March 11th, 2015
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 11.0

New stable release (20150311) of CM11.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing KitKat, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

If you’re updating from older CM10.1/10.2/11.0 version, you don’t have to perform a wipe!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources update
  • battery life should be a bit better (less multimedia scanning when phone is idle)
  • common updates from lollipop’s device tree
  • toolchains update
  • Odin package update


  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • GPS and A-GPS – fast fix getting
  • Glonass navigation
  • compass
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CM11 functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • YouTube HQ
  • 3.0.101 kernel
  • external storage
  • full f2fs support – the best filesystem for Android (tutorial here!)
  • native 64GB+ sdcard support (exFAT)
  • camera
  • video playing
  • SELinux
  • BLN (backlight notifications) support
  • offline charging
  • New BT/GPS/offline charging/sensors drivers – no longer buggy Samsung’s ones!
  • built using NovaTP GCC4.9 toolchain
  • no 1GHz bug
  • USB OTG support (WIP)
  • also flashable via Odin


  • none

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

142 Responses
  • Hacking67 says:

    offline charcing? thanks

  • Saul Beck says:

    Can we have NFC? Or a Zip we can flash?

  • Mike says:

    Recovery Install via TWPR (from this side) doesn’t work for me. Installation got stuck at 50%
    Went back to 30.01. Version.

  • Luis Pineda says:


  • Robbe says:

    Flashing the zip I get an error. Somebody else?

  • Aldy Apriansyah says:

    hey Nova , Can You Add quality 480p on youtube

  • Sergio says:

    Twitter has problems! It gets closed when I try to open the application. Please how can we solve this?

  • kev says:

    great job on trying to improve battery novafusion! has anyone tried the new update and how much better is battery life?

  • vivolf says:

    I’m still getting Menu and back buttons issues, they are completely off, wont respond…

    • Zakir says:

      Restart the phone. this is a very rare issue.

    • dannywid9 says:

      I have the seem issue….
      I flashed first time September 2014.
      And learned to live with this problem.
      I sought help in many forums but nobody gives me reason
      You have to download an app called softkeys Enabler, this gives you the softkeys on the screen ..
      Unfortunately it is the only way
      By the way, which version do you have?
      I have GT-i8190L

      • vivolf says:

        I have GT-i8190,
        And I tried softkeys by enabling them through build.prop but they are annoying and take a lot of space on a small screen so went back again to my old rom ( official 4.1.2)

  • Filip says:

    When Bluetooth is turned on does not turn on wifi hotspot. This bug is not fixed several months… :X

  • hedgehog says:

    MD5sum mismatch:
    Site reports MD5 should be f297790207a3df361be50ba18f1e9ac7,
    however downloaded file’s sum is 54f93b54b378964512d04ee3ca879841.
    I’ve downloaded 5 times with the same result.

  • Seed Vicious says:

    Hi Guys/Tean: someone knwo how to unencript the phone?
    I lost the password…

  • Antonio says:

    I installed this version and all things are ok.
    if anyone has any question, write it down.
    (Brazil, Vivo, S3 MINI)

  • Srow says:

    offline charging not work in GT-i8190 🙁
    PLEASE! fix it in next updat.

  • Serdar UZUN says:

    In Turkish: La size orjinalini kullanın dedik ya 🙂
    In English: Hey, I said so many times that you shuld use the original rom 🙂

  • Danovnzla says:

    I think the Optimization on the battery life was not sucefully. My battery drained in less than 7 hour last night. Go back to the 03-03 ROM. Keep do it your amaizing work Guys!

    • Seed Vicious says:

      sometime the android system process keeps on 99% of CPU usage when you reboot with the wifi and/or the 3g active. turn it off every time you need reset the phone.

      • Danovnzla says:

        I would try, but I never had this problem before.

        Thanks for your reply!

        • dennis says:

          there was an update for google play services (version 7.0.96 (1785884-034) ). this can cause battery drain. try to stop this process if you have this version

  • Nikos says:

    Good release. The previous one was really drained my battery. Noticeable improvement on this one.
    thanks Nova Team

  • Robbe says:

    In my case the CPU stays at 200 Mhz almost all the time. Never deep sleep. Checked with CPU Spy and Wakelock Detector. I flashed the rom twice and I am getting the same result.

  • cetoxim says:

    i cant set only 3g option. when i select 3g, phone automaticly tuning to 2g. any solution?

    sorry for my bad language.

