November 15th, 2014
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 11.0

New stable release (20141115) of CM11.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing KitKat, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

If you’re updating from older CM10.1/10.2/11.0 version, you don’t have to perform a wipe!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources update
  • major cleanup
  • media patches optimization due to porting them to Lollipop
  • minor bugfixes
  • Odin package update


  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • GPS and A-GPS – fast fix getting
  • Glonass navigation
  • compass
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CM11 functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • YouTube HQ
  • 3.0.101 kernel
  • external storage
  • full f2fs support – the best filesystem for Android (tutorial here!)
  • native 64GB+ sdcard support (exFAT)
  • camera
  • video playing
  • SELinux
  • BLN (backlight notifications) support
  • offline charging
  • New BT/GPS/offline charging/sensors drivers – no longer buggy Samsung’s ones!
  • built using NovaTP GCC4.9 toolchain
  • no 1GHz bug
  • USB OTG support (WIP)
  • also flashable via Odin


  • none

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

200 Responses
  • Emad says:

    ♥ thank you Nova ^^ ♥

  • fariz haikal says:

    Nice …good job novateam!! I flashing it now….hopefully you release Android Lollipop Stable release this week

  • rjblack says:

    hopefully cyanogenmod release cm12 and a source code for nova team 😀

  • jorge says:

    how about the battery? still draining too fast?

  • james says:

    S Advance, please!!!!

  • mkxmx says:

    Thanks a lot!

  • Coshyloco says:

    No m12?? 🙁

  • Javier says:

    And carbón?

  • Because I have to restart my modem every time to connect to the Wifi Cm11?

  • mistik says:

    Lollipop please

  • iAlvaro_cc says:

    It charges when it isn’t booted?

  • Dave_ITA says:

    Next carbon please 🙂

  • jeffrey says:

    cm11 m12 :c ?

  • nogaii says:

    ace 2? there is stability problem when sharing connection through wifi

  • Paul says:

    Problem baterry drain. System Android 80% usage battery please help.

    • Al Bundy says:

      yes, i have a big battery problem. went to bed with fully loaded batery and my phone was off this morning. 91% usage of android system. i cant understand why already fixed probs come back in later versions. i go back to an older version or think of buying another mobile.

  • Eren says:

    have 1 GHz bug ???Battery draining?? Clock freeze??

  • Robert says:

    im having a problem with my logo where it says “samsung s3 mini ” it looks corupted on my screen but wen i open the file in windows its clear how can i fix this ive tried stock reflash but that didnt work any ideas?

  • Dexter says:

    Thanks Nova! You guys are awesome!!

  • DerArndt says:

    But Android L , it must be cm12 , nut 11 . Please Finish the other Roms / CM10.2 has some bugs and when i read comments from other Roms , they not Finish . So please Finish your other projects first

    • Rfiver says:


      • James says:

        the thing is most of the bugs come from CM sources, and since this is a custom release, there are bound to be unexpected behaviours everytime the codebase changes. I don’t know if you understand how software development works, but these guys made it really stable, 99.9% workable with. Not even stock roms are bug free

        • Al Bundy says:

          Sorry its not 99,9 % stable. Batery usage is a main thing for me and i can give you just 80%. before i updatet to 20141115 my batery lastet 2 days, now i have to load it every day and last night it went from 100% to off in 7,5 hrs. Sorry thats not good enough for me.

    • rzin says:

      Man you arent their leader, please take it easy with your comments and enjoy their work, if you donate or not to this project only appreciate it.

    • RGoldBR says:

      This ROM and other ROMs they not Finish, they Polish.

  • Miou2 says:

    Always the bug 1 Ghz .

  • Abc says:

    I currently use cropol kernel for overclock CPU and gpu ,if I install this update, does my kernel is formatted? Sorry for my english

  • MaNiAlJoWo says:

    Nice Rom! But i have a Bug in the built in Folder Manager. I cannot change to the ext SD Card. I let me only show up the system Partition.

  • Παύλος says:

    trying out now.

  • getsomefever says:

    Are you waiting for cyanogenmod for lollipop.So is development has stopped?

  • 75seconds4 says:

    guys , some help please! my s3 mini suddenly turned off and i havent been able to turn it back on again. Like off offf i cant even access recovery or download mode, any suggestions? its been over a day and yes i have charged it

  • awaiz parkar says:

    When u will update it too android L juz cant wait plzzzz sae thee release date….

