This tutorial is for Windows users only! If you’re user of OS X or Linux, use this tutorial.

You need to download these files:

  1. Odin v3.07 for Windows: download
  2. Samsung USB driver: download
  3. Latest version of ROM for Odin from our download page.

And then perform this steps:

  1. Unzip and install drivers.
  2. Unzip
  3. Unzip downloaded package with latest ROM. You should get file with *.tar.md5 extension.
  4. In opened window, click on PDA button and select file with *.tar.md5 extension from previous step.
  5. Make sure that only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected on the left side.
  6. Turn off your phone, and then use VOL- & HOME & POWER buttons combination.
  7. If you see Warning screen, use VOL+ button.
  8. You should see Android and some information.
  9. Connect phone to computer and make sure it is detected by Odin (it will appear as COM device). If it doesn’t, try to use other USB port.
  10. Use Start button. Wait until flash process will finish.
  11. Your phone will restart, but probably won’t boot. Pull down your battery and use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
  12. Click on Wipe, then use slider on the bottom to let process begin.
  13. Click on Home icon, and then Reboot -> System.
  14. Wait for boot. Now you should have ROM installed and ready to use!

If you want to install Google Apps (Play Store, Gmail etc.):

  1. Get Google apps for your ROM from our download page and copy it to main directory of your internal storage.
  2. Shutdown your phone.
  3. Use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
  4. Go to Mount and tick field next to /system. Go back to main menu.
  5. When recovery will boot, go to Install, select downloaded package with Google Apps and then use slider on the bottom to let process begin.
  6. When installation will finish, use Reboot to system option to boot your phone.

5 Responses
  • mistril says:

    Hi, i dont seem to get a tar.md5 when i unzip

    Please explain whats wrong

    • mistril says:

      i see whats wrong. I seem to try install cm11 on galaxy ace and not fully understand difference between core (cm10) and the software for ace (cm11). Feel free to instruct me. But maybe i figure it out myself.

  • sndpwrites says:

    When I tried to enter into the custom recovery mode(twrp recovery for odin downloaded from this website), it only displayed a blank screen. I have already performed all the aforementioned steps carefully… what should I do?

  • Reklam says:

    Hey, I can’t get file with *.tar.md5 extension after unzipping “”. What’s wrong?

  • Andrés Darsie says:

    HI guys. Thank you very much. I didnt flash the rom with odin be cause it is not a .tar file. I installed TWRP via Odin and then copied the rom into the sd card, then flashed it with TWRP. I coudn’t find google apps in the download page for galaxy core. Any hints?

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