April 6th, 2015
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.1

New stable release (20150406) of CM12.1 for S3 Mini is available!

Please, test it and report any bugs!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation if you don’t updating from older CM12.0 release.

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM12.1 sources update
  • fixed flickering issues
  • Odin package updated


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera (taking photos and videos)
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • f2fs filesystem support
  • offline charging


  • video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues
  • less than 2% of users are reporting issues with mobile data – just add new APN manually with settings proper for your provider and apply it to make 3G working

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

269 Responses
  • Luis Fernán says:

    I just have a question to other users. Do you have the problem of Camu being “in slow motion”? And, do you feel like the phone is slower than CM11? Just asking. Thanks.

  • Icowin says:

    great nova no stop!

  • sytttt says:

    Vpn not working fix pls !!

    • Himbi777 says:

      I have also problems with VPN connections , The connection is established , but no data is transmitted

  • Joheny says:

    Thank you NovaFusion!

  • danielsach97 says:

    TKruzze has retired, his download links no longer work…
    Here’s where you can download gapps now:

  • Daniel says:


  • killerbreu says:

    bug slow motion in camu.

    • ryan says:

      install videocam illusion from play store
      go into videocam settings
      lower resolution

      that is how you get lag free working video recording =)

      btw nova fusion is not in control of camu so they can not fix it

  • ryan says:


    install videocam illusion from play store
    go into videocam settings
    lower resolution setting

    that is how you get lag free working video recording =)

  • sno0op says:

    Congratulations for work …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can not install games always have notice that the application can not be installed. (Unknown sources);)

    – I can not move applications already installed to the SD card.
    – Very slow to load the device
    – When reseto to factory standards, I’m stuck in TWRP interface and the screen flickers.

    • saam says:

      for the Unknown Sources you should be go to Settings–Security-Device administration , and allow installation from unknown sources.

  • Codelenz says:

    There is something realy strange hapening to my phone. After installing the prevoius version my Wi-Fi just dont work anymore, even restoring a prevoius backup. Any clue ?

  • dan gross says:

    Thank you Nova! Great ROM.
    + Gesture typing still not working
    + flicker in some websites in chrome (etc Google.com)

    Thank you again!

  • Flynn says:

    I cant import “contacts” from my SIMCard 😉 Thnk

  • Mustafa says:

    great work there but there are still issues:
    – google play services crashing most of the time if not all of the time
    – if someone is calling and i answered the phone dialer crashed resulting in hanging up the call
    – flickering in websites
    some features i would like to be added:
    – enabling soft keys feature added in the buttons in system settings ( it is added in the s3 cm12 rom )

    thank you 🙂

  • hizameey says:

    Great rom,nova. Flicker in main os gone. Fixed.

  • knight2412 says:

    how is this release working? battery life?, calls?, general apps, 3g?

  • Sebastian says:

    I am observing that when I scroll the screen at times does a little bug , I do not know what it is , some clue about this?

    Excellent work Novafusion hope they keep so !

    • David García says:

      I have the same issue, but also is on 5.0, Does anyone knows how to fix this? 🙁

      Also, OTG support not working :c

  • Awr says:

    Hi, thank you for your awesome work.

    I have a problem, sometimes the “call application” closes without any apparent reason. What could it be?

  • justas says:

    There is something with torch, when you turn it on the icon of torch disappear. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand me.

  • Ahaukin says:

    Thanks a lot NovaFusion team, I’m still waiting for issues such as camera and 3G to be fixed and work out of the box to be completely confident in installing this rom.

    Best regards,

  • Angel says:

    I cannot go to recovery after flashing this rom

  • Sunil Vyas says:

    Hello to moderator.
    i was using ur roms since so many times.
    Always happy to use. Now i change my model to 8190 to 8200. Can i get working rom for 8200?

  • robi81 says:

    Are you retarded or what????
    Fix video recording and slow performance!!!!!!!!!!
    Or stop your useless work

    • Onur says:

      you don’t have to use this mod and hard working people doesn’t have to stop their work because some fool says so. go back to your usual mmo and rage at those kids your age.