  • MaNiAlJoWo says:

    Why was my post deleted? The build in Folder Manager doesn’t work correctly!

  • Elmario says:

    Oh no! Carbon hasn’t had it’s clock freeze Patch released, yet and novafusion is already continuing with new optimizations. So there wilb never be a stable Carbon 🙁

    • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

      Jumping into conclusions… Just wait

    • Andrés Vinueza says:

      Waiting for carbón fixes takes at least a month lol I am using pac rom atm and well I only miss the 8 targets slider, in pac I have dinamyc system bars, I wonder if carbón merged DSB in their rom, I’ll be waiting for a new carbón reléase from nova anyways and I hope they fix instagram video , nova carbón is awesome anyways

  • Mr. Randall says:

    Offline charging bug here.

  • habib says:

    Good work 😉
    Is it normal that the stock browser doesn’t save the tabs when i press the home button???

  • Samuel says:

    Its possible update the opengl to 3.0
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Muhammed says:

    dont play SD card.File manager dont see SD Card. 🙁

  • Frank says:

    Great. Thanks, Nova team.

  • fuko says:

    I’m frustrated by this project. I’ve upgraded more than 10 times but there was always problem with basic malfunctions as clock frozing, data connectivity outage (restart needed) so I’ve upgraded to another “stable” release from 19.october and such malfunction as call unreachable from time to time with reboot necessary is unacceptable. Is it worth to upgrade to last version?

    • tugaRules says:

      i have the last update and no bugs here (except offline charge). everything works smoth. Did you tried to do a clean install?

    • Al Bundy says:

      No, in my Opp. its not worth to update. 20141101 and 20141008 where a lot better versions for me. just seen that my filebrowser doesnt work wih sd-card. sorry but cm11 ist getting more worse. its nice that you do these things for us but if its not working right, i cant say that its good. Sorry, not worth to update.

  • AngelR32 says:

    Unfortunately, file Manager has stopped. (((

  • AngelR32 says:

    Who deleted my post? Ive problem, File Manager crashed.”unfortunately, file managet has stopped”…(

    • saygone says:

      Do me a favour. Clap you hand onto you forehead this will be your facepalm for asking silly questions. They will release Lollipop when it will be ready to be released. End of story.

  • I am with a problem in the ROM voice recorder. Every time he says or for the microphone is in use. Also, I can not send voice messages by WhatsApp. Someone is having the same problem? Can anyone help me?

  • Παύλος says:

    offline charging bug solved for me!!!

    still getting whatsapp videos issue

    does anyone have a recomendation about any decent camera app? thanks!

    error de carga con el teléfono apagado resuelto para mi!
    aún tengo el bug al enviar videos por whatsapp.

    alguien tiene una app recomendable para sustituír la stock de cámara?


  • Elric says:

    I’m still having the offline charging bug I think it depends on the models I’m not an expert on that subject… sorry my english is not perfect.

    aun poseo el error de carga con el telefono a pagado creo que eso depende de los modelos no se no soy experto.

  • Luis Daniel says:

    Que tal va la bateria? Tienen problema de conexion de señal de datos? Tienen que reiniciar?

    How is the battery drain? Have problem with data connection? Is necesary reboot?

  • Luiz Renato Zanoni says:

    I noticed that the update had audio recorder, but still with error writing in “WAV” format.

  • This release is the most flawed in months, 8 mins first start that almost made me think the brick had returned, random slow downs and the cpu is set to be at a speed from boot that is higher then normal, full wipe of everything was done prior to install, system dalvik cache data all wiped.

  • Luiz Renato Zanoni says:


    Gerenciador de arquivos não acessa o cartão SD.

  • Pescado says:

    everytime i update this ROM, it always give me error says “unfortunately google play store has stopped” & “unfortunately com.process.gapps has stopped”
    I really hope this version will be fix my issue
    if doesn’t, then i just wait for Android L

  • RGoldBR says:

    L nowadays: no Volta, less APIs are exposed, some once known functionalities are now forever broken — I’m not that eager to migrate from the utterly stable 10.2.

  • Wandersonbm says:

    I noticed that the ROM keeps crashing using Google Launcher Now after a while . And also the options of SIM sometimes disappear and appear out of nowhere , why ?

    PS : Descupem my English using Google Translate 🙂

  • ronald says:

    Several but the file manager closes if you try to send a file by mail or message.
    The unexpectedly sawing quickoffice.
    The application of the clock stops when rotating the screen when it’s getting an alarm or change the time.

