January 8th, 2015
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.0

New beta release (20150108) of CM12.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation. Remember – this release is just a beta and it’s not supposed to being used as main OS!

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • updated CM12.0 sources
  • fixed low in-call volume (please, check it by yourself!)
  • Odin package update


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • SELinux
  • offline charging


  • LPM might be buggy
  • video taken by camera is green

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

169 Responses
  • ozan says:

    Uff thank you :-*

  • Thanks maclaw! Getting ready to install!

  • Batuhan says:

    Only that much changelog? We had to wait 2 days for it?

  • ozan says:

    They are not working 24/7 in this Rom.

  • doruk says:

    usb connect bug fix?

  • Pablo says:

    Thanks, I know it is a hard Work. Keep Moving Forward!

  • clayton says:

    Please lollipop for galaxy advance.
    What convert ROM s3 mini for galaxy avance?
    Is hardware To similar

  • ozan says:

    Im german.so my english is not soooo good. When i’m watching a Video my phone is rebooting automaticly..

  • Batuhan says:

    I think first of video play bug needs to be fixed

    • anonimderp says:

      saygone doğru diyo hacı biraz saygı göstermemiz lazım adamlar o kadar uğraşıyo zaten başlıkta not supposed to be used as main OS yazıyo ayrıca kullanmak zorunda değiliz kullancaksak razı olcaz bu işler böyle

  • Bhuvi says:

    Is there any app for customize App sorting in drawer?
    Plz help

  • Andreh Feijoh says:

    Nice work! I noticed it was low, but i thought it was my gf messing with me hehehehe.
    I wait anxiously for every release, and lollipop it AWESOME!

    Can i ask if the multiple user function could be available in S III mini sometime along the way, or is impossible for this phone?

    Thanks, keep up the excellent work!

  • giray says:

    Video playing on facebook,instagram and web?

  • ollwag says:

    What a poor changelog. I’d rather prefer waiting 1 week for a release with some interesting bug fixes.
    And don’t come defending them saying that they’re breaking their back to give us the latest android version because they are not. They are doing it for themselves. Don’t you all remember the first android lollipop release? It was not a release, it was a big bug, they released a trash version made by themselves just to have their names in some sites.

  • Coshyloco says:

    Cm11 Murio?? Recuerdo Que Salio El M12 Pero Nunca Se Lo Pusieron.

    • Reydus FX says:

      Para nada, hay gente que prefiere algo estable sobre una beta, por eso NovaFusion todavia esta trabajando en los CM11 (KitKat), sin embargo esta trabajando tambien en el CM12 (Lollipop), y estan haciendo un gran trabajo 🙂

  • Emanuele says:

    Offline charging not working
    Video playing not working

  • Ryan says:

    Use MX player when downloaded

    Go into MX player settings

    Then click Decoder

    Disable hw+
    Scroll down
    Turn on sw for local and network then try

  • chiap says:

    What about ace 2?

  • Rifky says:

    Please Update for CM11

  • Asymmetros says:

    I’ am a begginer. Is there a way to install every new beta version of CM12 without lose all apps and data from the previous beta version ? thanks

  • Dexter says:

    What’s new?

  • marek9336 says:

    – 1GHz bug
    – USB not working with PC
    – sometimes tearing
    – if it is turned on Bluetooth and turn wifi hotspot and the phone freezes!
    – not root and do not install applications from foreign sources
    – random reboot
    – RIL have buggy (random turn off RIL to 5 or more min.)… I must reboot or get phone to plane mode
    – will OTA? Please do it
    – will camera2 api support?
    Thanks you very much 🙂

  • ElieVGM says:

    Keep in mind that app updates are slow. It should take a while for most apps to be optimized for android 5.0 … That’s the bright side of waiting; once there is a stable daily-use version of this rom, most apps will already be compatible.

    Thank you NovaFusion work team.

  • hatmeturki says:

    root none + no connection with pc

  • ozan says:

    Video playing not working

  • emad says:

    Thanks novafusion :* :* you are really the best ♥ 🙂

  • Lordy says:

    I constantly get a bootloop on all the CM12’s, I’m not sure what’s wrong with my phone, can anybody help?

  • Lordy says:

    “Failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p22 at /system: Invalid argument”

    It always says that and I can either not flash the ROM at all or I go into bootloop when it does work
    I need help, what can I do?

  • StGeorge says:

    – usb configuration do not work.
    – Video playing not working and restart the phone.
    – MTP cant install.

    Tks for all.

  • d-k says:

    I haven’t been following the forum for some weeks and I’m really surprised. We have almost completely functional cm12. Thanks guys!

  • Peter says:

    Please fix the anti allising in YouTube Videos and the random reboots 🙂

  • Good Work! but randomly it shows me, that “System-UI” has crashed.

  • nico666x says:

    Buen trabajo, Gracias

  • Okay, the bug with the reboot, when i lock the screen, still exist. Hope for a fix soon

  • My battery dies really fast, mostly because 65% of my battery is used by Miscellaneous (i think).
    But anyways great job guys as always.

