November 19th, 2014
RELEASE for S3 Mini
Carbon 4.4.4

New release (20141119) of Carbon 4.4.4 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing KitKat, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

If you’re updating from older Carbon version, you don’t have to perform a wipe!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • Carbon sources update
  • major cleanup
  • media patches optimization due to porting them to Lollipop
  • minor bugfixes
  • fully fixed clock freee (thanks golden-guy)
  • updates in device, removed unused patch, overall cleanups etc. due to preparing to Android L first release
  • Odin package update


  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • GPS and A-GPS – fast fix getting
  • Glonass navigation
  • compass
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • Carbon functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • YouTube HQ
  • Wifi direct
  • 3.0.101 kernel
  • external storage
  • full f2fs support – the best filesystem for Android (tutorial here!)
  • native 64GB+ sdcard support (exFAT)
  • camera
  • video playing
  • SELinux (temporary disabled)
  • BLN (backlight notifications) support
  • offline charging
  • auto EFS backup
  • New BT/GPS/offline charging/sensors drivers – no longer buggy Samsung’s ones!
  • built using NovaTP GCC4.9 toolchain
  • no 1GHz bug
  • also flashable via Odin


  • none

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉
If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

120 Responses
  • Cristhyano says:

    Do you plan to release AOSPA with the clock freeze bug fixed soon? Thanks.

  • Thomas says:

    Peet is happy now 😀

    • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

      Haha yessssss very happy! Thanks Nova!!!!

      • Andrés Vinueza says:

        Do you know if Instagram video upload is working and did carbon merge dynamic system bars?

      • leidenfrost says:

        peet how’s the release?. i don’t have the power to download anything right now. bet you’re enjoying it right now. no problems?

        • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

          No issues so far and pretty fast 🙂

          @Andres: I Don’t have Instagram and don’t know what dynamic system bars are?

          • Tom says:

            They are a navigation bar at the bottom (triangle, circle and square touch buttons) and a status bar which can change colors as apps’.

          • Andrés Vinueza says:

            Dynamic system bars consist on the top bar of the screen color changing according to the application that you’re using, this happens in android L but PA team made it for kit Kat they made open source the code for this and well is up to the teams if they want to add it or not PAC team did it and seems that carbon team haven’t still I would use carbon if Instagram worked lol thanks for replying anyway 😀

          • Dave_ITA says:

            I get along with peet, i love carbon too

  • hasseos says:

    THANKS, downloading now

  • zią says:

    is it good?

  • Pabloski says:

    Google Chrome still opening in floating mode!!! Fix that please

  • Tim Pfeifer says:

    Its a bug by Google

  • matias tirimaco says:

    yeessss, lollipop, we love you team <3

  • Aldama69 says:

    If I change from cyanogen mod 4.4.4 to this carbon update I need to do factory reset cache and etc or only flash the file on recovery?

  • joao sa says:

    When are we going to be able to access dinamic system bars on carbon?

  • matias tirimaco says:

    traffic netwok on status bar was buggy for me, it work for some minutes and freezy

  • Abc says:

    If you want over clock CPU & GPU features on your phone,you can flash Cropol Kernel. I’m not responsible any error on your phone

  • Thanx Nova! Works fine so far.

  • Lucas says:

    did a clean installation formatting the whole internal storage tool (after backup)
    at the moment governor abyss and sio. very fast, reactive and smooth. because of complete app reinstall i can’t comment on battery life. i’ll come back after a re-normalizzation.

  • Chaosfaktor says:

    Probs with Google Calendar? There is no Sync 🙁

  • Estebandido says:

    Problems with the Calendar Sync and I cannot get ART working with f2fs 🙁

    • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

      I tested a long time with this KitKat ART and saw more problems than significant speedup. My advice would be to stay with Dalvik on KitKat.

      Or a suggestion for NovaFusion to take the ART-code from Lollipop and insert it into KitKat? Haha.

