January 2nd, 2016
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.1

New stable release (20160102) of CM12.1 for S3 Mini is available!

Please, test it and report any bugs!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation if you don’t updating from older CM12.0 release.

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources updated to latest version
  • resolved small issues with exfat stability (last release bug)
  • toolchain update (also for kernel build)
  • small cleanup of device source tree
  • Odin package update


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera (taking photos and videos)
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • f2fs filesystem support
  • offline charging


  • video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues
  • less than 2% of users are reporting issues with mobile data – just add new APN manually with settings proper for your provider and apply it to make 3G working

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

78 Responses
  • Andre Jaques says:

    Ohhh how I love you novafusion!

  • ahmet says:

    thank you

  • alessandro says:

    can you add USB OTG support (WIP) please? thanks 😀
    ps: you’re the best

  • Florian says:

    Hey Maclaw & Team!
    Have a great new year and thanks for the work you all put into this!
    Cheers, Flo

  • AiVeN says:

    Happy new year NovaFusion team! Looking forward to next updates and i am glad that you continue your work and comunity is still alive! Thanks 🙂

  • Tomáš Kovář says:

    Thank you for a new release! Where Čan I find what include CM update? Is it same as official CM S3 release?

  • MEP says:

    Happy 2016 NovaFusion and thx for your work.

  • Turkey says:

    Hello We will recover when the Turkish mobile 3G data users as cm12.1 also have problems please?

  • Christian says:

    Does the system partition supports f2fs? Evertime I reformatted the partition to f2fs and apply the build it resumes to ext4.

    • tomastomas says:

      Yep, f2fs system resumes to ext4. Install-script?

      I have:
      system – ext4, 99% times read-access. f2fs not need – only read-access, flash not degraded.
      cache – f2fs, many reads, many writes, f2fs very need.
      data – f2fs, many reads, many writes, f2fs very need.
      Not bug – optimization.

      Only system resumes to ext4, cahe and data – no resumes, all ok.
      System – formatted ONLY ext4, cache and data – all FS, no resumes.

  • Hunter says:


    1. low voice during the interview
    2. loss of voice during the interview with the speaker change Skype
    3. video taken by stock camera app is green (you know)

  • Vidra says:

    Thx 🙂

  • Ugo says:

    Happy New Year and keep up
    Thanks Nova!

  • Mike says:

    Oh look, not dead afterall.

    Thanks for the continued support NovaFusion! And happy New Year!

  • Néri says:

    Thanks for the continued support NovaFusion and for all your work !

  • Sedesc says:

    Hey, happy new year and thanks a lot for your work.
    Though I want to report some issues. I installed the December release on my phone. Every time I try to encrypt it, it gets soft bricked and I have to flash it again. Streaming the screen to my chromecast, does not work. And everytime I try to play Videos in Firefox the Browser crashes. I can tell if the last two issues are related to the distribution.


    • Ryan says:

      encrytpion = software problem
      chromecast = hardware may not be good enough or hardware not supported
      videos in firefox = maybe a firefox problem due to new software on old hardware

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  • Paddy says:

    HNY and many thanks. If release 20151204 is already installed, will the upgrades being installed by CM12.1 itself using the update feature?

  • TRECKK says:

    I can not download

  • Torsten says:

    A very happy new year and a lot of thanks for your work, NovaFusion!!!

  • EverGreen says:

    I have found a serious bug with DHCP client performance on a GT-I8190L with CM12.1 Lollipop 5.1.1 previous release and actual (2016-01-02) release.

    Technical data:

    Router: TOPCOM Skyr@cer WBR 7001g with latest firmware

    DHCP on this and IP of TOPCOM: and “802.1d Spanning Tree” Enabled

    Issues on GT-8190L detected:

    DHCP client on this Samsung device isn’t be able to retrieve any free IP for almost 2 minutes or more.

    DHCP client when obtain a valid IP, lost this after random amounts of time, generally when the device is in standby mode or locked and not retrieve a new IP until the device is unlocked.

