July 24th, 2014
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 11.0

New milestone release (20140724) of CM11.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing KitKat, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

If you’re updating from older CM10.1/10.2/11.0 version or migrating from Oliver’s CM, you don’t have to perform a wipe!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources update
  • with latest Samsung’s kernel for i8190 which thanks to our community we’ve received in 24 hours!
  • new Samsung kernel updated to 3.0.101
  • 1GHz bug fixed!
  • fixed issues with sensors
  • fixed all wifi issues
  • huge performance boost
  • Odin package update


  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • GPS and A-GPS – fast fix getting
  • Glonass navigation
  • compass
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CM11 functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • YouTube HQ
  • 3.0.101 kernel
  • external storage
  • full f2fs support – the best filesystem for Android (tutorial here!)
  • native 64GB+ sdcard support (exFAT)
  • camera
  • video playing
  • SELinux (temporary disabled)
  • BLN (backlight notifications) support
  • offline charging
  • New BT/GPS/offline charging/sensors drivers – no longer buggy Samsung’s ones!
  • built using NovaTP GCC4.9 toolchain
  • no 1GHz bug
  • USB OTG support (WIP)
  • also flashable via Odin


  • none

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

339 Responses
  • Sulja Rock says:

    Finally !!
    i Love u guys u made it !
    downloading now …….

  • Tyler says:

    Alguien me explica en qué se diferencia el nuevo lanzamiento de Samsung?
    Es algo que el usuario común ve a simple vista?

  • javier says:

    What are the improvements of this new kernel?
    Fixes many bugs?

    Thank you very much for doing such a good job

  • javier says:

    They will update with the new 10.2 CM Kernel?

  • jeffrey says:

    NFC? sensor de luz? senser de proximidad?

  • Binu Abraham says:

    its look great.. please all u wright new experience here

  • Gunter says:

    this is great!
    still laugh about spamming samsung, but it works.

    you did a great job, mclaw!
    well, now i’m thinking about a change from your cm10.2 up to cm 11.

    many thanks for all this time you spend to keep our s3 mini up to date!

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Great job from NovaFusion team, and thanks to the power of comunity. Now i´m using CM 10.2, but with this new kernel, i’m seriously thinking jump to CM 11, just one question and if someone could help. Heres the question, inthe tuto says if you’re updating from other CM, you don’t need to perform a wipe, but i’ve heard is advisable to wipe dalvick and cache after the update, is this true? Some help, please.

    • Raul says:

      Yes it is, you need to wipe dalvik cache to delete old process from the old ROM so you will not have further performance issues, same with cache of the device. Anyway, your data won’t be deleted 😉

      • gavilanes2001 says:

        thank you for your answer. Next step, update.

        • Kaan says:

          and maybe you have to delete old gapps. If I were you I prefer to make a clean install.

          • gavilanes2001 says:

            I’ve made the update, clean Dalvik and cache, and yes old Gapps gone, and i’ve to install the ones for KIT KAT, and everything work fines, till the next 3 hours using it, the battery beggins to overheat, and just in a couple of hours, my phone ran out of energy. It seems that the battery issue persist for some of us. Right now i’m performing a battery calibration, and see what happens.

    • RGoldBR says:

      Yes, it’s advisable to clear both caches, that you can consider as being mere “scratch” areas (in fact, a bit more profound than that), which may not be in sync with the new code and/or data installed.

    • Lazsero says:

      I would recommend to stay with 10.2…

      • gavilanes2001 says:

        Can you explained what makes you say that, please.

      • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

        Nah just stay with your Nokia 3310.

        • Elmario says:

          I still want to see someone type an sms at least at half the speed, i could do with 3310. touchscreens are pure shit and the worst ‘innovation’ wihtin the last 10years of technology! Just using that childish smart phone crap because i need WiFi and industry refuses building real professional phones with a T9 keypad AND WiFi!

          So got to trade ten times better battery runtimes and stability, a much better form-factor, a better radio and better user comfort for WiFi.

          Fucking capitalistic monoculture!

    • Yoniverh says:

      Do a factory reset. You will get into a bootloop if you don’t. They mean you don’t have to wipe if you are updating from an older version of your rom. Not a completely different Android version.

