This tutorial is for Windows users only! If you’re user of OS X or Linux, use this tutorial.

You need to download these files:

  1. Odin v3.07 for Windows: download
  2. Samsung USB driver: download
  3. Latest version of ROM for Odin from our download page.

And then perform this steps:

  1. Unzip and install drivers.
  2. Unzip
  3. Unzip downloaded package with latest ROM. You should get file with *.tar.md5 extension.
  4. In opened window, click on PDA button and select file with *.tar.md5 extension from previous step.
  5. Make sure that only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected on the left side.
  6. Turn off your phone, and then use VOL- & HOME & POWER buttons combination.
  7. If you see Warning screen, use VOL+ button.
  8. You should see Android and some information.
  9. Connect phone to computer and make sure it is detected by Odin (it will appear as COM device). If it doesn’t, try to use other USB port.
  10. Use Start button. Wait until flash process will finish.
  11. Your phone will restart, but probably won’t boot. Pull down your battery and use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
  12. Click on Wipe, then use slider on the bottom to let process begin.
  13. Click on Home icon, and then Reboot -> System.
  14. Wait for boot. Now you should have ROM installed and ready to use!

If you want to install Google Apps (Play Store, Gmail etc.):

  1. Get Google apps for your ROM from our download page and copy it to main directory of your internal storage.
  2. Shutdown your phone.
  3. Use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
  4. Go to Mount and tick field next to /system. Go back to main menu.
  5. When recovery will boot, go to Install, select downloaded package with Google Apps and then use slider on the bottom to let process begin.
  6. When installation will finish, use Reboot to system option to boot your phone.

347 Responses
  • Luis OlivHer says:

    Disculpa amigo, antes que nada muchas gracias por las rooms, estoy probando la que se subio del dia de ayer, pero hoy al entrar a tu pagina veo que hay una actualizacion del dia de hoy y por odin, en el segundo enlace de descarga repetiste el odin, asi que falta el driver de samsung, muchas gracias de antemnos

    *la room de ayer el unico problema hasta ahora es que se me reinicia a cada rato (uso un S3 mini)

    • ms9 says:

      english please…

      • Lucy says:

        For anyone who can’t find the TAR FILE, you’ve downloaded the wrong thing. Go back to the downloads page, and find the ROM you want again. Next to the “download” link, there’s a button that says “recovery”. Click this, and then click “ODIN” to install the correct version.

      • Fred says:

        “Luis OlivHer says: Sorry friend, Before anything else i would like to thank you for the roms, i’m trying the one uploaded yesterday, but now, as i entered your page, i could see that there is an update for odin, and in the second link, where it was supposed to be the samsung drivers Link, the Odin link is instead. Thank you very much”

  • MikeGseven says:

    Thanks for the guide but there is little problem with one of the link.USB Driver is the same download as this above,its just download Odin no a driver.

  • Carlos says:

    I just downloaded the latest rom from 10.2 but it does not come with the .tar md5. file on it could you uploaded complete again, thankyou.

  • LinuxMintITA says:

    I’m stuck on point:
    11) Your phone will restart, but probably won’t boot. Pull down your battery and use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
    I can’t boot into recovery, it just doesn’t work and I get an infinite boot,
    Any help?

  • Carlos says:

    I downloaded and installed as usual that is from recovery mode cause didnt found the tar. md5. file. and it worked ok for me I`ve got and S3 Mini

  • LUIS says:

    I cant do the vol+ home+power…help me

  • Rupert says:

    I’d like to use the stable version CM 10.1. Is this Howto also valid for that version?

  • ferdi gursoy says:

    hi. special thanks for your works. very nice roms. I wanna ask something. I installed 20131105 of CM10.2 for S3 Mini rom. now you released 20131108 of CM10.2 for S3 Mini rom. how can I update my old rom to new one whitin any installed program or game removed?

  • Alex Escobar says:

    I installed CM 10.2 and it have a bug, show me AOSP Pad os not suported, also the back and menu button don’t work.. please fix! its shows like going beter end better

  • Alberto Mena says:

    Thanks for your work, the rom it has worked perfect on my device S3 Mini, thanks to you I can enjoy Android 4.3.

  • bigdave says:

    Does phone have to be rooted to install ROM with Odin?

  • Gianluca says:

    I can just update from recovery from cm 10.2 to cm 11 ?

  • Airat says:

    Hi, first of all, I want to thank you for new cyanogen mod 11. I have a question. How to run developer mode?

  • altufaltu says:

    What is the difference between cm10.2_golden.maclaw.20131114.ODIN_TWRP and cm10.2_golden.maclaw.20131114 files?

    I guess the former has recovery built-in?

    I’m newbie and doing first time installation. I have stock firmware, no recovery installed. Should I use cm10.2_golden.maclaw.20131114.ODIN_TWRP one?

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      The first one normally is for first time flashes, it install the rom and the TWRP, and works with non rooted phones. The second one is for flashing via TWRP, but for this you need to have your phone rooted and with the latest TWRP previously installed. Another use of the files versión, is for update Mclaw roms via TWRP. So if you are first timer, you´ll need to flash using the ODIN_TWRP method, this will flash your phone and install the the newest version of TWRP, then flash the gapps via recovery, and for updates use the “files” version via recovery. I hope this info helps you.

      • Mani says:

        Am I correct when I understand that ODIN method can be used for non rooted phones also for all the versions? Does it root also then?

        And the recovery method is for rooted phones?

        If my understanding is correct, then my whole concept of need for rooting is wrong!

  • Loki says:

    Sorry my question but can I simply copy zip file into my download folder and start to install from recovery

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      Yes if you have your phone rooted and with the latest version of TWRD, for this you´ll need the “download” version files not the ODIN_TWRP version. Another option is that you already flashed your phone then, you can use the recovery method, but with the “download” files versión not the ODIN_TWRP files.

  • Çağrı says:

    Hi all,

    I have an issue about CM10.2.
    When I install CM10.2. I can’t access my phone or mobile data. I followed all the instructions above but it doesn’t work. When I re-install the stock ROM or DMod V6, everything is quite fine.

    CSC:I8190XXAMD1 w/ DMod v6

    I tried everything. Connecting Kies with stock ROM, updating the last version, using TWRP or CWM, installing the other ROMs. Everytime I install CM10.2 (w/ ODIN or not), I always have the same issue.

    No Internet access, no phone access…

    Please help. Thanks.

    • Dale says:

      I know this is gonna sound weird but I had a very similar issue with another Rom for a different phone… Do a SIM swap! I have no idea why it worked for me, maybe it has something to do with the size of the SIM card?

  • Dennis Xie says:

    Hi, I flashed CM11 using Odin but after it auto-rebooted, I assume I need to be able to boot into TWRP instead of Odin to install GApps. That didn’t happen and I’m still booting into Odin (which means I don’t really have the option to install GApps).. Some help?

