problem.
    Running 4.2.2 RC1 on samsung gio.Other than that it runs beautifully.

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