May 6th, 2013

Guys, please, say hello to our new team member – OldDroid.


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  • iluvatar says:

    Welcome OldDroid, thanks and congrats for joining the wonderful Maclaw team!

  • alohen says:

    hello OldDroid

  • marcio says:


  • tomaasz says:

    hello OldDroid!

    Nice to see you in the best team:)

  • Alan Mtz says:

    Whats up OldDroid

  • sergiodroid says:

    Heeeeeeello OldDroid!!!

  • Gal says:

    Welcome OldDroid!
    hope you will make this team even better

  • kazzot17 says:

    i’m so glad that you are in the team

  • nr0526 says:

    WOW! OldDroid in the team? Really? Welcome OldDroid! Your CM10 is amazing. But audiorooting… :/ Hope now you can fix it! :)) Keep up the good work Guys! Cheers! 🙂

  • pico says:

    hellooooooooo xD

  • calt lopz says:

    welcome OldDroid

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    Wow *o* you now youre the greatest dev-team for our ace :3 i’m very glad to see thiiiiiiis guys C: your ROCK man \m/

  • sintronics says:

    i´ve been flowing your work in my gio
    now you are a more complete team
    hurrraaaa 🙂
    looking forward to see new stuff from you guys

  • sanray says:

    This is beautiful alliance of droid masters! The OldDroid’s CM10.1 is beautiful work! It sounds great!!! Hello, OldDroid!

  • seedrom193 says:

    hey,welcome and I hope you spend a good time in here 😉

  • monaliza142003 says:

    welcome mr. OldDroid

  • Eden says:

    Wow! Two of my favourite developers! 🙂 and I mean marcin too as maclaw

  • OldDroid says:

    pff, dont call me mr., im just 14 ^^

  • PinoyMe says:

    OldDroid, Marcin and Maclaw? Wow.. Now that’s an excellent team.

    Best of the best. I am sure we will now have more stable roms in the shortest possible time.

  • Another GREAT DEVELOPER! Welcome OldDroid! MaclawStudio team is the best! 😀

  • admrlspeedy says:

    So he’ll be compiling for you guys? Since that’s all he does on XDA. He has multiple release threads and all he’s done is compile other peoples work and releases it under his name… You realize is he has had multiple threads closed and he’s been in trouble more than once for stealing other peoples work.

    • Macław says:

      I’ll be watching him 😉 Thanks for info.


    • neko says:

      +1 ..he is compiler not developer

    • Nathan Taal says:

      He has got things on gio working as the first. Maybe with the help androidarmv6, but he also made his own fixes. He is also a recognized developer so I’m not fully agreeding with you

    • sintronics says:

      i have a gio, and if he uses other peoples work, to get things fixed and help other users, that great
      ( why it has to wast time to fix something that it´s already fixed, by someone ???)
      i think the objective here is to help all users to have a better experience ( updates ) with their phones.
      i want to tank you all programmers to developing and helping me and others user to get a more enjoyable phone
      that´s my opinion 🙂

  • badagila says:

    OldDroid is now a member?

  • badagila says:

    heeeeelllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo olddroid weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllccccccccoooome to team maclaw!!! after you reported my post about maclaw’s rom and the forum administrator has closed my thread you are a member of this team thanks a lot oldroid!!!

  • FeiShol says:

    Hi OldDroid… welcome.. so.. the best of Maclaw is not yet to come… *waiting for the next release for ACe. Thank you…

  • ddikodroid says:

    Hello OldDroid
    Nice to see you here!


  • mark says:


  • khovann says:

    great news ! My previous rom was one of OldDroid’s and now he joins my favourite team !

  • Gopinath says:

    Welcome Oldroid…

  • Viswa says:

    hi olddroid …. was thinking of using your paranoid android Rom … but now that you are into this group . you are going to make a good job … also go forward with the release of your pac rom … it’s kind of cool

  • Turkiye says:


  • arroyo says:

    Are you the same OldDroid who posted this:

    If there is something going on with Ace 2 then we are saved.
    True Avengers of Ace, Gio and new NovaThor!