  • kenzyjobs says:

    This is the best ROM however the only fault I find is NO DEEP SLEEP which runs down battery unnecessarily. Please fix deep sleep my dear Nova. Thanks

  • asasdawd says:

    sometimes vertain apps wont let your phone go to deep sleep
    i have to a kernel app where i can check the cpu speed.
    when i use youtube and just switch it into the background with the homebutton the phone is never getting into deepsleep and the battery drained within a few hours. always make sure you really closed some apps. even though android is supposed to work like you never have to shut down some apps because they wont need “cpu time”…. reality is different from theory

  • kingcraft says:

    When I turn of my phone and connect it to the charger, then it crashes. First, it shows the ‘waiting circle’, but the circle just stops turning and nothing happens any more.

    Only thing I can do is boot to recovery and the reboot again normally.

    I hope you can fix this, because other than that, Kitkat is working perfectly on my S3 Mini! Thanks a lot!

  • game_hacker_#9 says:

    OTG is work? Can I connect keyboard or joystick?

  • pyosisifed says:

    Please support the GT-I8200N!!!

  • 3trees says:

    I’ve just two remarks on the newest release. Both are connected to the chart of battery usage. Sometimes the chart is showing that wifi or gps is consuming it although they’re off. The second point is that chart shows constant activity of the phone (even after restart) which I assume is not right. All in all good release, thanks.

  • Ferhat Budak says:

    How can i flash without losing any data

  • Aurelian says:

    Hi! I have a problem, when i receive a sms and my phone is locked it reboots all the time. Only if i disable the notifications from the messages settings it won`t reboot, it happens with all CM 11 releases. It doesn`t happen when i use CM 12, i have I8190N.
    Anyone knows how to fix this?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Andy says:

    Offline charging problem has been fixed! Many Thanks. But now my GT-I8190N suffers from battery drain! Yesterday I had to plug it twice to the mains!!

  • Ali Cankurt says:

    I have a problem with speakers (both of them, the one in the front and the one at the back). Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I had to restart the phone many times to get them to work. Is there anyone facing this problem?? How can I solve this?

  • Iisus says:

    Netflix error fixed?

  • Meha says:

    Is OTG work? Can I connect joystick?

  • Thiago says:

    I still can’t connect my phone in the USB… does anyone know how to solve it?
    Windows says there is no driver found, I already installed the latest samsung drivers, but it don’t work

  • Keyvin says:


    – Hice Factory Reset
    – Instale Rom Por Odin
    – Instale Gapps Por Recovery
    – Hice Dalvik Cache

    – Offline Charging No Funciona

    Por Favor Que Hago Ya Hice Varios Dalvik Cache Y No Repara El Error.


    – I Factory Reset
    – Install Rom By Odin
    – Install Gapps For Recovery
    – I Dalvik Cache

    – Offline Charging Not Working

    Please I Do Ya I Dalvik Cache Several Repairing And No Error.

    • Seed Vicious says:

      En mi caso funciona, uso f2fs
      Works for me, im use f2fs

      • Keyvin says:

        Sera Que Pruebo Instalando La Rom Por Recovery?
        Sera Que La Falla Esta En La Rom Por Odin?

        Porque La Rom Cm11 Pasada By Gas No Me Dio Error De Carga Offline

      • Dagobert_78 says:

        Hi all.
        If I change ext4 to f2fs, will I lost my data ?

        Bonjour à tous.
        Si je change de ext4 vers f2fs, je perdrais mes données ?

        • Andy says:

          For Keyvin:
          Maybe your supposition is right!
          I had the same problem (offline charging non working) when I installed the previous rom using Odin. Now that I installed the latest one via recovery, the problem is solved.

          Pour Dagobert_78:
          Oui, si tu passe de ext4 à f2fs tu perdra tous tes données. Desolé.

          • Keyvin says:

            Perfecto La Mejor Manera De Instalar La Rom Es Por Recovery Usando La Opción f2fs

            Funciona Bien La Carga Offline

            Muchas Gracias 😀

  • lucas says:


  • tunar says:

    Link ? Write please please

  • John Boy says:

    I get the same result here.
    The downloaded file’s sum is 54f93b54b378964512d04ee3ca879841
    (instead of f297790207a3df361be50ba18f1e9ac7)

    Is the file corrupt or did someone just post the wrong MD5 Sum?