    • matan says:

      My battery also drains very fast due to “Miscellaneous”. It can get as bad as 1% drain per minute even when there are no apps running and Wifi,Data and GPS are turned off.

      I found a workaround:
      Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> 3-dot menu -> Advanced
      Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Change from “Always” to “Never”
      Wi-Fi frequency band: Change from “Automatic” to “2.4 GHz only”

      This extended my battery life a great deal.

      Someone please post this to XDA, I don’t have an account, maybe it will help developers find permanent solution.

    • ryan says:

      i have no problems with battery life i can get nearly 2 days

  • Jota says:

    Perfect! Thanks for your work on S3 Mini!

  • tmantti says:

    That update speed! New update in 1-2 days! Great work Novafusion

  • Maxton says:

    Thanks maclaw team. You are great.

  • Robert says:

    video play + batter should be fixed first. Thanks

  • Nicko says:

    usb connection doesn’t work any fix to this?

  • zoltan says:

    Thanks novafusion.great job guys as always.

  • tkald says:

    Hmm, thanks. I try play hidden game in lolipop logo (multi touching to version 5.0.2). It is too hard for me, only level 2 😀

    Anybody highscored? 🙂

  • clayton says:

    Please cm12 for galaxy advance!!!
    How to convert ROM galaxy s3 mini galaxy avance?
    Because both have similar hardware..

  • Why when i do all the steps the cyanogenmod logo stack loading and never open my phone …. with CM 11 it works amazing !!!

  • Benas says:

    When i pin an app and then i want to unpin it I simply can’t, I press back+menu and hold it but it doesn’t unpin, is this going to be fixed? Oh, and another thing, how soon I will be able to change the quick setting tiles in the notification drawer? But anyway, great work NF!!!

  • Josua says:

    Hi MTP no working in GTI8190L…?????


  • portista6696 says:

    android.process.media regret the process was interrupted (gallery and photos), please help
    thanks so much

  • wan_EL says:

    waiting for fully working f2fs .. 🙂

  • john says:

    nova fusion is a genius! thanks!

  • Andres says:

    Me esta saliendo el error Warning: No file_contexts.
    Saben el porque no me deja instalar el rom?

    • Andres says:

      Buenas noches.
      les comento que el rom del 31 de diciembre de 2014 es el unico que me funciona.
      Intente instalar el rom del 6 de enero del 2015 y tambien del 8 de enero y los 2 me estan enviando el error que dice “Warning: No file_contexts”. borre wipe y no me funciono.

      Por lo tanto no puedo ver funcionando la camara, alguno tiene alguna sugerencia sobre mi problema de instalacion?
      Good night.
      I commented that the rom of December 31, 2014 is the only thing that works for me .
      Try installing the rom of January 6, 2015 and also the January 8 and 2 are sending me the error that says “Warning : No file_contexts ” . wipe and erase me did not work .

      Therefore I can not see running the camera, anyone has any suggestions about my problem in installation ?

      • Andres says:

        Amigos, ya encontre la solucion:
        Estaba instalando con recovery y curiosamente no me dejaba instalar el rom de 6 y del 8 de enero. Cambie la instalacion por medio de ODIN y con ese metodo me funciono correctamente.
        Friends, already found the solution:
        It was installed with recovery and curiously did not let me install the rom 6 and 8 January. Change the installation through ODIN and with that method I worked correctly.

  • ha ba says:

    two questions:
    a) can you please include usb: mtp & ptp?
    b) can you please include root / supersu?

    +1 for your project

  • mistik says:

    Fix mtp please :'(

  • Haris says:

    Does anyone else have a problem where if I simply browse the internet or if I try to log in to spotify the device reboots, I am fine until the version 04/01/2015 and I really want to use this as a daily driver but the 04 version doesnt have camera and things like that! Thanks

  • the big B says:

    When is the cm12.0 gonna be called ( stable ) ? your work is the best and I’m waiting for more

  • not work for me ,,, just loading Logo not open , i waited around 20 minutes , how to make it works :/

  • Fredo Marku says:

    after i done install , the logo just load and my phone not open , i have waited for it 20 -30 minutes :/ how to make it work

  • Gunner says:

    Reporting some bug: Call drops in case of incoming call. Call answer screen flickers. Any way, thanks for your hard work.

  • Timoun says:

    Thank you so much! I confirm some battery drain (31% for miscellaneous), no USB and the device sometimes do not repond to button/touch. Still, you are just amazing, merci beaucoup, vous êtes les meilleurs from France!

  • roy says:

    GPS wasn’t working for me India the previous release. Did anybody experience the same? I could see the location symbol appear and disappear in the status bar when I unlocked the phone. But when I wanted to use it it could not be found by the app although it was activated in locations.
    For the rest the ROM was ready to be a daily for me. Fantastic job done by M&M

  • sir.bochkareff says:

    Sometimes i lost signal ,but reboot fix it

  • tmantti says:

    1GHz bug?