  • thank you very much I’m installing it

  • RGoldBR says:

    Wow! 24 hours? Kudos for your initiative, Nova Team!

  • jhonga says:

    What is the original kernel of the s3 mini? I mean What version is it? I want to know because the all rom that maclaw has made are with the version of the kernel? Or the version of your rom (before today) were with a kernel that you did? XD sorry for my English haha

  • Falanto says:

    Very very thanks much. I’m waiting aokp.

  • FoReNeO says:

    its the same kernel version number??

  • xxxtonixxx says:

    Update SlimRom with fixeds? Plis!!! Thanks 😀

  • Simeon says:

    Can i update the kernel of the stock rom?And how?

  • dimitris05 says:

    but thats kernel we already have…

  • Zwenn says:

    U r the best!

  • Lucas says:

    i see 3.0.101 kernel also in older versions? 😀

    • J10rosa says:

      Me tooo

    • tenshixp says:

      previous samsung kernel is 3.0.31 updated is 3.0.31, what change? the updated kernel have the changes released into I8190XXANF3. Novafusion has working in kernel 3.0.101 and merged the changes made by samsung in kernel 3.0.31 I8190XXANF3 to 3.0.101

      • 240SX says:

        Where’s “this” newest change? No changes between called kernel -the same name. o_O
        So what change Samsung in kernel – old vs new??
        Thx 4 reply

  • aldi says:

    merge these updates with carbon please. you guys rock!

  • Jorge says:

    Please don’t forget about ACE 2.


  • Yasin says:

    We are already using the 3.0.101 kernel. Where is the update?

  • dessware says:

    ♫ celebration time, come on! ♫
    *he dances*

  • but if the kernel was already 3.0.101 what changed?

  • T3seR says:

    This is the best team <3

  • luis says:

    Is the same version because samsung kernel is updated, not linux kernel.

  • Jerry says:

    Did anyone else try this new rom?
    battery issues or something?
    btw, thanks NovaFusion for always keep working in s3 mini :’)

  • Kirill says:

    Very good update, good perfomance, battery… Thank you!

  • hasseos says:

    Twitch working now?

  • Osman Fernández says:

    Es un asco, aún tiene el bug de reiniciarse cuando se enchufa el cargador. :@

  • Mauricio Ramirez says:

    all that remains is to fix the audio quality sound much stronger but you see quality

  • Binu Abraham says:

    any one check antutu benchmark ?

  • Henrique Dantas says:

    What about Wifi Direct?

  • Almax says:

    No sera el micro usb,igual lo tienes dañado

  • Carlos says:

    No veo ningún cambio, para mi todo sigue igual, el kernel es el mismo que tenia antes de esta versión.

    El teléfono funciona igual que ayer, asi que no tengo de que quejarme.

    Buen trabajo!!!

    • Angel says:

      Si es la misma version de kernel pero el otro era patito xDDD este supone una mejora de rendimiento en bateria, ram, sonido etc

  • Carlos says:

    Por favor traten de mejorar la calidad de las fotos y videos.

  • jamie says:

    thanks you, really stable release. you are the best

  • Fred says:

    Such a changelog ! Thank you guys ! Downloading…

  • Seed Vicious says:

    Thank a lot team, as usual, you are the best.

  • Havok says:

    Since version 20140717 the Kernell are 3.0.101 version

    The updated version of Kernell 20140724 equals says 3.0.101 was updated with the same serial number?? 3.0.101 or it the same Kernell of 20140717

    The updated version of Kernell 20140724 equals 3.0.101 was updated with the same serial number?? 3.0.101 or it Kernell

  • DOFFactory says:

    I installed the newest TWRP

    However, with this ROM i get the following error:

    E:Error executing updater binary in zip
    Error flasing zip
    Updating partition details…”

    What to do? Please help.

    • Coshyloco says:

      Maybe you download the odin version not the recovery version.

    • Qpad* says:

      @DOFFactory i saw this error before. can you look at the final page twrp? “zip file signature veritication?” don’t select this. please check it.

      @Coshyloco he/she needs to install Gapps with recovery after this rom.

