February 10th, 2016
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.1

New milestone release (20160210) of CM12.1 for S3 Mini is available!

Please, test it and report any bugs!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation if you don’t updating from older CM12.0 release.

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources updated to latest version
  • finally fixed camcorder! (ChronoMonochrome/golden-guy/Macław)
  • improved video quality
  • toolchains update
  • Odin package update


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera (taking photos and videos)
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • f2fs filesystem support
  • offline charging


  • no so far

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

297 Responses
  • aidilhakim says:


  • Javier says:

    Excellent !!!!!! You are fantastic

  • John says:

    I´m so glad that you removed this bug. Thank you nova team for great job ! 🙂

  • Nik says:

    GREAT WORK NOVA!!!!!!! I haven’t written for a while, because now I have a Nexus 5X,.. but I still love my old s3 mini and I continue to follow the development! And finally you have fixed the camera! Thanks for all Nova, you are great guys! 😉
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Wow! It actually works! Respect NovaTeam, respect 😐

  • Javier says:

    I have a question. This upgrade goes with twrp 3.0?

  • Oh Yes, I’m going to try this baby 🙂 The Camcorder issue was holding me back….until now !!!!

  • Niel Aclag says:

    Wow!!!!!! that’s surprising!!
    Thank you Nova!!!!

  • Yeimir says:

    Wow! Nice now yet Lillipop! Thanks….. No superuser?

  • Arthur Souza says:

    Now that s3 mini has no problems, will work in the core?

  • Diogo Reis says:

    Anyone can share the tests with the rom?

    • Sky says:

      I flashed the ROM on the 12th and have been using my phone everyday, apps, wifi, data, camera etc. I haven’t encountered any bugs so far, it’s the best LP ROM I’ve tried to date 🙂

  • Doug Rdz says:

    1000 thanks, great job. Greetings from El Salvador

  • Michael says:

    The cam is working? GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!
    Will try it right now!


  • riiko says:

    Unbelieveabe! Great job nova! Congratz!

  • Jess says:

    i love that, thx novaaaaaaa!

  • Dibbie says:

    miraculously everything works as it should thanks for the good work keep up the good with what you do cheers

  • Mike says:

    How on EARTH did you figure out the cam issue?

  • Redfox says:

    Just thanks!

  • Alin Narcis says:

    Facebook still don’t install, hangouts force stop when try video call… Stil many app bugs.

  • Ale says:

    you guys are awesome!!!

  • maTyaMusic says:

    But periscope do not capture video

  • Luiz says:

    Is BLN working for you?

  • Adnan says:

    Google play app dowload error sdcard error


  • Mani says:

    Great. Congratulations.

    For two reasons, I stopped after an update for 4.4.4 long back. I am 62 now:
    First is because an injury in my head I lost memory for a short period, and secondly on recovering I found my confidence to experiment with further releases also was gone.

    I have been simply reading observing the camera issue alone in further releases.

    But now this news has made me jump again to try it even if stops as an experiment for me.
    Because your achievement is marvelous.
    Keep it up.

  • Vector says:

    Please CM13

  • David Polly says:

    Finally video! But I still hoping the wi-fi direct.

  • Amine Bachir says:

    You are great Novafusion/Maclaw team this is just the best thing that happened to me it’s fantastic keep up the good work Nova I’m using your roms from cm 11 android 4.4.2 kitkat and thanks again and again for fixing the camera everything is working hell yes 🙂 words just won’t help me you are the best people and now I’m dancing with joy XD

  • Jaime Tellez says:

    Nova great, great job. one doubt, the video recording hear me with noisy, it’s just me, or someone else you happen. Thank you!

    sorry for my bad english

  • Juan says:

    The bug on Instagram when see videos is fix it?

  • Kazimieras Miknys says:

    Wow… And i sold my s3 mini a month ago 😀

  • Jorge Emilio sosa says:

    Finally I reached this incredible 10 rom just one last thing I ask is that you can move apps to external Blast

  • Jorge Emilio sosa says:

    And sorry about whether a word is misspelled that use google translator and ask only that x ultimo

  • Sklarus says:

    Offline charging not working.