    • Jayden says:

      Are you retarded? You’re getting 5.1 on a device that wasn’t supposed to support higher than gingerbread and you’re complaining. If you don’t like downloading the updates then wait till a stable version is released. I think you’re forgetting how much effort they actually put into bringing the latest android firmwares to users. Learn to appreciate what they do you ignoramus.

    • Good job, robi. Being rude and hostile, THAT’S the way to get people motivated!


  • Timoun says:

    Thank you so much Nova, it works quite well for daily use!
    – 2G internet works (I didn’t try 3G right now – it seems that I still need to reboot to switch)
    – no call drop (however it seems that volume is quite low compare to original rom – but usable)
    – no laggy interface
    – I can’t switch to powersaver mode with quicksettings tiles (Cyanogenmod bug I guess)

    By the way, I don’t know how to set home button (or any other button) to send me back to the home screen. I guess I changed some option once and I can’t figure out how to reverse it, anyone?

  • tmantti says:

    So no longer memory leak?

  • Julio C says:

    How to root lollipop 5.1 ?

    • Jeremy says:

      Go to Settings —> Developer settings —-> scroll to Root Access —–> Activate Apps&ADB and leave it ! Tadaa

      • Mani says:

        Can you please clarify, as why this is required? Is not the phone already rooted (by the user) when you install CM releases?

  • silver_max91 says:

    question to the developers.CM12 coming out on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?

  • patrasz says:

    there is no prompt to enter my pincode so i can just use wifi, no mobile network. if i go to settings – mobile networks it says ” com.android.phone” is closed

    • Simonmon says:

      excact this problem I had too :/ why I moved to 12.0 back

      • Thomas T. says:

        I had the same problem with the update to V 12.1, i.e. com.android.phone was closed by the operating system. But returning to V 12.0 made things worse and the phone no more usable at all. So at the moment I’m a bit helpless.

    • smowa says:

      No problem here. Do a clean install (full wipe)

      • patrasz says:

        i did that now.
        some more problems, I can’t find any mobile network, I can’t connect to my wifi (but i can find it – “wifi connection error”)

  • dave says:

    resolve CALL DROP please! why isn’t in the issues list??

  • Patrick says:

    Great performance and no more flickering issues!

    I noticed some bugs:
    -Messaging App stops working afer some actions – “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped.”
    -Phone App stops working after some actions (by calling a hotline and dialing through the options of the hotline) – Unfortunately, Dialer has stopped.”

    Thank you for your great work 🙂

  • offline charging bugs
    can you fix this please ?

  • angga says:

    play store not include in packet odin version 🙁

  • Justasss90 says:

    When power saving is on phone is much faster, why?

  • Supermatte99 says:

    Has anyone else got a bluetooth issue due to that you can’t connect to ure PC?

  • Flynn says:

    I cant import contactos from the SIMCard 🙂

  • Felix Uhle says:

    I test your rom and its very great but after some time it hangs on start screen and my softkeys arent working
    is there any solution ?

  • Alejandro says:

    I currently use CM11 and works quite well. Except for the battery life.
    Do you recommend this ROM for daily use?

  • xumes says:

    3G is not working for me… It was not working on the first 5.1 release, still not working on this one. I have set a new ATN for Vivo (Brazil). My phone only connects using WiFi.

  • Alejandro says:

    Do you recommend this ROM for daily use?

  • Jose Cardama says:

    Everything working like a charm, but it would be great if we could actually move apps to SD card, now it says the storage is full and won’t let us move apps to SD card. Other than that, great job team, keep it like that!

  • Muhammed Kılıc says:

    Please somebody give answer me . Does the problem still call dropping ?. Or Fİxed İt?
    I will flash this rom . But I don’t know , is there still call dropping issue
    I’m sory for my bad english

  • G says:

    Where can I get correct gapps for this release? Thank you!

  • smarzolla says:

    It keeps telling me youtube, keep, messenger and google play services crash

  • Radim says:

    Very good !
    Waves display is gone. All functional, except for the built-in camera (camera illusion is functional). Ofline charge – star jumps and moves the system after a while, is that correct? I performed the update from CM12, including updates gaps 5.1.x.
    NOVAFUSION thank you, great job 🙂

    • Luca says:

      I have Cm12, how did the upgrade?

      • Radim says:

        Download the latest version CM12.1.
        Go into recovery and let clean cash and Dalvik cash,
        Install CM12.1 and the gaps 5.1.x.
        For me, everything went smoothly, data and settings are retained.
        But you’d better make a backup copy.

