October 7th, 2015
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.1

New stable release (20151007) of CM12.1 for S3 Mini is available!

Please, test it and report any bugs!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation if you don’t updating from older CM12.0 release.

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources updated to latest version
  • recreated CM build tree from a scratch
  • battery life improvements
  • sensors delay improved
  • Odin package update


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera (taking photos and videos)
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • f2fs filesystem support
  • offline charging


  • video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues
  • less than 2% of users are reporting issues with mobile data – just add new APN manually with settings proper for your provider and apply it to make 3G working

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

107 Responses
  • Ilya says:

    Thank you, Nova!

  • rjblack says:

    are you gonna make aosp 6.0?

  • Xash says:

    Yesterday I had downloaded the 2015 09 23, and today there is other one available. Is there any way to update it to the last version without flashing? Because I recently installed and updated all my apps . . .

  • Z@r says:

    what about the 1ghz bug? (performance options)

  • Nik says:

    Finally a new release is here! Thanks Nova! But I hoped that the camera was fixed!!! And please put the animation on natively lollipop-way offline charging!
    I expect great things from you for lollipop and marshmallow releases! 😉

    Sorry for my bad english

  • swan says:

    Can someone explain how to move on to the CM12.1 from cm11

  • s3miniuser says:

    does “CM latest version” mean that Stagefright 2.0 is already fixed?

  • sc_by says:

    What about CM13?

  • how can I root using this android version

  • Nik says:

    Finally a new release is here! Thanks Nova!!! But I hoped that the camera was fixed!!!
    And please display the animation on the natively lollipop-way offline charging!!!!
    I expect great things from you, Nova, for upcoming lollipop and marshmallow releases! 😉
    I tested the release and it works fine, without bug.
    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • moeedqurishi says:

    when will the video issue be fix? or just tell me work around for snapchat cant seem to upload videos recorded via its own recorder either

  • Atinisikenkovboy says:

    What about camera? I’m waiting for fixed camera to use cm12.1

  • Lucas63220 says:

    Very good so keep getting better! But try to fix the problem of green camera, this update has improved somewhat the battery and improved performance, amazing!

  • Muccos says:

    Is it stable? And lock screen is working? In last build you can’t lock the phone.

  • Tomas K says:

    Did anyone tested battery life?

  • Me says:

    1 year later and the camera never got fixed 😀

  • SPKJ says:

    I’m waiting cm13 XD ,i’m very happy

  • If the camera doesn’t work, Snapchat and Instagram neither!
    I have problem with Facebook.

    CONCLUSIONS: The Social Network’s App doesn’t work in CM 12.1.

    I will waiting for CM 13, because this never worked!

  • Kine says:

    Hello first thank you for your software.

    I have the same problem in last 3 or 4 versions.

    The button numbers in phone mode only shown 1 4 7 ….. I can’t call typing the number.

    Please can you help me,

    thank you very much.

  • i cant install error in bin :/

  • chris noid says:

    hello, the new update and all good but there is a problem not reconose me as roteado the phone if the CM11 but this does not, any solution (forgive my poor English, and the question .. I’m new + – +)

  • Stephan J. says:

    Does this already fix stagefright 2.0?

    • Sami283 says:

      Hangouts is the only app afected by Stagefright, if you are so scared just make sure the app isnt installed on your phone.

  • ALEX says:

    Hello guys, thx you for your job. Could you please tell me, with app can I use for takes the pictures and videos until stock came has issue. Camu is not really the alternative for it.

    • vleutmans says:

      There is no good alternative as the camera is only capable of filming with resolution of 640×480. When you switch to HD resolution, then you will get 3 frames per second (with every other cam app) which is useless. This is not a novafusion issue, but relateded to camera libs/drivers which are non existent for cm12.1/lollipop for our hardware.

      • ALEX says:

        so you mean,if I stay on resolution of 640 x 480 with stock camera, it will work, or in any case I have to install one alternative?