  • Dikin says:

    i could not get file *.tar.md5 extension in CM 10.2.
    so what shoud i do for that problem?

  • sergio says:

    Hello guys. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I890L. Android 4.1.2. I used TWRP. Couldnt flash it with the CM 11.0. It gave me the Status 7 error and it kept on the Team Win boot screen again and again. I tried with the CM 10.2 and went great. Do u guys know why i coudnt install 4.4. ??

  • kashifali says:

    I’ve installed cm11, but the YouTube quality isn’t working good, could you tell me how to work it out, I have settings on high quality

  • sergio says:

    Hey guys, just upgraded my CM 10.2 to CM 11.0 – 2013.11.29, directly from recovery TMWP, and it did the job. Couldnt use the odin method since there werent any tar.md5 files. Rebooted and ready. Then did the same process with gapps. ONLY issue u already reported and i hope you can fix it, its the camera tha doesnt work, the rest works great, excelent RAM handling, a lot less than 4.3. Great work Marlaw!
    i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

  • strogoff says:

    Well there are no files with the *.tar.md5 extension. So what shoukd i do. I’m a total noob.

  • Hattori Shinsan says:

    Hi, I don’t have a win install at hand (so no Odin), how can I install CM11 (I’m on stock+CWM)?

    My guess (please tell me if this could work):

    1) flash TMWP from CWM
    2) reboot & check TMWP
    3) wipe all from TMWP
    4) flash 4.4 (not-odin version) from TMWP
    5) flash GApps

    If anyone out there is willing to prepare a Heimdall package that would be awesome 😉
    Thanks a lot anyway!

  • Jensen Lee says:

    Hey, I would like to know if my phone can use the latest KitKat 4.4.1 (CyanogenMod 11.0) 20131208?

    Is this release stable already? I seriously do not hope that custom Roms will give me problems again.

    I have once tried flashing my i8190N with DMod V6 and it causes my phone to have a problem (unable to detect sim card). After trying a lot of methods and flashing stock roms for several times, I’ve got my phone to Samsung centre and it claims that my phone’s mother board has broken and it takes me around MYR500 to get it fixed :(((((

    According to my friend, it might be caused by the incompatibility of my phone with the Rom. Also the variant(N) that caused the problem. I am not sure but I really wish i could use your Rom and hopefully a good one. I can see many positive comments regarding your ROM. I just want to make sure that it is a full release and also compatible with my phone, most importantly.

    1. My phone’s version (*#1234#):

    AP : I8190NXXAMG1
    CP : I8190NXXAMG1
    CSC : I8190NOXAAMG1


    2. About my device (Settings/About device):
    a) Model number

    b) Android version

    c) Baseband version

    d) Kernel version
    dpi@DELL208 #2
    SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 4 13:59:38 KST

    e) Build number


    I am running on a rooted firmware FYI. And and and, sorry for the veryyy long message. Forgive me, I am too new to handle all these >_<

    • Jurgen says:

      This should be the right stock ROM for you(Malaysia):
      If you want stablity I’d suggest that you rather install CM 10.2. The 8190N works but you wont have NFC. Remember to clear all caches etc.Also wipe system just to be safe. Use a custom recovery(install if you dont yet have one) to make a nandroid backup before you try anything, just incase you need to go back

      • Jensen Lee says:

        Wow, thanks for the link, Jurgen! I have been longed for a website that I can easily get stock roms. ^^

        Well, can you tell the difference between CM 10.2 and the new released Kitkat CM11.0? and you suggested me to get CM10.2, is it because the CM11.0 has not been fully released and still buggy?

        • Jurgen says:

          CM 11 is still quite new and about a week ago it still had significant bugs. The bugs seem to be fixed but it hasn’t undergone nearly as much testing as CM 10.2. The difference between CM 11 and 10.2 is the difference between android 4.4 and 4.3(, I don’t think CM has added features yet so the difference between the two is insignificant at the moment, in my opinion at least. Personally I use PAC 4.3, it has ll the features of CM as well as some of AOKP and PA features, so it’s CM that can be customized a lot more, the batterylife I get is incredible, had more than 10 hours of screen on time yesterday. The only bug I have is that the home screen icons vanish at times, just needto open and close app drawer to get them back.

          • Jensen Lee says:

            Ahh, I see. Thanks a lot for the testimonials and review! I have get myself CM10.2 running in my phone now =D and I can feel its speed, seriously good! At least better than the original one I got. Thanks for the help, Mr Jurgen!

            Also, thanks for the rom, Mr Maclaw!! 😀

  • Emerson says:

    It Worked Perfectly thanks Maclaw!

  • Simone says:

    Hi!! Firstly THANKS a lot for your work!!
    I have a s3 mini GT-I8190N still with all stock (ROM and Recovery). I’d like to install your CM but I want to make a nandroid backup before…Can I install only TWRP with Odin, make a backup than flash CM? And how can I install TWRP with Odin??

    • Jurgen says:

      Yes, you can do it.Download TWRP from the download site and extract recovery.img, then add it to an archive(I use 7zip) that is in tar format. Enter download mode and open odin. Basically just follow the guide above but instead of using the *.tar.md5 file, you use the recovery.tar that you created. Let me know if you get stuck. Sorry for the double post, didn’t reply to you by accident

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      If your phone is already rooted , then you can download Goomanager app from play store, then touch the three dots menu and select “install openrecovery” accept the permisions, and this will install the newest TWRP recovery to your phone. Then you can do your nandroid backup.

  • Jurgen says:

    Yes, you can do it.Download TWRP from the download site and extract recovery.img, then add it to an archive(I use 7zip) that is in tar format. Enter download mode and open odin. Basically just follow the guide above but instead of using the *.tar.md5 file, you use the recovery.tar that you created. Let me know if you get stuck.

  • Rajeev says:

    I am new, red the said notes, 4 the past 4 days i am trying to install CyanogenMod 11.0
    , files from the site is zip, when used recovery mode installation it says the file chksum bad..etc. the files is not in tar.gz from the site. i checked md5 bothe results are matching. i tried to install from my sd card. can anyone help me

  • Uzi says:

    Thanks a lot,I’ve successfully downloaded it and from here I’ll see how it goes and I’ll put up another comment just to let you know but I was just wondering if I wanted the old system back do you know how to.

  • Franvcg says:

    I have a S3 mini with the stock rom and CMW recovery, can i simply download the cm11 without odin and flash it and the google apps using CMW recovery ?

    • Jurgen says:

      Yes you can, just choose the download link instead of the ODIN link. But I’d suggest that you replace CWM with TWRP as Maclaw recommends.

      • Franvcg says:

        Thanks, but how can i switch from the CMW to TWRP?