      • Thomas says:

        Try to copy the new release CM12.1 in an existing folder named “cmupdater” and go to phone option and choose Update.
        Didn’t know if it’s work, but try.

  • Mustafaa says:

    What I would like to ask something mine a problem with updates ??

  • vope says:

    Great work !

    As requested in the topic, here are my bugs

    – Bad French layouts
    – Bad French translation due to CM12.1
    – BLN Control doesn’t work, due to Novafusion kernel, apparently
    – Flashlight Long on-time.
    – Bug with Flashlight icon. Sometimes it desappears when toggle…
    – No EAP-SIM
    – Calculator doesn’t work very well
    – faster than previous releases 🙂 great!
    – Android 5.1 is no more the last release (it is 5.1.1)

    To Nova Team: could you update the link to download GAPPS, please ?
    It is broken…

  • Oguzhan says:

    The speaaker’s voice is really low

  • eidam says:

    Very silent calls, in v. 11 the sound was alright.

  • Michelangelo says:

    – settings
    – info phone
    -informazioni legali
    -note legali cyanogenmod
    l’ app settings crash

  • Hello yesterday i install but i have some issues
    1.- Problems with the Camera Video i only see green record
    2.-start and login someties watch page with strapes green
    3.-the codecs music dont work (Dejo de Funcionar)
    4.-the signal 3g Movistar have some details
    5.-wahttsapp contection have problems

    Thanks for your work have a nice day

  • Vtc says:

    Call dropping iskre is stil..

  • oparga says:

    After the upgrade, the device is not blocking.

  • oparga says:

    Hello all people! I report that after the upgrade, the s3 does not block the screen.

  • Vinicius Negrini says:

    -Mobile data not work (VIVO – Brazil)
    -aosp keyboard has stopped working

  • James says:

    Text messages appear not to be sending with the messaging app installed by last PA Gapps downloaded. i installed AOSP MMS app from the play store. Messages showing up there as sent, but does not read messages received from from the other message app. I am receiving messages in the AOSP MMS app but they do not show up in the other messaging app installed by PA Gapps.

    • xartii says:

      There’s a bigger problem with text app in android 5.1 already mentioned on google’s bugtraq. The fastest solution is to use different app.

  • Hugo says:

    I cant use Psiphon in whole device mode. Can you fix it please? Thanks and congratulations for the great work! =D

  • ricardo says:

    the file to install route odin gives to me error it after tries to decompress CM12.1

  • arggettlahm says:

    i got issue

    sometimes when im checking for a text message on the notification bar when locked the phone wont respond and wont unlock

    only when i lock and unlock again will it respond

    and oh my phone is pattern locked

    its just a simple issue but sometimes its getting annoying when youre on a rush

    thanks for the great rom

  • Gustavo says:

    Can anyone tell me how I improve the resolution of the weather widget on the home screen?

  • Sami286 says:

    Where can I find gapps for Android 5.1.x?

  • lobo says:

    Hallo novafusion
    Long time no Update 10.2 come a update
    for 10.2 again one time????

  • a says:

    flicker in some websites in google chrome

  • patrasz says:

    back to 12.0 i have a big problem now:
    i can’t connect to a wifi any more (but i can find them) and my phone can’t find any mobile network.
    restoring a backup, wipe & installing 12.1, wipe & installing 12.0 – no success

  • Erik says:

    CM 12 was not rooted. Is CM 12.1 rooted?

    • Daniel says:

      You have to activate.
      Settings- About device- number of compilation ((press 4 times until the developer options are active) and there seek administrative access (root access there is active)

    • Jeremy says:

      CM12 was rootet he Lust be activatet!
      Go to Settings —> Developer settings —-> scroll to Root Access —–> Activate Apps&ADB and leave it ! Tadaa

    • G says:

      Just go to the developer options and turn it on! To switch on developer options you need go to the information about phone in preferences and tap few times on build info.