  • Torsten says:

    Thanks again. You did a very great job!

  • G says:

    Thank you!!!!

  • ZZmoove says:

    So will you make new android 6.0 port?

  • Elvitek says:


    1. When the phone is off and charging, do not see the animation of the battery charging.
    2. You are unable to install the official Facebook app (Only the app to Facebook Lite works).
    3. The app will not move on the sd card (I mean the native app2sd, not Link2SD or other)

    Thanks Novafusion for the work and thanks to fix it the bug of video recorder.

  • rarriolalc says:

    Thank you!

  • baruna says:

    can i upgrade version 20160123 to 20160210 directly in my phone with check update in setting????
    please answer

  • Stefan says:

    Finally a release with Camcorder fixed. Any other open issues in comparison to CM11?

    @MacLaw: Will CM13 require a wipe when upgrading from CM12.1?

  • ranggirahman says:

    Offline charging bug still here 🙂
    but great works buddy i like you

  • John Joseph says:

    Hi Novafusion, Congratulations for fixing the camcorder, I always used your ROMs on my S3mini but never commented because every ROM worked for me except the camcoder issue and today you guys have proven that You Guys are the Best! Thanks and keep up the amazing work.

  • Pablo says:

    I have problems with the clock. I receive the message “The Clock has stopped” and can’t start the clock.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Hello, I have a I8190N, I had installed this version and no longer starts, but inside TWRP, I can not format or install the rom
    Does anyone know a solution?
    Excuse my English is bad, very bad (Translated by google translator)

    • T3seR says:

      What you’re maded?
      To flahs it you need format factory first, so, make an backup first, after that, you flash the TWRP and restar the phone, after that you can able to flash the ROM and wait be the end, when the config windows appear you turn off and install gapps, some times if you trie to install the rom and the gapps you can “kill” the phone or only the rom install without gapps.

      • Jeffrey says:

        had installed the previous version, the upgrade and was working well after restart and now does not pass the logo “Samsung GT-8190N” from the download mode leaves a red line which says: movi_write card_status: 2

        • Jeffrey says:

          within the recovery in the log shows several red lines with “E: error: I / O error”

          • Deybyd Jimenez says:

            I think that you smartphone just died 🙁 I’m not sure, but is the only thing that I can imagine. If I’m not wrong, that is the system partition, you should try to flash your phone from odin with a stock rom, is the only chance that you have. I hope that works and I really hope that you understand my bad English ahahahah

  • The video is not in focus, and in low light, there appears to be a green vignette around the screen. Im using google camera.

  • T3seR says:

    Thank you Nova team you work is amazing, but the battery drain very fast…

  • EminKDB says:

    only what is wrong when I use the touch screen, the button lights remain few seconds. When the original sin (Samsung TouchWiz) button lights on only if I press the button.

  • marcelo625ar says:

    awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST. From Argentina thank you

  • sc_by says:

    It took only 2 years, and a week after I got a new phone, lol.

  • Arnold says:

    Time to work on CM13 for s3 mini then 😀

  • Tan says:

    First thanks for Video Record fix 🙂

    I have a issue doe; I can’t install specific apps. I’m getting (Error #963 or #907) I tried all the “fixes” on google but none work for me. I can’t install the Facebook (I can download Lite version) And my favorite game “Growtopia”. I was have this issue past 3 builds. On previous build I just can’t install Facebook. Hope you guys fix this issue. Keep up the great work Nova 😉

  • Mohamed says:

    Thank you Nova team thanks to fix the video recorder great job.

  • Bob says:

    Capacitive buttons don’t work and battery drains very fast, please fix it and this ROM will be perfect!

  • Hugues says:

    With Email app and POP3 account configured, if i download video attached on an email, unable to specify where the file is downloaded, so i can’t find my downloaded attachment on the phone. Help.
    com.android.email version 5.1.1-456ea83a6d

  • angelo says:

    great new job! tested the rom, and found it very favorable and pleasant to use, however it is rapidly draining Bateira, more than that is great, new thank you, keep it up.