        • Jurgen says:

          Just download the TWRP zip file and install it from CWM. At a CWM has a question of some sort about it being replaced, I can’t remember what the right choice is so try one and if it doesn’t work, try the other one. If you can’t install it with this method you can use ODIN, just follow the instructions on my post on the 13th

  • Simple user says:

    thank you for you wonderful work.
    may i ask where can i get ODIN version of CM11.0 for Ace II

  • Uzi says:

    You go to downloads >s3 mini >extras >Odin 3.07

  • lewis says:

    Hi all

    I am having the sim card not detection problem with my 18190N I have tried all custom. Roms from this site and none will find my sim I have tried Odin and twrp installs I have also tried installing g custom ROM and then stock modem but with no luck I also do every mrthong with full wipe
    Please help

  • Steubianchi98 says:

    hi i just installed cm 11.0 20131226 release it is fantastic but i can’t use my external sd !!! Help please :;(

  • laz says:

    Please Help me ?!
    I don`t find this extensions when i unzip the package

    Unzip downloaded package with latest ROM. You should get file with *.tar.md5 extension

  • Jesus says:

    hi guys. I see that the 10.2 was last uptdated on dic-25-2013, does this means is on its “final version”? everything works just fine in it?

  • Jurgen says:

    It is a stable release so everything works fine, but it isn’t the final release, Maclaw continues to improve it with new features and optimisations and also updates the CM sources

  • Mohamed Najath says:

    S3 Mini Kitkat odin rom damage.can’t extrct????what this problem?

  • muzakkir says:

    why i dont get any signal bar for my baseband is MB3

  • ARP says:

    I am confused when upgrading from CM 11 to a newer version (nightly)
    When flash the new nightly via recovery do I have to flash GAPPS again?

  • wandye says:

    mobile network isn’t fully working. how to fix?

  • Mohamed Najath says:

    Google Apps (4.4.x) full 20131126 file damage…..please fix download link…..

  • César says:

    I’ve installed CM 11 yesterday and I’m very happy with it :D.

    Only one little thing: Google Apps doesn’t install photo sphere for me. It’s normal?

  • Glucas says:

    I’ve installed CM11 in my s3 mini, but the wifi not working. I’ve the loop for the “obtaining ip address”.. please someone help me? I tried everything that i found in internet but anything work for me.

  • Jesus says:

    hi guys! i have a question: what if, hypothetically, I reach to step 6 shown in this installation guide and press the Vol+ button by accident, can I restart it without any problem? will it have any bad consequence on the phone?

    • Jensen Lee says:

      Well, of course you can. Just restart your phone and there won’t be any problem.. Vol- in step 6 is to let you to go to the download mode. vol+ will enable you to go into the recovery mode(As I remembered). but well, im sure it wont cause any damage to your phone =]

  • Jensen Lee says:

    HEYYY, it’s me again! I’ve been using CM10.2 for quite sometime after getting help from Jurgen and the great ROM from MR Maclaw!

    I would really like to know if the CM11 is stable and not having much bugs? and if bugs exists, what are those bugs. I need a review! Thanks in advance 😀

  • francesco says:

    How can I flash using heimdall? (I use linux )

  • Jurgen says:

    I found the following guide to install Maclaw’s cyanogenmod using heimdall, hope it helps.

  • Jesus says:

    could someone tell me what comes in the GApps 4.4.x full, mini, micro & aroma? for the S3 mini. thx 🙂

  • krzych says:

    What is a difference between full | mini | micro | aroma Google Apps version? I could not find this info on your site.

  • paul. says:

    hi ive just downloaded & unziped the latest cm10.2. where is the *.tar.md5 file cant see it anywhere?

  • Aldhi says:

    Hi, i just downloaded CM11 for Ace 2. And it seems the zip was corrupted. Any solution? (i downloaded it using IDM). Thanks

  • Yassine says:

    Can you do this whole process on Windows 8.1?

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Today, i update from CM 10.2 to CM 11, i’ve just one problem, Playstrore stop working. Did somebody know why? Or i’ve to reinstall Gapps for 4.4.x. All the help would apreciate, thanks. I make the update via TWRP without any wipe like the tuto says.

    • Jurgen says:

      Yes, you need to install gapps 4.4. I don’t need to reinstall gapps with every update, don’t know how often people get problems with gapps after an update

      • gavilanes2001 says:

        Thanks for the answer. It happens once when i update from 10.2 to CM 11, and it also happens two times with new updates of CM 11, and each time a reinstall of gapps was necesary.

        • Jurgen says:

          It’s meant to happen when you change from 10.2 to 11. What recovery are you using? A most recoveries have problems on KitKat, I’d suggest using TWRP from this site

          • gavilanes2001 says:

            I use TWRP, but the problem with updating CM11, it has been just two times, and it hasn’t happen again.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    I´ve one question. Every time that i perform an update via recovery, i´ve problems with gapps, and i need to reinstall them. The question is that this is normal? every time when an update is perform, is necesary to reinstall the gapps?

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Thank you for the answer.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Tanks Maclaw for new TWRP 2.7 and for the CM11 updates.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    I’ve notice that after a CM11 update the temperature of my S3 mini rises, at the point it feels warm. I’ve to reboot the phone, in some cases just once, but in others, a couple of times, till the phone feels cold again. Did some one knows something about this issue. My model is the i8090L S3 Mini and i’m using the interactive governor.

  • Marcin says:

    after instalation my phone does not recognize network, or does not see the sim card, what should i do?

    • Marcin says:

      my phone is s3mini gt-i8190n

    • Jurgen says:

      All I can suggest is that you do a clean install (wipe everything, including system and data

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      I agree with Jurgen. Another thing you can do is to install stock firmware, root your phone, install TWRP, then before flashing CM, make a modem and EFS backup with TWRP, then try flashing again like Jurgen suggest, and if the problem persist, with CM flashed, restore the modem and EFS backups with TWRP, this it’s suposed to fix the problem.

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Which governor do you recomend to use with CM11 in a S3 Mini?

  • Marcin says:

    now im working on stock, but i had to wipe everything like gavibales and jurgen sad before(system was not booting without that), i’ll try to do that with CM, thanks for help!

    • gavilanes2001 says:

      Remember, before you try CM11, if you are in stock, root your phone, install the TWRP recovery, pass the zip file to your SD card, perform the wipe, but dont wipe the SD, because you have there the CM11 zip file, then from recovery install the CM11 zip file Or with ODIN, root your phone, flash TWRP, perform the “wipe everything”, go in to download mode and do the flashing with ODIN.

  • Marcin says:

    will it work without rooting?

  • Jurgen says:

    Yes, but it will root your phone and void your warranty

  • Marcin says:

    is there an option to unroot phone in case of some emergency, i have waranty, and i would like to have for some time 😀

  • Marcin says:

    I have just made a new instalation of CM11, still does not see my sim card, thiis time phone prompted me about it… “enter the sim card”
    instalation on twrp, wiped everything, except SDCARD, nothing changed…

  • Menta says:

    Odin does not recognize my S3 MINI.
    I have tried all the USB ports on my PC.

