June 26th, 2014

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  • Herman says:

    Galaxy Core, lol

  • timex550 says:

    Funny to see completely new, still running stock ROM, phone in your hands 😀

  • george says:

    Galaxy core? Pls dont 4get the s3 mini)))

  • Matt says:

    have you managed to flash the ROM? Buttons dont work on mine!

  • piotsze says:

    Oh no! Is it going to be your Main phone now? 🙂

  • JustinoMora says:

    More Power than S3 Mini?

  • bahn says:

    everyone saying its a galaxy core… looks exactly like my s3 mini though?

  • samuckation says:

    Looks like S3 Mini!

  • Guest says:

    Sounds great.

    Are you also going to support the newer Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (GT-I8200N) one day?

  • Cypek27 says:

    Omg, i have now in hand my S3 mini and I was compare it and i was thinking: This have to be S3 mini , it looks very similar.. :p (G translate)

  • Bence says:

    Stock ROM in the Novafusion Office?! 😀 Root and install recovery and a better ROM 😀

  • Yoniverh says:


  • eswarc1 says:

    you got love for mid end devices

  • How much did you pay for this? 😀

  • Arshak says:

    Will you suport Core Duos? Will be nice 🙂


  • mario says:

    yeas s3 mini. the best

  • Felipe says:

    Hi Marcin! I used to use your CM11 on my S3mini few months ago, but I’ve changed to Moto G, I’ve 1 question, do you think to start supporting Moto G? Thanks in Advance.

  • mohamed says:

    Thanks ! Your are awesome team, great job keep it up for mid end devices.

  • ArunS says:

    looks like galaxy core

  • hey friend thanks for start developing for this great phone, we look forward to your work on the mobile (8260) as it has just development. greetings from Spain and encouragement

  • noe' says:

    Thanks to care about us (core users), im still waiting the best CM for this device. im sure you can do it.

  • First of all I would like to apologize all the foreign visitors, but I’m going to write the comment in my native language which I’m pretty sure novafusion guys will appreciate.

    Chłopaki, trzymam kciuki! Wyśledziłem Wasz wątek na xda-developers. Powodzenia z robotą!
    Wyglądacie na jedyną rozsądną ekipę, która wzięła się za rom na ten telefon!
    Polska siła!

  • Max says:

    Lately, almost every Samsung device looks the same… The only exception is the border around screen. The “better” a device is, the less border it has (just look at any Galaxy Y; it has big borders when compared to a S4, for example).

  • pritzzy says:

    The comparison (www.smartprix.com/mobiles/samsung_galaxy_core_duos_i8262_vs_samsung_galaxy_s3_mini_i8190_-c3081_2335.php

  • joao sa says:

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  • nameless says:

    Bro i have some small request.. I have a china note 3 phone.. Can u make a TWRP recovery zip for note 3..bcause i cant flash it using odin because it doesnt have download mode..and i also dont know much on using adb..so can u make TWRP recovery for note 3.. (Just a request not demand 🙂 )

  • Anon says:

    Nameless: If it does not have download mode, it is likely a Chinese copy, meaning it looks like a Note 3, but isn’t. Check the processor in CPU Z.

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