    DHCP server tested with a Nokia N8-00 and no have any issues and fast obtaining new free IP.

    Thanks to Team Novafusion for this pretty’s ROM’s.

    I have hope for Marshmallow release for GT-8190L 😉

  • EverGreen says:

    I forget comment the wifi settings of TOPCOM:

    Wifi settings:

    Security: WPA2(AES) not mixed, Passphrase length: 24 characters, all UPPERCASED.

    Wifi channel: 7 (2442Mhz)
    Authentication Type: Shared Key
    Fragment Threshold: 2346 (default and maximum)
    RTS Threshold:2347 (default and maximum)
    Beacon Interval:512 (range 20~1024ms)
    Data Rate: Auto (Maximum 54mbps)
    Preamble Type: Long Preamble
    Broadcast ESSID: Enabled
    IAPP: Disabled
    802.11g Protection: Enabled

    Sorry for forget this information.

  • Hakan says:

    We are waiting for i8200 please make cm for this device

  • alex says:

    Hi, great job!
    can you please tell me how can I set CAMU as my default video app ?
    am I the only one who is not able to install Facebook ?!?

    • Can444 says:

      I cant too install facebook at loooook time. CM 13 arent work with the facebook app and before 2-3 versions its too not work with instagram app. But with the new version instagram are work but facebook didnt work

  • nils Damrau says:

    Happy New Year Nova Fusion team!
    I am a newbie and have just successfully completed the CyanogenMod 12.1
    installed on my S3 Mini.

    Congratulations to this super version.

    I could not find just the VHF FM radio. Is there a solution to this?

    Thank you

    • tomastomas says:

      VHF work – install Spirit UL (v 2014 12 16), settings: Band NA, AF D, RSII 16, Period 500, Polls 4, Mask 65535, Pause 500, Timeout 4000, Alt 1 and 2 – 0.
      Antenna – headset or headphones

  • Please fix notifications light!!

  • Alex says:

    It lag when scrolling :/ Some of the latest roms have that problem.

  • Ismail Qurashi says:

    Hi there, it’s great to use this ROM, amazing work.. Glad to see someone standing behind this little devices back..
    I recently installed this ROM but I can’t get root access here, I don’t know what to do, if someone can guide me here.. If there is anything I can do to have root in my device at this version ..

  • rmslobato says:


    Please, how do I upgrade from the last version (20151204)?
    Do I need to follow the tutorial steps? I’ve used that tutorial (for Linux) to install on my phone.


  • Camila says:

    Unfortunately I am part of the 2 % who had problems with mobile data . I tried to add new APN manually , but failed. Any idea what to do?

    • DF says:

      camila, I solved the problem adding APN manually and changing ‘APN protocol’ from IPv4/IPv6 to only IPv4. Only after that, mobile data works. Have a try

  • Banco says:

    Hello Novafusion,
    thanks a lot for your awesome job.

    I can’t find a way to send files over wifi-direct, is that me or wifi-direct is unsupported (I can’t understand why I have a very simple menu under wifi > advanced but I can’t do anything on that)

    Thanks a lot

  • agustriwidodo81 says:

    How to fix the problem, always same problem ” video taken by stock camera app is green ” when you resolve this issue.

  • Mustafa says:

    I’m not installing Facebook application. Why?

    • Dominik says:

      I install fb without problems

    • How to fix the problem, always same problem ” video taken by stock camera app is green ” when you resolve this issue.

      • Ryan says:

        hard to resolve as android lollipop removed code to run the video recording driver – just a guess

        got a feeling that recording driver only used dalvik runtime not art runtime

        and samsung possibly did not release the code for video recording

        if they did it would be easier to make it work with art runtime

        vivavideo and camu use their own video recording drivers – that is why they are not hd

    • Yasin says:

      You must download old facebook release to install. Play store install is not working. And you must not update it.