  • Sulja Rock says:

    hey guys there is a problem in Voice controll
    i can’t Low the volume of Music
    What about u Guys ?

  • Jerry says:

    does anyone has the battery issue?

    • Kaan says:

      yeah I have. battery icon gets low as fast as a waterfall

      • Gerard says:

        Buy a new battery probably the one you have is already damage. I bought a new one and problems solved.

        • Onniel Fernando says:

          My battery is Ok. I jus ad · Random Reboots but any consequence about the charge! everything else is Ok!

        • Kaan says:

          I know the difference between a dead battery and a power sucking phone. after this update my battery decracing 5 percent per hour in airplane mode. in 22072014 version it was 0.5 percent. a battery can’t die in 2 normal days.

    • I has, it will fix whit a clean install.

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      Same for me. The battery begins to overheat, and just in a couple of hours, my phone ran out of energy. Right now i’m calibrating the battery, if this doesn’t work, i think i’ll have to try a new one, and see the results.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    I update from CM 10.2 to this version of CM 11, and everything is working good. Something i notice that now i can move apps to the SD, something you couldn´t do in CM 10.2, and i really like this, and my phone consumes less RAM, another good thing.

  • andrew says:

    carbonrom please! 🙂

    • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

      “first part of big hardware patch rework” – don’t hurry Nova Team; just take your time to complete your rework in CM11 before pushing bits and pieces to other ROMS 🙂

  • mkxmx says:

    Well battery is taking more time to charge, compared to older versions. Lets see how perfoms after full charge

  • Hero Akbar says:

    Now it is perfect, new kernel, got 10000+ on antutu, smooth, battery friendly, no systemui crashes and clock freezes till now. Thanks novafusion and all of us 😀

  • Hamdullah says:

    Thank you guys. All problems solved.

  • Andrias says:

    just one thing…my call log doesn’t work…

  • bruno says:

    hey can someone help me? about a week ago my s3 mini reboots randomly, i dont know why. i’ve done factory reset already but it continues. pls help, sry for bad english

  • agung says:

    Omnirom please

  • Adrián says:

    I had installed it now, it seems to be PERFECT!
    Thanks guys!
    Sorry for my english c:

  • Andrés says:

    My phone won’t charge with the a/c adaprer, only with usb cable, is it just me?

  • Heinrich Münz says:

    I really don’t want to spoil the party, but I still see 1 GHz bug on my device.

  • andhika says:

    Please ace 2

  • Mert says:

    Charging takes so long time for me. What about you guys?

  • d-k says:

    For me: no issues – works fine and smooth.
    Too early to talk about battery consumption.

  • crazy2012 says:

    bln works with this kernel?

  • gigib82 says:

    Low incoming call volume bug here, everything else seems to be OK 😉

  • Alex says:

    Ace 2 Please!!!

  • Aderson says:

    First, congratulations on your job! ROM is very stable, no freezes or bugs so far.

    Unfortunately, no Netflix or YouTube HD. Even after performing full wipe before installing.

    Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you!

  • Pons says:

    I think performance isn’t as smooth as in previous releases. Scrolling, App-Switching and homescreen animations are laggy. I did cache and dalvik wipe after updating. Any reason why this happens? Battery is quite good!

  • jeffx says:

    Smooth and battery friendly seems kicking in now good battery consumption. Only it doesn’t deep sleep after using Bluetooth transfering files.

  • Aleksandar says:

    Still getting little less battery consumption,but still visible. Overall great update

  • Alessio says:

    Hi guys i found a bug about camera that don’t work on my device

  • dagan says:

    Not sure about the battery consumption but charging is veery slow still. It’s only charging now cos I put it on powersave governor. Also I still get the frozen loading symbol when charging with the phone off so I’m not even sure if it’s actually charging or not. I’ve done everything – clearing cache and dalvik. Whyyyyy?

  • wavelet says:

    I’ve had a clock freeze this morning… Everything else is fine 🙂

  • boom says:

    smooth as silk. but anyone has the issue with the instagram video issue as it is stuck on ‘choose a cover frame’?

  • Can anyone tell how is the bug of the backlight, clock freeze and youtube videos in the browser

  • Darrel says:

    Anyone can upload the new kernel of i8190 ? 😀

  • Everything is fine, despite the clock freezing.

