September 7th, 2015


As you might have noticed – we finally released a new Galaxy Core build. The build was meant to be used on GT-I8260 variant, and was developed with this particular device in mind. In fact – we don’t even have a dual SIM GT-I8262 variant.

Some users who installed this release on I8262 reported that RIL is not working at all. We want to fix this issue, but we can’t because… We don’t have this device.

We are looking for people with GT-I8262 wanting to help us with this issue. If you know what the RIL, logcat, dmesg, etc. is, and you want to help us, please contact me: [email protected], I will instruct you how to do some diagnostics, and I hope we will be able to fix this issue together.

BTW. After we fix this issue, you will be able to use your dual SIM phone as a single SIM one, because Android 4.1 doesn’t support dual SIM natively. Real dual SIM support is comming soon in (probably) 4.4 release.

Thanks in advance for help.


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  • I don’t understand why starting a development for a device that you (team) dont’ have. Is not better to focus only in one device? (already not stable)

    p.s. maybe for more visitors on the website = $

  • gody says:

    hii i can help you with the radio logs… I hav a grand quattro duos which is same as galaxy core duos and i have managed to port it to my device. ril part is not working same as galaxy i8262

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