  • ucil says:

    the animation of offline charging do not appears.. didn’t show any animation just black screen…

  • AlejandroX says:

    OMG!!! Thx NovaTeam :,D

  • Thank you Nova team 🙂 Please Android 6.0 Marshmallow 😉

  • prabeesh ps says:

    You did a very great job.Thank you Nova.

  • Sky says:

    Wow great job guys, I impressed 🙂 I’ve been using one of your June 2015 releases till now but I’m definitely gonna try this one.
    Thanks Nova team for all your hard work!!

  • Niel Aclag says:

    Camcording Error!!!!

    Camcording works fine for about a night, then just this morning the camera crashes when recording a video with google camera (Camera error, Cant’ connect to the camera), camcording also stops when using the default camera app. taking a picture works fine. please fix this.
    Thanks anyway!!

  • Christie says:

    Stunner of a ROM

  • […] Make sure to install that latest update. To get the latest changelog, see this web page. […]

  • Sajoky says:

    Nova thank you very much ..
    But I have a problem I can not activate mobile adtos rather I get the icon to activate and I have the APN configured correctly .. I’m from Colombia and Tigo use … Help please .

  • jossuarez45 says:

    Now, I can die in peace.

  • Rico Hensem says:

    How can i apply f2fs on system partition? Every time i flash with twrp (even so i already formated /system as f2fs before fashing) it still revert back to ext4s. Do i need to download the odin version?

  • The update installed fine for me, and the app preparing process (after emptying dalvik cache and rebooting) succeeded. But then it gets stuck at the “starting apps” screen. Several reboots and wipes didn’t help.

  • John says:

    Thank you nova !! please android 6.0 release !!!!!!!

  • Michael says:

    I checked this version, and so far I really have to say: Thank you for this great version!!!

    But: How I can see if the battery is charging? I do not have any icon in the status menu who shows by different color that the phone is charging.

    Somebody who can help?

  • Jack says:

    I’ve read the comments and it seems that it is without any issues, so should I install it or wait a little bit more ?

  • Ghj says:

    Fuck this we waiting for i8200

  • Emirhan K. says:

    thanks novafusion 🙂 please Cyanogenmod 13 & Android 6.0 roms please 🙂 loves you nova fusion

  • Roman says:

    I can’t install it at f2fs, automaticaly change the system partition to ext4.

  • Thanks to buddha!! heheh Thanks nova for fix the issue with camera. i’ve installed the rom without problem. fast, smooth, a litle battery drain… no problem during instalation… for users do a full wipe. if the wipes fails… try to flash original rom flash the recovery… that issue is caused by using
    f2fs filesystem support selected by user… then, when u flash the rom (cyanogen) appears the issue…
    f2fs to ext(etc).

  • Alin Narcis says:

    I have istalled this version, i like it, but you still have much to work. I don’t like how it mooves and i have return to 4.1.2 rooted. Wifi still works slow and some apps on magazin play don’t install and clock force stop.

  • prabeesh ps says:

    APK FILE Unable to install.please fix this.

  • Michael says:

    Nice Version, still busy with testing it…

    One small question: As soon I open an app with root-rights it shown up a hash key (#) in the top line of the phone. In older versions of CM I remember that SuperSU needs an update. But where can I find this app? I can turn on root access in the denvelopmenu like always, but there is no further adjustment in the main menu like it was before…

    Has somebody a sulution?

  • Christie says:

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with the SIM? After a while my phone says NO SIM then I have to reboot to have it again.

  • Excellent work! Finally you’re fix the camera !

  • cld says:

    compatybily i8200?

  • vainilla says:

    THANKS !!!

  • Elias says:

    Hi there! Greetings from Argentina. I just felt to drop a short message to say Thanks…Thanks a lot for everything, your work with the CM project, your time, your effort and so on and on…

    I’ve found issues like; Camrecording, can’t install Pages Manager, and Facebook app, and can’t see the offline charging animation. But besides that, everything works perfect for me. I’m using a S3mini (i8190)

    Great work, keep it up!!!! ;D

  • shez951 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! Novafusion i an so amazed!! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! I an going to defyingly upgrade from cyagenmod 11

  • Zarko says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for the great job.
    Does someones has problem with wifi? because it disconnects suddenly, and i have to restart from bar state.
    thanks in advance for solutions.