    What can I do??

  • Jurgen says:

    Did you install the drivers?

  • Menta says:


    I can see the device Samsung in Windows

    • Jurgen says:

      Try using a different cable, the shorter the better, long cables are more likely to give problems in my experience

  • Hello there, I keep getting “no new updates found” when I try to update through settings->about phone.

    Already cleared cache of CM updater any suggestions?

  • DJ says:

    There is an MD5 error in twrp2.7.0.0_golden.maclaw.ODIN.tar.md5 ! Then i see the help picture here inthe comments, wich say i must download with the ODIN dutton. In the ZIP from 11.0 there was the tar.md5.
    I flashed it and must see this ist the FULL SYSTEM !
    So at this moment there are no backups of from the stock firmware available.

    I try first CMW and with this i make an full backup. But the EFS Pro dont work to me. Then i see the TWRP.
    Installation without backup is really risky ! Please fix the tar.md5 file.

    But what is the tarp golden zip with revovery.img ???
    In odin i can only select tar or md5 files ?

    • DJ says:

      Sorry, i mean there is the recovery.img !

    • Jurgen says:

      There is nothing wrong with any of the files, you just don’t know what you’re doing, a md5 error means the file did not download correctly. As for installing CM 11, you didn’t read the instructions, the zip from 11.0 installs CM 11.0, that’s what it’s meant to do. The TWRP zip isn’t meant to be used with ODIN, it’s for flashing from a recovery, that’s why there isn’t a tar.md5 file.

    • akm99 says:

      just change:
      thats all

  • DJ says:

    I read the instruction, but they are really short ! Its not a instruction for first user i think. I was to believe the TWRP is the same like CWM ?! I try first CWM, root and make a full backup. Then i want to make an EFS backup with EFS Pro, but this dont work. So i found this page and the TWRP. Then i think TWRP is the same like CWM and i want to flash it to the phone. Then i see the md5 message in odin… 🙁

    Now i have CM11.0 and it works, and i have a full backup with TWRP with EFS.

    Is there an other help here ? Or is the first step to use CWM and later this TWRP ?

  • charles says:

    how to delete an unuse os that I installed before?(I mean delete Chameleon OS after installed SlimROM)

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    Gesture writing doesn´t work with this new update 20140410. Hope you fix it.

    And thank you for your work.

  • hammam says:


    Excuse me guys, I’m a newbie and it’s my first time to try installing new ROM (change the default android coming with this phone)
    so when I’m trying to unzip: I got this message:
    ! \ CRC failed in cm11.0_golden.nova.20140413.ODIN_TWRP.tar.md5. The file is corrupt
    and same for

    Hope to get an answer from you, thanks!

  • Benagar says:

    please help me !I’m a beginner and after downloading CM11 (odin download) I couldn’t unzip it it correctly so it says file is broken???
    another question how could i choose twrp 2.7 (of maclaw) via ODIN which can’t read zip or img files!

    Need your help

  • Teşekkürler.(Thank you.)

  • gavilanes2001 says:

    With the 0424 update, my phone begin to overheat again, i thought this problem was solved.

  • eduard says:

    I’m new at this and personally I’m a little scared by this method, googled and found this tutorial, can you guys tell me if this method will work? It is safe?


    • Jurgen says:

      In your link, method 1 is the one being used in this guide. Both methods are “safe”, the advantage of method 1 is that it works regardless of what is or isn’t on your phone, method 2 requires that you have a custom recovery.
      What I mean with safe, is the chances of permanent damage to your device is low, but no-one wants any responsibility if something goes wrong, so everyone says at own risk and warns for the worst case scenario. When you use ODIN, make sure that you have a reliable usb cable and do NOT use a usb-hub, your biggest risk is there IMHO

      • eduard says:

        Thanks, actually i was using the second method.
        Installed CWM and using this I have installed Twrp ( needed this for ROM). I have added everything on sd card and from there it was pretty simple..

        If i want to update the rom I guess i just have to add the new version and to enter in recovery and install it from there..Am I right? 😀

        Thanks for answering.

  • Aldo says:

    I need help. I wanted to install the CM11 with Kit Kat update, but I cannot find the tar file in the download. Any help?

    Thanks for replying!

  • where do i load the gapps in odin if i have already done the custom rom? i.e:Bootloader/PDA/???

  • eduard says:

    Made a backup and i want to get rid of it cause it eath all my space, but I can’t find it… How can i delete it ?

  • DEVA5 says:

    I’ve installed CM11, following the instructions, but the mod doesn’t read my sim! How i can Fix it? I have a S3 Mini, the GT-I8190! Please help me

    I just tried to wipe and install another one time the cm, but didn’t work! Help me T.T

  • kazox says:

    Heyyy I’ve got the problem.. my buttons dosen’t work.. I mean back button..

  • andoidant says:

    I´m also trying to Install CM11 on my S3mini.
    But whatever i try i am getting ” MD5 hash value is invalid” when i try to flash twrp from this site.
    I redownloaded the file, tried on odin 3.07 and 3.09 and tried on different pc´s.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    • Beppe says:

      Me too i am getting ” MD5 hash value is invalid” .
      Don’t use it.
      Flash Cyano 11, the twrp is included! Non need to flash twrp!!

  • George says:

    will be a stable version of any of CMs for gt i8190? I mean that CM 10, 10.1, 10.2 are really unstable on s3 mini. the picture twitches very often, but if u play games its really annoying. Sorry 4 bad english, im from russia

  • Joe Pad says:

    F2FS Tutorial?

  • No MD5 in zip files. I tried with TWRP no luck. I tried to repartition without the PIT file and it also failed. What should I do now?

  • pottumaa says:

    All’s good and everything, but for some reason i can’t import any contacts from SIM-card to phone and when i try to add contact to SIM-card it simply says “Failed to add contact to SIM”. I have tried several SIM managers from play store, but nothing seems to work.

    And yes i am sure i have contacts in the SIM, i was able to use them with stock ROM and on different phone, in this case different phone being galaxy S i9000 with CM11.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

  • jetcracker says:

    >> 11. Your phone will restart, but probably won’t boot. Pull down your battery and use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.

    Please help!

    My Galaxy S3 mini is stuck with CyanogenMod logo and booting forever… When I use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons, I enter a STOCK recovery (not TWIRP!) and cannot do much there….
    What can be wrong with the phone? Why TWIRP recover didn’t override the stock recovery? What to do, what to do?

  • jetcracker says:

    After installing it on My galaxy S3 mini it is not booting… ̣(boot time is infinite). What can be the problem?

  • Marco says:

    Hey guys! Google Apps 4.4.4 seems not to work!