  • shabbir says:

    Traffic Netwok Meter on status bar was buggy for me, it work for some time and after some time gone don’t show kbps

  • FlamiN says:

    Peet, what governor and I/O do you use?

  • El Oso says:

    Thanks Nova!!!
    … Testing…

  • holmson93 says:

    since 2 last releases, profiles don’t work anymore. i can’t manage volumes, they are locked on 2,2,2 as values.

  • Serihan says:

    We’re waiting for Lolipop with nonissue

  • matias tirimaco says:

    i cant conect my s3 mini via usb to my pc, i fund some archives named .cookieid
    i think that was a virus, some one can help me?

  • Jay Nakamura says:

    i am new here and new at using s3 mini. can i flash this through odin without rooting and installing cwm o twrp on my phone? please answer and guide me. thank you!

  • Gonçalo says:

    Sorry about the question, But you will compile new rom with fixes to S Advance?

    Thanks in advice!!!

    Keep the good work!!!

  • João says:

    We want ASAP to D Advance, please make a realease of this for us.

  • João says:

    We want ASAP to D Advance, please make a realease of this for us.

  • Pabloski says:

    Since few months, when I switch on the device it appears a glitch screen, like a broken screen and then it appears the boot animation. I tried to re install the recovery but it still appear. Does anyone have this problem?

  • ErickIrahetaSv says:

    Why Chrome always opens in Floating Mode ? And can someone tell me how to disable floating mode for notifications.

    • paulozcas says:

      is a problem from google, download Chrome Beta. and the floating notifications are at carbon fibers->status bar->notification panel

      • Thank you! Works great with Chrome Beta. As for the route to disable notifications Floating mode, do not appear in: Settings / Carbon Fibers / Status Bar / only shows me Battery Bar settings.

        • Elmario says:

          On my phone, heads up notification is disabled for every single app in each app’s details per default. I don’t exactly know why, but I remember once blacklisting a specific system app from hovering, when there still was hover instead of headsup. Maybe the updated Carbon version with headsup interpreted this like default to ‘disabled’…

          Still you could go to app list and disable heads-up for any app giving you notifications in the app’s details.

  • DeviousSiddy says:

    Hey I just tried to update from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 but apparently now my Google accounts and other google apps are not there/not working.
    Should I wipe and reinstall? or is there other options?

  • skaty100 says:

    The device works perfectly since 60 hours. Thank you.

  • Andre Brechtel says:

    loading with the car charger cable is no longer possible. After connect to open the music player and plays music.
    With the orginal software to load in the car is no problem.

    • mpror says:

      Same problem here (and with some wall chargers too). I think it’s a problem with the voltage applied to the data pins while charging.
      Anyone knows what is a proper value to charge mit 1 A? I just know that Apple devices somehow need 2 V at the data pins but could find a proper link to figure out the right numbers for android.
      Is there a way to fix this? Alternative kernel? never changed the kernel before.

  • Can you please make an cm11 room por the S3 mini I8200L VE? I need a rom for that cellphone please :'(

  • Elmario says:

    On my phone, heads up notification is disabled for every single app in each app’s details per default. I don’t exactly know why, but I remember once blacklisting a specific system app from hovering, when there still was hover instead of headsup. Maybe the updated Carbon version with headsup interpreted this like default to ‘disabled’…

  • Rubens says:


  • Igor says:

    I have issue with volume on calls, its very very quiet. I upgraded from stock rom, did everything as instructed. Is there any solution to increase the volume since its annoying to up it every time i get a call?

    BR and thanks for this nice upgrade!

    • Laurents says:

      I had same problem, fiddles around with “volume steps”, my settings:
      – alarm : 7
      – DTMF : 15
      – Music : 15
      – Notification: 7
      – Ringer: 7
      – System: 7
      – Voice call: 5

      No idea if these are optimal, bus they work for my and increased my ringer, notification volume. Good luck

  • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

    Was the 1ghz bug fixed in the kernel or in different part?