  • Philipp says:

    Great, thank you guys. You took your time, but you did it properly and that’s what’s important. Cam takes Videos perfectly, better than any of the replacment apps I’ve tried. Video quality is really good. No more issues for me any more, no crashes, nothing. This Rom is really good. Again, thanks a lot.

  • Davies Sidney says:

    STK does not work for me in Kenya. It works perfectly fine for the 4.4.4. If you could fix this.

  • Gerus says:

    First at all thank you for fixing the cam bug. But the only thing legt in this Rom , which i miss is OTG support so please try to build it in this rom

  • Kronos says:

    Otg suport please

  • Lennard says:

    Thank you very much for the cam-fix. It works pretty well with the default cam. With the google cam app i get the message that it cannot connect to the cam if i choose video. Another thing is that the mobile reboot after recharge battery to 100% if mobile+internet is enabled (wifi only is ok, no reboot). The reboots happen with my german sim (netzclub) only. With an taiwanese sim card at holiday reboots never happened. I don’t know its a setting in the rom or the sim is the problem.

  • Zarko says:

    Hi at everyone. Someone has wifi problem?
    my wifi disconnect suddenly and i have to restart manually every time.
    thanks in advance.

  • marcelo625ar says:

    tengo reinicios al llamar o contestar, no es siempre
    I restarts the call or answer, is not always

  • Yunus says:

    Offline Charging Animation Please.

  • Andrei says:

    I waited so much time for the camera to be fixed. You are great! You are the best! Thanks a lot!

  • Danu says:

    I found that playing a game is lagging than before. Other work fine on me from now, keep going novafusion! Great job

  • Diego says:

    Great job Nova! Thank you. But I can’t have mobile data working. I see nothing but a “!” Next to the carrier signal icon. Can anybody help me? I added an APN manually but, nothing happened.

  • Nael Lilik says:

    Thanks Nova. Your The Best.

    Please Fix FM Radio, App Move To SDCARD and OTG Support Please

    Thanks Verry Much

  • Deybyd Jimenez says:

    I have problems with touch buttons back and menu, doesn’t works. Anyone can help me? Thanks, and sorry if my english is bad

  • Tyago says:

    Iv’ve been using cwm recovery to flash my recent rom’s but this time in carbon and cm12 it doesnt work. it always says “installation aborted” . do cwm and twrp has something to do with the problem . by the way i haven’t use the twrp recovery yet. and also . those rom’s that have aroma installer (like cm11 and miui probably not from this site’s rom collection) is way easier to flash.

  • Javo Venta says:

    Error with simcard, This works only 1 minute and changes to: “simcard not inserted”. Help

  • Julian says:

    Sorry, where is the New milestone release (20160210) download?

  • Vinpinto says:

    With this great milestone, and the develompmente of hasta la fiesta, you could revive the S Advance i9070

  • Dan says:

    Hello! I have problem with keyboar vibrations. I have disabled all vibrations but still vibrate when I write messages or I write in web browser. What can I do to resolve this issue?

  • Daniel Santos says:

    Hi, Novafusion
    Thanks for the high quality work.
    I wanna teste this awesome ROM again but I cannot access the ROM by the download page. It is unavailable, just the last version (20160123).
    I’m really excited with this cam update.
    Thanks for all support!
    Best regards, Daniel.

  • Anita says:

    Mobile data not working anyway.

  • Binod Khadka says:

    Is there any way for listening offline radio on this rom???? Help please……………

  • delude says:

    Instaling via TWRP on i8190t s3 mini. It says detected filesystem f2fs on block …. then it says detected filesystem ext4 and proceeds to make /system ext4. Everything else is f2fs. Only the SD Card on which the install zips are stored is fat.

  • moeedqurishi says:

    works fine, its day 2 havent got any bug so far. but again im using my s3 mni without sim card.
    many thanks to all who made camera to record videos(fix green screen), i havent tried any of the previous updates since the video bug couldnt let me use snapchat! but now i back on cm12.1 its working great so far. hope it stays that way!

    are we expecting more updates or this is final? not be draggy but is cm13 in works or not just wanna know!