  • nopersonal says:

    hi together,

    I have update to the new version of cm11. Im sorry to tell you that I have still the batterie load crash if the mobile is switched off. It also seems that the battery lost the power very fast.

    Does somebody knows a solution because some others said that the problem should be solved.

    in addition I have to wipe the dalvik store in order to get the google apps to run – they had a lot of connection errors before I had wiped.

    thanx in advance

  • i used the 20141101 release, camera quality is the only reason i reverted to the stock rom. Everything else was awesome. How is the cam quality on this release?

  • can someone mention what changes have been made in this release?

  • nopersonal says:

    hi together,

    I have update to the new version of cm11. I’m sorry to tell you that I have still the batterie load crash if the mobile is switched off. It also seems that the battery lost the power very fast.

    Does somebody knows a solution because some others said that the problem should be solved.

    in addition I have to wipe the dalvik store in order to get the google apps to run – they had a lot of connection errors before I had wiped.

    thanx in advance

  • Andre Brechtel says:

    The program runs with me on the phone very well. However, I am having trouble charging the phone in the car. The mobile phone is not charging, it starts the MP3 player and plays music.
    This problem I have with the charging cable in the car.

  • Christof says:


  • Verduo says:

    When I turn wifi on the governor stucks at 1ghz. A restart without WiFi on doesn’t fit the problem. So back to 20141101

  • Robert says:

    this ROM is never finish.
    about android 5? –> Forget it. Remember that android 4.4.4 taker nearly a year but still not finish
    Suggest: Back to stock ROM

  • Jef Valles says:

    How long would this ROM take during 1st boot? it’s been about 15 minutes and it hasn’t finished, just the CM logo loading… anyone knows bout it?

  • Zaid Alsadee says:

    I flashed cm11 20141101 version a week ago, I had three problems with that version, battery drainage (full battery last only 8hrs with moderate usage), music player is been turned on when I connect a car charger and finally, it took me ages to get a full battery charge.
    I flashed cm11 20141115 today and these problems are gone, it is obviously more stable than the previous version. however, still missing some basic things like youtube HD, offline charging….
    overall, it is still the best custom rom around.
    PS..I did a clean flash for both versions

  • Victor Hugo says:

    After I remove the charger, the phone keeps saying it is loading. Is happening to someone else?

    • no personal says:

      I don’t have a problem during the phone is switched on BUT I can’t load the phone if it is switched off – the loading picture freezes and the phone is not loading. After unplug the phone it seems that the phone crashed .I have to hold the power on button very long in order to start it.

  • deztiny says:

    I am also really getting angry. I really dont care about Lollipop (CM12) as long as there is no REALLY STABLE version of CM10.2 or CM11. Even CM10.2 got issues in the last releases so in desperation I switched from CM10.2 to CM11 (20141101) release which seems to work mostly ok.
    But STILL, please
    untill AT LEAST ONE FULLY STABLE RELEASE (CM10.2 or CM11: charching, clock, connectivity, 1GHz …)

    • GreenWorld says:

      +1 please finish your other rom’s. Not one of your cm rom’s is ready : 10/10.1/10.2/11 they all have bugs

      • mkxmx says:

        WTF is wrong with you, I have no issues with my S3 mini, 1ghz bug is easy to prevent and all my batteries problems went away with a new battery after the stock one died… Even flashed a new modem and got a better signal, seriously do some reading first

    • Christof says:


      • Belphegory says:

        Dunno what you are going on about…..I have only done 1 full wipe when changing partition formats few months back…otherwise I just install via recovery every time..dont even need to wipe cache or davlik…and I dont have any of these bugs.

        The main one for me was the clock bug and that was fixed last month.

        Battery is lasting me two to three days

        No 1 Gighz issue for me ever.

        This 1115 release is super stable and awesome.

        I can happily wait with this until Lollipop.

  • Zopes says:

    I am agree with Robert and Deztiny

  • bestraphits says:

    Please Make a MIUI Rom!!!
    Nobody Can’t make a normal Miui rom….
    All Hope for you!

  • Jordi says:

    I have an error when WhatsApp tries to update from google play. Only happens with WhatsApp, other apps have been updated without problems.

  • Alexandre says:

    BS Player dosen’t work
    it stop immediately after i open it

  • adrian says:

    HELP ! ayuda !
    Puse esta rom, y me dice “RED NO DISPONIBLE” no puedo hacer llamdas ni nada.
    No se que hacer, necesito el celular !

