November 6th, 2014
RELEASE for S3 Mini
Android Open Source Project 5.0

New preview release (20141106) of AOSP 5.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation. Remember – this release is just a preview and too many things doesn’t work to say it’s supposed to being used as main OS!

You need to perform a wipe, doesn’t matter which ROM you’re currently using!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • first Lollipop release for STE-based device


  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • video playing (only partially)
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • SELinux
  • offline charging


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G) doesn’t work [WIP]
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone) doesn’t work at all
  • GPS/Glonass doesn’t work
  • this release doesn’t support f2fs yet, only ext4 filesystem – remember to wipe data/cache partitions as ext4 before flashing this ROM!
  • camera doesn’t work at all
  • missing part of OMXes implementation (so there’s no fully HW video acceleration)
  • there’s no Google Apps for 5.0 yet (we are too fast!)

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

272 Responses
    • John says:

      La instalaste?
      Cómo te fue?

      • Fernando says:

        A mi me fue mal, se reiniciaba a cada rato y no podia entrar a recovery mode. Entonces intente vovler a cm11 pero…. mi celular ya no bootea.

        • Reydus FX says:

          Quitale la bateria al celular, conectalo a la PC, abre el odin, coloca la bateria al celular y prendelo sosteniendole el boton de bajar volumen, si no te entra al Download Mode, algo podria andar mal. Si resuelves todo eso asegurate de tener el Recovery

      • matias tirimaco says:

        tenes que hacer asi mira, primero vas a twrp, haces un back-up de la rom que estes usando, despues haces wiper a todo, y cambias el file syste de f2f a ext4, todo a ext4 acordate de eso, despues vas flasheas la rom 5.0 y listo, nada complicado es, fijate que dice que no soporta todavia f2f.
        despues si no queres quedarte con la rom, como en mi caso porque no anda el 3g, poner apagar, prendes entras en recovery vas a restore y listo, queda como antes

        espero te sirva la info

  • Binu Abraham says:

    you are the first and best … M&M rocks

  • Julian says:

    When for S Advance?

  • flo says:

    Im first !!!

  • eswarc1 says:

    same log like kitkat

  • partusman says:

    Well shit, you guys are literally outstanding.

  • JD says:

    I suggest those who want to have a feel and fully working android L feel, use the last cm release and download the android L release and just change the framework.apk and systemUI.apk in the last cm release with the android l release. And the only google apps 5.0 released is gmail,maps,drive and calender.

  • tuan says:

    please build AOSP for ace 2 😀

  • habiel says:

    This is kak please fix the vark camera

  • arturo says:


  • wilson says:

    haha. need time to solve the bug.

  • Maltonator says:

    Awesome guys!
    Somebody tried it? 😀

    • I’ve tried it. It doesn’t boot into recovery, and the phone isn’t recognised by my PC, so it looks like I’m stuck on this build for the rest of my life 🙂

      • polto1 says:

        Make sure if you have the right drivers installed on your PC.
        Then you can boot your phone into download-mode,
        connect it to your PC and finally you can flash an other custom rom (like cm11) via Odin.

  • Fariz Haikal says:

    Thanlsssss nova team!!!!!

  • whackypanos says:

    TWRP is not booting,,, :/

  • Cgrclk says:

    Best team ever!

  • jhgjgkjg says:

    Haha wow, too fast. 🙂 And 2nd WOW: The first rom with issues :)))

  • emaelenuele says:

    doesn’t reboot in recovery

  • Guilherme Oliveira says:

    beautiful novafusion thanks!!!


  • Cristhyano says:

    I normally don’t ask for anything, but you guys can release an update of AOSPA? It’s a great SO and i want the clock freeze fixed like the last CM11 and Carbon releases.


  • Sanued says:

    thanks for your work, NovaFusion! I have a problem with my S3Mini.