  • Amon says:

    now i can say that i contributed to the family! cheers

  • Gem says:

    i have carbon rom, do i have to factory reset when going to cm11??? thanks..

  • Luke says:

    If clock still freeze and you have frozen one of the two Clocks in Titanium to avoid clockfreezes in previous releases.
    Unfreeze it again and no Clock issue anymore!
    In my case it is now fine.
    Sorry for my freezy english.

  • Atos says:

    Notification light bug. Dont turn off after notification. always need to enable and disable again from buttons settings. PLEASE FIX IT. But thx for relase you are the best

  • Viktor says:

    What about AOSP KitKat Rom? Thanks you great job 🙂

    • Viktor says:

      To vím, ale uvítal bych čistou rom. CyanogenMod je výborný ale někdo preferuje prostě čisté rom sestavení 🙂

      • Viktor says:

        Sorry 🙂 I know that, but I would prefer a clean rom. CyanogenMod is excellent but someone prefers to simply build a clean rom 🙂

  • Jo says:

    Still the same issue while installing: Can’t install this package on top of incompatible data. Please try another package or run a factory reset”.
    Only way to install for me was indeed is a factory reset + clean install.

    Restoring Nandroid Backup also gave errors, so that didn’t work out.

    QUESTION (please answer, dear anyone): when backing up with Online Nandroid Backup, am I supposed to put a tick (“v”) next to “disable md5 generation”? And is Online Backup Nandroid (up-to-date) the same, except for the interface, as making a backup in TWRP? (version from last week)

    • DOFFactory says:

      I had the same error. This error showed up after formatting any of the partitions system/cache/data to either F2FS, or EXT4. For me helped only reformatting these partitions back to EXT2.
      Hope this helps.

      • Jo says:

        So in, I’ll have to backup data-partition, reformat data and cache, restore data-partition.
        And is there also a way to keep system in ex2? As far as I know flashing the ROM with TWRP automatically formats to f2fs?

        What a safe way to make a backup? If you keep in mind that I didn’t EVER manage to restore a full backup with Online Nandroid Backup.

    • Adriano Tyler says:

      Wipe all partitions before Install this ROM with new kernel.
      C’mon Dude! -.-‘

      • Jo says:

        I already wiped and formatted system, data, cache, dalvik and storage many times. Everything except SD card. At the moment I can’t figure out how to flash with Odin on a Mac, because tutorial is talking about a tar.md5 file I can’t find in the provided zip. Which means I have no clue how I could flash my phone with an empty SD card. But please, feel free to advice. I don’t know it any more.

          • Jo says:

            @DOFFactor and @Adriano: I wiped everything I could possibly wipe, went back to ext4 (and exFAT for SD card) and this far, it looks like this issue is gone. I hope it’s gone forever 🙂

            But I still hope someone can answer my question. When backing up with Online Nandroid Backup, am I supposed to put a tick (“v”) next to “disable md5 generation”? And is Online Backup Nandroid (up-to-date) the same, except for the interface, as making a backup in TWRP? (version from last week)

  • Randall says:

    How can I configure the governor on demanda in this room?

    • OCCL says:


      settings -> about phone
      tick the “Build number” line until a message is displayed (i think it’s about 10 times), then a new menu will appear (Performance) right above “About Phone”. There you’ll see “Processor” menu, there you can change governor

      Anyway, if i recall correctly, OnDemand is default
      Ajustes -> Información del Teléfono
      Pica “Número de Compilación” hasta que aparezca un mensaje (son unas 10 veces)
      Luego en ajustes aparecerá un menú justo arriba de “Información del Teléfono”, en ella pone “Rendimiento”
      Dentro de ella está “Procesador”, ahí se puede cambiar

      Igual, si mal no recuerdo, OnDemand viene predeterminado

    • Jo says:

      An alternative way to handle this is by installing CPU tuner, which can do the same and much more, with a lot of added flexibility.

  • James says:

    They have also uploaded the file for the new edition.

  • jeffrey says:

    1Ghz Bug on I8190N

  • Yayo says:

    My 8190n still have battery drain and clock freeze

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    I perform a battery calibration, and for now, no problems with the battery, lets see what happens within the next hours.