    I mean: the syncronisation of the google account is not ok and it’s not allowed to sync, for example, the google calendar.

    With the older 4.4.3 version it’s ok!

  • Manfred says:


    just installed Cyanogenmod 11 as described in this tutorial. It works until step 10. It even reboots and asks me for the PIN for the SIM. When i type in the PIN for the SIM it asks me for another PIN. What is this PIN? Is there a default PIN in this ROM?

    I can’t do steps 11-14 because recovery doesn’t seem to work. If i press Vol+/Home/Power nothing happens. It boots normally and i’m back at the point where i need to type in the PIN.

    Any help?

    Regards, Manfred

  • Ioannis says:

    I followed all steps described above. After step 13. Click on Home icon, and then Reboot -> System. I got the message No OS found reboot anyway? I clicked yes. The I got the message your device is not rooted do you wish to root now? I clicked yes again. And now my galaxy s3 mini is stack on the screen where “Samsung GALAXY SIII mini GT-I8190” is displayed.

    Any ideas what can i do???
    HELP please!!

    Thank you in advance!


  • Harold says:

    Hello. I just flashed 20140629 and it has been more than 10 minutes but all I’m seeing is the cyanogenmod logo. I followed the instructions. Any recommendations?

  • fabio says:

    Hello, your last upgrade is very good, but still have some bugs, no way to communicate if I find any? apology if I have spelling mistakes, use a translator.

  • Adrián D. says:

    Hi, i have Android 4.4.4 working in my S3 mini 😀
    Thank you for your work pals 🙂

  • slavko says:

    I have a camera problem Camera stop working,help plz..

  • Erik says:

    I’m new at this and I want to know: if I follow the steps in this tutorial, will I be able to restore the system to the fabric configurations if something goes wrong?
    And just for curiosity: is there any way to backup my apps (games and it’s saves) in the SD to get it all back after this installation?
    Thank you.

  • Wilson O says:

    Hi, how install fm radio in i8190l?

  • sebastian fox says:

    What do you mean by main directory of your internal storage??do you mean system/apps?? Please help I’m starting to feel that I’m to stupid for this 🙁

  • Near says:

    Hi, my s3 mini is not rooted, can I directly install this rom via odin?

  • Sergi says:

    Hi, I have only one problem and that is not me (the center of the home if) Physical backspaces and menu, I can do work? I’ve already installed several times and no way. Thank you very much

  • Ishaq Roshan says:

    Good evening sir, my s3 mini has random reboot problems. I want you to check and tell me what the problem is… it all started when i flashed your CM11 rom. after flashing i flashed back to stock rom and even then… i am experiencing the same problem . please help me … :'(

    thanks in advance

  • Sergi says:

    Hello, I installed SlimKat and me (left) physical backspaces (right) and menu do not work, however the central start button if it works in other PROVE Rooms and I feel the same, can be activated in any way?
    Thank you very much.

  • afzal says:

    i spend complete 1 day for installing this shit sucking cynogen mode
    i believe its fucking crap nothing else more than that

  • Tal says:

    How do I install the TWRP recovery downloaded from this site?

    I downloaded but I can’t seem to install it with either CWR nor with TWRP…

  • Fadillah says:

    Google Play service has stopped, help me out pls

  • Phantasam says:

    Our Device needs to be rooted for the process?

  • kyton says:

    I have issues with latest cm11 on my i8190 s3 mini. Cannot change weather to deg celsius, battery life now 8 hours instead of around 16-18hrs and data graph does not update / monitor usage.

    How does one go back to stock firmware and unroot?

  • Mr. S3 Mini says:

    Hi, everything worked fine. But I can’t log in to my phone, because it want’s do have a second PIN.
    First I entered the SIM-Pin and then I’m asked for another. any ideas?

  • Patrik says:

    Thanks, It works great.

  • Patrik says:

    Do I need to root my phone before I install OmniROM?

  • R.O says:

    My apps won’t open, including ROM Manager so I cannot flash roms using it, or install GApps.

  • Hugo says:

    Hi guys,

    Everything worked fine except my menu and back buttons don’t work, they flash when I reboot and then they’re dead,

    Does anyone know how to solve this?

    The phone is pretty useless without that.


  • EpicFroze says:

    Do this work for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini SM-G730W8 version?

  • I have got the same error.. cant use menu and back buttons… plz fix ….

  • Reinaldo Mendoza says:

    In English.

    Hi! I have the version of cm11 in August, what are the steps to update the current rom version? Thanks in advance for any information given.

    En Español.

    Hola! Tengo la version del cm11 del mes de agosto, cuales son los pasos para actualizar la rom de la version actual? Gracias de antemano por cualquier informacion dada.

  • Erik says:

    I can not open “contacts” on the phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I8190
    iNSTALLATION: “3cm11.0_golden.nova.20141014.ODIN_TWRP3”

  • Oubaid18 says:

    I have to root my s3 mini before i install the rom or not

  • Erik says:

    (newbie question) What is the difference between “ODIN and “RECOVERY” download ?

  • Fahad says:

    Your guide gets confusing at times like when it says that it wont reboot but it does, and it doesn’t say when to exit Odin and unplug the phone.

  • Slaw says:

    Odin version is installed by ODIN program. For RECOVERY version file is copied on SD Card and installed by Recovery mode. I have different question. When I install Custom Recovery by ODIN ( twrp2.8_golden.nova.20140911.tar) first time Custom Recovery is displayed. Next time VOL UP+ HOME + POWER Custom Recovery doesn’t start. Download mode works correctly.

  • James says:

    Apologies if I’ve missed it, but I’m a complete novice and looking through the steps, I’m totally stuck at step 4. It doesn’t say whether I should be looking at the file on my device or PC, or even where the PDA button is! Can someone point me in the right direction please?

  • Kamciovit says:

    Witam. Czy ten Cyanogenmod ma język polski, bo widzę, że Polacy go stworzyli, a na stronie wszystko po angielsku, także wolę się wpierw upewnić 🙂

  • Pieter W says:

    Installing cyanogenmod worked perfectly.
    Now I want to install the Google Apps. I downloaded the Google Stock Package from the site mentioned in step 1, I unzipped it, copied the map to the internal storage of my s3 mini. I shut down my phone,did vol+ & home & power, i got everything until step 5. When I go to the map with the google apps (apk-files) in, there are no files in there, i can only see maps there. Can anyone tell me what I have to do? An android phone without Google apps would be pretty useless :s.

  • Kai says:

    I’m not getting it with the root.
    If I flash the cutsom recovery “Nova Fusions TWRP Recovery v2.8.0.0 20140911” to my phone does it automatically root my phone or do I need to root it before if I want to have my phone rooted?