  • Daniel Santos says:

    Great work Nova, I wanna try it soon as it is possible, but I can’t download the rom, everytime I try to access the download page the last download available is the 20150123. how I can download this new rom with camera fixed?

  • JSz says:

    Thanks for video fix. I think battery also works much longer.
    But… since December 2015 hbogo app don’t work correctly.
    When I’m trying to watch movie app restart.

  • JonnyD says:

    Hello everybody!
    I managed to update my phone from the stock Rom to the novafusion-ROM dating from the beginning of January 2016. No I want to update to the most current one in order to also solve that video-bug for me.
    How do I do the update without erasing everyhting on my phone (installed apps, Google-Apps, Settings, ringtones…). I just want to have the latest Version of the OS but keep everything else looking as it is now. Is that possible or do I have to start all over again with every update? What different steps (compared to the instructions when installing CM while being still on the stock ROM) have to be done to achive this?
    Thanks in advance for some clarification 🙂

    …and thanks for all the efforts that are put into this Image 🙂


  • Bruno says:


    How can I access to the Recovery Menu when the combination “VOL+” & “HOME” & “POWER” buttons combo does not work?
    I need to Install Google Apps in CyanogenMod 12.1.

    In CyanogenMod 11 i use Quick Book to access but in CyanogenMod 12.1 i need to install a new version of Quick Book but is a zip file not a apk…

    Help me.

  • aemus says:

    It works perfectly for me. Thanks very much!

  • Daniel Santos says:

    Hi, for the third time I’m writing a comment and I hope that this one don’t be erased next time I come back.
    Nova Fusion, thanks for the great work, you’re build is the best. I wanna try this new one but the download section only shows the the last update ID 1740 (20160123), there’s any other place that I can download this new one? or there’s another way to access the dowload page showing all updates?
    thanks in advance.
    best regards, Daniel Santos

  • Micky says:

    Are you working on CM13?

  • ipav38 says:

    Good!!! Fine fellow!!! Thank you Cyanogenmod and Novafusion team.

  • angelo says:

    recorder will not start ! with a particular use of time for the recorder to catch by ” application error ” , it states that the microphone is in use. Facebook can not be installed . system hangs with intensive 2hrs . the system is slow with messages on whatsapp application . these are the problems . already , thank you for the work, so keep new team .

  • BASIL says:

    in my case it is not geting install

  • michal says:

    Can you fix the battery life?
    I thiknk that in last version battery was better

  • CW says:

    sim card not detected after flashing. but works fine with another phone. what’s wrong with CM12.1?

  • K.Alhashime says:


  • Max says:

    Hello everybody. I have a problem with my SD-Card. When i turn on the phone for the first time after the installation was everything ok, but when i’ve turn on the phone the second time, my sd card is not anymore recognized by the phone? How can i resolve this problem?

    • Deybyd Jimenez says:

      test your sd card on another phone. If still non-recognized by the another phone, your sd card is dead, if the another phone already recognize the sd…. I don’t know lol

      and sorry if my english is crap ahahahah

  • JonnyD says:

    Hello guys!
    Can anybody tell me how to update from the previous novafusion-Version to this one?
    Last time I updated from the stock Rom to the novafusion rom and by that had to do a factory reset, wipe dalvik Cache before flashing etc. Afterwards I installed all needed apps again and configured everything from scratch.
    What to do if I now want to update not from stock Rom but from an previous Version of the novafusion-CM12.1 (dating from the beginning of January 2016)? Do I only have to flash it again? Do I have to also Flash the Google-apps afterwards? What about my ringtones und Settings? Will they stay or will they be gone again?
    Thanks for some help.


  • Emanuele says:

    I have random reboot when i’m taking photos whit flash 🙁

  • Danu says:

    On cm 12.1 I got more lagging when use app like chrome and also a games. In cm 11 I my chrome and my gy games work normally, no lag

  • Jorge says:

    Thanks for this release 🙂

  • nova team exist a issue in whatsapp when when they call me not hear my voice , but when I call there if you listen ((sorry for my bad english))

  • Hlex says:

    Facebook app can’t install. Fix it pls

  • Robert says:

    Thank you for the great work! I upgraded yesterday and have so far not had any major issues. Obviously the hardware is not exactly the latest and in consequence there are sometimes delays when opening the menu or applications but I guess we can live with that. Just to ask the question: does anybody know about ways how to improve the CPU performance?