  • PLAF says:

    Hello Nova Fusion Team i Havel a question about developing roms to Codina/Janice. You stop them? Everyday i come to this page with a faith for a new Os to out device, before i Havel donated to your team for your work, but now i dont have a reason to do that. Cheers

  • Luis Gustavo says:

    Hi, kind of a newbie here, if I have CM12, and going to update to 12.1, it’s like a fresh install? Would I get everything delete it? Thanks for your help

  • Sergio says:

    Why battery drains too fast? And there´s another problem 🙁 which is while I connect the charger to the cellphone it isn´t charge. It stays in 3% and thats it, battery don´t charge at all. What do I have to do to fix this problem? Please, help! Thanks Nova Fusion

  • anzharip says:

    Inbound call keeps dropping, it says Dialer stopped responding.

  • Benj says:

    Hello, i found some bugs,
    -i can’t use the bug report
    -sometimes screen is unclickable when screen is turned on.
    -fix offline charging please
    I also want to suggest a feature for the led buttons, can you make an option to let the led only light up when the buttons are clicked not when the screen is click like from the stock firmware. ?

    Thats all, this was a great mod thanks nova!

  • edgaralex says:

    Great ROM! No different issues so far apart from the mentioned.

    Does anyone know about a different camera app than Camu? Because Camu can’t save photos or videos to SD Card.


    • saam says:

      You can use ” videocam illusion ” after you installed go into
      videocam settings

      lower resolution

      that is how you get lag free working video recording

  • jhonathan says:

    the phone does not charge when turned off

  • fuhrer88 says:

    please help me, i did factory reset and mobile phone cant start…what to do?

  • Xayyam says:

    when I get a call to pick up the phone gives an error help

  • marco says:

    Call in folling down.

  • julian says:

    mobile network doesnt work

  • Lukas says:


    I’m still having problems with phone call volume. I set the volume to the max level, but the volume is still too silent. I can make a call only in case of total silence, otherwise I can’t hear the the caller. Is there any possibility to fix this issue or help me how to change max volume settings?


    • Anderson Santos says:

      I have the same problem.
      When in phone call, i press vol down and then up. This makes increase the volume.

  • martijn says:

    Julian. You have tot select the operator (KPN.Vodafone etc) yourself. Workt for me

  • Marcelo de los santos says:

    Volumen en llamada muy bajo

    • Lukas says:

      I have the same problem, not only in the last version (12.0 also). But I figured out, that the volume is too low only at the start of the phone call (indicator shows that volume is at set to the maximum) but if you during the phone call set the volume down and than back up, the volume level change and now you are able to set the higher volume level then before (volume level – control – seems to be normal). But if you end the call and begin a new one, everithing goes back to the bad setting and you need to set volume down and up again. Any help with this?

      • Radim says:

        I have the same problem. Volume during a call is low.
        During a call, press volume down, volume up and then volume increases.
        When the new call has to be repeated ..
        Please repair the volume.
        Everything else is ok, after a day’s testing.
        Thanks NOVAFUSION.

  • Hugo says:

    I cant use Psiphon in whole device mode, can you fix it plz? Thanks NovaFusion, great work!

  • Tugay says:

    Have radio apk file

    • Robi says:

      What means “have” ?
      You are searching for a radio apk or you own a running apk ?
      I think there is no driver for fm radio in Cyanogen 5….
      Under Cyanogen 4 radio runs fine,


  • jan says:

    Can’t send mms, keyboard and dialer are crashing constantly. Sometimes there is a problem with chrome, when it doesn’t display the content right. Some sort of graphic glitch.

    • jan says:

      The flaslight quick button in dropdown menu is a bit laggy from when you press the icon and untill the flashlight is on, sometimes it dissapears from the menu for a short while and comes back later. The volume of the call is very low and when you put the call on speaker, you can’t really hear anything. Other than that very good job. Rom is smooth and responsive. Thanks for your work.

  • felipemagana says:

    Hi nova, thanks for the great work.
    I have an issue with CM 12.1 WIFI. I can’t connect my phone to my GoPro’s WIFI. It worked with CM 11 but since I upgraded to CM 12 it will try to connect but will stay connecting…
    I’ll appreciate any help with this problem.