  • Mani says:

    I have downloaded many times today. The calculated MD5sum comes as 54f93b54b378964512d04ee3ca879841 against what is indicated as f297790207a3df361be50ba18f1e9ac7

    • John Boy says:

      I get exactly the same MD5sums.
      Can anybody tell if the file is corrupt or just the MD5sum shown at the download page isn’t the right one?

    • Zwenn says:

      The md5 sum hasn’t been working for me since almost a year. I allways uncheck the ‘check md5 sum’ when installing a new version .

      • Mani says:

        is it advisable to ignore MD5SUM check? Will we not have some trouble or the other?

        • Zwenn says:

          I am not sure but I haven’t had any trouble.

          • Mani says:

            Thank you. I just followed you. Successfully updated.

            Not now alone, but after each update SU Binary indicates need to update something, and of course I sincerely do that.

            But is that normal, or does it indicate any fault with my mobile/update process?

  • Gomes says:

    I installed today on mi s3 mini and it doesn’t have the radio feature, when i tried to install it from apk it said no hardware available.

  • July says:

    Hey People, does any body else have issues whit the cam recording? I have the lastest version and after 1 day using the rom I`ve found that the stock camera and also Google camera doesn`t work to record videos.

    Any solution?

  • FOX says:

    Hy, I have Gt 8190N and I have problem with off line charged and wifi direct. Its don’t works? Please Help Me. Thk

  • Charlie Towers says:

    hello people recently i have an akward error let me explain when i conect the phone to charge the battery at 90 to 95% the f…. phone reboot itself the thing is when i shut down the 3g it doesnt happend any suggestions??? sorry for my bad grammar

  • Timo says:

    Some issues i have found:

    – Hard key lights blinks every time i touch the screen. Key lights may turn or stay on when phone is locked. Lights do not obey the settings. I would like to turn key lights permanently off, is it somehow possible?

    – Copsdaemon-app might cause battery drain.

    Are there any fixes for issues mentioned?

    Thank you for a great ROM!

    • Zwenn says:

      I´ve got the same problem regarding the soft keys. They just stay on after receiving a message and I can´t turn them off permanently.

  • edgem says:

    Hello, first thankyou for your support of s3 mini. I have a question, I updated this week to latest rom, but i have no access to my contatcs stored on sim. Can you help me?
    2nd second concerning offline charging, it does not work correctly. I see only a circle and I have to press power for some seconds to start phone again.

    Have anyone a solution for this behaviour.

  • Antonio Farfán says:

    Does anyone has connected your S3mini on UMS (USB Mass Storage) ?
    UMS Share app, used to work but no more with CM11. Need it to synchro music library and files instead using MTP protocol.

  • @icpn says:

    Hi there, whats up? Thank you for ur OS, nice to know I can advance to 4.4.4. My question is: my cel is S3Mini GT-I8200L, Does this version works on it? Thanx. God bless! Cheers!

  • Pavel says:

    Every day (once or twice a day) my phone loses network. The signal strength of the network at the same time is good. This basically happens when I turn on network data and look at websites. Network signal itself is not restored, but only after restart the phone. I’ve already tried to restart the ril-daemon and restart the radio by radiooptions, installed a different kernel and newest modem, I even replaced RIL libs CM11 on stock, but nothing helps. My friend said that the ril is probably not compatible with the radio module.
    More information:…rt-to-t2919648
    In log I found line: modem crash detected on SIPC side.
    And 12-21 01:08:30.999 E/RILJ ( 2480): Exception processing unsol response: 11020
    Exception:java.lang.RuntimeException: Unrecognized unsol response: 11020

    Please help me.

  • Schidlo says:

    Hi. System worked properly for few days (I’ve flashed it about week ago), but suddenly it started to reboot randomly. And today it showed that it is charging even though it wasn’t connected to charge. I restarted and it seemed to be ok. I put it on charger then (there was about 15%), but when I came two ours later there was only 5% and even though it was connected the battery wasn’t charging. I tried to reconnect the wire, tried charging from computer and in offline, I even tried to re-flesh, but nothing helped (sometime it showed that it is charging but the percentage of battery was still decreasing). Have someone met this issue? Is it caused by system?

  • Zwenn says:

    My device just won´t go into deep sleep mode anymore. It stays at 200 MHz all teh time. I just don´t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice on the issue?

  • Whitefoxy says:

    How long will battery last in this release ? Is it more then 14 december release ?