  • Robert says:

    Hello there. I upgraded from 12.0 to 12.1 just yesterday and I noticed that app. for text messaging is missing. Even if I go to Settings – Others – Default SMS app, there is nothing at all`- only a button to close. Any idea please?

  • Matti Korhonen says:

    Hi and many thanks Nova! I have one issue though; Periscope crashes always when I try to broadcast my own stream. Can this problem be fixed somehow? Thanks anyway, you are doing a great job!

  • This made my day! (I have not flashed it yet but I am very hyped :D)

  • achinqs says:

    Great Nova,
    I am very delighted to this news.
    I don’t think I want to look for another smartphone since S3 mini is the best phone for me with its small screen and best performance. You have also supported this phone with new roms.
    Thank you very much nova.

    Your best friend from Indonesia.

  • Dost says:

    Great work novafusion

    When I try to use front camera, the camera app crashes. Even I can’t use it again until I delete camera app data. 🙁

  • Carlos RD says:

    Good. Will you correct camera vídeo problemas un 5.0.2 versión? Ir takes les memory, it would be great…

  • thanks nova team . you are the best

  • Max Payne says:

    On.this ROM charging until %69 and not charging after

  • yas89 says:

    I have one issue with cm 12.1 : its sim contacts dont show un contact app

    I tried copy2sim and simcontact pro… Dame bug ” canot fond any contact on sim card”…

  • jaider says:

    I have a galaxy s3 but shove any of these roms cyanogenmod aparese me this sign in sign! how do I remove this inpide me some functions please help me ….. thanks

  • Carlos RD says:

    Well done!!! I do not have problem with any app. Will you fix 5.0.2 ? On my humble opinion, it takes less memory than 5.1.1. I think some users will love it. Regards. Carlos RD

  • Many games from amazon underground can’t be istalled on this terminal under cyanogenmod 12.1, also, there si some lag when clicking the setting app that dures almost 2 seconds….the same lag with the flash led…….for the rest, is almost really stable.

  • When the phone is off and charging, do not see the animation of the battery charging.

  • Klaus says:

    Some general commends: My system has become really slow – even though I do still have 1.7GB free space. Maybe there’s a kind of memory leak…? Rebooting helped. Looking into this further. What I also noticed: the menu and back buttons keep on being visable for a long time after every screen action, much longer as I was used to see this before. First I though this is “slow system reaction”, but it seems to be just a highlighting, one can directly continue with next actions on the screen.

  • Douglas Nunes says:

    Issue the call via VoIP , the microphone does not work or the front headphone.

  • pablo says:

    facebook still not working so face lite or the chip internet !

  • Carlo Fusc says:

    Thank you guys! All works fine for me. I have installed facebook successfully, just retry and reboot until it is done right! I have installed a theme from google play and I have noticed a little speed up in the interface!!! Sometime instagram freeze. I cant find where are the font settings, someone can help me?

  • Mike says:

    Question: why do you tell people to use your bugtracker but not give an explanation on how to use it?

    Just asking.

  • Sepahna says:

    Tank you nova; please solution for better battery

  • rahatipoor says:

    how can i download updated source of this rom?

  • Dany Miles says:

    Hello guys!
    Can anybody tell me how to update from the previous novafusion-Version to this one?
    Last time I updated from the stock Rom to the novafusion rom and by that had to do a factory reset, wipe dalvik Cache before flashing etc. Afterwards I installed all needed apps again and configured everything from scratch.
    What to do if I now want to update not from stock Rom but from an previous Version of the novafusion-CM12.1 (dating from the beginning of January 2016)? Do I only have to flash it again? Do I have to also Flash the Google-apps afterwards? What about my ringtones und Settings? Will they stay or will they be gone again?
    Thanks for some help.


  • Martin says:

    Hello, I would to ask you, I have S3 mini with NFC, it is able to use with this rom?

