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S3 Mini
How to install our ROM? [Windows]
How to install our ROM? [Mac OS X / Linux]
How to install Google Apps?
How to use f2fs?
How to use USB OTG?

How to install our ROM? [Windows]
How to install our ROM? [Mac OS X / Linux]

Ace II
How to install Google Apps?

S Advance
How to install Google Apps?

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  • pedro igor says:

    Galaxy s advance,
    how to install the ROM from the jelly bean 4.1.2?

  • CrashOverride93 says:

    I’ll do some tutoriales (install, format, gapps, etc) for SGS3 mini (i8190) with video and english teaching program.

    It’s acceptable?

  • Fatimah says:

    First , thanks for all your effert , i’ve begin to love my phone once more , by the way sir , can you please mention the Difference between all the rom , it should be helpful 🙂

  • Matthias says:

    How I install the TWRP Recovery(For flashing KitKat, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery )? At Bootloader in Odin ?

  • Mig says:

    How to install Galaxy S Advance CyanogenMod 11?? Please help.

    • TPD-KP3K says:

      The main requirements:
      1. On your device must have installed the stock ROM JB (4.1.2/4.3.1) that have rooted and installed CWM.

      2. Download, CM11 ROM release last page downloads, special devices S Advance, and the GAPPS package

      3. After you download, ROM, and GAPPS then;

      4. Copy both files to the number 3 on your SDCard.

      5. Sign CWM Recovery menu and select “Install zip update” in CWM. Install ROM, then Install again package.

      6. Reboot now.

      7 Finish. 😉

  • gop says:

    I have SGS3 Mini and i install the latest version of cyanogen. But everyday you make updates. How can install these? Manual or from my phone “settings->updates”

    • TPD-KP3K says:

      Simply you download, CM11 ROM last release on the download page. Put your ROM downloaded it, in your sdcard. Install it through CWM or TWRP.

      • mecha says:

        But doing that, Do you lost something? apps, configurations, etc.

        • markus says:

          Nope. It is the same as any vendor would give you OTA Updates. By updating the OS will being updated only. After that you reboot and your apps will be optimized to boot faster.

          Nevertheless it’s recommended to do a extra backup on your SD-Card with TWRP before updating. If anything fails or the update has some serious bugs, you can restore the previous version of your Android.

  • Chipher Pole 0 says:

    Greeting 🙂 , what’s the main different between all the rom’s ? ( beside the name and release date)

  • SDK SMD says:

    can i install it with carbon 4.4.3 or there isn’t release with f2fs!!!

  • Carlos says:

    hi I installed CM 11 and I want to change to carbon. do I have to wipe or can I just install the rom? thanks

  • Elmario says:

    I couldn’t find the link to your backup tutorial anymore on page! Shouldn’t you out it on Tutorials page?

    Btw: it still isn’T workign for me using Carbon 4.4.3. I always end up with that ‘Encryption unsuccessful’ error.

    • Macław says:

      1. Backup tutorial is linked in f2fs tutorial.
      2. Did you saw Carbon release with f2fs? No, it will be tomorrow…

  • Prof Snape says:

    What is the major or minor difference with every rom’s ? is it the wallpaper and the boot logo or what ?

  • John says:

    Hello 🙂
    Are the milestone releases the most stable
    roms to install?

  • Prof Snape says:

    Very funny miss grenger , and i may have one more pleasure to avada kedavra you again dumbledoor , now all of you , turn to page 394

  • raul says:

    como descargo desde aqui estos links,,

  • wind says:

    Hi ~ sir ~ how to sign the files ?

  • Miso says:


    can you please provide a tut how to set up the correct build environment for CM and S3Mini?


  • Alberto says:

    Hi guys for install carbon room by Odin is needed make root to my S3 mini? I have original room 4.1.2

  • yasser says:

    Sorry but why doesn’t WiFi direct work in 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 ace II??
    Thank you

  • Hello, Maclaw
    I wanna ask something, maybe you can help me,
    I use your source code for my device “Codina”
    for build CyanogenMod
    I get a problem when I brunch it. I got error message in recovery_keys.c line 37 & 40.
    This is the message,

    bootable/recovery/../../device/samsung/codina/recovery/recovery_keys.c:37: error: undefined reference to ‘ui_get_showing_back_button’
    bootable/recovery/../../device/samsung/codina/recovery/recovery_keys.c:40: error: undefined reference to ‘get_allow_toggle_display’
    external/busybox/debianutils/mktemp.c:96: warning: warning: mktemp() possibly used unsafely; consider using mkstemp()
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [/root/android/system/out/target/product/codina/obj/EXECUTABLES/recovery_intermediates/LINKED/recovery] Error 1
    make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs….

    What shoul I do?
    I’m very thankful if you would help me Maclaw.