        • vleutmans says:

          I don’t know for stock camera, and cannot try as i’m on CM11 ->fully working 🙂

          The cm12.1 video camera non-HD recording ‘for me’ is a show stopper, but if you don’t need it then CM12.1 lollipop is very cool to have. Thanks nova 🙂

      • moeedqurishi says:

        then why use HD resolution for cm12.1? why cant we just use stock s3mini camera app for videos!
        im not really a video recording person, but my problem is with the snapchat since it also gives same issue! any work around that?

      • Mike says:

        If it’s a libs/drivers issue, why not backport the code from stock ROM? It would make more sense than trying to rewrite code that is not compatible with our device.

        • merfakos says:

          Without having looked at the code (not sure where t
          to look, horn github looks outdated), maybe that is what they have done?

    • Sky says:

      Give VivaVideo a try, no hd but it works good enough for me and it doesn’t lag.

  • Andreas Titze says:

    Is there any chance to get USB OTG to work?

  • Szymon says:

    I cant innstal facebook. Do some one have the same problem?

  • Manusia says:

    Could someone help me, why my offline charging’s not working?

  • swan says:

    Bln support ?

  • How can I root my cel using this android version?

  • Google acount error , can’t sign in – everytime try again

  • s3miniuser says:

    is Stagefright 2.0 already fixed here?

  • simon says:

    what is the best combination of processor and scheduler

  • kleber says:

    install s3 mini gt-i8200L ?

  • SPKJ says:

    Nice job,The battery life is most long and the sistem is very speed 🙂

  • rabe85 says:

    My phone disable bluetooth after 2-3 days automatically. It doesn’t let me enable it again, so i need to reboot the phone after a few days (if i want to use it in the car).

    • xy says:

      Was the same here. After I did a clean installation of the build an the gapps it works perferktly. No bluetooth and WIFI issues any more.

  • Ricardo says:

    OffLine charge dont work.
    I unplug to power on

  • jeffrey says:

    Hello, what is “This directory is very important. Please do not delete” i don’t know :c please, help me

  • Thiago says:

    Here the battery is running out very fast and is too warming. A minor problem is that sometimes the lock screen is unlockable, need to press the power button twice to unlock the device there.
    English is the google translator.

  • D. Emilien says:

    To install gapps, aroma or stock, my phone failed always for flashing. I have the code error 70 and i don’t know where we can see how resolv.
    Great work to novafusion 😉
    D. Emilien

  • Johnie says:

    I change from Carbon to CM, because last carbon update is from july.

    CM Rom works fine… but i cant change the governor.

  • Diron says:

    There are many errors in CM12.1 . The applications take 3-5 minutes to install , plus can not be installed Facebock (504 mistake) .

  • I can not install Facebook (504 mistake), somebody help me please!!!

  • rtx04 says:

    Can’t change CPU governor in performance settings, everything else working fine

  • androidnewbie says:

    Is it really necessary to do everytime the factory reset before flashing most latest CM12.1?

  • simon402 says:

    whic is the best combination of processor and scheduler

  • Szymon says:

    Maclaw, are you going to support Alcatel onetouch idol 3? Great phone for great price in need of great dev like you.

  • Lucas says:

    Guys, my phone is running the release 20150525. Is there some way to update it instead of “flash the rom” again?

  • Alex says:

    I didnt find any difference since last release… mean same bugs & same problems…

    Anyway, thanks for the efforts…

  • Nik says:

    I tested this release and it’s very good. No bug or other problem, only the camera which it isn’t yet fixed from the first release! And when I install the gapps’ full pack the clock doesn’t work. And then, when will you reindroduce Cyanogenmod’s accounts?
    Thanks for all Nova 😉

    Sorry for my bad english:)

  • Please, Can anyone tell me how to root my cel using this android version?

  • NHN says:

    I’ve tried many custom roms, each rom ends up giving me no sim detected, when I go back to stock Samsung rom, works 100% again, any ideas?

  • Elmario says:

    Did you delete your cache?

