July 30th, 2013

Ok, some S3 Mini changes incoming this week:
1. Removed flicker (temporary on CM10, porting changes to CM10.1)
2. New Bluetooth driver (no Samsung’s one), based on AOSP bluetooth driver. So fully working BT without any workarounds in next releases 😉
3. Fully video acceleration in all ROMs (recording/playing 720p videos), extended video recording quality than on stock and other custom ROMs. Also removed video recording glitches existing in other ROMs.
4. New, clean, fully compatible with AOSP clean ramdisk, without strange hacks.
5. New kernel, vendor and device.
6. Removed useless services to make more RAM available.
7. Fully working RIL. Should make use of CM easier to users, which were experiencing issues ealier 😉

So only MaclawStudio offers you custom ROMs without flicker and without Samsung’s drivers! Also only our 4.2 have working wifi tether and direct.

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  • onur TR says:

    Very Good [turkey]

  • AssToast says:

    Thanks Maclaw!!
    Hope you can port this to AOKP soon too

  • ddddhal says:

    Nice, you forgot about ace and gio

  • S3aF says:

    Are you going to do ROM based on AND 4.3?

  • bob says:

    this is just great ! thank you

  • George Lightning says:

    This sounds fantastic!

    @S3aF: Since they release the screenshot on s3mini with 4.3 i belive so.

  • Ruddy says:

    First time i post here 🙂

    Thank you so, so much for all your work, i should be contributing soon when i get back to France.

    Are these changes making it to the PAC version you provided (S3 mini)?

    Also, i’d like to know if i should either go for PAC or CM10.1 in your opinion (once the versions are updated]. This would be the first time i ever try a custom rom so i’m a bit curious 🙂

    You have my respect, sir,

    • Macław says:

      PAC will be also updated, there’s a chance for this week. CM10.1 is more stable, PAC have too much shit inside to normal and fully stable work 😉

      • Ruddy says:

        Oh okay, well i’ll just go for the CM10.1 then, if it is stable and everything. Your work is fantastic.

        Congratulations Sir! :]

  • Anon12 says:

    What about PA, Maclaw? 🙂 Or there is any way to port HALO to your CM 10.1? That will be awesome!

  • Marcos Gonzalez says:

    Fantastic! You guys are amazing!

  • Good news. Will solved the problem of the hard of hearing person being a phone conversation?

  • Lipalok says:

    Only one question: Is there completly fixed flicker or only just like in the latest CM 10.1? Because I think that latest CM 10.1 has flicker.

  • Carlos Nova says:

    Maclaw great!!!
    I hope the new kernel let us manipulate the speed of the CPU, because in all versions I leave it set to 800 and when I turn it up to 1000, it consumes a lot of battery
    It will be a wonderful week for our s3 mini

  • iKlutz (from XDA) says:

    Maclaw you’re the best! Forget crappy PAC ROM !

    I really appreciate all your team and friends efforts!
    I will donate some money soon to help your progress and fix marcins gio , even though I don’t own one lol.

    keep up the good work!

  • Lucas says:

    YOU ROCK! may you explicitate the differences among 10 – 10.1- PAC and AOKP?

  • Patty says:

    Great! Offline charging works? Bln notifications?

  • Ertan says:

    Good job maclaw (Turkey)

  • Paul says:

    Wow, just wow. Your work is surely appreciated. I really can’t wait to try the next release! Thank you SO MUCH!

  • Renato Aguiar says:

    Great job! I can’t wait for the new releases. Thank you.

  • Bugs Bunny says:

    Will you release your fixed sources? I think that if you don’t do that TeamCanjica members will starting saying again you stolen their progress.
    We trust you Maclaw!

  • spanman says:

    Wow continue your hard work, I own a S3mini and I have never tried any of your roms to date because I wasn’t sure if it was stable enough for daily use. However after seeing all your progress and you mentioning no more flicker I am thinking about giving it a try. Any I donated 10USD dollars to help with debricking of the GIO.

    Good luck guys and keep up the good work.

  • Oliver says:

    BLN please so we can know whe we hace a notification

  • Omaralet says:


  • AJ says:

    Good job

  • Alejandro Q. says:

    i’m sorry, what do you mean with flicker? it was not ‘tearing’? Just to know. Great work.

  • Yunus TR says:

    Please update to dowload link 🙂 And thank you.
    Galaxy S3 mini>Cyanogen mod>update to 4.2.2 golden_maclaw10.1-20130730 😛

  • jonaev says:

    I assume sound recorder wil be working?

  • heroXX says:

    hey maclaw i have got an question, if probably that they put support otg on s3 mini? thanks for the rom , grat job

  • RnBish says:

    Hi! And you will update AOKP?

    • Macław says:

      Yes, I’ll 😉

      • RnBish says:

        Frankly tale I really appreciate your works.AOKP I like only.Android 4.2.2, lots of options for personalization.Super!

      • spanman says:

        Maclaw as I said a couple messages before. I have never used any of your roms to date but I will like to. I am not sure which one I should choose 10,10.1,AOKP, PAC. I just need one that is stable to be able to use vpn,camera,messages,phone calls,emails. Can you tell me which one is the most stable. Don’t want to have to flash install apps and then reflash another version and reinstall apps. Or should I wait for your new release.


  • kiko530 says:

    Hi can you add in the rom 4 Way reboot ? please

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