  • MacLaw and friends, Please help me
    I use your source code for my device “Codina”
    But I’ve got problem in recovery_keys.c
    Please help me

  • Cristian says:

    First’m Spanish (I speak from Spain), I do not speak good English, which is why I’m using the google translator, and sorry in advance for some linguistic errors that may occur.
    Before I say my problem, I have to say they are doing a great job, in college I am learning programming and I would get to program things to your level.
    My problem is that when I install the latest version of KitKat (4.4.4) of any rom, CyanogenMod, Carbon, etc OmniROM of SlimRom least, I can not access the APN option, I activate mobile data, but can not create an access point. My terminal is a mini GT-I8190 s3.
    Thanks in advance.

  • lucoski88 says:

    Can you add a S4 MINI in the list please…..?

  • Nancy Drew says:

    CM 11 , cabron and all the rom here , is awesome , but it would be great if there is a full tutorial how to use it efficiently , i meant , what’s all the extra setting about ? honestly finally i can take a screenshot , enable the developer setting , but i believe there are still many thing i don’t know and would like to know , please developer 😀

  • Anonim Derp says:

    Carbon is better than cyanogenmod. Y u dont update carbon daily

  • lxtazz says:


    I repeatedly read about reappearing issues (S3 Mini) and what you may try to get rid of them.
    These discussions repeat every few published versions.
    I would really love to see tutorials one can refer to if such question are asked.

    – 1GHz Bug
    – Clock freeze
    – Signal drops

    I don’t know who could write them, unfortunately I am not experienced enough to do this.
    I know that there may be threads on the xda forums about these topics, but I think short and easy-to-find tutorials would be much more helpful that 30-pages-threads on a forum.

    Many thanks in advance 😉

  • Andy_Long_Beach says:

    Can anybody please tell me how to install the new TWRP version from July 20th with odin?
    Because after downloading either version (*.zip or .tar ) there is no .md5 extension, also after

    Thanks in advance,

  • toto says:

    hi, i flashed with cm11 kitkat, and have problems with go backup program, cannot backup anymore, tried sdfix but dont work

  • How do I revert back to the original Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini ROM?

  • Jonathan says:

    I have a ace 2 model 8160l, how can i installl cyanogenmod ? 🙁 pls help me!

  • Adilson says:

    Hello, I have a Samsung GT-S3 mini model I8200L. This ROM is compatible with this model?

  • David says:

    Hello, after installing cm11.0_golden.nova.20140821.ODIN_TWRP everything is just fine with much reduced quality wifi signal is some advice on this problem?
    Thank you David

  • herwin says: for galaxy s advance, where to download GAPPS then !

  • oblibion says:

    can i make a request for a rom of android carbon for the samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0 sm-t210? XD

  • Abu Hayyan says:

    I have download a flash recovery version , if i want to flash it to odin , is there any way i can do it without downloading again the odin version ?

  • eric says:

    good day.. i recently installed the cm11 kitkat on my samsung galaxy s3 mini. so far so good. the only problem is that mobile data is not working.. i already worky way around my device but no luck.. how can i solve this?

  • Hicham Glia says:

    Worked like a charm from the first try
    Great work novafusion

  • azeez says:

    my s3 mini is updated successfully with kit cat version but now facing the following problems
    1. menu button and back button not working

    2. cannot import contacts from external memory and i try to copy from phone memory ,some contacts coped,and give failed message

    3. cant install Google play app
    any body please help me to recover these problems

  • fritzo67 says:

    The volume can not be changed in the profiles , neither louder nor quieter.

  • any guide/ROM suggestion to enable swap/virtual memory for GT-I8190?

  • xanderbane says:

    If I want to change from CWM to TWRP ( I want to install CM11(i8190N)), does i’ve only to flash it over from Odin?

  • orlandopaco says:

    In recente kit kat updates I cant conect to my provider. and the ones that do show up I cant connet to them. With older updates I didnt have this problema. Is there a ~work around or I´m I stuck with 4.3 on the s3 mini i8190n?

  • hey how do i do to make an just an update, i ussually wipe all when i install a new release, is there a way update the so without losing any app or data?

  • basi says:

    shows unfortunatly theme provider stoped what should i do

  • hello guys!!! Can you please post a root or rom for samsung galaxy s3 GTI8200? I try this here but it doesnt work thanks a lot

  • Santosh says:

    Why there is no update on Galaxy S advance , for almost a month , am waiting can u pls update pls pls pls

  • vmct92 says:

    Please, i need tutorial on how to install cyanogenmod 11 for the samsung galaxy ace II

  • Demoox says:

    How you do install ext4 filesystem on s3 mini? It’s for cyano 12

  • HK says:

    Since I flashed a custom rom my phone is showing 55omb ram and its supposed to be 1gb on the S3 mini, Whats wrong can anyone tell me

  • cristian robledo says:

    Hoy root and install room to s3 mini value edition gti-8200l?