  • Brent says:

    Hi to the hardworking guys porting all these roms to work for our S3 Minis. Anyhow is there any chance you can make this compatible with Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini SM-G730W8″ the Canadian version??? Pretty pretty please

  • Bert says:

    Hey…… I wanna ask.I have installed TWRP Recovery in S3 Mini and I want to install CM 11.Which one should i choose ODIN or recovery (P.S. I havent installed this rom before or any roms infact).And if it is on recovery please tell me how to install it….

  • scarface says:

    i have a different question. i have completed rooting and opening recovery mode. Installation has completed with a fail. fail message look a like ” Some changes failed, permission failed etc.” i dont remember. then i rebooted my s3 mini, first i saw “samsung s3 mini” and “android”. after that nothing happened. what should i do? if anyone help me it would be awesome 🙂

  • DeviousSiddy says:

    I just updated to 4.4.4 from 4.4.2 and now it seems my google accounts are gone. Is that because I have to instal Gapps again too?

  • Gilberto says:

    May be I did something wrong, after this job, I already reboot my s3 mini but was impossible to restore my backup data from KIES, v 3 or 2,6.
    I have installed cm 11.0 golden nova 20140819 and 20141115 but neither of them let work device.
    Finaly installed TWRP 2.8 and maybe I un mount or delete Internal SD configuration.
    What can I do to recovery internal SD mount? Do I have to format internal SDcard?

    Thanks a lot

  • Alan says:

    So frustrating, no *.tar.md5 file attached in the rom zip!!!!!!!!!

  • Fadel says:

    Anyway thanks dude.. this is my first time try to update my s3 mini , i have been searching tutorial to rooting but still it makes me confused.. does this tutor include root and then updating , or i need find how to root by myself then following these steps ?? pls help me pls.. 🙁

  • Mani says:

    I have S III Mini. I want to update from 11-20140118-UNOFFICIAL-golden (Kitkat 4.4.2), to 11-20141208 (Kitkat 4.4.4), hopefully what is called official. Though I choose 4.4.2 only a few days back I failed to know the 4.4.4 from you.

    As a layman, my AIM is to get to a SUPPORTED OFFICIAL version so that I can stay without any more installation attempts like this!

    Earlier I used Odin 3.07, “” using the method outlined in site.

    Now in your site I find that for updating within CM 11 there is no need to wipe ANYTHING! Am I correct?

    Already i have installed Samsung drivers in my computer and I use my device with the original cable.

    I have now extracted the tar.md5 file also.

    I have noted the 14 steps for installation in your site.


    1) Can I again simply use ODIN (Downloaded from your site) or, use the earlier odin link?

    2) After I complete step 10, “Use Start button. Wait until flash process will finish” what do I need to do?

    3) Do I need to reinstall GAPPS again or that along with every other app installed earlier with data stay in my phone?

    (I have taken a Nandroid back up, though I am not sure whether that contains all, OR do I need to back up separately contacts, SMS, photos etc?

    Hope I have been able to state my need clearly.

  • AnonimDerp says:

    Thanks, today i bricked my phone and recovered it thanks to this tutorial!

  • Mani says:

    Thank you . I understand that s iii mini is not supported. However I successfully upgraded to 1214 though I made some mistakes the process and had to go back to stock rom first and then reflash 1214. Everything is Woking very well compared to 0118. My only concern is fast battery drain, compared to stock rom. I wonder whether it is specific to Cm 11 only or all versions of 4.4.4 including stock! Anyhow I am happy with all, including my learning process.

  • Thanks says:

    Thanks for the guides and packages! 🙂

    Was kinda noob, as I never did this before. First installed 4.2.2 + some Google Play package. Was not happy and switched to 4.4.4.

    All is well now. 😉

  • Andy says:


    when i install the CM12 on my device (SGS 3 Mini) i see the cyanogenlogo forever.
    Befor i install the CM12, i will wipe my device, then i install CM12 with odin and wipe also the device with the TWP. But after that CM12 will not starting (it also stops at the cyanogenlogo)
    CM 11 works fine

  • Mani says:

    Today I downloaded latest CM12 stable version 3 times for S III Mini. But every time, the MD5 sum did not match! Please check whether there is any issue at your end. I will keep trying tomorrow again!

  • Mani says:

    A few days back I upgraded to ART instead of Dalvik with my CM 11 stable Kitkat 4.4.4.

    Now when I am planning to upgrade to Lolipop 5.0.2 what should I do?

    Should I still wipe data cache as well as Dalvik cache? Or no need to wipe Dalvik cache?

    Kindly advice. Thanks

  • Mani says:

    Today I downloaded Lolipop 5.02 latest one, for S III Mini 3 times!
    Each time the MD5 sum did not match!
    Please check whether there is any issue.

  • Mani says:

    I am sorry. I was checking for the extracted file and not the downloaded one and hence the error. It is matching

  • Vincent says:

    Hi guys, just a quick question. If I flash a new ROM, but do not wipe (factory reset) do I lose any installed apps, settings, accounts, etc?

  • fuhrer88 says:

    Hi guys i have a problem, i tried install cm 12 on S3 mini and after installation my phone is like a dead. When i turn on a still have loading and i cant go to the download or boot mode. What can i do?

  • rodrigo says:

    oops installed the new rom CM12 stable but does not recognize the USB and is already installed sansung mobile Anyone know how to solve?

    • Paulo Kehl says:

      As far as I’ve searched, there’s no solving it.
      I downloaded the google apps ROM directly on the phone to flash it and have been using Airdroid app ever since.

      Good luck

  • Bogdan S says:

    Hello!I have instaled on my s3 mini the lastest “cm12.0_golden.nova.20150209.ODIN_TWRP”.I followed the exact instructions but after the step 13 when it reebots , it apeares a blue android sign then it reebots to “samsung galaxy s3 mini” over and over again and then it stops

    • Paulo Kehl says:

      I think you got a soft brick there. Something went wrong on the instalation.

      I had a similar problem, and the only fix was a full factory reset from samsung =/
      Sorry I don’t have the tutorial for it, but it wasn’t really hard to find.

      Good luck

    • rodrigo says:

      hi is so wait it takes a while to even start I also asustei me but it is normal it will take blinking cuz this setting, gotta leave the cell process beyond the more he was formatted heheh

  • Paulo Kehl says:

    Ok, so I flashed your latest ROM ( cm12.0_golden.nova.20150209.ODIN_TWRP ) on my GT-I8190L a few weeks ago. At first it seemed perfect, smoothly running and much faster than that samsung crap.
    The first problem came when I wanted to flash google apps. My pc didn’t recognize the phone anymore. I had to download the ROM directly on the phone and have been using airdroid app since then.