  • fastnbulbous says:

    Great rom but a couple of bugs : Can´t import contacts from sim card ; Very low call sound


  • Daniel says:

    Many thanks to the developers for this fantastic work.
    Regards from Colombia

  • Hi.
    So far very good rom. Just a few problems (my model is I8190N used mainly for calls, twitter, music, chrome, hangouts, maps:
    Sometimes dialer crashes when answering a phone call
    Youtube audio noisy, almost impossible to understand (¿maybe videos too? mp3 mucic sounds good)
    Too much battery consumption (better with latest updates, but hardly lasts 12 hours with little use)


  • +BOB+ says:

    in Gerrmany, too.

  • +BOB+ says:

    mobile network doesnt work

  • saygone says:

    Thanks Nova! ROM works very smooth!

    Here are things I have spotted so far with new ROM:
    – can’t move apps to sd (cannot even save photos from stock camera)
    – reboot reset ringtones defaults sound when setting custom ringtones
    – few times I had to restart phone due to ‘no service’ information from network carrier

  • Grester says:

    I got the Micro GAAPS for 5.1 but the Google Store behaves quite randomly, sometimes claiming secondary data is restricted when isn’t. Also sometimes works when it’s restricted, it just works when it feels like. Aside from that only the call sound problem that other people are having.

  • Mineiro8 says:

    I can’t add new Contacts, my devide said me that “Contact has been removed” when I press the button of Check.

  • Benas says:

    I have the following fixes and bugs:
    – Snapchat fixed, thank you!!! 😀
    – Camera fixed (It seems that google camera wasn’t working and the stock CM camera was workin fine all along, i was using the gogle camera as stock) 😀
    I have the following bugs:
    – Google camera doesn’t work at all
    – 9gag is still crashing
    – I can’t send SMS messages. It didn’t work on the previous release also, but i forgot to mention that in the last comment (I am using the google messenger)

    Thank you for the bug fixes 😀

  • Bladerunner says:

    – cant send sms,
    – wifi on-off switch crashes,
    – no SD card access of Apps,

    Im very happy with this ROM, keep up the good work.
    Many.. many… thanks.

  • Darryl says:

    hi guys

    Great work nova team.I’m getting the 3g bug. Being new can anyone give me a detailed guide how to do it.

    Thanks in advance

  • mike says:

    Microphone not working on Skype and whatsapp call
    Anyone have the same problem?

  • Justasss90 says:

    Bug: 3D and 2D graphics performance is much better when power saving mode is on. Tested by antutu

  • Scott Richards says:

    Not sure if it is just me as no one else has mentioned it.
    But my GPS location doesn’t work at all anymore. Compass works and I have location set to high accuracy. But still Google Maps fails to use GPS. also the smart unlock feature fails for location unlock, likely related.
    I installed from a clean (wiped) phone.
    Any suggestions?

    If I go back to CM11 GPS works fine, so its not a hardware or location coverage issue.

  • maggy says:

    Play store opens but doesn’t load contents even through my wifi is working.

  • felipemagana says:

    Hi nova, thanks for the great work.
    I have an issue with CM 12.1 WIFI. I can’t connect my phone to my GoPro’s WIFI. It worked with CM 11 but since I upgraded to CM 12 it will try to connect but will stay connecting…
    I’ll appreciate any help with this problem.

  • jesse says:

    Id updated to cm12.1 but then when i was flashing the xposed arm in the recovery and it said in red letters “error executing updater binary in zip xposed framework installer” what is happening? sorry for not give the proper log, i dont know how to

  • daboo2000 says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is the processor will randomly change itself? I set it to conservative because the battery life was being hammered and then later on in the day it had changed to on demand so i set it back and then it changed to interactive a few hours later?

  • Inverse26 says:

    Awsome ROM! Thanks for your great work. Only thing I didn’t manage to get work is VPN. Would be great, if you could manage to fix it.

  • SCrusade says:

    Okay, when playing music using a Bluetooth speaker; the music stutters and doesn’t seem to be able to play smoothly. This happens when the speaker is far away or near or anywhere in between.

  • Angelo says:

    Why does Camera Calendar have different icons?..and I know there’s new messenger..why does nova fusion dont make a version just like the official version…One last question…I saw the stock gapps and there’s so many Google apps there what if I flash it with my android (804 ram) will it affect the performance of my phone?

  • Mineiro8 says:

    I can’t add a new APN. When I click on “Save”, it doesn’t save and I can’t have 3G.