  • Ale says:

    Just one word: PERFECT!
    Great job Nova Team!

  • zap2675 says:

    Two questions (for whomever have an answer to them):

    When releasing f2fs Nova team said at their tutorial:
    “In future we are planing scripts which will able you to make migration without loosing /data, but it would need a lot of time, so we cannot say when.”

    1) Have any script been implemented so far?
    2) How can I check if partitions are set to f2fs?

    Many thanks in advance and thanks for the great work!

    • Leopard says:

      In mode recovery:
      ->Wipe -> advanced wipe -> select one partition (System, cache, data, etc) -> Repair or change file system -> shows text : Current file system: f2fs or extX, later back..

    • Jo says:

      (2) Reboot to TWRP recovery, go to Wipe. Advanced Wipe. Select a partition and click on repair. There you’ll see “current file system”.

      In this menu, you can change it or just go back with navigation bar.

  • Skeletor says:

    no clock freeze this morning.
    but loading is pretty slow and the phone heats up a lot. i checked cpu speed. it was stuck at 1000MHz.
    switched governor from abyssplug to powersave and it dropped to 200… a restart seems to fix it. hmmm

  • Maximiliano says:

    I can’t personalize it. Where are those options for pattern lockscreen?

  • Angel Sanchez says:

    1Ghz bug in i8190L

  • FrankBR says:

    I thought I was free of the clock freeze, but it froze now.

  • John Jefferson, Red Crown says:

    Clock freeze!!! Please WIFI DIRECT!! I need Wifi Direct to work!!!

  • dato says:

    i want to migrate from carbon rom to cm11, it needs full wipe? or not?

  • ¿What can i do with the battery?, its draining so fast. I was thinking, if i dont use the TWRP (CWM) Will I have problems with the ROM?

  • Jo says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t like this version at all. Battery drains like never before and it takes forever to charge. Problems with installing (like I said earlier), I can only do an install after full wipe which is a pain in the ass. Nandroid Backups leads to errors, so backups become almost useless. Since last version, Plex doesn’t crash but only shows a black screen when it should play video.

    Stuff which is working, is really working smooth. Really, I love my phone for using social media, for watching tv, for playing movies on my SD-card, and as a music player. With viper4android and headphones it’s abolutely better than my beloved iPod or running on stock. But it looks like this is becoming something experimental as never before. Now with issues for about everything related to video-streaming, regular WiFi-issues (at least since this version) and pretty bad battery-performance.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    9 hours had pass since i perform a battery calibration, and battery doesn’t overheat, and i´ve 89% of battery, this means i´ll end the day with more than a half of battery. I clarify, i don´t use any Facebook app, oficial or not.

  • tam says:

    ‘camera please

  • Sesc says:

    Should we use Art or Dalvik?
    I switched to Art months ago but i just checked it and im using Dalvik again. Is that possible that we have to switch after every update again or is it possible that it changed because i switched to f2fs filesystem?

  • mkxmx says:

    Impression after one day. Battery was dead really fast after first charge, charged again and unplugged after i went to sleep and baterry was about 84%. Did a calibration hours ago and battery is stable, except went go surfing on the web

  • Help Please:
    After clean install of this rom, Everything is working fine except that, my phone goes to deep sleep ( i think) It is not waking for sometime , and then waking up after sometime , otherwise it is restarting ( i am not sure ). How to prevent this?

  • Csaba Szalay says:

    Good morning! I really like your rom, I’d like to use, but there is one problem. I do not know if something went wrong, but if I place the charger off only the small circle appears and freezes.

  • Dang Ha says:

    I have a problem:
    1. i installed file zip – cm 11, everything is ok, stable and smooth. BUT i installed file zip cm11 and google app ( mini), the double tap to sleep isnt work, the keyboard not appear ..i think cm11 and gapps are not compatible
    2. What is the best google app ? ( full, stock, mini ). Thank
    ( sorry . my english)

    • Jo says:

      I install Gasps stock + remover to remove stuff I don’t use from that package. Only Google keyboard doesn’t work on my device. Gaps is compatible, the apps are the same you find in play store.