  • Julian says:

    I want to install your newest cm 11 update, but I can’t install it, because of an error with the package.
    Can you please fix it?

  • Adrian Coste says:

    How to activate National Roaming on Samsung Galaxy S 3 mini, with Cyanogenmod 11 (from 8.01.2015). My provider has an agreement with another national provider form use his network without pay. But a can’t activate. Thanks

  • chonghan90 says:


    I am noob here. I wanna ask, now i am using custom stock rom with rooted. So is it i just follow the steps above by flashing using Odin? The TWRP recovery will automatic flashed to my phone right?

    Best regards
    Chong Han

  • agielz says:

    How to root cm12 s3 mini guys??

  • noopykyaw says:

    Tutorials For Galaxy ACE GT-S5830 Please.

  • I’d like to thank you for your efforts 🙂
    but i have a question; how to root my device after installing your ROM with Odin?

  • emm says:

    hallo, in the download page, there is a original bootlogo, how to chance bootlogo? anyone have the tutorial? for S3 mini. Thanks

  • Edgar says:

    Hello, I am writing to ask for a tutorial on how to return the original ROM Stock of Samsung Galaxy S III mini. I tried to do it with ODIN and Stock ROM, the process starts and looks good, but it fails and says error when trying to write.

    I want to sell my phone and the person you want me to buy it demanded placed the Stock ROM on the phone.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Orhan says:

    Hello ;

    In the CyanogenMod version 12.1 on April 28, some errors present . The first to appear on the display of incoming calls that are not awakened the screen. Therefore we can not see who is calling. In addition, the earpiece volume during calls the problem continues . Although open until the last voice sounds very hoarse voice from the handset , and we play with the volume key sound reaches normal levels. In addition, ” dialer unfortunately stopped ,” continues the error. And ” Smart Call ” feature does not work

  • Orhan says:

    April 28 date at the CyanogenMod you press the button on the dialer keypad latest version 12.1 is flickering in the graph starts. Meanwhile, I’ve discovered a new issue, and sometimes it does not go against sound side. Changes made ​​during the day would be great if a new version is released . As it stands ROM contains a lot of mistakes and becomes useless

  • Rafael says:

    Hello, may somebody tell me the steps to do downgrade from CM 12.1 to AOSP ??? all wipes in TWRP and then install AOSP and gapps???.. please, help, i do not want to brick my phone. Thankyou beforehand!.

  • pietro says:

    Please Team Create a Rom for galaxy core plus sm -g350 please

  • Orhan says:

    Hi There; I am using Cyanogenmod 12.1 S3 mini device. You can add multiple users to update feature to come?

  • ggrrin says:

    Hey guys, does anybody have an issue with connection S3 mini to computer after flashing to KitKat 4.4.4 (CyanogenMod 11.0) 20150727? I mean it is possible to flash device and etc, but I cant access mobile filesystem through file explorer anymore. Simply, there is not an “icon” in “this computer” to do so. More specific, it is unable to instal MTP drivers. I see lots of same issue on the internet, but with no specific answer which is working for me. And before flashing it worked just fine. So just in case anybody has the same problem.

  • Ramon Barbosa says:

    someone please help me so is the initialization screen, the error when installing a ROM (umount to mount ‘/ modemfs’) the folder “efs” and “modemfs” is empty. Please help !!!

  • simo says:

    i cant read my SIM card and my Sim Contacts dont apprear plz i need help !!

  • Kronos says:

    S3 Mini But “Back” Menu Is Not Working later flash custom rom

  • coolmod says:


    what do I have to do, to install cyanogen to my ace 2?

  • Joerg says:

    BULLSHIT !!! In all the years not even ONE SINGLE ROM fully working. Stop this shit!!

  • Christian says:


    i have installed rom cm11.0_golden.nova.20151017.ODIN_TWRP.tar.md5 and the auto brightness doesn´t have a function.


  • Sergey says:

    Say me please, how can i change sound of internal speaker? too low sound of incoming calls, but when i call the sound volume is ok.

  • marius says:

    Hi, how can I have root permission?

  • Tomikjan says:

    Thank you so much! It is working for my device! I had some troubles with loading Cyanogen mod, but I wiped cache and it worked. Then just install google service (by following tutorial). You can download some launcher.

  • doctorjulio says:

    So I did everything and got the full install running with google apps. Then I went to install corpnet mail for work. It said I needed to encrypt the device. That failed, and said I had to factory reset my phone. Now my phone no longer boots, it just flashes the teamwin screen over and over. Help!

  • ReallyWantMarshmallow says:

    Will there be a Marshmallow, CM13 ROM for the S Advance?

  • Max Cris says:

    Hey guys! Can i get s2plus lollipop version here?

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