  • Asep says:

    Hello OldDroid!

    I wait for update on your AOSP ICS ROM on XDA, but now I found you here. 😀
    Developers team. Great, guys! 🙂

  • Berk says:

    Well Hello there OldDroid!!! Nice to have you working with Maclaw!!!

  • OldDroid says:

    kernrl modding, porting armv7 things to armv6, dtiver and module knowledge, framework modding, and so on? Oo and you call it only compiling? well ^^

    btw, will mentain fit & mini projects 😉

  • rockstar says:

    OldDroid… He is not a developer. Poor choice maclaw. Keep an eye maybe he even steal your work too

  • OsA says:

    Well… now we have 3 from 4 best 4.X developers in gio historii… nice 🙂

  • Welcome,
    But as The Wolf said in Pulp Fiction:
    “Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet”

  • badagila says:

    i am not judging olddroid guys buy just take a look of this page this my thread that oldroid reported to our senior moderator in xda this thread contains the post about maclaws rom aosp jb rc1 release! i know that olddroid is a good developer i saw a lot of his rom and i also tried it but i am concern to maclaw and for us, because we all know that only maclaw has an ability to release a stable rom for us and i’m hoping that olddroid won’t destroy that

  • axwels says:

    hi olddroid. on xda you said that you will be engaged in the development of J b aosp 4.1.2. still in force?

  • OldDroid says:

    im not a compiler guys 😉
    im Admin and Lead Developer of PAC-man Team,
    have advanced knowledge abt kernel building and the drivers (3.0 on armv7 porting with uart)

    dont think im a bad choice 😉

  • nizar nasani syria says:

    old droid welcome to the perfect team…and now i can say that this team is perfect and awsome

  • badagila says:

    ok olddroid so now can you tell me why do you report my thread about maclaws roM?

  • OldDroid says:

    because its against xda rules posting other devs work in any development section!

  • welshtotem says:

    Welcome OldDroid … Nice to see you are now a Maclaw Team Member … always liked OldDroid and Maclaw Rom’s but i had to choose before (always a pain since both so good) but at last i dont have to any more 😀

  • Mitch Lucker says:

    hallo oldroid, I hope cm10.1 completed! .)

  • Hans E says:

    Hope you’ll feel at home soon. Thank you for joining Maclaw & Marcin here.

  • jabberjaysz says:

    YAAAAY!!!! olddroid has made some awesome roms!!!!!

  • Tri says:

    Never judge the book from the cover, the big main point is they will develop together and show to us the best and most stable rom especially for old device (Ace & Gio).

    Welcome Old Droid…

  • VIỆTNAM says:

    Hello old droid@@

  • rockstar says:

    Look he is bragging what he can. This shows his character. You don’t have to say anything. If you wanna prove something show that in your work. Rather than commenting here I can do this or that. But you have steal others work that’s for sure I know.

  • badagila says:

    MACLAW, i made some simple logo for saying thank you to your rom i hope that you like it 🙂 this is the link:

  • OldDroid! LOL creator of Stable Cyanogenmod10.1 for gio+Maclaw creator of Stable Cyanogenmod9+ Marcin creator of fastest cm7 for gio= GREAT TEAM N COMBINATION!

  • Chetan Kate says:

    Hey nyce to see you on olddroid:)
    Just want to ask you dat as u r working with maclaw , so you left that of your rom “aosp ics rc1” by olddroid wht ?????

  • sanray says:

    I think OldDroid joined to MaclawStudio for CM10.1 developing. I’ve tried OldDroid’s last CM10.1 for Gio, it is perfect work. Hope audiorouting, headset button and battery stats issues will be fixed soon 🙂 Unfortunately there’s no rom with android 4 for Gio yet, where headset button works.. Good luck, guys!!!

  • youngdroid says:

    Congratulation olddroid i like your stuff and i never change always hesitate when i see “better” rom…
    I don’t like the way eriksas talk to you when he said credit to me olddroir don’t do nothin..
    You do great job and we all appreciate..

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