  • enrib says:

    Front Camera does not work

  • Dokex says:

    HI, how i can join to menu service hidden on cyanogenmod?

  • LUIS MOHA says:

    good job

    Please do not neglect KitKat 4.4.4 ( CyanogenMod 11.0) , continue with updates : players , backgrounds, sounds launcher , apps , do not forget it is the best rom 100 % , renew it , good job , I hope they can make one for any model cell ( lg L7X P714 ) 🙂

  • Alejandro says:

    Hi, great job!
    But, my mobile network connection has some issues. I’d tried using the national roaming module from xposed and the letters of connection don’t appear.
    Anyone else has the same problem??? What else should I do?
    Thanks a lot

  • rahatipoor says:

    is this rom open source?
    i can’t find it’s source code inn github?
    please help me!

  • moeedqurishi says:

    can anyone tell me, how can i install xposed after flashing this?

  • Raí Rafael says:

    Thks guys! You are awesome! But, I have a problem, I can’t use the mobile data, anybody had this problem? How do I fix this? (Sorry my bad english)

  • Raí Rafael says:

    This rom works on any version of Galaxy S3 Mini?

  • Zdeněk says:

    Thank you for your excellent work.
    I have a problem with low volume of incoming calls. It is to do something?
    I am sorry for my English

  • surilovea says:


    1. is this upgrade rooted already..? if not please share how to root.. tq
    2. how I want to transfer my app to sd card?

  • surilovea says:

    hi.. please help

    1. is it this new release already rooted.. if not please advise how to root..
    2. how to transfer the application to sd card.. tq

  • SPKJ says:

    nice nice nice eccellent 🙂

  • Javo Venta says:

    SimCard not inserted, one minute after starting

  • Yunus says:

    Video recording is not working, it is behaving like it has just finished taking videos when i pressed the button. There is a progress for sure but camcorder not even starting to record.

  • sebastian says:

    does anybody else are having problems with soft keys? everytime i flash a rom on my s3 mini the back and menu buttons stop working and i don’t know why :/ but with stock rom obviously work perfect.

  • AlejoRios says:

    Hi, thanks a lot forma fix those issues. But i still see a “R” replacing the “H” “E” “3g” over the signal icon

  • pablo says:


  • tsdogs says:

    I have the following problem since 12.1 came out.
    The bluetooth after some time (1 or 2 days) turns of, and the only way to turn it on again is by rebooting the device.
    it always happens when phone is in standby, and I find out that it got deactivated when I turn it on.
    Where do we report bugs? I might try to check the kernel messages or something.

  • Victor says:

    I’m having issues with my mobile data. I can’t acess my 3g network, even after configuring it manually.. The H icon doesnt apper at all

    • where r u from?
      Well, I’m from colombia and I still have the same problem. But I’ve found something wrong inside of “/system/etc/plmn.latam.list” “/system/etc/plmn.operator.list” and “/system/etc/selective-spn-conf.xml” (the records of MCC-MNC are incomplete)

    • mahosapiens says:

      Try reboot your device or just going to Settings->Mobile Data and select 2G again after then select again the 3G.

      If that is’nt helped you maybe isn’t there 3G Signalss.

    • Luis Fdo. says:

      Turn off mobile data connection. wait 1 sec until data connection is off
      Go to netowrk settings and change setting from 2G to 3G
      Turn on mobile data connection again

    • I’ve fixed that… Go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811 and download XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk and xposed-v80-sdk22-arm.zip.
      Install the apk file and don’t open it, reboot and flash the zip with TWRP. Reboot system and open the apk, go to framework and do a soft reboot (This step is very important for make it works without bugs)
      Google NationalRoaming-0.2.apk, download it and install it. Activate it inside modules of xposed and reboot.
      That’s it…
      You must to get root access (Settings, developer options, root access, apps and ADB)

  • Zdeněk says:

    could anyone advise me. I have a low volume of the incoming call.
    It’s somehow remove.
    I am sorry for my Englisch.
    Thank you

  • daz says:

    happy days

  • Maou says:

    Best release so far, I finally have a reason to abandon Cyanogenmod 11.