    I´ve backuped my ROM, changed filesystem for data and cache to EXT4 and installed Android L. After booting, Android showed me massage with Encryption error and restarted the phone. Now I can´t boot neither to the system or recovery/download mode. After turning on the phone it just show me Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini screen and the screen go black. I tried reboot mobile via ADB. Nothing happend.

    Please, can you help me with this problem?

    • ideaman924 says:

      download TWRP from download page. Pop the battery on your phone, wait a few seconds to make sure all electricity is gone from the main board, plug it back in, and then hold Volume Down + Home + Power button (together, not individually!) Plug USB into PC and install it thru Odin (windows) or JOdin (universal) or Heimdall (Universal) I recommend JOdin, more universal than odin, more easier to use then heimdall.

      Once that’s done, boot into recovery (Pop battery, Put it back in, Vol Up + Home + Power) and flash CM11.

  • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

    Great achievement in such short time you guys!

  • betograbis says:

    It is stuck on boot screen…

  • spideraxal says:

    Guys, i want to congratulate you from my while heart for all the work you have put into maintaining my and other thousands of devices up to date! Once again, Novafusion > Samsung,htc, etc..

  • miso says:

    Thank you for your work
    I won’t flash it because it have big list of bugs but small list of features

  • Matheus says:


  • Andi says:

    I have CM11 installed, I have to take recovery or download?
    I run it exactly as the update of the CM11?

  • Albert Lius says:

    why i cannot to recovery after install this rom?

  • norberto ,argentina says:

    great pity that you can not make calls and msg, and the other will not let you get into recovery, I had to flayear the Stoch. wait for a full maas, thank you very much !!!! nova I congratulate you !!!!


    What happends if i install google play strore.apk(play store for lilipop from xda) using root explorer

  • Jorge Lopez says:

    No pasa del bootlogo….. Ya hice el factory reset

  • Piero Ulloa says:

    This is when Sammy’ KitKat update would have proven useful. But it’s Samsung so no one else cares about our phone than yourselves

  • I install as a complement to cm11

  • Thomas says:

    Congrats – you rock it!!

  • Chokurei says:

    Yaiii, BIG Thanks to NovaFusion-Team! =)
    Im waiting for a stable release too…to much bugs for afraid..haha.

  • adem says:

    flashed, but from 45 minutes still booting, dont know when wil come home-screen.

  • Drew Wesley says:

    Nice surprise, and nice list of issues. I believe this is NovaFusion’s first AOSP release (non ParanoidAndroid), no longer inheriting issues plaguing other custom roms. This must be as close to stock Android as you can get. Does this have TouchWiz?

    • Santy says:

      No. Is a Android Open Source Project.
      Dont have Touchwiz

    • Barnaculis says:

      Do you really think anyone would want to ruin the new beautiful design with LagWiz?

      Also, “This must be as close to stock Android as you can get”. “Does this have TouchWiz?” it haz stocktouchwiz m8

    • Reydus FX says:

      TouchWiz is an original feature of Samsung’s systems, so either you can install it from an third party APK and fail, or have some errors due to the incompatibility, also there isn’t any TouchWiz for Lollipop (That’s how you know NovaFusion is faster than Samsung (Probably they don’t even know L just came out))

      • Drew Wesley says:

        I’m sure it’s better if TouchWiz is left out. For the S3 mini, less is more.

        With TouchWiz:
        1) Someone calls.
        2) I try to answer, but UI is unresponsive.
        3) I panic.
        4) I turn off the screen.
        5) I turn on the screen.
        6) Now I can answer my call if it’s not too late.
        7) Note to self – clear TouchWiz cache in Application Manager.

        Without TouchWiz:
        1) Someone calls.
        2) I answer.

  • Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Gapps fo lollipop are available here. But don’t seem to work properly..

  • Sebastian Fox says:

    Help i can’t boot into both recovery and download mode :0

    • Shakeel Ahmed says:

      Flash twrp recovery in odin download mode is by pressing power, volume down and home simultaneously..