  • Angelo says:

    What will happened if I installed “stock gapps”?And Why does Nova Fusion can’t make a version that looks like the original version?I have 804 Ram so its very laggy.

  • Tugay says:

    Why not radio

  • omri says:

    Works great! thanks!
    Just one question: How do I update my TWRP? I downloaded the new ROM using Odin and it installed TWRP version 2.7 whereas the new one is 2.8. How do I do it?


  • ak1997 says:

    What’s the worst that could happen if I installed this on S Advance? And do you have any plans to release CM12 for S Advance?

  • Bmech says:

    Plz fix video stock …firther on everythings smooth

  • Jake says:

    The phone becomes really laggy over a period of time cm 11 is more stable imo

  • Manuel0s says:

    Dialer crashes sometimes during call

  • noppadon says:

    Cannot read OTG flash drive, have not any notification when pluged-in OTG flash drive. cannot find usb drive on file manager app.

  • eivan says:


    First of all I would like to thank the entire team NovaFusion for all his work on our Samsung S3 mini.

    I just installed CyanogenMod 12.1 (v20150406) and since i have not access to the recovery mode.

    When I press Vol Up + Home + On, my phone displays the screen with its reference, restarts, and then starts CyanogenMod.


    Thank you in advance,

    best regards,

  • Jin says:

    Do I have to Flash again my S3 mini or there’s a way to upgrade from CM12 to CM12.1?

  • Martin says:

    Hi guys,

    I have a problem after upgrade from CM 11.

    I did full backup, install CM 12.1 rom via recovery TwRP 2.08,

    i did wipe data/cash in TWRP recovery after instaling.

    I had succes with installation but system was very buggy, sms app, play store, etc. wrote bug messges so i did back to factory reset on phone

    But now phone is dead. I see only logo teamwin logo after Samsung start logo.

    now I tried flesh TWRP recovery and CM12.1 rom via odin and odin wrote that was everithing ok,

    But after restart the phone is in the same state: only samsung start logo and the next teamwin logo and that’s all.

    Do you anybody know how can i return stock rom, CM 11 ROM or repair TWRP recovery

    Thank you for answer guys.


    • George says:

      Download stock rom. BE CAREFUL, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT VERSION FOR YOUR DEVICE AS IT COULD HARD BRICK YOUR PHONE. Flash it via odin and then root on your stock rom. Then flash TWRP and install cm 12.1 from here. GOOD LUCK

  • Barverd says:

    Rom is working fine, but when i install gapps it wont boot, only what i see is infinite bootscreen 🙁

  • AiVeN says:

    Is it possible to have stock CM sms and mms app? I dont want that google messenger.

    • AiVeN says:

      Oh sorry i installed bad gapps.
      I found a bug: Cant import contacts from external storage,always crashing app 🙁

  • Anod says:

    I installed CM 12.0!
    Every thing is fine but call volume is too low.. Sometime it is inaudible in outdoor!
    Please fix this!

  • Rodrigo says:

    Good work updating to Android 5.1 Nova!

    but, i got some bugs:

    – Camera still not working.

    Random crashs:
    – Keyboard Stopped most of time you use it.
    – Callphone stopped too.
    – Whatsapp Stopped.
    P.S: Maybe the crashes are from the ROM. (Problems that were not happening at CM 12.0).

    – The music App sometimes works, but it recognized my files in double name in music list.

    – Many times the call signal drops and does not get back. (Need to restart the device).

    Thank you.
    Great Job with the updates.
    I am anxious waiting for new updates.

  • rsejjify says:

    I have a installation error : “detected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block

  • orksur says:

    Please cannot charge phone while device is off.. it automatically comes on when device is off and plugged in. Also cannot switch to 3g onlh

  • Durit Domm says:

    The 12.1 nova does its job very good on the s3 mini, great work! There is just an issue with the aosp-keyboard and the default messaging app. Both stop/hang up impredictible an not reproducible. They restart immediately.

  • chetan says:

    Only one big for me dialer forceclose during incoming call pls fix it rest all the things works almost perfect

  • Perossy says:

    Bug 3G, S3 mini

  • Jerry says:

    Can you fix the timer problem in cm11 please

  • Thamas says:

    Skype video call work?