  • César Montes says:


    Thanks for continuing Lollypop development for S3 mini, but could you please focus into CarbonROM instead CyanogenMOD? Carbon is WAY better than CyanogenMOD

  • Martin says:

    First of all thank you very much for your excellent work.

    My question is:
    Where are the current sources for S3 Mini? The one on Github seems to be outdated (last commit on May 2015) and looking to the Network graph on Github I don’t see activity that reflects all the changes that are advertised on each new release.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • R3MX says:

    Perfect but the clock application crash if I try to set an alarm.

    Thanks for the work

    • Johnie says:

      I have no problem with alarm clock…
      I have make i clean install with micro gapps, maybe you can try this way. 😉

  • JaKB says:

    Having used CM 10.2 and CM11 in the past, and dabbling with an early CM12, to then go back to CM11, I have been on a late July version of CM12.1 before updating to this version. Brilliant speed and smoothness now! Really lets you appreciate the flourishes and functionality of Material Design, which was not the case in previous versions I tried. THANK YOU for the hard work.

    One question: I have tried deleting my MMS APN settings and setting them up again manually, but I don’t seem to be able to get MMS to work with Google Messenger. Just get “Sending…” ad infinitum, when trying to share images by MMS.
    Any tips?

  • Sebi says:

    Hey nova, good job for this release. This version of Android 5,1 is the best one I have used yet, but I have 2 problems which are quite a thing. 1 Is the neverending videorecording, but it can be fixed with VivaVideo and 2 Car charging is not working, I have bought 2 different chargers and same, I had to restart the phone to be able to charge it. hope you can solve the second problem as soon as possible.

  • Andy says:

    Been unable to update from an older version to this one, using the latest TWRP from the downloads but when trying to install the zip keep getting the error ” unable to install this package on top of incompatible data” and red text about unable to execute the update binary, tried downloading a few times with different browsers to no avail. Any other options other than factory reset and install via odin, dont really want to wipe the phone fully if possible.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Ricardo Garcia says:

    thanks for your work is very good but how can I install facebook ?…

  • ZongHans says:

    Hot-spot WiFi tethering slows down the phone to a crawl once you turn it on. But basically never turns on. Other than that, no issues so far. Great job Novafusion!

  • Mike says:

    Maclaw, I’m surprised you don’t pull your hair out sometimes at some of the retarded questions you get. As for everyone else, read the “tutorial” section of this forum and some of XDA forum as well and stop asking stupid questions, it’s counterproductive. This forum is for beta testing and bug reporting ROM issues.

    As for beta testing and bugs:
    -the CPU Governor has a bug, won’t save settings.
    -offline charging via hotpoint appears to not work, not indication of charging, haven’t fully tested.
    -please, PLEASE attempt to fix SIM access and the Toolkit. You really shouldn’t need a SIM pin to access the Toolkit let alone not being able to access the SIM at all.
    -Google Partner Setup crashes when accessed. That might not be a ROM issue but thought I’d mention it anyway.
    -battery drain and heat are still an issue
    -I am getting this constant update/optimization on boot, please fix.
    -still have low in call volume on headset and speaker, but not as bad in previous versions.

    If I can think of anything else I’ll let you know.

    Bugs reported on GT-I8190N

  • muchor says:

    So far, so good – first day of work has been stable, no battery drain. Haven’t tested it yet fully, but looks really good.
    How may one do overclocking with this ROM? Root is there, just to be activated, but am not able to push the clock beyond 1 GHz. The phone runs fine, just a little bit slow…

  • VincentVega says:

    Where can I find the bugtracker?

  • Jan says:

    Good ROM, very responsive. No major bugs so far. Thanks for the good work.

    Stagefright Detector says ROM is vulnerable to CVE-2015-3876 and CVE-2015-6602.

    I would appreciate if you could make taking videos work.

  • Jan says:

    Bug found: neither Skype nor Fritz!Fon App work properly. Handsfree must be activated or your call partner won’t be able to hear you.

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