    • Recovery doesn’t work, but you should be able to boot into Odin mode. Turn the phone off, make sure it’s not plugged in, hold power + home + volume down, and it should work. Is your phone being recognised by your PC? Mine isn’t.

    • Lordwin Anim says:

      Yeah everybody’s got the problem, I just fixed it – asuming you’ve backed up your ROM before you went into 5.0 – Go to download mode on your phone (turn it off then press volume down + home + power), USB connect your phone to the computer or laptop and go to Odin (should be 3.04, 3.07 or 3.09) then flash a stock firmware for your phone and you should be in a normal OS once its done, when you’re there, flash CWM on Odin again and then go into recovery mode and restore your backed up ROM (unless you wanna stay on this stock firmware)

  • Cimi_90 says:

    You are the best Novafusion! I think you are one of the first to port this ROM! I’ll wait a more stable release soon and I’m sure your work will be the best as always!
    Good work man!

  • birnet says:

    It is stuck on boot screen…

  • Have someone could upload a screenshot

  • Akbar says:

    sht don’t leave your s3 mini or notify me if you just bought a new phone to be developing because you guys so amazing

  • RGoldBR says:

    It works ok (as far as implemented), but I can get to recovery anymore.

    I reflashed TWRP (v2.8.0.0 20140911, via Odin 3.07), but no can do: booting to new OS or ADB are the only options left.

  • Ino Kun says:

    This rom support low latency audio ?

  • My PC isn’t recognising the phone. Anyone else?

  • Chokurei says:

    Dear Novafusion – Team!
    My greatest respect to you for your hard work excellent ! As long as we have been waiting for finally released Android Lollipop release , now it ‘s finally here ! Unfortunately, I will not flash this on my device for fear of doing more harm to wreak ! Now my question : Can you tell about when the next Android release of L ‘s on , you can flash without problems simply mi little bugs I am so looking forward and waiting and now I have nothing of the release because they more or less is useless ! that’s why my question is because when many ask the nöchste good release with Android L do you know something ? thanks again for the great hard work ! Peace (Google – Translate)

  • 1001noidau says:


    RIL (phone/SMS/3G) doesn’t work [WIP]
    audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone) doesn’t work at all
    GPS/Glonass doesn’t work
    this release doesn’t support f2fs yet, only ext4 filesystem – remember to wipe data/cache partitions as ext4 before flashing this ROM!
    camera doesn’t work at all
    missing part of OMXes implementation (so there’s no fully HW video acceleration)
    there’s no Google Apps for 5.0 yet (we are too fast!)

  • wscan says:

    i’m really excited with this new, i know that is too early to have a stable release, that this first version will have a huge list of issues and bugs, that is why the only that i can say for you (maclaw team), thanks a lot for your work, thanks for your dedication and for do this free, the server payment i can’t say that is a payment for your work, it is a payment to we can have this working for us, And i have to say it one more time, THANKS FOR YOUR WORK.

  • jehoobn says:

    I am having a problem with the browser. Anyone else? Also the PC does not recognize phone.

  • @lt.core says:

    good jobs team M&M… we all waiting from you to release stable for LOLLIPOP STABLE S3 Mini (SAY NO TO BUGS LOLLIPOP S3 MINI…) Thx’s before GUYS… 🙂

  • Tura says:

    This is NovaFusion merit, is the first screenshot of Android 5 taken from a no supported device, Thanks NovaFusion, hope to join them, thanks for your commitment !!!

  • Tura says:

    I hope to become a large group of developers to demonstrate that companies like Samsung, saying, this cell model is not supported by hardware failure, think that there are people that shows we are not fools, THANK NovaFusion, the future of the Custom Roms !!! shown today.

    • Tura says:

      Espero que lleguen a ser un grupo importante de desarrolladores que demuestren que las companias como Samsung, al decir, este modelo de celular no es soportado por falta de hardware, piensen en que hay gente que demuestra que no somos tontos, GRACIAS NovaFusion, el futuro de las Custom Roms hoy demostrado !!!.