  • CrashOverride93 says:

    This is only an information for all users about GAPPS!
    As you know, days ago the main XDA developer that has been providing us the GAPPS has temporally stopped working on it and doesn’t know when will re-open its thread. So now all of us will need to download the new GAPPS version that other user has started to develope on XDA too (Google Apps Minimal Edition):
    – Google Apps Minimal Edition (4.4.x)
    – Google Apps Minimal Edition (5.0.x/5.1)

    *Please if anyone could message to the NovaFusion Team work to re-new the old links from download section…

  • Jackson Vitorio Ramos says:

    Hello , only informing the bug , set up the APN manually and data work but after a while I get no any sign , just restarting the machine will pick up, the music app does not play any music , still analyzing the new update , thank you.

  • Sector says:

    I didn’t try version 12.1 yet, since I think that the main issues are still there. On reading your comments seems that other issues are present that version 12.0 had not. I’ll wait for a more resolutive version…
    Please keep on posting your feedback!

  • Tommy says:

    Bug? Try to pin a APP to the screen. (You need to activate this lolipop feature firsst) this works. But i can’t un-pin the screen by Pressung both keys at requested. Restart is necessary to unlock the pinned screen

    • Felps says:

      You just need to press the left sensitve button and the screen will be unpinned.

      the only problem with this feature is that it pins the whole app, and not only the screen.

  • Omri_21 says:

    Just want to update that the speaker is very quiet during calls even after bringing it to the maximum level. Please adress this issue

  • CrashOverride93 says:

    Please, continue working ob Carbon ROM because has bugs too…

  • Muhammed Kılıc says:

    New update please. And fix all of bugs. Specially fix call dropping issue. Also you don’t update before fix all of bugs because there is any sense!

  • andres says:

    Please give me a link for downloading the gapps for 5.1

  • jose says:

    for samsung s3mini i8200??

    • Florian K. says:

      No, its the “S3 mini value edition (S3 mini VE)”
      This mobile has updated hardware (It’s completely different!) and a newer available stock android with Samsung’s TouchWiz.
      At this moment, there isn’t any CyanogenMod/Custom ROM for the S3 mini VE (no warranty from me 😉 )
      I’m afraid, there will never be any stable rom available…

  • jose says:

    i8200 s3mini samusng serves ?

  • lobo says:

    Hallo novafusion
    Long time no Update 10.2 come a update
    for 10.2 again one time????

  • lobo says:

    no Update 10.2 long to come a update
    for 10.2 again one time?

  • Idfick says:

    I’m still living batterry problem! So I need a new kernel. Where should i found from?

  • Florian K. says:

    Has anyone this problem?
    My phone randomly reboots, sometimes it shuts down without any message. Happens only if I’m not connected to charger.
    After rebooting, my phone shows a battery state of 1% to 14 %. When I connect to power source, battery charges very fast to 100%, sometimes it shows suddenly up to 50-60%.
    This problem happens since about 2 weeks, since I flashed CM 12.1. Now I have the same issue with CM 12 and CM 11.

    Is my s3 mini/battery dead or is it a bug of novafusions software?

    • Florian K. says:

      *small correction: “This problem happens since I flashed this build from 6th April”

    • AlbertoDR says:

      Yep man.. i think you’re the only one
      have you already tried a clean install or a battery calibration app?

      • Florian K. says:

        Yes, I did a clean install and tried some battery calibration apps.
        It’s time for a new mobile (My S3 Mini is about 3 Years old and I’m still using it because of the CyanogenMod and Novafusion’s very stable CM 10.x/11 😉 )

  • I have this problem since a very old build but i don’t pay it very much attention until now that is getting very annoying, i’m using nova launcher and everytime i change my wallpaper after 2-24 hours of setting the new wallpaper it restarts to the stock material wallpaper, at the beginning i tought it was a nova launcher problem but it also ocurrs on google now launcher, after a lot of monitoring i noticed that this problem ocurrs when the UI crashes (very often actually) and the most of times this ocurrs when i press the power/lock button, it takes some time to recover from the crash (like 15 seconds) and when the display turns on again i notice that the background has restarted to the stock one. If anyone else is having this problem please let me know that i’m not the only one with this bug.

    • saygone says:

      Did you did clean install?
      I had this issue previously before I did installation via ODIN. Now I didn’t see that problem again.

