July 12th, 2013

I have a quick news for you. Today I wanna show you something really strange and uncommon. We are working at 100% native desktop Linux port to our devices. More details comming soon!


Cheers, Marcin

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  • That would be something like Ubuntu mobile?

  • emucosmos says:

    from that pic I think it’s arch or dsl

  • raxgarfield says:

    As an everyday Linux user, I am really glad to see Debian (well, recognized by Iceweasel) on the good old Gio. 😀

    More technical details please. 🙂

    What kernel is used?
    How do you boot it without Android?
    Is the whole system located on the SD card?
    Have you got bluetooth and mobile data working?

    • Marcin says:

      1. with a lot of changes
      2. Just like on normal desktop PC
      3. Yes, because Debian won’t fit to internal memory
      4. Not yet, but working on that

  • Eden says:

    You could try Ubuntu mobile instead 🙂 although a linux desktop would also be awesome

  • unknown says:

    that is ingenious. waiting impatiently.thank you

  • unknown says:

    I really like the work of this. that is best

  • dato says:

    Well, it is an interesting project to give a try for a day, before one gets bored. But i think, with your talents guys, you have to direct your energy and time to something more useful, like Ubuntu Touch.

  • rapkiller says:

    why not Ubuntu Touch?I read that you can compile it like a cyanogenmod and it is more usefull than a common linux desktop like this…

  • gaferreira says:

    How can it happen? I thought linux could only run on x86 or x64 based CPUs with SSE, MMX, AES etc. instruction sets and not ARM cpus like qualcomm snapdragon and nvidia tegra…

  • pdPascal says:

    Maclaw, how do you boot direct on linux? I think that gentoo should be awesome option, choosing -march=native on device.

  • geckoliz4rd says:

    wow, linux desktop on mobile? I think it’s something big.

  • unknown says:

    the control panel how will use that? like terminal emulator or like what?

  • desmaize38 says:

    is it soppost to be a emulator?

  • DarkEmoLove says:

    Wow Marcin, i’m glad to see that. I often tried to install Linux as a Emulator on my Ace but don’t get it working. So I hope this will be cool 🙂
    BTW: Touch works? 😀

  • gama says:

    Is it really 100% native linux or just linux for android? Do you have direct access to video and audio hardware? This could be great for emulators and porting apps from other arm linux devices like the OpenPandora.

    Have you tried building a native app? It would be very interesting to compare the performance of a native linux app to one running on Android, specially a game or emulator.

    Dual-boot Android and native linux would make our phones perfect.

  • is it based on CM7 like debiandroid on XDA or is it completely native, also how are we suposed to make calls and text with debian? I’m not really getting how you are going to make that happen.

    anyway really nice project.

  • GalaxyAceboy says:

    So what’s it gonna be like? dual boot with android? And phone calls and text too? or just Ubuntu? 😀

  • Cool!! How complex is the job? I´m thinking of the same job to an allwinner A10 HTPC. For now I´m just understanding the boot process.

  • Batman38102 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR DOWNLOAD! Btw suppose u sucessfully port the linux to our device how we will port it? and what could be file size?

  • Jettt says:

    i;ve installed debian but it’s REALLY LAGY! If u make it smooth? it would be really cool!

  • Teodor says:

    This is the surprise you were talking about?

  • desmaize38 says:

    what about calling/sms?

  • Shirou Emiya says:

    A lot of change would be needed wow guys good luck about that and I’m looking forward about it 😛

  • Ranjit says:

    Maclaw….Hats off to you.

    Complete it Fast…
    i wana see soon on my Galaxy Ace device.

  • gama says:

    Will the S3 mini be blessed by this port too?

  • fillo20 says:

    Good idea, but I think this won’t be so useful in old and low-end devices like Ace and Gio.

  • ma2n says:

    Nice picture & nice job……….. 🙂 (y)

  • zDebel says:

    Damn, nice one. Any problems with wifi/bt/gfx/audio drivers? Where do you get them from?

  • rapkiller says:

    why not Plasma Active UI?it run on nexus so I think it could run on Ace/Gio…

  • TOXA says:

    when it will be ready?

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