    • Carlos says:

      Saca la SIM, limpia los contactos y vuelve a ponerla.


    • por lo que dices al parecer borraste la carpeta EFS la cual contiene el Imei del teléfono verifica que imei tienes marcando *#06# si el numero que sale esta todo en 0 o no concuerda con el numero que se encuentra en la parte trasera del teléfono esta debe ser la razón por la cual no tienes red, si es esto existe una aplicación llamada galaxy toolbox que te ayuda a arreglar esto, busca tutoriales para reparar tu Imei.
      espero te haya servido de algo

      • en este hilo existe información al respecto de la perdida del IMEI
        Nota: si se ha borrado la carpeta EFS no importa si vuelves a la rom stock el problema va a persistir por lo que es necesario reparar el IMEI así tengas la rom cm11.

      • adrian says:

        Hola,Gracias por contestar. cuando me fijo el imei, no me aparece todo 0, me aparecen varios numeros distintos. En la parte trasera del celular no me aparece ninguncartelito con el numero de imei de fabrica.
        Yo igualmente tengo un backup de la carpeta efs,
        Tendria que hacer este tutorial con el root explorer?

        1- Usando Root Explorer y tu copia de la efs
        2- Guarda una segunda copia de esa carpeta a la PC (por si sale algo mal)
        3- Borrar la carpeta efs original en el teléfono
        4- Reiniciar
        5- Al iniciar el celular, automáticamente volverá a crear una nueva carpeta efs, con el Root Explorer combina unos archivos por otros
        6- se reiniciará solo,NO REINICIEIS y listo.

        Espero tu respuesta. Muchas gracias.

        • Si. eso te sirve!!, solo por confirmar el numero de imei original se encuentra en la parte trasera del teléfono al sacar la batería.
          adicionalmente cuando cambies los archivos del efs por los que tienes en el backup.
          Si llegas a tener problemas con la red 3g o con la navegación
          sigue estos pasos:
          marcar *#*#4636#*#*
          Informacion Sobre el Telefono
          establecer tipo de red preferido eliges
          WCDMA prefered o WCDMA prefered

          • adrian says:

            Hice lo que me dijiste. Ya cambie la carpeta, (no se reinicio solo, lo tuve que reniciar yo ) y lo de WCDMA ya estaba en eso puesto.
            En cuestion ahora tengo 3g, pero no puedo hacer ni recibir llamdas :/

          • adrian says:

            Me sigue apareciendo red no disponible cuando quiero hacer una llamada

    • ok ya en definitiva no se que pueda ser, intenta con otra sim card, o prueba la tuya en otro telefono, o reinstala nuevamente la rom

    • Coshyloco says:

      Flashea El Modem De Nuevo y Reinicia 2 Veces Y Ya con Eso Se Arregla.

  • adrian says:

    HELP ! ayuda !
    Puse esta rom, y me dice “RED NO DISPONIBLE” no puedo hacer llamdas ni nada.
    No se que hacer, necesito el celular !

    • por lo que dices al parecer borraste la carpeta EFS la cual contiene el Imei del teléfono verifica que imei tienes marcando *#06# si el numero que sale esta todo en 0 o no concuerda con el numero que se encuentra en la parte trasera del teléfono esta debe ser la razón por la cual no tienes red, si es esto existe una aplicación llamada galaxy toolbox que te ayuda a arreglar esto, busca tutoriales para reparar tu Imei.
      En este hilo existe información al respecto de la perdida del IMEI
      Nota: si se ha borrado la carpeta EFS no importa si vuelves a la rom stock el problema va a persistir por lo que es necesario reparar el IMEI así tengas la rom cm11.

  • adrian says:

    I flash with this ROM, and i can´t do any call, and message.
    It has signal, but it saiys “MOBILE NETWORK NOT AVAILABLE”
    Please, i need help !
    I use the cell phone for work ! and it is very important.

  • flo says:

    when comes the Android L Rom with RIL, sound and camera?

  • leo says:

    File manager does not recognize sdcardle

  • wiiiiiii, Netflix is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmed says:

    After flashing this rom can I install stock camera and touchwiz ?

  • Wakria says:

    People, stop asking for Lollipop. KitKat should get improved. Besides, the only ones with the right to complain are the donators and supportive people. If you like to bash with “I’m coming back to stock”, save your time and get out of here.