      • When i first installed this ROM i did a clean install but now i just wipe caches and install the newest build. Maybe i will try to do a clean installation.

        • roy says:

          I had the same issue. Turned out tot be the battery. You can check that by taking out the battery and look if the sides are still flat. If they are rond tour battery might be crappy. You can also place it on a flat surface. The battery has round sides if you are able tot spin it. Changing mine was the solution.

  • Evaldas says:

    Encryption seems to be broken, It would be great if you could check it out and fix it. Other than that, great ROM!

  • Hi!

    It took about 1 week with the ROM has greatly improved version 20150406. I have no bug consider vital but if there hoes that I would like to see it:

    * Complete Repair camera Stock and Google camere in video recording.
    * Ambient Display, lei CM12.1 would include but not according to what has this version. And there Roms based OmniROM 5.1 CM12.1 as for example in his relase of 20,150,331 implements it.

    Thank you and move on.

  • RajeshK says:

    Hi guys. I am still experiencing call drops on answer. Its worse then CM12. Is there a solution yet?

    • RajeshK says:

      Hi guys, i went into the dialer settings and turned off all the phone number look up features. I phoned myself a few times and have not been cut off yet.

  • rigas520 says:

    hello to all

    I installed the C11 version opting for formatting f2fs. But when I use the Link2SD appears (package invald) i tried to create a second partition with x2 / EX3 / ex4 and f2fs but gave error also.

    Someone I can help please

  • MvP says:

    Hi,i have problem with one game,on Jelly Bean 4.1 works great , on Lolipop 5.1 stop working (after about 1 min play). What problem can be here???

  • Piter says:

    I ponownie problemy z samokończeniem połączeń 2-3 sek po nawiązaniu połączenia przychodzącego. Obecnie problemy również z losowym zamykaniem aplikacji “telefon” i brak listy wykonanych połączeń przychodzących i wychodzących. Nadal także brak możliwości wykonania poprawnego nagrania systemową aplikacją “aparat” – obraz “poszatkowany na zielono”. Tests in progress…

  • roy says:

    I had the same issue. Turned out tot be the battery. You can check that by taking out the battery and look if the sides are still flat. If they are rond tour battery might be crappy. You can also place it on a flat surface. The battery has round sides if you are able tot spin it. Changing mine was the solution.

  • FC says:

    I’ve installed this ROM, seems great, but it is still very buggy and with poor performance to be considered stable, it is still very buggy, with call issues, cam issues, wifi issues, volume issues.
    Either way still a good job.

  • Jashidmtz says:

    OTG works con this relase?

  • 2laky says:

    Hi, i can’t find the developer tools section in the settings. So i can’t edit the root option. does anyone know what to do?

  • Alessandro says:

    I haven’t the Developer-Settings to activate root access… why? How I can activate it? Thanks

  • When Receiving incoming calls. A popup message comes and the call was disconnected ” com.android.dialer was stopped working. Please fix it.

  • Macan says:

    Is there any way to improve the video recording on stock apps or Lenovo supercam? I’m not that big a fan of Camu and it takes lower quality videos without lagging.

    Also, I found I couldn’t watch videos unless I installed third party apps lice BS. Is that a regular bug or did I accidentally erase the video app while using Root Explorer? XD

  • xan says:

    i have done that and still no success… any thougts?

  • piotr says:

    call is to quietly vs stock room

  • Lapawwa says:

    Hey I can’t add and edit the APN settings…. why? what is the problem?

  • Taariq says:

    Im having problems in moving apps to my sd card..it keeps saying that i dont have enough space on Sd card when i have more than 20 GB free..
    And secondly, i cant move files from internal to SD.. it says that some of the files already exist in the destination folder..
    What should i do?

    Apart from this,I’m really really happy using Nova.
    Used it for the first time,and its really good. Good Job Peeps ♥
    Doing a great job,keep it up 😉

  • John Paul Francis says:

    1.Can’t install Facebook on cm 12.1
    2.Only loudspeakers are work during Whatsapp calling
    3.Phone will switched off during charging at 92℅-100%.

  • Tural says:

    Great work. But, System Profiles don’t work.

  • Umair says:

    You should use viva video maker
    Its working perfect.

  • Leave a Reply