  • Gustavo says:

    La verdad que no note ninguna mejoría, de hecho con esta nueva versión la batería calienta mas que con las anteriores

    • mkxmx says:

      Haz una instalacion limpia, jode un poco pero asi me libre de algunos bugs como el calentamiento de la pila y la rapida bajada de energia.

      • Gustavo says:

        ya hice una instalación limpia hace un mes aproximadamente, y las ultimas las vengo haciendo por odin (formateando el system) ya que con f2fs no me deja aplicar actualización por recovery

  • szalaycs says:

    Good morning! I really like your rom, but there is a problem. When I try to download off, only the circle appears and freezes, the battery indicator does not appear.

  • Thomas says:

    if your battery gets warm -> check for 1gHz bug!

  • eingelito says:

    I’m making some tests, with two S3 mini i8190L running this rom and other with stock ROM perfectly clean, I set Ondemand governor and CFQ i/o scheduler, max brightness on both (because this is the pre-set on the stock ROM) and it takes almost the same time to decrease the battery 1% doing the same things with the same apps running. The one that has the original ROM needed few seconds more but this didn’t happen when leaving both idle, the stock ROM needed a little bit more the time than this ROM to decrease 1% of the battery with screen on and twice the time or more with screen off.

    CPU-Z shown that even with the phone idle the use of the CPU on this rom fluctuates less on this release than the stock ROM even with the same scaling governors (ondemand) and the use of RAM is by far, less on this release than the stock ROM(from 10% to 50% less usage).

    So, this release is better in performance and it gives almost the same on the battery life except when the screen is off, the battery decreases like 4 times faster on this release; on the other hand, the battery mantains almost constant values when idle on the stock ROM.
    This is the best release, and clearly a great job!

    Now try focus on the phone when idle 😉

  • bigD says:

    after 2 days everything fine apart from 1ghz bug.

  • jeremycb says:

    No message notification – Go SMS Pro

  • Sesc says:

    was just wondering about my battery consumption this morning, also had the 1ghz bug

  • adli says:

    with this release, and clean install (wiping data, system and cache), my battery lasts forever 😀 I had no clock freeze, my alarm just rings nice, and no 1 GHz bug. So smooth and fast. Thank you guys.

  • Arnaldo says:

    Thanks for the great work you do. I am very happy. Everything works fine but can not watch videos from youtube. Do you fix this?

  • vader says:

    I can’t watch YouTube Videos. They were played just with audio but not with video. Is this my problem or a rom problem?

  • I discovered one thing, when you change the rom, the battery drains so fast, but then when you charge it the battery life is good. That was in my case.

    Sorry for my english

  • DOFFactory says:

    Another bug: impossible to ACCEPT Superuser requests. Only REJECT.

  • Ritvik says:

    My phone has started to shutdown. Especially when the battery starts heating up. Pls I already changed my battery once before. Thx

    • Liam says:

      Did you tries to calibrate your battery? That would be The first step, and change your governor to ondemand with cfq plannifier and see what happens, that works for me. In fact, every time you flash a new ROM or perform an update, you need to recalibrate the battery.

    • suhi SLO says:

      And that is why i didn’t change my battery when I was on costume ROM. Someone is not being honest with us ( cm source is fucked up) and that is why I always said they need to go of CM. BUT NOOOO they are developers they know better. I guess it is easier for them to try and fix the shit from cm as to start from scratch. NOOOOT…

    • Fred says:

      Ritvik, have you tried a clean install ?
      I was running in 4.4.4 before this update. I installed this rom wiping only cache/dalvik.
      I reinstalled it yesterday wiping data as well as many people adviced. At least for me, the difference is impressive. Rom is stable and fast now. Might fix as well your battery heating issue.

  • Paquito says:

    So much snappier!! Thanx!

  • gouru1 says:

    damn, hacker.

  • Weverton Pires says:

    1ghz bug again

  • Garry says:

    i got “themes provider has stopped” error after installation.
    system popup message again and again…
    how should i do to fix it??

  • American Exterminator says:

    I want to ask, the best cpu governor and the best io scheduler…..?

  • nicknack says:

    Could it be possible, that this official kernel update also solves the problem with the capacitive buttons?