    About the release, everything is OK, tomorrow I may check if the clock hasn’t frozen at all

  • adfhas says:

    still many bugs, still not finish yet

  • Ali says:

    Hi, I succsesfully installed cyanogenMod 11 on my S3 Mini (La Fleur). It does work, however, I have encounterd a few issues so far:

    1) I cannot set the brightness to automatic. When I press the brightness symbol (sun), for a split second it sets to auto (sun with a) but almost instantly goes back to non-auto. Why is that?

    2) I cannot set a Microsoft Exchange Account. When choosing [create new account] and [MS Exchange], most of the times nothing happens. After rebooting, sometimes, for a split second the setting window opens up – but almost instantly closes again. I can set any other account (Outlook, Whatsapp etc.), however. I need MS Exchange to synchronize my calender and contacts from Outlook.

    3) A lot of times I get messages that some app has closes (browser etc.), though I wasn’t aware of having opened them. This is the least problem, though it bugs me to have to close them everytime.

    Have you had any experience with these problems?

    Despite these everything (so far) works fine. Without Exchange, however, I will propably have to go back to stock, which I reeeeallly don’t want to.

    Please help me. Thank you.

  • iAlvaro_cc says:

    When I recive a call and i don’t answer the backlight buttons activates permanently please fix it

  • TheBestDestroyer says:

    Does this work on my S3 Mini Value Edition?

  • nopersonal says:

    hi together,

    short info – maybe it helps –

    I also have had a lot of problems esspecialy battery could not load and show the battary symbol during switched off. also my alarm clock was crashing every time If try to add an alarm. In addition the launcher made some problems.
    I had installed cm11 2014-11-01 with wipes – the old system was rooted stock rom. Then I have installed CM11 2014-11-15 – same problems!!

    I also thought about going back to stock because the sytem seems to be unstable and I didn’t trust it. But before this going back to stock I thought I try it one more time. And now the system do not have a problem with loading the battery and the alarm clok is working fine.

    What I did was:

    I wiped
    I changed the file system to f2fs for all partitions
    I flashed CM10.2 with recovery (no odin)
    I flashed CM 11 20141101 with recovery (no odin)
    I flashed CM 11 20141115 with recovery (no odin)
    I flashed the micro google apps

    AND NOW THE SYSTEM IS A LOT STABLER THEN BEFORE – I didn’t test everything but it is faster and more stable!!!

    thanx and respect to the developers

  • Ens|aved says:

    Offlinecharging still don’t work :/

  • Tiago says:

    I can´t change de image of my lock screen guys 🙁

  • iAlvaro_cc says:

    Really which one is fluider and has got better autonomy, this or rom stock?

  • Pablo says:

    Why we still dont have lollipop stable release? We have been waiting for 2 weeks already. Why we have to still wait for it? You are surely esting pizza and drinking beer but not working, focus and work. We need lollipop stable release with all working for tomorrow. You cant waste more time.

    • h1t0 says:

      How much are you paying them for the work?

    • bigD says:

      are you for real, you want it for tomorrow a stable lollipop, well go and buy a nexus 6, even that hasnt got a stable lollipop. as for them eating pizza and drinking beer, i hope they are, do you think there robots or on a hundred grand a year salary, this is there spare time project and not there life. cheeky little sh*t, stop wasting time we want a stable release tomorrow, i cant believe you actually said that. we all like a bit complaining but that was pathetic. now jog on back to stock with your android 4.1.2 if thats stable enough.

    • here is your Lollipop .l.

  • MainMeat says:

    Using my S3 mini, I have been trying the various different ROMs from NovaFusion for the past few months.

    CM11 roms (Kitkat) all have a very bad battery life and the performance of the handset seems slow and lagged. I rolled back to the last release of CM 10.2 (JellyBean) and wallah! Stable phone, good battery life and smooth interface. Guess I was also the victim of the 1GHz bug and could not get it resolved

    My pennies worth, not sure of I did something wrong with CM11.

    CM10.2 is great and the subsequent releases of CM 11 even better, but 10.2 seems to be the way to go for the moment.

    • Anders says:

      Hi, running the same phone using CM11 20141101 release, 30+ apps, sync’ing 5 email accounts and use less than 1% battery per hour … Not too bad but I am really picky with the app configurations and their attempt to sync or communicate …
      All the best!

  • Somebody know if the issue in the time (incorrect clock) was fixed? I’m having this problem in all versions of CM11.0. Thanks.