    • iAlvaro_cc says:

      For me the best release was 12 December, is the unic rom that hasn’t got baterry drain and the baterry was perfect

      • Mani says:

        I am using the latest ROM. Right at this minute the battery details are, 2days, 8 hrs with 2 hrs 2 minutes talk time. Of course I have done a few more minor modifications. I use mail, facebook, whatsapp etc to the MINIMUM. I switch on any facility only when needed and generally keep it off. And my home page is blank, meaning it is just a dark background, available in the selection area. Earlier in the facebook page i had posted a screen shot with battery details. The current release definitely saves battery as claimed correctly in it. think I will stop my experimenting with what I have now.

  • Robbe says:

    Thanks for the info Thomas

  • Saurabh says:


    I have a problem. In file explorer when I try to move any file from Phone memory to SD card it says that Source and Destination are same. Please help me fix the same.

    Also my S3 mini has 4Gb phone memory as a result considerable memory is consumed up on installing application FB ,FB messenger, … there an option to install the application on Sd card without rooting the device.

    Thanks guys for the updates and continue the good work.

  • Dion Andrean says:

    hi Nova, i hope you add a radio fm like samsung galaxy s3 mini’s stock rom 🙂

  • Xylomatt says:

    The file i download has a different md5 sum from the one stated on the download page for this ROM. Says it should be f297790207a3df361be50ba18f1e9ac7
    comes out as 54f93b54b378964512d04ee3ca879841

    Anyone done a check on the files they used?

    • Mani says:

      Don’t worry. Just install it. I did the same as advised by Zwenn. It is working.

      If you want read earlier comments by Zwenn and myself for a confidence booster dose!

  • Alex says:

    Hi, i have problems sending videos by whatsapp… This issue was solved in the first version.. has any one this problem??


  • João Paulo says:

    I have problems with stock video recording and cyanogen app, and audio recording in watts app, someone with the same problem?

  • yunus says:

    Youtube cant play 480p

  • Robbe says:

    Just a curiosity, no more CM 11 development ?

  • Alfred says:

    Hi, random reboot constantly when charging the phone,

  • iAlvaro_cc says:

    Hey guys, I found a URL to Last PA Gapps Packages (From android 4.4 to android 5.1)

  • aliwe says:

    Black Screen During Call , how to fix this , pleas help me , I don’t want to back to the “stock rom”

  • SebastianNoir says:

    Are there any chances of you developing CM11 for i8200l? What do you need to do it? May we help? 🙂

  • EETFUK says:

    Still has the issues that the Software fucks up when I’m listening music.

  • jerry says:

    the timer does not work well, It takes too long to activate.

  • Davide says:

    where do i found the SMS program and icon ? i want to put it near the Phone App

  • Pakkint says:

    I can’t update. i’m in 20150131.
    I chose the zip from this version and Aroma Installer turn up. What i have to do then?

  • Pakkint says:

    When i select the zip to update this version the AROMA INSTALLER turn up. What i have to do ?, please help me!

    I am in 20150131.

  • Robbe says:

    Nova Team, no more development of CM 11?

  • darthspeeder says:

    Is the last update for CM11 ?

  • Cyamo says:

    I love this rom, everything works fine, exept for one thing. My phone doesn’t recognize my contacts in my sim-card. Before I switched to this rom, everything worked, but I want to stay in this rom. Can someone m hell me?

  • GSP says:


    YouTube videos embedded within Facebook have not worked since January. I have the latest version installed and its the same.

    Can anyone help?

  • nick gakos says:

    very good job is the best version so far simply you encounter some problems.
    1) the key back and menu button not working after some time
    2) also did not charge when the device is closed.

  • Luis says:

    Hello everyone

    I installed this version always opting for systema f2fs.
    Now when I install Link2SD package appears invalid.

    I tried to make 2 partitions one with Fat and another tried with ext2 / ext3 / ext4 and nothing. I tried to choose the option in f2fs Link2SD but gave nothing.

    Anyone can help me? What do I do, I want to link my applications and I can not, I will have to reinstall the rom ex4?

    Thanks to all advanced

  • Enrique says:

    Thank you!! Good job but the battery life is bad, even without using it and the wifi and data disabled.

  • thecount says:

    I have a problem with the proxy on a WLAN. When I connect the phone on WiFi with proxy all Google Apps crash and i have to restart SIII mini pull out the battery.
    Can anyone help me with a fix?

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