May 31st, 2013
RELEASE for Ace & Gio
PA 3.56 – Beta 1

ParanoidAndroid 3.56 Beta 1 is available!

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free  ;-)

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • first release of PA 4.2.2

What works

  • RIL (data/messaging/call)
  • full hw-acceleration (graphic – 2D/3D)
  • GPS
  • audio (new libaudio, fixed audio routing bugs)
  • sensors
  • YouTube HQ/LQ
  • Wi-Fi
  • Google Apps
  • deep sleep
  • native Wi-Fi tether
  • native USB tether
  • native Bluetooth tether
  • camera (video recording/panorama/taking photo’s)
  • bluetooth
  • button backlight
  • USB mass storage
  • adb


  • some layout parts might be buggy in other ui modes than phone!
  • if you find any others, report on Bugtracker

Ace releases aren’t working on S5830I and S5830M version of Ace!

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors to other webhosters  ;-)

Guys who made it happen:

  • OldDroid
  • Macław
  • Marcin1147
  • androidarmv6 team

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

Please, use our bugtracker if you want to report a bug.

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free  ;-)

48 Responses
  • nizar nassani syria says:

    omg thats really cool 😀 keep it up guyz.. but just a question is this the same one that oldDroid release it on xda?? and will this pa have the multi screen and flouting notification??

  • Tomek says:

    404 Not Found for gio download link

  • Shiw Liang says:

    Guys may I know what is special about this ROM compared to CM10.1?

  • Jarvis says:

    Did u make this from source ? Which date…as the current pa 3.56(with halo 28 may) build lags a lot 🙁

  • Silva says:

    can you put photos here?


  • Chetan Kate says:

    Facing a problem on downloading of galaxy ace s5830 , i tried 3times but in middle the download canceld plzzz plzz solve this problem maclaw:(

  • Ravindra says:

    hi maclaw,

    plz add photo and video for pa3.56


  • Is the performace better than CM10 for Ace?

  • bob says:

    i wish i had the S5830 + price difference Instead of s3 mini :p

    • Giowner says:

      Well, for custom roms you most probably do, but the performance of the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio is not really thát good.

      I’m thinking of buying another mobile phone, I’m getting pretty frustrated by this one XD

      Btw, you could’ve bought an S2 instead of S3 Mini 😉 It’s almost at the same pricepoint and there are lots of custom roms for the S2 😀

  • AssToast says:

    For those asking questions which is better, just try it out yourself

  • D says:

    Hey guys! great to see your roms moving forward! thanks a lot to all of you!
    @OldDroid, @Maclaw – i do not remember since when, but gps has not been working for a while for me(JB,ICS+CMs). If i turn off wireless/mobile location, there is no way that it finds my location, even in beautiful sunny days. Next week i am traveling to Poland, and without gps, in general, very hard (no ingress, no geocaching, no navigation and simple use of maps), using mobile networks in roaming – huuuge bills.
    Yesterdays, i flashed stock rom, and gps worked out of the box.
    Well, if you could fix it and find some time for this, would be amazing, i could send logcats, in case of need.
    And one more questions: on ace, we do not have much space for apps, what tool would u advice for apps2sd? i used s2e, but on CM7, as i know, it runs on CM kenrel, i tried dapps2sd, but had to re-flash you rom all over again.
    thanks once again for you amazing job!

  • Teodor says:

    What is Paranoid Android?

  • VIỆTNAM says:

    I hope you can mod lockscreen look like Cm10.1. .

    • OldDroid says:

      ehh, the lockscreen looks already like android 4.2 ones?

      • John Morrisson says:

        I think he meant that in cm10.1 the pin-entering screen layout is correctly aligned to gio/ace’s screen. at the moment PA has the same problem as AOSP JB, the buttons are very small. a minor bug, but maybe it’s possible to port the correct layout over from cm10.1?

  • Konrad says:

    I think that galaxy ace has to tiny screen for PA but its great to see your work OldDroid 🙂

  • Glenn De Weerdt says:

    I’ve tried this ROM and it is amazing!!! Really! I’m still going back to CM9 though, I dont have time to install all my apps again, so I’m doing a recover with CWM. Somewhere in July, I’ll certainly try this ROM again!

  • Sure it does not work on B/L versions?? Because every ROM for S5830 that I tried worked on my S5830B (including maclaws one)! Nice to see you here OldDroid!!!

  • Alan:) says:

    This version is better than the other ones before you are in maclawstudiosteam
    Still working OldDroid
    Thanks for the team

  • Sure it doesn’t work on S5830B/L? Every ROM for my S5830B is for S5830, including maclaw’s one!

  • kosbre says:


  • Nihat AKINCI says:

    this rom not work ! cwm mod “chose zip from sdcard” but “CAN’T OPEN SDCARD/PA_GIO-3.56-30 MAY2013″ (BAD)” why ??????

  • Hugo says:

    Okay! So here are my first thoughts on this release:
    The performance is slow once you’ve installed over 10 apps and there are no performance settings whatsoever so there’s no way to set up your RAM configurations in order to speed things up. It took me over 7 minutes to type this paragraph because of keyboard lag.
    Also, there is no way to set up shortcuts to unlock your screen to, they are now links below the lock screen widgets and,in my opinion, it looks crammed and ugly. I liked it better when I could swipe left and unlock to the phone dialler right away.
    Not everything is bad: the ROM doesn’t reboot at all so you could say it’s very stable; no random force closes.
    Overall, the ROM is good but slow.

  • OldDroid says:

    lol, speed it up and configure urself with nofrills and other performance engines from xda 😉
    its aosp with almost 30 modifications and new features, i thought already over abt backporting the performance settings, but i wanted to keep pa style like it is 😉

    • Hugo says:

      Yeah, I’m just not used to it. Sorry, this is a great release. I found one bug, though: when you select quick reboot on the reboot menu, it shuts down instead.

  • Piotrix says:

    I have a problem with this rom: it doesnt let me change the hybrid properties (eg the phablet mode) can anyone help????

  • John Morrisson says:

    I can’t get mounts2sd/int2ext working with this rom. has anyone had success?

  • Steve Rudka says:

    release is very stable. I can’t say it’s slow, it’s pretty good. but the keyboard is very laggy. i barely typed my gmail password. and it’s first rom that i’ve installed without GTalk. not used to this.)) thanks!

  • Please, help me…. 3G is full in this version? because i go to install CyanogenMod 10.1 and 3G is dead. with a APN full change and manual configuration.
    I need 3g and im crazy by the new mod….

  • Ahsan says:

    Is this the latest version from your last update on the XDA? Is it better than before or still in progress?

  • Martin says:

    Halo is finally here!! If you can add it to your ROM that will be awsome.

  • d says:

    제가 루팅을 하고 싶은데 와이파이 되나요???

    I want to do rooting but is it can wifi???

    أود أن خدمة الواي فاي التوجيه على؟؟

    Я хотел бы маршрутизации Wi-Fi на??

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