  • Lordwin Anim says:


  • matias tirimaco says:

    genia!!! no puedo creer que ya lo tengan, yo por mi parte voy a esperar por lo menos hasta que funcione el 3g, lo necesito cuando trabajo
    esperare por el,
    una pregunta, carbon tambien tendra version 5.0?


    just a report, AOSP keyboard is not working

  • mamiho says:

    So we have first 5.0 ROM for our phone… Even if it is early NIGHTLY release. Keep the good work guys.

  • nameless says:

    For those who have problem with boot recovery pls note..the recovery. 4.4 is not compatible with 5.0 so..use download mode to back to stock to fix it..

  • please build AOSP for Galaxy ace 5830 and Galaxy gio….

  • Thiago Costa says:

    NovaFusion you guys ROCK!! o//

    Excellent job and thank you for all the updates for S3 MINI.

  • George says:

    You are amazing!! I’m starting to miss my old S3 Mini :'(

  • Mr. Randall says:

    can anybody tell us if is it working? i tested it yesterday and it get stuck on boot…

  • Komputer says:

    I dont like aosp roms. But I love you. Thanks novafusion team. God bless you.

  • Piero Ulloa says:

    You should check about the ROM overwriting TWRP recovery, because my flash count will go really high with this build.

  • Kyril says:

    To anyone who tried this, and managed to get to the homescreen: How fast and buttery is it?

  • marek9336 says:

    Can you do a darker brightness? To many light at night and at minimum brightness.

    Could you do unlock to Miband when approaching? 🙂

    NFC will work? 🙂

  • Is it possible to port the Google Nexus 5 launcher? The launcher in this ROM just looks the same like KitKat.

  • Douweklb says:

    Anyone knows why, I flashed gapps, but if I try tot login the screen will get black and I will be back to my homescreen.

  • Mr. Randall says:

    Google account basically doesnt work, google play services doesnt too.

  • coolaiyush says:

    Excellent! Love the new feel…
    However neither the bluetooth works, nor does the signal/call, sms is not material design nor do videos play. Also the menu button seems to work as the “recents button” .To whomever who is installing this rom. You will have to just wait for the final stable release…Till then hope this fun for other S3 mini users out there and Maclaw THANK YOU SO MUCH 😀

  • ashtiker says:

    how does it have A-GPS but not GPS?

  • Makiller says:

    I love you guys 😀
    I wish you would support the s4 mini LTE, because cyanogenmod devs are not able to fix random reeboots for my device 🙁
    I wish i never gave my s3 mini away, because Team novafusion is just AWESOME !!!

  • zisean says:

    XDA news! How fast is novafusion!!!! See here, . S3 mini is the first old phone that support AOSP 5.0!

  • AnonimDerp says:

    Does phone work ? If not, when ?

  • andorid manager says:

    Hi, when time come update for sms,3g and for another Features

  • Dexter says:

    i’ll wait for the “stable” release, thank you!

  • Газа says:

    Please don’t forget s advance

  • Tugrul says:

    I love you guys you are the best. I was thinking to chance my s3mini but after your custom roms I started to like my phone again it’s being like a brand new phone after every release you gave. Thank you for all your effort I will try to donate you as soon as possible.

  • Victor Hugo says:

    Sorry my english. Resurrected my phone now. I managed to do so by emergency, let him time off, got inside the emergency mode and load the ROM by Odin. I hope you succeed

  • Todo mundo exige pero quisiera saber cuantos aportan dinero. Señores de NOVAFUSION, respetuosamente les sugiero que cobren una membresía por su trabajo.