    When I have this issue my alarm clock (Sleep as Android) doesn’t work.

  • theov3rc0mer says:

    Hello. The rom seems to work fine, but every time I touch the screen the back and menu buttons lights up. How can I fix that?

  • Markus says:

    Hey guys,

    I like your CM11 really a lot.
    But sorry für complaining – e-mail app and browser are ALWAYS closing when trying to start them.
    I did all wipes as requested and all other things before flahing.

    These two things are to me major things that MUST work, otherwise I -and this is not said to put pressure on you guys- I mind going back to stock. …thats what I do not want to – but have to if not solved soon :\

    So please give yourself a clap and look where the causes are 🙂

    Many many thanks!


  • Jose Luna says:

    help, I can´t send videos by whatsapp, any solution?

  • Diar says:

    File manager crash.
    so I return to 20141101 release

  • RT Soldat says:

    Can someone help me pls
    i updated to this version and i cant use any device with the otg cable, i have an SG S3 mini

  • Nicu says:

    Hello, i have a problem with notifications. My previous OS was CM 11 october build, i dont exactly the date when it was realesed(l’ve made an upgrade).. but now on this build i cant receive notifications from facebook\gmail. Sync function is on. I did a cache and dalvik cache wipe too, i’ve installed full pack of gapps, same thing. Anyone know how to resolve this?its really anoying. I have nova launcher and tesla plugin wich shows number of notifications on the facebook\gmail, this works.. But notifications dont..

  • pramudya says:

    thanks for new rom,but when i finish instal this my play store is lose..
    plis help me

  • John says:

    Update for Galaxy S Advance, please! 🙁 Thank you <3

  • jan says:

    Problems wit the original camera APP.
    When i make a picture, the gallery to upload a picture in Facebook is Brocken and shows no pictures only black unclickable thumbs. And whatsapp crashes if i try to send a Video.

  • Viktor says:

    Hello guys, I have updated to 20141115 yesterday from 20141026. With previous version my battery staretd to drain faster – one and a half day just laying on the table – and sometimes battery level dropped by 25% in one second – then stayed stable for hours. However, I have other strange problem now – for couple of minutes. I had 22% of battery, I put the phone on the table, it signalized low battery level and it asked me for PIN. Battery at 0. So I’ve plugged it in and since then it’s charging, but still 0%. Is it a system problem or can it be a battery? But it’s strange that problems started after 20141026. Before everything was OK, Battery lifetime safely one day of moderate usage.

  • Anders says:

    Hi guys, running the CM11 20141101 release and I am very happy with this, specially with less than 1% battery usage per hour … Just a newbie question, if I flash the updated 20141115 release without wiping the Dalvik cache and the regular cache, does that mean that I keep the app’s intact or do I need to re-install everything?

  • bigD says:

    novafusion om facebook said an hour ago booting cm12

  • Adel Abdelsabour says:

    Thank you for tour efforts but I downloaded cianogenmod 11 on my device samsung s 3 mini Gt i8190 and all functions performed well except gapps (google play \youtube \ google services) Can you give me reasons for this and the way to repair it?

  • Joseph Frank says:

    Hi guys, love your work but I can’t download any latest versions for your Cyanogenmod ROM because the download speeds never exceed 20KB/s in Malaysia. I wonder what happened, it has been for months that I haven’t download the latest version.

  • Dhiven says:

    i cannot download,google chrome {newtwork error}

  • Seed Vicious says:


    Hi Guys, I want to identify and monitor the internet usage of each app on my phone.
    Can anyone recomend a good app to do this?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Luthercr says:

    Working great but.. only get Edge connection and no 3G, HSPA+ connection.
    Anyone have this issue? Verified APN settings but i still having only Edge.

  • Tevfik says:

    Cm11 rom with oneL+grey theme.
    Number one. Thanks…

  • Ambroisie says:

    Okay so I’ve got four questions :

    – I am at the moment on the PAC rom, hsould I move to the Cyanogenmod instead, still trying to decide but I’m not sure.

    – If I change to CM, do I have to make a memory and/or cache wipe when porting from PAC ?

    – Is there going to be a need for Cache and/or memory wipe when CM will be on Android 5.0 when porting from the actual version ?

    – Is there going to be an Android 5.0 PAC rom ?

    Anyone able to answer these questions is welcome

  • Icke Hier says:

    Brilliant version, no problems so far.
    Very good battery life, no clock freeze since monday and it feels faster.

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