September 17th, 2014

Sorry, I forget to change second number in download link from 2 to 3 and nobody discovered that before I went to sleep.

Now link is correct.


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  • Installed here with me and you can not move apps SD pro (or through the Clean Master, nor by Android itself) card. Tb can not restart or turn off the cel. Ie’re crap this ROM day 16/09 …

  • Marco says:

    It’s impossible to switch the phone off.
    Still can’t move apps from phone to SD.

  • Crapo says:

    Random reebots and can’t turn off cellphone

  • Chris Adriano says:

    Thanks for the update – it’s been a really long wait.
    Had to go bak to 20140709 release though.
    System takes forever to reboot after install. When that happens it keeps restarting when in standby mode. Strangely, so long as the screen is on performance is buttery with no spontaneous restarting.

    Hope to see a follow up update soon.

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