May 26th, 2013

Ok, we have some personal changes in team, so I decided to write this article meanwhile 😉

So, as you probably remember, a few months ago I bought nice battery for Ace on for something about 3$ and I was really happy with it. And I’m still happy.

Then when I bought a S3 Mini I decided to look for a flip case. But it was a little expensive (~35$ in Poland). So I looked on AliExpress and…. nice replacement for just 5$. Ok, I bought it.

After more than a month of waiting, I received it. At the beggining, I was happy with it. I removed my protective foil and was using flip case only to protect my screen. It was a big mistake…

After 3 or 4 days, rubber band has broke away and edges of flip were sharp. I didn’t noticed it (I was busy) and in the evening, I discovered big crack on my screen, made by sharp edge of flip. I was really angry, but new protective foil masks it well 😉

So, as I said last time something good about China replacements, today I have to say: “be carefull”.


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  • DanielS says:

    When you wrote about the golden batteries, I went and bought one from aliexpress, it’s more than 3 months I’m waiting, and have not received them yet. And still didn’t manage to get a refund. last time to buy something from china…

  • Razvan says:

    what about cyanogenmode 10.1 for s3 mini? what about that? you deleted post with changelog? will you realease a version of it wthis week(today) like you said?
    or you can’t keep your word?

    • Macław says:

      Marcin has all sources on his PC… I don’t know dude, that why I removed the post.

      • Razvan says:

        just to let you know, we are a lot waiting for this.
        all other roms are originals with minor modifications.

      • It’s difficult to be believe!
        You was going to make a release today and your team mate goes away with sources.
        What does really happen?
        It smells like child argument! Or you are kidding.
        How old are you and Marcin? 12?

        • Macław says:

          Don’t worry, he’s back 😉 Release also soon.

        • Jannick says:

          So what if it’s delayed? Yes it is annoying (i’m also waiting for this), but it is free. So what about just being happy that someone is working for you for free. They could just keep it for themselves but they share it with us. So who is a child?

        • thehamburgler says:

          First of all, Marcin was sick, dude, so that probably must be the reason why he wasn’t able to respond to Maclaw.

          Second, calm down. Maclaw already confirmed Alpha 3 CM10. It’s almost been 1 month since the team mentioned anything for S3 Mini. I know, it’s been that long, and I, too, am pissed off, but Marcin responded and the release is a go. Be optimistic, dude.

  • Asep says:

    You get what you paid for. 😛

  • Janez says:

    I listened to you and ordered 2 golden batteries and received it in 8 days 🙂 i’m satisfied with it :=)

  • Veenkar says:

    How long does the phone last on the GOLDEN BATTERY 2450mAh?
    I have Andida 1800mAh and it has power for about 20-40 hours depending on usage.

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