    Today around 14:00 my phone bleeped that the battery was low. The CPU was maxing out for no reason; phone quite warm…

    • Elmario says:

      I didn’t have 1GHz Bug since I installed this app:
      Disabling WiFi whiel booting at least decreased chance for 1GHz bug vastly from what I’ve experienced. But still there where some cases, where this stubborn phone won’t let the clock go down at all, not even after rebooting and togilng any possible option for twenty times. This happened for current version, also, but I flashed tenshi_xp’s kernel and this got me rid of that bug (’til now..)

      • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

        Thanks for your reply! I am using the latest TenshiXP kernel… That’s why I though, hey, perhaps Nova fixed this bug in their kernel.

  • israel says:

    Buena la ROM me encanta pero la batería dura muy poco y sin uso con la versión anterior me duraba todo el día ahora solo medio día espero lo solucionen .

  • adrian says:

    No puedo recibir llamadas ni mensajes. Solo me anda el 3G.
    Me di cuenta que después de flashear, no tengo los archivos .nv_data.bak y .nv_data.bak.md5
    Y no tengo un backup de estos.
    Y si borro la carpeta EFS, no aparecen devuelta…
    Alguna solución por favor ?

    I can not receive calls or messages. Just go my 3G.
    I realized that after flashing , I have the files .nv_data.bak and .nv_data.bak.md5
    And I do not have a backup of these .
    And if I delete the EFS folder, do not appear these files back..
    Any solution please?

  • Felix says:

    Does this rom support NFC?

  • adrian says:

    Hi !
    I am goint to coment about my problem.
    I have a backup of the folder EFS, but it isnt a full backup, because o dont have the hidden files, which starts with a “.”
    When i was flashing my phone, ocurred an error, and appeared a black screen with red letters that said “rst_stat 0x0000000000000”
    Well, the phone goes well, i have 3g, but i cant do or receive any call, y cant send o receive messages.

    I realise that i dont have the files .nv_data.bak and .nv_data.bak.md5
    I think this is the reason why I can not use the cell

    If i delete the folder EFS, that files dont reappear.
    What can i do?
    can someone send me these files for private or mail , I really need some help. please.

    Thanks to all.

    • Elmario says:

      Hello again.

      I’ve once read somewhat about EFS regarding S3 mini. If I rememver correctly it’s kinda normal for this phone to not have nv_data and the other files visible in /efs folder. This phone got a hidden partition called the trusted zone, where that data is stored instead. This partition contains certification data (kind of a key) for using your phone with it’s individual IMEI, so just copying this data from another phone would not work, even If anyone had managed reading or writing to this trusted zone, yet.

      If your phone still got an IMEI there probably is a chance for recovery (have a look at: settings->about the phone->status->IMEI).
      If it doesn’t have an IMEI anymore i think it’s a brick, only chance might be genuine Samsung service, but they for sure won’t make this easy and cheap in case of a device modified with foreign firmware.

      Anyway, that’s a really serious problem you have there and it’s too complicated for some random comments in a blog. You should register at or a Samsung mobile related forum.

  • adrian says:

    Hola !
    voy a comentar acerca de mi problema .
    Tengo una copia de seguridad de la carpeta EFS , pero tampoco un respaldo completo , porque o no tienen los archivos ocultos , que comienza con un “.” (PUNTO)
    Cuando yo estaba flashando mi teléfono , ocurrido un error, y apareció una pantalla en negro con letras rojas que decían ” 0x0000000000000 rst_stat ”
    Bueno, el teléfono va bien , tengo 3g , pero no puedo hacer ni recibir llamadas, y tampoco enviar o recibir mensajes.

    Me doy cuenta que no tengo los archivos .nv_data.bak y .nv_data.bak.md5
    Creo que esta es la razón por la que no puedo usar el celular

    Si elimino la carpeta EFS , que archivos dont reaparecer .
    Qué puedo hacer ?
    alguien me puede enviar estos archivos por privado o por correo , realmente necesito un poco de ayuda . Por favor.

