May 27th, 2014
CyanogenMod 11.0

New release (20140527) of CM11.0 for Ace II is available!

Flashable with any recovery!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

If you’re updating from other CM10.1/10.2/11.0 version, you don’t have to perform a wipe!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources update
  • more things compiled with NovaTP GCC 4.9 instead of GCC 4.8
  • probably fixed glitches in Play store
  • better performance of Facebook app
  • bluetooth stability improvements
  • fixed rest of broken mediaformats
  • lower battery usage by livewallpaper
  • minor fixes from CM’s gerrit


  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • GPS and A-GPS – fast fix getting
  • compass
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CM11 functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • YouTube HQ
  • Wifi direct
  • external storage with exFAT support
  • camera
  • video playing
  • SELinux (temporary disabled)
  • BLN (backlight notifications) support
  • offline charging


  • none

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Thanks for help from TeamCanjica.

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

31 Responses
  • grejpfrut says:

    Wcześniej mi się nie wykładała, a po tej aktualizacja nie da się uruchomić Sklepu Google Play. Pojawia się komunikat, że aplikacja została zatrzymana.

    • grejpfrut says:

      Zrobiłem “Wipe delvik cache” i pomogło, jednak telefon jak dotąd zrestartował się 3 razy. Zobaczymy co będzie po tym wipe.

  • I’ve been using it for 1 hour, and already got 2 random UI freezes + reboot.
    I wiped dalvik cache before applying update (previous one from 23.5 works well)

  • dhwa says:

    the date is cool xD
    btw good job m&m

  • Paulo says:

    Good work, thk!!!

  • Lexion says:

    Hello Mac!
    Why not bring on our mini C-rom also?
    and responsive and truly complete!
    Google translate 😉

  • Lexion says:

    s3 mini*

  • m9w1 says:

    Dźwięki powiadomień nie działają, przy odbieraniu wiadomości sms, whats app/

  • Desmond says:

    Very very good!Thank’s! 5+

  • Carlos says:

    works with many problems, constantly restarts, I reinstalled the previous version. Thanks for your great job.

  • Ikeagold says:

    we need something with this bug!

  • Ikeagold says:

    23 version is phonecall bug bad 🙁 need older!

  • Ikeagold says: – best release! without phone call lag and freezes bugs 🙂

  • LEVENT says:

    menu button fix ?

  • Pfefferminztee says:

    My phone reboot all 10mins! Please fix it.

    Also internet access via mobil network doesn’t work 🙁

  • RRybak says:

    Phone is f.. up after this update. FC. Many apps FC. Could not restore from CMWR – system restore failed.
    Now trying all other backups – for now – no settings bar, many apps offline (there are icons, by they “are not found”).

    • RRybak says:

      Managed to restore my phone from previous backup, then today’s backup. Stil apps are “non-existent”. I think that storage problem from 05.23 release is still not solved.
      More over – “external storage” gets FC at boot (whatever that means)

  • Paulo says:

    this realease on my phone is constantly restarting …

  • JM says:

    This release freezes then restarts my phone.

  • Ponty says:

    Still glitches in Play store

  • mahmoud says:

    wifi direct not work.

  • Pou says:

    Najmniej stabilna wersja od dłuższego czasu 🙁 kilka naście restartów dziennie , czekamy na szybkiego fixa panowie 🙂

  • Meler says:

    Not even booted. Back to 23 (not to responsive (laggy) and youtube doesn’t work since few versions back). Hope next one will be stable and responsive.

  • abiyyu says:

    Full GAPPS can not be installed

  • Sjaak says:

    For me also random restart and app crashes, went back to release from 19-may that was the best release for me stable and fast!! thanks for all youre good work!!

  • mikroskeem says:

    hey developers we know you’re busy, but please test all things before releasing it! like glitches, crashes, antutu test, wifi direct and so on
    We are people who want quality not sh*t

  • Damián Filo says:

    There is a lot of bugs… But there isn’t still the fm radio…

  • mikroskeem says:

    seems like ace 2 support is dropped… bye Ace II, it was nice to use you xD

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