  • Urufu says:

    Thanks for getting this so fast. I can make my friend (who owns a OnePlus One) jealous now.
    But I’m gonna wait for Gapps support

  • Jaw-Kwan says:

    to ril working:
    device add TARGRT_USES_LOGD := false

  • oje kupi says:

    you make us (S3 mini users) proud to you..
    although there’s a lot of issues… 😉

  • Bunny says:

    Are Camera, Calls ? Working or not ?

  • John says:

    Amigos, mi Galaxy S3 mini 8190L no entra en modo recovery nisiquiera instalando el TWRP Recovery v2.8.0.0 20140911 por medio del Odin.
    Alguien sabe de qué otra manera puedo forzar el inicio en modo recovery?

  • Levent says:

    please ace II 5.0 rom 🙂

  • Chokurei says:

    Im Confused!
    PLease Please tell me How i install it exactly on my Phone?!?
    Not like the ohter releases in TWRP Recovery?PLease Help PLEASE!!!

    • Chokurei says:

      Please Help me People!!!I read all Posts from this release 2 Tmes!!But i dont know how to flash this release!PLease Help me PLease!!!

      • ItsPeet:Carbon says:


        Are you sure you want this Lollipop? A lot of things are not yet working.

        • Chokurei says:

          Thank you my friend!No i don´t wanna have this release..too much Bugs!Im waiting since 1 Week for a “new” “stable” release,but nothing will happen …Maclaw is everything fine ?Do you are in Hospital?I hope not!!Peace ..

      • markus says:

        Do you a favor and stay on stable versions!! The actual version above is a preview and very unstable.

  • mistik says:

    is project volta working???? it is very important for me


    can you try to port android L to the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini?

  • mkxmx says:

    Just dont forget to release Cm11 snapshot M12 guys!! There is a long road to get Lollipop but please dont forget CM11 M12!!

  • bigD says:

    6 days and still no release, id of thought being great developers youd of had a few more bugs ironed out by now. even if not its 12 days since last cm11. before anyone says do it myself im not a developer if i was i wouldnt be on here.

    • Nathan says:

      It´s not weird that is not working yet. This phone is not supported by samsung to run Lollipop. And only samsung has the tools to make it working directly. Some fixes are like looking for a needle in a haystack, and its just plain awesome if they find them, but because samsung doesnt help is searching the only thing they can do.
      On gio, everything workt after a month, except camera. It took almost a half year till if fully worked, all because of qualcomm didn´t want to release neccesary drivers.
      So 6 days isn´t that big of a deal.

  • Hidden World says:

    anyone can help me to root lollipop, it’s seems like hard to do it, because it require to change kernel

  • Mateusz sIII mini says:

    I see from 06.11 boys from nova make hard work for us because they want make more funcional and stable release of 5.0 I waiting so much for that hail programist from poland ans nova szacuneczek chłopaki

  • Is development still exist ?

  • bigD says:

    is cm11 finished, this has been the longest in betweem cm11 updates.

    • markus says:

      You are very unpolite, you know that, right?

      Rebuild a whole operation system on hardware, you don’t get native driver by the vendor for, takes A LOT OF TIME!!!

      Be patient. Your smartphone still works and will not crash because it feels embarrassed by not being the newest one any more.

      • bigD says:

        Unpolite, surely you mean impolite, sort your english out. As for being “impolite” because i ask if cm11 is finished you need to read the defination of the word. As for the +1 remark all devs say the same thing +1 doesnt help, because you butted in the conversation turned into something different. Now toddle along and take some more selfies(sarcasm not impolite)!!!!