    Gracias a todos .
    Saludos .

    • Si que tienes un gran problema.
      Yo creo que en definitiva debes verificar que tu imei sea el correcto si el numero en pantalla es exactamente igual al reverso del teléfono al sacar la batería.
      Si ese numero esta bien verifica que tu sim este en perfectas condiciones, si es posible en otro teléfono.
      o en su defecto ensaya el teléfono con otra sim
      Si el problema persiste instala en tu teléfono la rom stock de samsung que se encuentra en la pagina aqui encontraras el firmware que corresponde a tu pais, debes antes registrarte, luego de esto si funciona
      rooteas el telefono e intentas nuevamente instalar paso a paso la rom de Novafusion

  • Nice ROM, I liked it !!

  • FJ1300 says:

    Hi, I’m new to Carbon, had Cyanogen before. Wanted to try because of the great responses here.
    Now, I installed and everything, just as in Cyanogen. Everything works fine, except I can’t get into the advanced startmenu anymore. Thus can’t restart into recovery. Advanced menu is activated…

  • Amon says:

    Does it support HD Voice?

  • lucas says:

    rom is quite ok. battery is at the same level of previous version. The clock freeze is gone
    the low incoming call audio is back and need to press vol down and up to get loud again.
    also if i’m using headphones, then i remove them and i receive a call the speaker is not working, and i only can insert back the jack or activate the back speaker. after reboot everything go back right.

  • Thrudvangar says:

    60 hours?!??!?! how the hell you’re doing that?! Even with almost no use i dont reach more than a day.. just a few apps installed, auto updates everywhere turned off, google services almost disabled and so on and so on… i’m getting very frustrated with my phone right now. finding one battery drainer and disable it just gets followed by another one who wasn’t there before.

  • Franklin says:

    hey guys. i’m having problems with the proximity sensor. i can’t enable it. i see the option to enable it, i check it, but it doesnt work. during a call the screen is always back.

  • Damir says:

    I have a problem with weather widget when i try to put on home everything disappear from home

  • testthismaybe says:

    so whats the different between cm11 and carbon? i mean there are differents like the otg support etc..

  • Estaroth says:

    Hi, everyone. I got a doubt. I want to install the ‘SuperSu Pro’ but I don’t know if this have problems with the Superuser integrated in ROM. Can I install the apk without any problem? I don’t want incompatibility problems…

    • Franklin says:

      No problems using the supersu. matter fact you’ll need it. i tried to use lucky patcher only with the superuser integrated in the rom and it didnt work.

  • knight2412 says:

    ok after trying it myself a few days i got to say is a pretty good rom, it has nice features and all….BUT….the battery life is awfull at least for me, i really dont know what are you guys doing to extend it so much but for me is terrible. disabling everything manage to maintain the battery, but when i turn on wifi or 3g just for 2 mins drains the battery in a second for like 10-15% WTH…so im going back to AOSPA for now.

  • Maaca says:

    Hello, I am new to custom ROMs, Could anybody confirm that wifi-direct is working in this version as it is mentioned in features. I am not able to detect my wifi-direct device, but I am not sure if I did everything correctly. My wifi-direct device worked with stock ROM but I need also BLE for my development. Thank you.

  • naimlaa says:

    try to use Samsung Kies, it has troubleshoot feature for USB connection, i had a same problem like you, and Kies fixed it. but on standard Rom 4.1.2. Im not sure if other feature able to comunicate with custom ROM, but i think it might be help you with USB connection problem.

  • Cannelloni says:

    Issue: a LOT of random reboots, multiple times per your. Anyone having this issue as well?

  • Maverick-san says:

    Viber does crash after installing the new Carbon ROM.

  • Pedro says:

    Is the same install the rom with CWM than with TWRP?

  • usman says:

    i’m using s3 mini. when i installed custom carbon. it’s failed. set_perm:some changes failed.
    what’s solution for this failed.
    please help me.
    if anyone can solve it, please reply in my email: [email protected].
    Thanks very much

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