    Now, with a few weeks of use I’ve got a list of bugs and nowhere to report them. Here is the list:

    * USB conection on the pc will only charge the phone;
    * Trying to change usb modes on Settings only crashes the app and does nothing. Actually, the Settings app crashes constantly;
    * The phone won’t charge when turned off, it tries to load the charging screen and crashes right there;

    * Display flickering on scroll (not really a problem though);
    * Every single app that plays videos crash at some point. Instagram and Facebook are the champions, crashing before videos even finish loading;
    * Data network doesn’t work and trying to flash a modem upgrade gave me a soft brick. I had to make a full factory reset from samsung and flash CM again;
    * Camera stopped making videos, it records a green flickering screen only (that was expected, CM12 hasn’t figured it out yet);

    For now I think that’s all…
    NovaFusion, I really appreciate the work you do here and I’m looking forward to donate, but there’s nowhere we can read about this stuff (maybe posting this along the tutorial would help the excited noobs like me to decide wether we’d like or not to go with it).

    I’m sticking to this build for some time in hope I’ll eventually figure out some fixes…

    Thank you

    • Paulo Kehl says:

      Some update on the modem issue: nothing seems to work.

      Succesfully flashed a bunch of diferent modems, none of them worked.

      Tried flashing stock kernel and some other custom kernels, the phone won’t boot with a different kernel, not even the NovaFusion 3.0.1 (the custom ROM came with 3.0.31)

      Still trying to figure it out…

      • Paulo Kehl says:

        I read a lot on this problem and came to the conclusion that it only happens on N or L devices (mine is a GT-I8190L), for wich other region modems won’t work. Modems are device especific but not region especific, but for L modems there is only one region modem available: the brazilian.

        For other devices, changing modem versions and/or region seems to fix it.


    • Paulo Kehl says:

      Now for the “charging with the device off” problem.

      It charges. It just doesn’t show the charging screen.

  • Patrick says:

    Kitkat (4.4.4) works fine on my S3 mini. But when I install Lollipop (5.0.2) it isn’t recognized by my PC anymore as a device, I can’t put any files on it. Connection via Odin is still working. USB-Debugging is enabled. Any help with that?

  • Bogdan S says:

    hi again!! how do i upgrade to a newer version…i have instaled a version cm12.0 i think and now i see there is a newer version available…thank’s for your help

  • iruini says:

    Today installed CM 11 (4.4.4) work great, thx people for good work.

  • neojacks2 says:

    Hey! my s3 mini reboots instead of shutting down when i choose the shutdown option .. any way to fix it?

  • Hey, thank you very much for this. Everything works fine, even the stock camera app. Thank you so much.

  • derek says:

    hi thaks for the work! But is not necessay root the device for installa this custom rom?

  • Mike says:

    I tried installing the latest gapps and it won’t install. :c

  • Mike says:

    I have noticed that you are unable to keep 2G on as well. Essential to have if you need to save battery.

  • Mike says:

    2 more bugs to report: the auto brightness function doesn’t work, and the panorama mode with the default camera is as slow as molasses; never had that problem with Jellybean. Thanks.

    on a side note: I just want to say how grateful I am for the back porting of kitkat, most things are working fluently.

  • Mike says:

    I can’t access my sim, I am on Vodafone. Help!!

  • Keith says:

    Just flashed cm12 but the back button and menu button are not functioning, any help please?

  • icefrog says:

    07.03.2015 Installed CM 11 (4.4.4)-S3 mini, it works! Many thanks for such good work.

  • Mike says:

    In addition to the charging battery indicator not showing up while charging while off, you can’t power on while charging while off.

    Please don’t release a rom and claim it is bug free when it’s not.

  • Mike says:

    Con someone please explain to me how the CyanogenMod Update works? The feature built into Katkat.

  • ah_be says:

    my phone is s3 mini, so i need to download the o

  • San Nguyen says:

    I have install GAP pico package on CM12 but I can’t download app from Google Play

    Error : Error while downloading ” App “. There is insufficient on the device.

    Help me fix it. Please….!

  • Mike says:

    Okay a quick question, are the bugs that I and others are reporting, will they be fixed?

  • tebin says:

    am using 4.2.2 original version .. but i cant even find *.tar.md5 extension pls help me

    • Alex says:

      I believe you should download the ODIN (default is recovery),click drop down to select ODIN before clicking download button.

      If ODIN is not available from the drop down then it means you can’t use ODIN to upload the firmware.

    • Stefan says:

      Just unzip the file and the .tar.md5 is there……that’s what I did………

  • Alex says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8190) that keeps rebooting on Samsung Logo. I can’t get into recovery mode with Volume Up + Home Button + Power,it will reboot endlessly with this buttons. I can only get into download Mode.

    Once in download mode, i almost tried loading every release available from this site download page but the problem still exist.

    On Odin,it says firmware download pass.

    Any ideas please?

  • Wow says:

    Dzięki bardzo 😉

    Teraz mój s3 mini ma cyanogenmoda z androidem 5.0.2 😉 Super

  • Also need to fix the problem of rooting , i tried everything and can’t seem to root , and seems like you guys don’t reply anymore because of the great job you all have done

  • binko says:

    hi ,

    i hv s3 mini gt-18190n / ori 4.1.2 jellybean..without root.

    if wan to flash 4.4 kitkat ur rom ..i need to root? or dun need?

    how to do the next step root/without root before start flash using odin?


  • Martin says:

    menu and back buttons are not working, they flash a couple of times when booting up, after that they are fully dead.

  • pin says:

    how to root this ROM, i use cm 12..
    please help me, i want to restore my backup data

  • Menno says:

    I have the same problems with the menu and back button not working and having a hard time to restore my prevous ROM with the buttons working. I’m under the impression that the the buttos stop working when installing the TWRP recovery because thats when the buttons start blinking rapidly and irregularly..

  • bjorn says:

    GApps Download is gone… Any alternative Download Location?
    Rest seems to have worked just fine 🙂

  • Manuel Blanco says:

    Tengo una duda espero me puedan ayudar, Me gusto muchísimo el trabajo con la rom cm11.0 pero no carga apagado, y otra cosa como hago para que aparezcan las flechas de arriba y abajo cuando esta el internet conectado? //// I have a question I hope you can help me, I very much like working with rom cm11.0 but does not load off and do something else as to display the up and down when the Internet is connected

  • Good Friend says:

    Everything works properly – if u search gaaps for cm try this

  • Nindroid says:

    I did all the steps exactly as they said and after the rom finished flashing i tried to go to the recovery mode to perform the wipe but i couldnt go to recovery mode using vol up+home+power buttons and my phone was stuck at the cm logo screen. But after some time the phone itself started with all my old apps and data . the cm 12.1 rom was working properly but all my apps were behaving strangely so i tried to factory reset it .After the reset my phone my phone now only boots to the twrp logo which says “teamwin” and it flickers after some seconds but stays stuck there . i have also tried reflashing the rom but after flashing it 3 more times it still shows the twrp logo. And i still cant go to recovery mode . please guys tell me what should i do!!!!
    Thanks in advance

  • Nindroid says:

    Oh and my device is an s3 mini gt i8190 and i was trying to install cm 12.1……

  • Aleks says:

    I’ve done as instructed and I’m stuck on a blue logo looping? after the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini screen… Any help?