  • ritvik says:

    cant wait for next for next update!!! 🙂

  • hopefully the next version will come with at least 60% more stable

  • Bartek says:

    What about build for ace 2 (i8160)

  • nico666x says:

    There are other developers of “android 4.4.4” or “5” for the mini S3?
    It is not for something in particular, I ask because I’ve only seen “novafusion” rom´s

    Existen otros desarrolladores de android “4.4.4” o “5” para los S3 mini?
    No es por algo en especial, pregunto porque solo he visto rom´s de novafusion

  • nico666x says:

    There are other developers of “android 4.4.4″ or “5” for the mini S3?
    It is not for something in particular, I ask because I’ve only seen “novafusion” rom´s

  • Belphegory says:

    Wow you know when there is no releases for a few days they working on something big……keep up the good work guys…take your time…I don’t mind waiting a week or three…

    From South Africa

  • Cody says:

    Please build for ace 2 (i8160)! 🙂

  • aikoer says:

    Keep good work!
    I’m waiting good news for new stable release for android L… especially for s3 mini

  • Adler says:

    From this link:
    I saw this line: repo init -u -b cm-12.0
    Is CM12 coming, Maclaw&Marcin?

  • Ralf says:

    Android L for my S 3 mini ist wonderfull. But ist impossible to phone. I don’t have Baseband. Who can help me?

  • Geo says:

    Novateam! Found your rom on another case you want to take it down here is the link

  • bassel hesham says:

    Navigation bar sittings please !!!!

  • mistik says:

    Update please please

  • David93X says:

    I know that we aren’t supposed to ask for ETA but come on it have been two weeks!
    But please at least provide updates about progress so far?

  • Ariel says:

    CM 11 is dead?

    • mkxmx says:

      Not yet, Novateam will clean and optimize their 4.4 roms before they release another Lollipop rom.

      Also from the XDA post about AOSP 5.0:

      Originally Posted by New Macław
      Still fighting mainly with audio and RIL. Great successes, but still not ready.

      Also almost all of OMX (video playing/recording) stuff is working. We’re on good way

  • John says:


    • Me says:

      Are you fucking mad? THey say it’s a Beta. Learn to read first.
      AnYway, nobody asked you to install it. Shut up or go back to stock!

  • mamiho says:

    Their so caught up by this AOSP they forgotten about anything else it seems. Meybe they want to give us this ROM fully working as fast as they can… Well, we simply have to wait. But it surely would be nice to at least give us any info about their progress…

  • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

    Hoping Nova will consider a Carbon release on Lollipop! So exciting these days…. Keep up the good work on our beloved mini!

  • Angga says:

    I just flashed this rom without the gapps, thinking that I just wanna see the android lolipop. Now I’m stuck, no file manager, can’t connect to the internet, no google services and can’t go back to recovery. OMG, can anyone help me, please???

  • bigD says:

    this is on xda

    Originally Posted by New Macław
    Still fighting mainly with audio and RIL. Great successes, but still not ready.

    Also almost all of OMX (video playing/recording) stuff is working. We’re on good way

  • nio says:

    how much time will take the first stable release ???

  • bigD says:

    i did put quote off maclaw from xda about the still having problems with ril and audio but they havent printed it.

  • farisli says:

    Thanks novafusion & maclaw… Waiting….

  • bigD says:

    Originally Posted by New Macław
    Still fighting mainly with audio and RIL. Great successes, but still not ready.

    Also almost all of OMX (video playing/recording) stuff is working. We’re on good way

  • Well I was going to wait for Gapps for 5.0 but I can’t wait. I’m backing up and downloading this 🙂

  • It seems I have done something to my phone.
    1: Stuck in bootloop
    2: Recovery not starting
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • bigD says:

    thanks for finally posting. all work is apreciated but remember this is your website so it would be alot better to post updates here instead of xda. by the way new cm11 is working brilliantly for me not one bug.

  • AxelKz1 says:

    Por favor que alguien me ayude no puedo entrar en modo recovery pero si puedo entrar en modo downloading pero el driver no funsiona ayuda de verdad

  • Rtx04 says:

    Looks great, but almost every app crashes after 5sec….(browser, gallery, etc)
    Still waiting for gapps 🙂

  • please android lollipop for Galaxy S Advance

  • Philip says:

    After I install the Android Open Source Project 5.0, when I on the phone it stays on the boot screen for the whole day and makes the phone get hot faster. Can anyone help me?

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