  • mounir heroual says:

    Why releases are so late? Are passed 2 days since last release,today is The third..

  • Jakob Mellberg says:

    If you restart your phone with wifi enabled you will have 1 ghz bug. Just restart your phone with wifi disabled and you will not have the bug and can later enable wifi again without the bug. It is when you restart your phone with wifi enabled when you get the 1 ghz bug or atleast me.

  • Andre says:

    Hi Nova Fusion Team GREAT JOB AS ALLWAYS… Just one question though in regards to Samsung finally releasing the updated kernel src: “Will this help to finally get USB-OTG support for our device?”

  • Jose Cardama says:

    What is 1GHZ bug? can some one explain it to me?

    • The phone speed struck at 1ghz so that you will have much battery drain

      • mounir heroual says:

        My fine have 1 GHz bug with battery drain… In 1,5 hour starting by 99% i reach 54%. (If the phon stuck at 1 GHz The performance should be good but in my phone it didnt)

    • Tomas487 says:

      Normally processor slow down when you dont work with phone, dont play games etc. (battery saving), but with this bug processor works all the time on 1 ghz, what is maximum speed.

  • Alcalá says:

    Hi, i cant download the file “cm11.0_golden.nova.20140724.ODIN_TWRP.zip”, the download crush when is in 10% , what can i do ? you dont have another server to download the file? i try it in 2 diferents pc and its the same (I dont speak english so excuse me for my english 🙂 )

  • Reydus FX says:

    After 72 hours of using this update including the new Samsung’s Kernel, i have to say it does conserve battery, and last for more time than the previous kernel, also it does not overheat, that actually happened a lot to my S3 mini in the other Kernel, Great job!!

  • saygone says:

    Hi Team!
    This is a very good release.

    The only problem I have – and I though previously that this is because of over heating of my device, using in the same time GPS, UMTS and listening to the music caused instant restart after 2-3 hours. But today I have spotted with current release the same behavior when I left my device connected to speaker via jack. It took about 2-3 hours when my device restarted by itself.

    What I can surely exclude:
    – jack is ok as it was replaced
    – battery was just charged (and is new too)
    – RAM was not overused as I just turned on device before connecting to speaker

  • zemc77 says:

    Why does Netflix refuse to work? Is it something about the phone itself? It worked on your latest JellyBean ROM. But it refuses to work on your KitKat ones.

    • boom says:

      debug shows it relates to the libstelpcutils, which is also likely related to the instagram video processing problem.

  • Jony Maggot says:

    hi guys could add mini for samsung s3 CyanogenMod 11.0
    q native video call apk applications used without

  • maxquiroz says:

    OK, here’s my two cents. Installed this version over the previous one and it is much more stable. Installed and did cache wipe afterwards and that was very important. I think.

    The only problems I have are that Whistle Camera App is not working, it doesn’t detect my whistle and Smart Tools 1.7, the pitch sensors are not working. Any help on these issues?

    Great ROM and work, thanks a lot.

  • lucasgc96 says:

    With me just work using ODIN, Thanks.

  • FM works on my S3 mini with 07.20.2014 update. I use Spirit FM. It works even without the earphone plug.

    I want to know if it will also work for you guys.. Please PM for the APK.

  • panikos0 says:

    My phone suddenly closes even with 90% battery and then when boot it, it says that it has only 1% battery

  • Bloodfist says:

    Is this a bug or something else? Everytime I want to send a text message (SMS), be it 1 word or a phrase via Hangouts or the Messaging app it tells me that the app is sending a large number of SMS messages, even though I’m only sending one. And if I allow it to send that message it charges me more than the default price for 1 sms. Is there a way to fix that issue?

  • Andhy says:

    Add H/W+ video codec support

  • JuanDiego says:

    Will you be updating carbon with this kernel?

  • marco says:

    Finally a good job guys, but camera crash on my device…

  • Micha says:

    Doesn’t work for me, Constant Theme Provider has stopped working error, can’t use phone at all.

  • wolle says:

    Download KitKat 4.4.4 (CyanogenMod 11.0) 20140729 Odin down??? Please wait… long Time
    can you help me???

  • Leave a Reply