  • fth says:

    I ve installed the omnirom after factory reset and reboot > system the it still in boot screen “Samsung GALAXY SIII mini” what should ı do

  • jelc says:

    I have a strange question maybe, but is it possible to capture a screenshot in this ROM? And if yes, how to do/set it?

  • charion says:

    After installing the latest release via ODIN the phone is not able to go into the teamwin screen. It is just hanging there and it is blinking like it is trying to load TRWP but not able to go in.

    What can I do? … Tried already 2.7.x via ODIN but same problem.

  • Bartol says:

    My S3 mini is now stuck in recovery loop. I can`t reboot it and I can`t install new ROM. I tried factory reset in recovery mode but still not working. What should I do?

  • John says:

    Hello. If i want to upgrade Cyanogen 12.1 (xxxxx15) to the newest one ( xxxxx23), is here any way how to do it without loosing any apps ? 🙂
    Thank you guys

  • Andre says:

    Does this work with both i8190 and i8200 models of the S3 mini?

  • newuser says:

    Your Downloadlinks (except the rom) don’t work.

  • kb9 says:

    It works with the i8200 (Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition)?

  • tlh11 says:

    Hi! Please i would love to see the Ambient Display feature, thats really really usefull.
    Thx for all the good work!

  • Nelson says:

    Hi, i just install cyanogemod 12.1 and worked great, but went i made a factory restore from de OS, not via twrp. the phone now just boot stuck in teamwin screen, just flash every 3 secs. There a fix to this?

  • Dan Bryan says:

    Does anyone know if this works in GT-8200L? please help me D:

  • orlando says:

    Diference af Recovery and Odin Download?

  • Andrew says:

    I followed all the tutorial and what can I say, everything worked perfect. But! When I try to install apps from Google play magazine I get errors or the apps don’t installed. Can someone help me with this problem? By the way the cm12.1 lollipop 5.1.1 has some problems, some apps get crash. The clock, the music player. And I have a mother question, is possible like you to make an option when install Google app pack to chose what apps to be installed or not? Thanks novafusion!

  • Cho says:

    Carbon 5.11 is fucking outstanding, great job guys, thank you so much

  • Sir I cant install Playstore and I did downloaded the files cant find any file to install when Im in Recovery mode, and my Menu and Back button not functioning since I Rooted my phone but everytime I open my phone light blinks from menu and back button help please thanks.

  • AnStux says:

    i really i cant thank you much what you did for me you saved my life and my phone now its shine like a diamond again thanks for what ever you doing for us we will always remember you for the good actions you made for thousands of people my Galaxy S3 mini has became lolipop 5.1.1 have great month great weekend to spend smiley always and be possitive! i do exactly what the tutorial said their was no failures i risk my phone but my fear went dissapear when i saw my new interface
    dont fear guys just do exactly what the devs say and you will do fine do some allot of research first it helps to fill the puzzle of understanding of these stuffs i was having the feeling i was crazy hacker and i laughed allot believe me i was crying by the laughing 😀

  • So, I installed 5.1.1 via Odin, worked great, but TWRP didn’t install play market – so I reset s3 mini from the system menu, now it has just black screen after samsung logo. If I reflash via odin it stays black.

  • marucins says:

    Czy tym sposobem wgram na czystego S III mini, który nigdy nie był złamany Cyano?

  • argenis says:

    hello friends, I have downloaded and installed from recovery mode 20151017 v11.0, but have had problems playing videos from the internet and facebook app, please help

  • rakesh says:

    I had flashed using odin. But after flash … My phones audio was not able to detect …. I mean no sound … Please help …..

  • Smini3 says:

    I installed latest cm12 without any problem, followed steps and it is ok, but after I wanted to do back up and factory reset from menu in phone I got that blu-black stripes screen blinking about 15 minutes, than I turn off phone and now I can’t turn it on, any solution for my problem? Battery was full….Phone is now on charger. just when I plug cable from charger on middle of display I got that sign (small lines making circle)…any help is welcome…thanks

    • Smini3 says:

      Update, I somehow now got to step 11 but I can’t boot my phone, I have blinking screen “teamwin” with blue and black stripes…what sholud I do now?

  • Chris says:

    I’ve successfully installed CM12.1 ( from cm12.1_golden.nova.20160102.ODIN_TWRP) onto the S3 mini but I do not have root access and as such can’t use the external sdcard. Is there a quick fix or have I got to go back to stock ROM and start all over again?

    • Chris says:

      Partly sorted – root access enabled in developer options, phone rebooted – can now access sdcard

      Apps still cannot be moved to sdcard – sdlink just comes back as failed. Ideas?

  • Sabri says:

    Hi the for ur works, I installed cm 12.1 20150514 from recovrymode(twrp) on my s3 mini and it works fine expt file sharing with WiFi on my smart now I want to update to cm12.1 2160102, so how can ii update. And gapps must be installed ??? And my installed program will be removed or not? The again

  • Mike says:

    installed cm12 on I8190N phone was instable with continue popup on apps not working so tried to reset to factory default. from then phone continue to boot with TeamWin blu logo without boot.
    Already try to reinstall image TWRP but still no luck. now phone do not boot.
    Could someone help with steps to recover ?

  • Gabor says:

    I tried CM11 today (kitkat 4.4.4) after installation at least 5 different application reported they stopped, including google play

  • Gabor says:

    scrolling down the notification bar is empty

  • Gabor says:

    after doing a wipe/restore default the play disappeared and a lot of other apps too

  • Carlos says:


    I installed Cyanogenmod 12.1 and Google Apps on my S3 Mini. Everything is working fine, but I can’t get the Google Clock running, when I click on it I get an error message. Also, I can’t install facebook for some unknown reason.

    Can anyone help?

  • doctorjulio says:

    First of all thanks for the good instructions. I was able to root my Samsung S3 Mini successfully. I am having issues with downloading the google apps though… when I tried installing it I get incompatibility errors. I am running Cyanogen mod 12.1, but the ARM 5.1, 5, and 4.4 zips all give me incompatibility errors. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Is there a different version that I should be using?

  • Marcos says:

    Somebody knows if this version can bring an lower energy consuption?

  • Some Buddy says:

    I sincerely thank you for your work

  • Christian says:

    Dudeee it says i got no signal even though my sim is on

  • Lu. says:

    Hello, after flashing phone was going to reboot but TWRP-Screen is blinking. Phone is not booting, no access to TWRP. Any ideas?

    • Lu. says:

      Maybe there is any problem with TWRP … to repair TWRP is it possible to flash it with odin (bootloader) … should i choose any different settings according to flashing “PDA” ?

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