  • Stef says:

    Am I able to update from an earlier cm12 release without wiping my data?

  • Cristian de Jesús says:

    Fix usb storage

  • Pablo says:

    Great job!! Congratulations! I have just one observation: the cell on vibrate mode seems to be very weak.

  • Alan says:

    Hi, music app does not work for me, anybody with the same problem?

  • Jaydooo says:

    -battery drain (by misc)
    -video playing restarts phone
    -offline charging is just a spindle
    -sound takes a second to register the level it is at (eg a game will play full volume until it realises the volume is actually on mute) – same with calls
    -System UI, Dialer app and other system apps seem to crash during a phone call
    -sometimes when I answer the phone it hangs up straight away (have confirmed this is an issue on my end not the other user)
    -the new flashlight shortcut in the notification menu takes a few seconds to activate
    -the lollipop hidden game is insanely hard

  • bence says:

    Issues : video, offline ch, usb, and the phone sometimes restart herself

  • Christian Z says:

    How I can install this room, with ext4 or f2fs?

  • paul says:

    Mine won’t boot. I left it over night but its stuck in boot loop.

  • Ans Nadeem says:

    • USB does NOT work.
    • Music player (built-in) does NOT work..
    • Video playing does NOT work (third party apps work)
    • Can not open notifications directly when they pop up on the top of the screen. I always have to clear it to open the notification drawer.

    • Ans Nadeem says:

      Offline charging doesn’t work either.
      About the music player, it was working fine in the previous releases.
      We request you to mention everything correctly. Most of the things mentioned in your feature list aren’t working.
      Thank you.
      Peace out~

  • Li1Me says:


  • Rob Cound says:

    offline charging dont work well
    usb pluging in to computer dont work
    random reboots
    music player crashes
    video player not working ..never been able to watch third party videos on websites
    dialer crashes out sometimes …call doesnt send

  • sPiet says:

    Amazing Rom, guys!
    Android 5.0.2 is running AS dayly Rom in my S3 Mini. Well, Videos aren’t playing, most games don’t work and crash while starting, but Main Rom is Wirkung very smooth and propper.
    Battery is almost thr same level as CM11.

    Nova Guys! You rock!!

  • Miguel says:

    This release support f2fs? pls I don’t see this feature in the changelog

  • Lucas says:

    Please, fix offline charging on CM12!

  • Lucas says:

    Ops, Please, fix offline charging on CM10.2!!!

  • jaydooo says:

    Phone did a random reboot but for some reason held onto the call, so as the phone was rebooting, i was able to talk to and hear the person on the other end…

  • ruben says:

    Galery broke for me. The process provider.media is killed….

  • John Solano says:

    Fix on root access!

  • Cristian says:

    when i try to open spotify it reboots.
    Any magic line?
    Please help me

  • Subbestionix says:

    Nf, I really want to thank you! I’m currently using CM11 on my S3 and I really love it. There are just few bugs like a huge tap delay on some video games. But this is not too bad.
    What I want to say is that I am looking forward to the stabile CM12 version.


    Ps: you give people with few money the ability to use a great system!

  • bassel hesham says:

    No alarm sounds !!!!!!

  • hamza says:

    Is there any way to fix root on this ROm?

  • anonimderp says:

    Don’t watch videos you took with the camera, I did them my phone soft rebooted itsself and started a non-stop open-reboot loop.

  • anonimdo says:

    Aaaaawesome work!

    Please could you add:


  • thisisflip says:

    Tried odin don’t work…tried recovery gapps seems to install fine but not the cyanogenmod the progress bar doesn’t even more but it still says complete I don’t understand why someone help!

  • Unname says:

    Is there a new CM12 update?

  • rtx04 says:

    Please fix video playing/recording…thanks 🙂

  • ronhoronho says:

    fix usb using usb mass storage download on playstore

  • enrique says:

    Thanks novafusion maclaw And others

  • Anonymous says:

    Unable to boot CM12.0 on Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190. Stuck at boot logo. I left it for hours and it did not boot into CM12.0 so I went back to my backup of CM11.0 current. If you can fix this problem I would be very happy to contribute to beta. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Jorlan says:

    Does it support f2fs ?

  • HesH says:

    Thanks for fix this.

    Still having below issue;

    1. USB connection
    2. Video recording
    3. Device reboot when receiving call (sometimes)
    4. Cannot add cyanogenmod account to account list
    5. Missing some fonts ex: Sinhala font

  • Vlad says:

    Why USB doesn’t work on computer? Windows 8.1

  • Galip Çelik says:

    I8190 Samsung Galaxy S3III Mini
    Telefondan çekilen videoları açmıyor lütfen o sorunu giderin.

  • elyas says:

    Thank you guys for the awesome work!
    I’m using the 20150103 build as my main OS and wanted to flash this but I get FAILED while installing by TWRP. Reason: some problem with the Updater.
    Tried Wiping Cache and Dalvik still nothing.

  • rwgamer says:

    Flash failed on my s3 mini.
    This is update does not work.
    Please fix this problem.

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