  • rwky says:

    My S3 mini back and option buttons don’t work, tried cyanogen and carbon 🙁 any help is very apreciated!

  • Yuber says:

    I’m not installing Facebook application. Why?

  • strassenbahn says:

    First of all: Thanks, Novafusion team.
    Looking at the Changelog/Features/Issues list
    it may be sometimes not clear if this is a stable CM12.1 ROM.

    Coming from Novafuation CM11 and now installing this 20160102
    release of CM12 I can say: It is a very usable ROM.
    I don’t miss any functionality – yet (maybe need some
    longer testing phase).
    It works and has a good battery life. It runs as quickly as
    CM11 on the same device – not slower at all. I like this ROM!
    Thanks again.

  • John says:

    Thank you Novafusion Team.

    Problems are,

    1.I can’t install FaceBook
    2.My phone switch off during charging above 90%+

    We are also waiting for Marshmallow updation from Novafusion 🙂

    • Fherrera says:

      By any chance did you buy a new battery?I am having the same issue and it started when I put the new battery. I am using a 2500 mAh.

  • Alexander says:

    I cant seem to install using recovery. Help?

  • kazemarus says:

    Drain fast battery Not charging @.@

  • sabri says:

    thanks for your work, NovaFusion!!! I installed cm 12.1 20150514 from recovrymode(twrp) on my s3 mini and it works fine expt file sharing with WiFi on my smart TV.so now I want to update to cm12.1 2160102
    how can i update the new release? and gapps must be installed again? and may installed programe will be removed or not??? thx

  • Xavier Sand says:

    I installed CM11 (to test otg) and the phone was always rebooting randomly. Sometimes it was rebooting endlessly and I could not use my phone anymore… i thought it was due to CM11 or f2fs (i also followed this tutorial) Now i installed CM12 (lastest version) and it still happens, sometimes the phone is OK for a few days, some days i cannot use it because it keeps rebooting (even before the pin code is asked).
    I wiped everything, re-upload lastest CM12, i only installed GoogleApps micro, to be sure that it was not an app causing the problem… but i took a picture using camera, the phone rebooted and so on..
    What do you think i could do ? (i’ll try to find my 1year old CM12 i was using before testing CM11…) but i guess lasest version should be better, no ?

  • gerson says:

    Thanks Novafusion!, i hope the video recording issue fix soon…

  • William says:

    there is problems between switching mobile data and wireless conexions
    or maybe it’s the wireless conexion but the wireless option is not actived
    I can use only mobile data

  • Mike says:

    Please fix the stage fright issues. Thanks!

    Also will OTG be available in the future.

    • Ryan says:

      pretty sure stage fright was already fixed by cyanogen
      nova-fusion uses cyanogen sources
      so yeah stage-fright is already fixed

  • Dudu GB says:

    vivavideo app work well for video taken

  • miran says:

    Does this release support NFC?

  • carlos says:

    Thank you Novafusion Team.
    Work perfect for me,so far the only problem is the camera, I hope that you include OTG in the future,
    Thank you

  • JotaBiz says:

    could you please make it perfect just adding STK.apk for Simcard tool kit and Radio FM fuction? Its all this rom need to be perfect, pleeeeeease!

  • low voice during the intervie.
    Please find solution 🙁

  • ueber says:

    Is encryption supported?
    I’ve tried multiple times to ‘encrypt phone’ from the security menu, but all it does is briefly show the ‘encrypto-droid picture’ and to reboot.
    I have formatted /data and /cache with f2fs, could this be causing problems?
    Are there any log files that might help in finding out what is happening?

  • Andrew says:


    I am having a problem. I am trying to install (flash?) using TWRP. I have done a factory wipe and I then get this error after a couple of minutes E:Error executing updater binary in zip.

  • Joshua says:

    I would like to say that I am thankful for your contributions!
    And somehow, my phone keeps rebooting that it’s got to the point where it reboots every minute when I use it. Is it an issue from Cyanogen? I only have few apps installed and I don’t have the xposed installed as well.

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