  • There is a problem in the apps that make VoIP calls. The microphone and the headset does not work. Nor hear nor listen. Just that he brought me back to Cyan 4.4.4. I wonder if will have another update for Cyan 11.0. Thank you for this wonderful build.

  • Rafa says:

    Carbon pleace

  • luisfalonso says:

    Very good release! Thank you very much! Only minor issues:
    – error in clock app, that was solved erasing data on app.
    – 2G/3G automatic switching, solved manually turn off mobile data before switch network type.
    – No stock support to fm radio, solved with spirit radio with root access to adb and apps.
    – No offline charging icon: I couldn’t find any workaround to this.

  • drobcek28 says:

    Hi there, i want to ask u how to increase in-call volume?

    Thank you

  • Muhammed Ali YILMAZ says:

    What is the reason I get the error failed zip GT-I8190

  • My mobile data does not work 🙁

  • Ahmed says:

    Snapchat cant take videos with filters, u can take pics but no video, with filters

  • I can’t use the 3G network, when I select it in option menu, it says: 3G (Current 2G) and don’t change.
    I configured the APN manually and the issue continues.

  • Seydou says:

    Hi guys!
    First thanks Nova for the tremendous continuous support for the golden.
    My problem is that i can’t get gapps to work with this version
    I installed with twrp and told me “install succesful” but nothing happens after reboot just like i didn’t install anything.
    If anyone can help me with this
    Thank you

  • Seydou says:

    Could not install gapps! i followed the tutorial flashed gapps through twrp successfully but after reboot it’s just like nothing was installed
    i’m struggling for two days trying to find a way out
    what am i misssing?

  • Andri says:

    Get error 504 installing Facebook and other apps. Other error codes come out when installing or upgrading applications.

  • Andri says:

    The operation of the ROM is fast but sometimes collapses, is the black screen and does not respond when the phone has been idle for a while, when used starts to run erratically after a few minutes it normalizes.

  • Ogunb says:

    Android OS and Android System drains the battery quick. What can I do to fix this?

  • motarich says:

    camera focus does not work in video mode

  • MarderMan says:

    The encrytion does not work please fix

  • Torsten says:

    It is always a good idea to clear the cache for all apps after flashing a new ROM. If you fight with unknown errors you should first clear this cache. A good tool for it you can find on https://f-droid.org/, called Cache Cleaner. It can run automatically at every start of your phone, if you set it up.

  • Cannot install this rom. Others get installed. I’m on twrp android-andi

  • Antonio says:

    why does it take so long to charge?

  • tanwave says:

    How are updates handled? Will a later release show up in the “About this phone” -> Updater…?

  • Sound on call are freaking low, i have to put speaker to hear actually something.

  • Fernando says:

    Same issue. I’ve followed the recommendations above, but the problem persists.

    Any other idea?


  • krzysiek says:

    Battery drain its horrible

  • Lian ap says:

    Please fix bug on device samsung s3 mini when offline charging,no display battery only blank screen. Please Nofa Fix it

  • rickys says:

    The battery runs down quickly 🙁

  • rickys says:

    The battery runs down quickly and absurd delay to install applications 🙁

  • Orkun Kurun says:

    I’m using a S3 Mini with CM11 now and i have questions for this rom.

    1) Is this rom have a FM radio driver? Can I use FM radio by apps like Spirit 2 with this rom?

    2) Do CroPol kernel works with this rom or can i find a kernel that supports CPU and GPU overclock for this rom?

  • Muhammed Ali YILMAZ says:

    I have 3 issue.
    1 – Charging it’s over so fast
    2 – APK to sdcard the SD card does not allow cutting, loading
    3 – do SIM I can’t see why kartim

  • Udin Petot says:

    hi, noob question here. what’s the difference between recovery/odin on the download page?

  • Tim says:

    Will this Rom also work on a i8200?

  • Muhammed Ali YILMAZ says:

    The new update does not say why , but the site has not been updated .

  • Juan Manuel says:

    When I Boot up my Phone im getting a Fuzzy screen and sometimes, when i have about 15-5% Battery im getting a random black screen with red letters RST_STAT 0x000000000.

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